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favorite sport
Twistzz | 
Finland valtteribottas 
any of you fellow HLTV users out there have a favorite sport? something you practice, something you like watching? maybe even something you've even been in a team for? I don't mean e-sports, mostly physical ones such as soccer or basketball, but w/e
2023-05-29 06:24
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soccer? what dafaq is this?
2023-05-29 06:25
3 replies
you know damn well what soccer refers to
2023-05-29 07:14
United States 7hai
the english actually used soccer before the americans did, so if you know..
2023-05-29 20:50
Dominica FallczE
I'm actually getting tired of people hating on the word "soccer" playing like they don't know what it is and how it's american word, when it's literally a short for the original name of the sport that came from the UK..
2023-05-29 21:01
F1, junior Formulas and Nascar
2023-05-29 06:28
Canada MiLkBaGzz
I watch every big teamsport except cricket & lacrosse. As for play I use to play hockey & football(soccer) but its hard to play now. So I only really play basketball as you can play alone
2023-05-29 06:33
Brazil Nyxoos
Football, like to practice, even being worst than a baby, but i don't like to watch
2023-05-29 06:47
I wish rugby league was more international, by far the most entertaining sport in the world. Just watch some NRL State of origin highlights.
2023-05-29 07:01
Argentina PauloDybala
football ofc
2023-05-29 07:02
Finnish saying soccer? Fake flagger..
2023-05-29 07:04
6 replies
when I say its soccer, I get called a fake flagger when I say its football, I get mad NAs over how its not football but instead soccer tf am I supposed to do
2023-05-29 17:44
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Israel IdoXD
ignore the mad NAs and call it football
2023-05-29 17:46
3 replies
I guess, people just like to complain at this point
2023-05-29 17:47
True.. although I am from NA, the one that you guys play in Europe should be called football no matter what. You should not listen to mad NAs.
2023-05-29 20:41
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Israel IdoXD
well football is called football all around the world, not only in europe, my friend
2023-05-29 20:44
it gets called soccer in the irish countryside too, as when people say football they usually mean gaelic football
2023-05-29 23:59
Going to the gym
2023-05-29 07:12
rugby/na football
2023-05-29 07:12
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do people play american football in tonga?
2023-05-30 00:03
the only sport that mildly interests me is basketball i like watching hockey matches in stadium when my city plays, but im not too invested in the sport as for soccer, I only follow afcon and WC
2023-05-29 07:16
Football (for americans soccer lul)
2023-05-29 17:45
United States Authentico
I am a self-proclaimed expert in the following Sports ; Basketball, Football, American Football, MMA and Formula 1. Any questions regarding any of these sports, and I will give you my perfectly analyzed respnose.
2023-05-29 17:48
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what's ur opinion on the latest super bowl?
2023-05-29 17:49
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United States Authentico
great 4th quarter comeback by mahomeboy, I was rooting for philly though, but definitely one of the better sb in recent history.
2023-05-29 17:52
Belgium HLTVnewfag
I play tennis on a pretty high semi pro level and i also like to go swimming rn im training for my first triatlon, so im also running, cycling and hitting the gym more often for watching, pretty much only european football consistently, getting into basketball a little bit, but the timezone is so annoying ill watch some other sports here and there, like the big games or some finals
2023-05-29 17:50
Football mainly, played it for years and follow it ofc. Basketball as well, would say the main 2. I also like watching most sports, can be tennis (also played it, but just for a few months), handball, curling at the winter olympics and more. But usually when it's the olympic games, or finals. Dont "regularly" follow many of these other sports, as i do with football. I Also did practice Baseball when i was a kid. Not as boring as it looks like on TV, at least not when u play it lol.
2023-05-29 17:52
zonic | 
Denmark MAMS
Football and badminton, so much fun!
2023-05-29 17:54
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2023-05-30 00:05
Played football for ~10y, almost made to youth national team If we talk about watching, tennis and hockey might be my favourites
2023-05-29 18:14
Liazz | 
Australia resu_
rugby, football comes close
2023-05-29 18:17
Muay Thai & futbol is all I need
2023-05-29 20:44
2023-05-29 20:44
Serbia hitomi79
please explain the word "soccer" and then we can continue this chit-chat
2023-05-29 20:46
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association football aSOCiation football SOC soccer
2023-05-29 23:59
cycling mountaineering F1
2023-05-29 21:04
I've fenced nearly all my life, I love it as a sport but it's not interesting to watch on a screen, so I only really follow tennis and the national rugby team
2023-05-30 00:02
watch - football play - volleyball honorable mention: baseball. but in cis its not popular at all
2023-05-30 00:10
playing tennis/golf, watching football.
2023-05-30 00:10
hockey & football best (for watching)
2023-05-30 07:57
currently: play - volleyball, badminton, tennis, ping pong watch - chess, football used to play everything in the past
2023-05-30 08:08
I played Handball for 7-8years. It was fun, but my team shut down due to not having enough players and I didnt want to join the rival team from next town over
2023-05-30 08:55
I like football, both elliptical and spherical, but my favorite by far is baseball!
2023-05-30 08:57
Belgium ouwedouwe
2023-05-30 09:03
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