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Joel thread
Poland Aydenowskyy 
So basically someone posted a thread that Joel is matchfixing and then gave link to someones tweet in Swedish commenting that it might be true because "suddenly he got a lot of expensive skins" Anyone could tell me what is exackly going on and is there a proof against him?
2023-05-29 20:30
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Asia bombcode1
can u link the thread please
2023-05-29 20:33
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2023-05-29 20:42
Europe Daddy!
He is now partnered with a gambling/trading site. Destroying his own career tbh.
2023-05-29 20:35
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He probably didn't realize that he would make a lot more if he didn't matchfix, making a lot more from tournaments / matches / org
2023-05-29 20:41
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While I would not agree with this statement in general, joel is probably one of the examples which kinda hurt, as the kid is legitimately very talented. If you see other kids from his scene like dottie/Magi, susp, mistfire, etc, he was probably the only one where it's sad that he's chosen the path of being a scummy bitch instead of a pro player. Bummer if he gets caught, as people of way higher caliber have done way worse stuff for way longer without any repercussions, just see Perfecto winning majors, kyxsan and DemQQ reaching major playoffs, etc. Syman were serial fixers, to the point where before their first Minor run NO HLTV BOOKIES offered pre-match odds on ANY of their games with lots of more circumstantial evidence and even chatlogs from Ramzik organizing fixes, but they just kinda made him disappear. CR4ZY/Project X/Akuma boys used radar online prominently and fixed games, but you know in the current political climate people strive to portray Ukranians in a certain manner and this does not quite fit the narrative. Bluejays used radar with kyxsan online, and also fixed many games. If you check the odds movements for games you can find some interesting movements leading up to their games :) Fiend and Skade I'm not even gonna write just check this, also at the very least dream3r certainly cheated all throughout their Pinnacle Cup runs. And there's many many more like this :) Special points to aykeN the biggest piece of shit onliner cheater fixer malicious piece of trash for actually playing his only lan at a major, he is the german jOELZ.
2023-05-29 21:12
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poem | 
North America minte
what did perfecto do? i hope it's not that fake M249 thing but something in his past i'm unaware of
2023-05-29 21:16
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he talks about syman aka his ex team?
2023-05-29 21:19
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poem | 
North America minte
missed it
2023-05-29 21:20
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np i guess most ppl dont even know just read these comments lmaooo
2023-05-29 21:22
being toxic / cocky and matchfixer is correlated ramzik aidkit for example extremely toxic (aid$kit biggest bot in faceit btw) harn also cocky etc
2023-05-29 21:18
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H4rn casually smoking a cigarette with an emo face while fiend beat fnatic in pinnacle after losing map1 with ML odds 2.00 on fiend at 0-1 to fnatic with odds being around even prematch was fucking gold
2023-05-30 00:46
Liazz | 
Australia resu_
the entire tier 3 scene is an absolute mess. the amount of matchfixing that occurs there is alarming and just shows how the cs scene is degrading bit by bit. you can even look at bnes recent results and come up with a conclusion yourself massive loss for sweden if he gets punished, but look on the bright side, there are many new up and coming talents that could very easily make it if they get the chance to prove themselves susp would be a great example; ive been watching a few of his demos and his gamesense is through the roof, definitely one to keep and eye on in the scandinavian scene
2023-05-29 22:01
poem | 
North America minte
no proof whatsoever yet, honestly the only thing that swedish guy said was "he has skins in his account now" which is like, what is that proof of if anything? maybe i missed some context but generally zero indications he was matchfixing at all... we have to wait for GODSENT to say something i guess. seriously hope its not true because he's actually so good and would legit be wasting himself
2023-05-29 21:14
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I know it's nothing, but zoner who is betting addict and bet on a lot of matches everyday is convinced that Godsent definitely fixed some of their matches and asked everyone to be aware and to not bet on any matches involving this Godsent's lineup
2023-05-29 21:19
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poem | 
North America minte
isnt this the guy that got banned for coach exploit
2023-05-29 21:19
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Yes, that's him. He definitely might know something that most of us don't. I watched couple of his streams and he said that he is sure that most of 'tier2' is clean regarding possibilites of matchfix but Godsent is definitely under suspicion
2023-05-29 21:22
how does he get called out for matchfixing when he was godsent’s best player
2023-05-29 21:20
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That’s not how it works😭😭😭
2023-05-29 21:23
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tell me how you can be throwing a game when you’re not dying intentionally and topfragging
2023-05-29 21:51
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I have no idea whether he's match fixing or not but he didn't always play well, he could just play really well on some matches and throw the others??
2023-05-29 22:03
He never played with any skins when he was first in Godsent, some speculate that this was in his contract because of his history (scamming for nearly 100k€) and in his last games he was seen playing with very expensive skins. Apperently some site canceled bets on godsent because of unuasual behavior These are ass speculations on twitter with no "real source"
2023-05-29 21:39
NEO | 
Poland sedi
joel miller, i like how he kill mushrooms
2023-05-30 00:50
Ban him forever
2023-05-30 04:03
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