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I graduate tomorrow
Sweden AFCx 
From high school, damn so life starts basically now. Is it downhill from here? I loved high school, friends and going out was nice.
2023-06-07 09:49
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yes its downhill this is basically the end of your life now, you'll just get to uni with depressed students and learn useless stuff so you can get a 9-5 shit job, find a woman that has a higher bodycount than her actual iq, get married, make a 40yo credit to buy a house, poop kids, buy a dog and you'll live like this til you get in the grave i hope you enjoyed life, friend.
2023-06-07 09:51
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Sweden AFCx
idk bout you but this sounds epic
2023-06-07 09:51
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get out of here ASAP
2023-06-07 09:52
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Sweden AFCx
It basically what this means is that I have all to win. All risks to take to try and make it out the cycle. Do some stupid shit in my early adult years and if it all goes to shit atleast I could have my shitty 9-5 job. I’m excited to try whatever
2023-06-07 09:53
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Depends how much you fuck up there are places that won’t even hire if u have debt or criminal record like in dk you’re basically sone
2023-06-07 11:23
NiKo | 
Malta aMM7
+1 haha your life is fcked AFCx
2023-06-07 09:51
2023-06-07 10:43
Finland FlNLAND
Dog is going to be the only thing you'll love and even its going to be dead in 10 years,
2023-06-07 10:45
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thats why i cant adopt a dog i will die if he dies because i know he will be my best friend
2023-06-07 11:39
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Finland FlNLAND
i know <3
2023-06-07 11:48
Sweden Mendiy
nah lol, just military.
2023-06-07 14:37
2023-06-07 17:16
Finland Lindeni
The most incel take I've heard in a while.
2023-06-07 18:06
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I dont think you understand the definition of incel lol
2023-06-07 18:57
If University was worst time of your life than I feel bad for you. It's time to learn/grow as a person and make connections with tons of different people.
2023-06-09 01:00
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You need a drawing to make you understand that this post was a joke?
2023-06-09 10:35
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People on HLTV say this seriously all the time so it’s a bit hard to differentiate between somebody who is joking and somebody who is serious.
2023-06-09 15:20
Germany Oxyden
Life's pretty chill if you're a dj. I earn 32k/month.
2023-06-07 09:53
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dang i bet you have italian gf too
2023-06-07 11:03
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Germany Oxyden
How'd you guess? :^)
2023-06-07 11:15
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Not just Italian, she's a model
2023-06-07 11:29
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rain | 
Norway Rob!n
and you are here in hltv threads lol
2023-06-07 17:55
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I mean whats to matter to being on hltv :D
2023-06-08 07:58
2023-06-07 17:54
Who invented this hltv meme? I forgot his ID xD
2023-06-07 18:08
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2023-06-08 19:49
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Nahh, wasn't him sadly, this acc is from 2018
2023-06-09 00:51
To be honest I peaked in high school in terms of overall happiness. Being an adult is depressing
2023-06-07 09:56
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i am currently peaking in depression while in high school, how much worse will it be as an adult?
2023-06-07 15:04
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depends on how soon you establish financial comfort at what cost I'd say. My issues mostly stem from me currently living in a paycheck to paycheck situation, far away from being able to secure a mortgage with no end in sight in near future. But that's on me ending up doing 8 years of uni
2023-06-07 16:56
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Well since i suck at everything i am worried about ending up in a minimum salary job ($9,417/y). I don't even want to go to uni because of how stupid and lazy i am, i plan to just graduate and try my luck since programmers in my country are often hired without a degree. If that fails im fucked forever i'd say. So how bad is it going to get? : D
2023-06-07 17:16
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That's a good plan actually. I consider my time at uni to be a waste, because I should have gone directly compsci route, as I'm gonna end up in software development career anyway. If you have a knack for programming and if you indeed can secure a job without degree elitism, then that's ideal. Otherwise, if you find programming to be depressing, I'm convinced that the demand for electricians, welders and plumbers is only to significantly increase in the long term, due to how everybody wants a white collar job nowadays. Hell, if it wasn't for my parents pressuring me to go to uni, I am pretty certain I would have found much more happiness being a truck driver working for western european logistics companies
2023-06-07 17:31
more responsibility and stress
2023-06-07 17:33
You can still do that in College. Online era also seems to be over. Only problem is that partying too much and failing classes has more consequences.
2023-06-07 10:25
no, financial independence is great
2023-06-07 10:29
nah go to university or something
2023-06-07 10:52
If you go to university, it's gonna be the best 5 years in your life
2023-06-07 10:56
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unless he is poor and cant afford the good drugs
2023-06-07 15:19
highschool by far the best time in your life, but uni is also fun
2023-06-07 11:00
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How bad is life in Denmark if high school is the best time of your life?
2023-06-09 00:55
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+1 highschool is mid af and meaningless. Uni and afterwards is way better (unless your life sucks I guess)
2023-06-09 01:01
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Apparently not in Denmark lol
2023-06-09 01:02
make sure u stay friends with the people u meet in high school. Always make time to hang out with them, I wish I kept my friendships from school :(
2023-06-07 11:05
No end of life is around 25+
2023-06-07 11:18
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+1 confirm, he has only few years left to figure out life, otherwise it;s gg
2023-06-07 17:32
Canada MiLkBaGzz
Uh oh im in trouble
2023-06-07 23:47
uni life is more fun than high school life, in many different ways though
2023-06-07 11:24
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true, but also it's not always like in the movies I've met some friends in university But I'm closest still with the guys I went to school with
2023-06-07 14:37
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nothing's like the movies :) i still hang out with some close high school friends that went to the same uni as me, but im closest with the new friends i made in my field of study. just depends on how often you see either of them i guess
2023-06-07 14:42
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well in my case there are mostly hicks in my class and I went to a relatively affluent school Just the level of human is higher in my older acquaintances and I can't get past it Maybe I'll encuck or uncuck myself in the future And for many your statement holds true
2023-06-07 14:44
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its a very individual experience for everyone
2023-06-07 14:45
live on goverment support and grind cs become pro and save swedish scene
2023-06-07 11:34
Europe potatomato
Yep , one step closer to deth )))
2023-06-07 11:35
university is much better but also tougher gl mens it all starts here
2023-06-07 14:20
Europe jvesper
just go to dj course and earn 32k/month.
2023-06-07 14:23
Highschool was the happiest I ever got. Most amount of friends, a bright future, sports and a happier outlook on life. Steadily went downhill into college and now working. I just make good money now...everything else sucks.
2023-06-07 14:31
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It doesn't have to be that way. You can still do what you love if you put yourself into it.
2023-06-07 14:40
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Don't worry, I don't need a therapy session or anything. Yeah there are lots of things I can do to improve my life, but that requires motivation and will power. Both things I am lacking the past few years. It'll change eventually...
2023-06-07 14:49
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Nah man, I was just referring to the scope of getting to do whatever you like doing. No threapy sessions here, just the notion of being able to do meaningful stuff despite the pressure the society puts on your shoulders.
2023-06-07 14:51
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wtf are talking about
2023-06-07 17:38
It's more like your life ends now mens From now on you'll be either a depressed college student or a depressed 9-5 worker
2023-06-07 14:35
Really depends ; for some it's a nice fresh start for others it's a ending of normal life Really school was easy, because it was mandatory (dropping out doesn't really count) University it is YOU who has to study, deal with problems; profs treat you like a grown man and no small favours are granted Dropping out of uni is simple and many do it Or just don't apply to uni at all, work, and then decide to apply I really think it's the changing point in 1st worlder lives: 1 - Some become successful 2 - Some have a good time and either go 1 or 3 3 - Some become miserable slaves of matrix
2023-06-07 14:36
Germany pumpy
nah Uni > School
2023-06-07 14:36
Sweden Mendiy
2023-06-07 14:36
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Sweden AFCx
Grattis bror, vilken gymnasielinje har du valt?
2023-06-07 15:18
United States jsmiffy
Bubby, go to university. High School graduation will feel like Kindergarten in a couple of years.
2023-06-07 14:39
i Graduated from University 3 days ago
2023-06-07 14:41
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congrats danielelee
2023-06-07 14:44
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2023-06-07 15:15
Japan papa_smurf
nice men, time to full-time CS
2023-06-07 15:01
just do what you want everything will come along
2023-06-07 15:06
Belgium xp9
yup life gets worse after that, best time of your life is over mens
2023-06-07 15:08
Go to uni man. I'm going into my second year (I study psychology and neuroscience) and it's great fun. At uni you will learn so many new things, find new hobbies, have so many parties and club nights, and potentially meet your lifelong friends and partner. Plus you get a nice degree at the end of it all ;)
2023-06-07 15:10
yes you are doomed anluko
2023-06-07 15:18
I graduated couple of days ago
2023-06-07 16:57
idk for me life as an adult is more fun, you can theoretically do whatever you want, work wherever you want in highschool you are sitting in chair from 8 till 15:00, then do homeworks and you are expected to get good grades everywhere as an adult you choose what job you want to do, if you have no skills, then ofc it is not good and you most likely will work in a market or something, but idk, still better than sitting in school
2023-06-07 17:05
you need money, without working your ass to death, otherwise you're doomed
2023-06-07 17:26
Switzerland byfire09
gl man
2023-06-07 17:27
nt life starts at 33+ for male check the statistics till then u are just wiggling around
2023-06-07 17:34
2023-06-07 17:34
2023-06-07 17:48
unlucky, miss high school so much
2023-06-07 23:36
Dominica JesusSG
Don't lie, u won't graduate
2023-06-07 23:37
Spain Wiricardo
congrats lad
2023-06-07 23:42
I graduated last year and took a gap year, just been working part-time and spending most of my time hanging out with friends/playing videogames/being a degen and its great, decided to have as much fun as I want for 1 year then return to the school grind, would recommend, this has been the best year of my life.
2023-06-07 23:46
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But then you gonna miss it and feel depressed
2023-06-08 00:18
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nah, its fun but I know it wont last, im providing nothing to society and am practically a disappointment until a return to school or start working full-time
2023-06-08 07:45
Good job !!! Now try to not be a drug-addict with your freedom
2023-06-07 23:47
I did it yesterday. It was the best night ever and the saddest as well. I had a lot of fun and a lot of crying. I hope u have the same expirience as me and dont forget, have fun, dont be afraid of doing things with the ones u love cause u wont have much more oportunities to be with them. Time flys and i only realized that yesterday/today. Hope u realize that and enjoy bro!
2023-06-09 00:57
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fino | 
Portugal 70maz
Exactly this , we are friends from the same school :D It is sad and I feel empty inside... But it was fucking amazing! Prom was the best night of my life. Now I need to get a good Math Exam. And then it will be the best summer of my life.
2023-06-09 01:08
3 replies
wholesome moment
2023-06-09 01:11
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fino | 
Portugal 70maz
Yeah kind of But still , this is such a sad moment. I was crying even the days before (the last 2 days of school) , mainly because of what a teacher did for us. (She was our class director for 3 years and she gave a personalized card to each one of us saying what she likes about us , and that we should be happy and stuff). (Wholesome moment V2) But the Prom just made me straight up cry and made me really empty inside... 18 years of my life are gone , and my childhood and teens years are going away with it... This Summer NEEDS to be the best Summer ever I don´t want to be an 80 year old and neither I want to die... I will not be going to school and do this routine of my life, I will never be with this people in the same settings , I have had the best night of my life with these people , I have finally understood people that annoyed me , and now School has ended forever...
2023-06-09 01:25
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fino | 
Portugal 70maz
Kinda of cringe to be saying all of this in a CS Forum but Yeah , thats how I feel and I should not be ashamed , I guess :V
2023-06-09 01:26
uni > hs
2023-06-09 01:09
nobody cares
2023-06-09 01:11
I wouldn't say it's downhill. In terms of your overall happiness, you'll feel free af after high school. Even if you are going to continue by going to college, it will feel like a choice not like it's mandatory (like high school). You just have that feeling of control of your life once you're out of high school, even tho it's just not true. You might feel quite lonely tho. Your high school friends could just disappear after a year or so. You might stay in touch with them for a while, but everyone eventually just goes in their own direction. Making real friends in college might not be so easy. It didn't happen for me. It was just a regular, school relationship. Nothing outside of it. I feel like every friendship outside of high school just won't be the same. The amount of shit you've been through in high school, being a stupid teenager doing ridiculous stuff as well as surviving in school is uncomparable, and you won't feel the same with people you meet later on in your life.
2023-06-09 01:12
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Your reply is very touching. I complete agree with it, especially if you have to flee your homeland on your own at this age.. this shit gets even worse
2023-06-09 01:34
Life is what you make of it
2023-06-09 01:19
Serbia Cheerio23
Congrats man! Don't listen to the bums saying the rest of the life is shit after highschool, it's all up to your mindset. The best is yet to come, uni is great. Have fun!
2023-06-09 01:27
Nah m8. Now you're free. You can literally do whatever you want with your life now. Go to college and study what you like. Or don't. It's up to you
2023-06-09 01:29
Hungary szia
yup. your life is very linear with regular yearly events when youre im school. but when you finish school, all of that goes away. life had no defined route or path, which is great if you want to explore, but you also need to learn how to be driven and discipline if you want to get any job thats not terrible and keep growing and have a purpose or goal
2023-06-09 01:36
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