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Nobody is using this menu anyway who cars
2023-06-06 23:40
Hungary ShadYyBoy
Wowi Valorant back-buy
2023-06-06 23:42
Cool! Im gonna hop on the cs2 to check it out!
2023-06-06 23:43
1 reply
Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up
2023-06-07 23:21
Poland Obajtek
it's least important thing but still good to have
2023-06-06 23:43
Romania aLeeeeex
fuck this i've been buying with 1/2/3/4/5/6 for so long and in cs2 they change the order now for no reason, and now it looks just like valorant, like wtf why
2023-06-06 23:44
16 replies
Sweden axelious
Ye, can you still buy with numbers?! I can't understand people buying with mouse!
2023-06-07 09:36
14 replies
Russia EggYolk
You can buy with numbers yes
2023-06-07 09:43
Because with mouse it's much slower. Watching nowhere for 15sec at the start of every round? Nahh
2023-06-07 09:49
2 replies
Finland Owava
you know there's 15s of freezetime anyway at start of every round; what do you need to look at ?
2023-06-07 16:26
1 reply
I think that was his point
2023-06-11 10:11
I buy with mouse. Why not?
2023-06-07 12:28
7 replies
Sweden axelious
Because numbers are pro and ten times faster. I would feel like a beginner buying with mouse (I know alot of old players and pros buy with mouse, no hate, it's just my subjective feeling)
2023-06-07 12:33
6 replies
Faster doesn’t really matter tho Buy time is long enough
2023-06-07 13:17
1 reply
Sweden axelious
It's about the feeling!
2023-06-07 14:42
Wut? There's literally no noticable difference in how fast it is to buy with mouse or keyboard. It was slower in 1.6, but definitely not csgo.
2023-06-07 13:25
3 replies
Sweden axelious
You haven't seen me buy then!!! But also my confident would sink going in to the round since in feel like a noob buying with mouse..
2023-06-07 14:42
2 replies
It's probably the perception because 99% of the players who buy with buttons don't buy with a mouse so obviously when they try it, it feels much slower. I've been buying with a mouse in csgo for like close to 10 years, the muscle memory is already there and there's literally no difference.
2023-06-07 16:14
1 reply
Sweden axelious
Yes I guess.. doesn't take away my feeling atm though :D
2023-06-07 17:29
United States Azaqa
just buy with keybind
2023-06-07 16:20
1 reply
Sweden axelious
That's way to advanced.. I'm a mid gamer
2023-06-07 17:29
I like all the updates and support them. But i really liked the wheel buy menu. Wish we could get it back. Or maybe I will have to get used to it. 😢
2023-06-07 12:24
2023-06-06 23:44
So i dont need to choose between m4s now?
2023-06-06 23:45
1 reply
2023-06-07 01:33
I hope we can use the csgo buy menu, much faster and is fun.
2023-06-06 23:46
Switzerland byfire09
2023-06-06 23:46
they really be coping valorant wtf :(
2023-06-06 23:46
14 replies
If valorant copied the entire game and made something better , why not copy the feature from them too?
2023-06-06 23:48
13 replies
i liked how punishing it was to buy wrongly hope they dont add a buying cooldown too :( idk i just liked this reminiscents of early 00s that cs carried. Like buying with the numpad, having a bunch of weapons no one buys having to change settings on console i know its not consumer friendly but i liked how it was set nice nick and flair btw dg and sadboys !
2023-06-06 23:52
11 replies
It's just stupid that a missclick make u buy wrong weapon and stuck with it there's literally no point in keeping the old system
2023-06-06 23:54
1 reply
i know its dumb but i kinda like this kinda thing maybe thats why i like Dark Souls too
2023-06-07 01:15
whi fucking cares. such a small detail, not even worth creating a thread. everyone weill forgot the old waY IN 2 DAYS..
2023-06-07 08:58
7 replies
United States Azaqa
new way is definitely better i just hope they add it so you can still keybind to autobuy
2023-06-07 16:21
6 replies
b,4,1 still m4a1-s in this case means you can or what am i missing?
2023-06-07 16:34
5 replies
i think he means like binding keys in the keyboard to auto buy
2023-06-07 22:01
United States Azaqa
i meant making a command to autobuy, like i have one to autobuy ak/m4+armor and one to buy all util and one for awp+armor
2023-06-07 22:37
3 replies
google buy scripct
2023-06-07 22:40
2 replies
United States Azaqa
yea i know but u cant do it in cs2, at least yet
2023-06-08 21:44
1 reply
they will add it 2000%
2023-06-09 08:46
Sweden axelious
I agree! The charm in much of the game is it's historic traits Still thinks it's a good update though sad
2023-06-07 09:38
For real if someone or something just done something good it would be stupid to not reproduce it just because it's already been done lol such a mindless logic
2023-06-06 23:53
I can finally sell all my zues that my mouse decides to buy!
2023-06-06 23:46
hooray, no more misbuying scouts or anything else cause you accidentally didnt go to the armor section :v
2023-06-06 23:49
Literally balkan map, they know mirage better than their own house
2023-06-06 23:50
2023-06-07 01:34
jks | 
Australia ceejae
This community is so fucking strange, selling is so sooo obviously a positive addition to the game, but reading the responses you'd think Valve gave everyone cancer.
2023-06-07 02:10
4 replies
Yes it's a good change. But ig people are more upset about the new buy menu ui. People aren't complaining about map or sell button. It's the fking buy menu. Like the A4 and a1s update though.
2023-06-07 12:30
+1 small bunch of screeching losers make loud noice
2023-06-07 12:51
Yea, removing an option to buy any gun you want during game is such a POSITIVE!!!! Mindless consoomers who don't read full notes are the cancer
2023-06-07 16:23
1 reply
jks | 
Australia ceejae
Expand on this for me? What are you saying valve added, and what's wrong with it?
2023-06-11 09:59
slowly over this :/
2023-06-07 02:16
looks ugly needs different colours and shit
2023-06-07 02:17
rain | 
Poland brimx
2023-06-07 02:38
man, that's so neat! will they add sage ult too? 😳
2023-06-07 02:43
I accidentally bought an AUG several times due to my muscle memory, why volvo....
2023-06-07 02:52
3 replies
Aug > m4a4 and m4a1
2023-06-07 09:31
1 reply
true, i noticed that i dropped a 30 bomb because i kept buying an aug... maybe i'm onto something
2023-06-07 13:44
it happened to me only when I was too tired to care about the game, like buying scout or some smg instead of kevlar after buying m4 because game didn't register pressing escape too fast. still new menu is too small and needs to switch kevlar section to the right near nades.
2023-06-07 12:28
Finland FlNLAND
can we keybind to sell the current weapon?
2023-06-07 09:03
1 reply
ctrl + z
2023-06-07 16:27
Czech Republic Ma1nik
Cmon i think you guys are crying over everything. You cry when volvo change somthing and cry when they dont. Me as buy menu user, im happy that misscliks will no longer happen. In every game the menu is same, so why do you hate this one. get brain fr
2023-06-07 09:09
1 reply
its subjective why so toxic
2023-06-07 12:08
ropz | 
Finland Pegull
Not a big deal but im gonna miss the buy wheel
2023-06-07 09:50
Hungary jadyn_x
idk why are you guys crying, its not a bad feature
2023-06-07 12:09
Latvia SigMale
Standoff 3
2023-06-07 16:42
Brazil hugoooo
How do you guys even know this crap is on Valorant?? Do you actually play that game?? lololol
2023-06-08 21:50
back to monke
2023-06-11 10:05
One more thing to copy from valarante and it is anticheat
2023-06-11 10:08
Germany toadyyy
buy menu is objectively better: -less clicks/actions to get your equipment -clearer structure
2023-06-11 10:09
Copying the more original and superior game Valorant
2023-06-11 10:11
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