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NiKo my GOAT
NiKo | 
Germany Reyna1Tap 
THE BEST OF THE BEST call me when ax1le or spinx put a performance like that one on ancient…NIKO KEEPS SHUTTING HATERS MOUTHS
2023-06-08 21:52
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Spinx actually had 40k & 36k on Ancient with no overtime and it was a 16-10 / 16-8 game btw Sorry to disappoint you, but you're blind atm Edit: Check #7
2023-06-08 21:59
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one of them is carried by zywoo
2023-06-08 21:54
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2023-06-08 21:55
This was before vitality
2023-06-09 19:59
Sad we wont see any more ancient from him, Vitality please change your perma ban
2023-06-08 21:54
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Yep. He was so impactful in this map back in Ence. Maybe vitality will bring this map in the future, Zonic was motivated to play it after FaZe vs Ence game lmao
2023-06-08 22:01
Spinx and ancient sounds so stupid in the same sentence lmao sounds like M0nesy on Overpass or s1mple on vertigo
2023-06-08 21:55
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expected. Ancient is best map for lurkers
2023-06-08 21:58
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Tbf i don't care who's better, just wanted to prove him wrong. I love when people talk about stuff they don't know about. NiKo 2.33 Spinx 2.45 Both in no overtime games
2023-06-08 21:59
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United States ezpop
You didn’t prove anything wrong though. NiKo is the best rifler of all time, nobody is as sharp as him
2023-06-10 01:37
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Norway Tarats
he's not but everyone is entitled to their opinion
2023-06-10 02:01
spinx vs sprout and niko vs imeperial thast big difference
2023-06-12 05:05
2023-06-10 01:09
true , specially spînx he's so overated , like he always lurks , kills from behind , he cant do nothing by himself unless zonic put him in good positions
2023-06-08 21:55
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Niko is 10x more overrated than spinx. Fking choker xddd. Spinx 1 major,choko 0 majors.
2023-06-09 19:54
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Name , flair , imagine comparing players by majors, u r completely brainless , Niko the best rifler ever lived , cry about it
2023-06-09 21:32
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"Niko the best rifler ever lived" 0 times top1 hltv as a rifler other riflers: 1 or more top1 hltv "niko best rifler"
2023-06-09 21:33
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does it matter if he takes 1 hltv , he's a rifler , go fix ur brain damn , every csgo player knows that he's the best rifler , damn u are very IDIOOT
2023-06-10 00:00
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Smartest choko fan lol
2023-06-10 11:00
so coldzera, olof and GeT_RighT are better riflers than NiKo who is a top 2-5 player (and usually top-1 ranked rifler) for almost 8 years in a row? okay then ZywOo (sniper) 1 major, JW (sniper) 3 majors, dev1ce (4 majors) ZywOo is a bot then
2023-06-10 01:56
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(sniper) kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2023-06-10 10:55
Coldzera in his prime was better than Niko. Also jw and device stats doesn't even close to zywoo. Zywoo is way better than device+jw combine. Zywoo single major MVP is worth more than device or jw 4 and 3 majors combine.
2023-06-10 11:13
Dupreeh and coldzera r way better than ch0ko xddd.
2023-06-09 21:44
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yea BOTpreeh the one who get carried by dev1ce and zywoo in his career looooool , he's a fluke just like spinx , and coldzera ? who's that ? LOL
2023-06-10 00:01
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niko goat rifler with 0 majors and 0 top 1 xdddddddddd
2023-06-10 00:09
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its hard to talk with 0 brain guy like you , go learn some cs silver haahhahahaha
2023-06-10 00:13
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People who call silver someone r generally silver themselves most of the time omegalol xddd.
2023-06-10 00:36
Dupreeh never got carried by any means mfer, Niko is a joke and the biggest choker in the history of csgo. Coldzera and dupreeh r way better than overrated ch0ko,who always chokes and get carried by good team mates.
2023-06-10 00:35
Zywoo is 10x better than ch0ko don't compare zywoo to ch0ko,it's an insult to zywoo btw.
2023-06-10 00:49
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It's DG_1998 back with his 3rd alt account. Reported swiftly for evading ban
2023-06-10 01:22
coldzera 2016-2017 career dupreeh who was top-5 hltv once in his 10 year long career, usually top-15 😭😭😭 and 2 mvps yeah bro bait harder plz
2023-06-10 01:57
1 reply
Long career doesn't matter coldzera has achieved everything what Niko still dreams of to achieve,dupreeh has longevity just like Niko and even achivements too unlike Niko who never achieved any big trophy except kato. I would have career like coldzera where even in short span i achieved everything rather a long lasting painful career like Niko.
2023-06-10 04:36
Israel RoyBenji
NiKo is the goat but Spinx is one of the best young riflers in the scene and yr a hater
2023-06-10 13:29
he was playing just as well before zonic
2023-06-10 21:41
JW | 
Netherlands crywhywhy
sapec is doing the same vs tier3
2023-06-08 21:56
1 reply
don't bother, choko fans are basically blind npcs at this point
2023-06-10 00:52
Zero majors goat
2023-06-08 21:59
Overrated zero majors btw. Can only perform against weak teams.
2023-06-09 19:55
ZywOo | 
France Alyta
0 majors this choker 0 mvps in G2 years competing with super teams and just 1 relevant trophy and he got carry
2023-06-09 21:35
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2023-06-09 21:45
NiKo played in 2 different major finals with 2 different lineups during CS:GO prime Zywoo won his major after beating ITB, Apeks and GL aka top-31 hltv in the finals (with currently the best rifler from FPL, two multiple major winners and APEX) And NiKo has dozens more trophies than Zywoo who basically couldnt win sht from 2018/19 till the end of 2022 when Astralis duo+Spinx joined and won every single big trophy of his career lol. He even got eliminated at basically every major until Paris. JW 3 majors >>>>> Zywoo 1 plastic major
2023-06-10 01:51
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Is it vitality's fault that navi, heroic, g2 and faze got their asses handed to them by lower ranked teams? Also imagine calling zywoo's major plastic and putting JW alongside it 🤡
2023-06-10 11:03
If u take Hltv rankings seriously u don't know anything about csgo than lmao.
2023-06-10 13:08
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??? ITB losing to Eternan Fire, forze, 9 Pandas after their fluke major run Apeks losing to Spirit and NiP academies they were never tier-1 teams and everyone knows that.
2023-06-10 18:33
U seem like a legit zywoo hater so arguging with u doesn't makes sense. Literally Niko is the biggest choker in history of csgo said by many casters and analyst,"goat rifler"?XD my a*s dupreeh or coldzera r 10x better than him. And don't even compare him with zywoo,due to the fact it's an insult to zywoo overall.
2023-06-10 13:10
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Wait, did you just say that dupreeh and coldzera are x10 better than NiKo? everything checks out, get a life dude. just clicked on your profile - yikes.. and no, I'm not a ZywOo hater at all XD But this is called common sense and unbiased opinion. you are probably 16 yo at best have no idea what GOAT means and what its like, playing at the highest lvl since 2014, barely missing any majors, reaching finals at CS peak against grand teams like FaZe, NaVi, Astralis. stop comparing them by skill you donkey
2023-06-10 18:37
13 replies
Dumbass i know what is mean by goat,i didn't even said zywoo was goat u delusional mf. And yes dupreeh and coldzera r better than Niko without a doubt. Niko always has been a choker in big tournaments and especially finals. Zero majors,zero cologne,zero grandslam,only relevant trophy he has is kato that also because of hunter and jks. In comparison to coldzera or dupreeh he doesn't even comes close to achievements overall. It doesn't matter how skilled u r if u r not winning trophies with ur respective teams overall. And don't tell me he had trash team,that faze of 2018 and current G2 where stack asf. Yet he always under performs in high pressure situation overall.
2023-06-10 19:22
12 replies
coldzera 😂🤣😂🥶🥶 2016-2017 career? two years at tier-1 ? okay. then FalleN > ZywOo? Yeah, but NiKo has multiple ESL, ELEAGUE, BLAST and IEM trophies :(( like Kato, NYC, Eleague Atlanta. Yeah I wish I was a choker like him.
2023-06-10 19:27
11 replies
Only kato,cologne or majors count rest r irrelevant. Niko only got kato that also because hunter and jks hard carried him overall.
2023-06-10 19:30
3 replies
you must be 15 :D ELEAGUE was literally the best organizer and one of the most prestigious tournaments since forever.
2023-06-10 19:38
2 replies
U must commenting in ur mom's womb btw. Even casters and analyst said the same thing that kato,cologne and majors matters more. I don't take random Hltv user words seriously overall.
2023-06-10 19:47
1 reply
Nikos kato win > zywoos major win in that case using your own logic
2023-06-10 20:42
Coldzera has achieved more than Niko despite having shorter career overall. I would rather prefer coldzera short career,than Niko painful long choking career overall.
2023-06-10 19:31
6 replies
yeah yeah, two times top-1 and two majors and literally a nonamer before or after that. meanwhile NiKo kept being the best rifler in the game and winning tournaments to these days.. what do I except from a ZywOo fan with a new acc though, your bio says it all also kinda ironic that GeT_RighT was millions times better and beats coldzera by literally every criteria possible but you havent even mentioned him :D:D GTR has dozens more trophies than cold, two times top-1 and even played well for the next 2 years as well, more mvps. I'm sorry, GTR is my top 3 then.
2023-06-10 19:42
5 replies
Coldzera dominate in a much more competitive environment than GTR did. Also had better stats than GTR in his peak. Also this is my alt,not a new account. Like gtfo dude casters, analysts and even pros admitted that zywoo is better than Niko.
2023-06-10 19:45
4 replies
I'm crying lol " dude casters, analysts and even pros admitted that zywoo is better than Niko." Yeah, I think pretty much everyone admits that ZywOo is the second best individual but what exactly does it have to do with the GOAT list?
2023-06-10 19:48
3 replies
"I think pretty much everyone admits that ZywOo is the second best individual but what exactly does it have to do with the GOAT list?", it has EVERYTHING to do with the GOAT list, LMFAO. The GOAT always has to be the most skilled individual with the best stats ever. You can't call someone a GOAT when you openly admit that there's much better individuals than him. Imagine presenting this shitty take in a Football GOAT argument, they would just have a good laugh at you, but we're in the HLTV, the place of retards!
2023-06-10 20:28
2 replies
Okay. So if someone joins cs in 2023 and destroys both s1mple and ZywOo it means he's an even bigger GOAT of CS:GO? NiKo isnt even a sniper. There is no way he can outperform s1mple and ZywOo when they use the awp. dupreeh is not even top-10 by skill, he's just a very consistent player with dozens of top-20 appearances, most majors, most major participations, all the trophies. There is no way ZywOo is a bigger GOAT than him. Maybe if ZywOo started somwhere in 2016 - yeah, surely.
2023-06-10 20:33
1 reply
"Okay. So if someone joins cs in 2023 and destroys both s1mple and ZywOo it means he's an even bigger GOAT of CS:GO?", he would have a better start to his career than most I'd say. Much better than Niko's, that's for sure. But we would have to see if he's a 1 year wonder or can keep up that great form for years to come. If he manages to lift some prestigious throphies such as Major/Cologne/Kato while winning numerous MVP's, I'd absolutely put him up there with the likes of S1mple and Zywoo.
2023-06-10 20:52
Niko always had better team mates than zywoo not to mention more yrs than zywoo in tier 1 csgo,yet he only had 3 or 4 extra trophies over zywoo. Zywoo has more mvp,top 1 and he is in general better player than Niko could ever be in his entire career.
2023-06-10 13:25
22 replies
Yeah, this Astralis duo roster + Spinx is so bad. They basically won all of ZywOo's important trophies after his 5 years of irrelevancy with no decent wins besides online cs_summits and A-tier ECS and DH Open tournaments. I hope you will get banned again because your baits and takes are just out of this world. Again, read what GOAT means. ZywOO cant be the greatest of all time since he missed more than 50% of CS:GO, he is in the top-5 at best
2023-06-10 18:42
21 replies
Have u started to watch csgo since 2023 or what? Vitality was trash last yr and zywoo was carrying 4 bots in his team,until this yr overall,zywoo won epl single handled on his own by world record performance. Also u cannot win trophies on ur own, without atleast one player putting numbers in ur team. S1mple didn't won any trophy until he got electronic. Also wtf zywoo was always relevant in the tier 1 cs even when he wasn't winning dumbass. I also didn't said he was goat,read properly ur reading sucks,zywoo was always better than Niko as a player and it's a fact. Stats speaks the same. U can't deny that.
2023-06-10 19:15
17 replies
I'm watching CS since 2010 when NaVi were winning 4 majors in a row in 1.6 but .. TLDR, ZywOo never won anything significant until major winners and the best rifler joined his team and won eveything for him. And again, his career is still short as hell and his amount of trophies and major participations are laughable.
2023-06-10 19:20
16 replies
Spinx is not best rifler but one of the best for sure. Also vitality where still winning trophies even before spinx joined the team,u dumbass. And longer career doesn't matter much,Ronaldo is not better than messi just because he has longer career overall retard. And if trophies matter so much,than device>s1mple than?Niko only has extra 3 or 4 trophies over zywoo. Despite playing 4 yrs more than zywoo which is laughable. And having more stack teams than zywoo.
2023-06-10 19:27
15 replies
NiKo has multiple IEM, ESL, ELEAGUE, one S-tier BLAST and Starladder trophy ZywOo only has IEM Rio, Paris and ESL. 3 S-tier trophies out of 8. Trophies matter just as much as your career, s1mple is playing the game since forever. s1mple has everything, the best individual awards aka most mvps and three top-1's, all the trophies and a long career. He's the GOAT. dev1ce had a long career and won a lot of trophies but wasnt even nearly as good as s1mple. thats the difference. ZywOo has neither had a long career or won a lot of trophies to be placed above NiKo who is literally the best rifler in the game for almost 8 years in a row. Huge differece between these comparisons .
2023-06-10 19:46
14 replies
Niko has been playing lot longer than zywoo and always had better team mates than zywoo. Doesn't means he as a player is better than zywoo. Device has won more than s1mple, doesn't means device is better than s1mple. Zywoo has far better stats, 3 times top 1 and more MVP over Niko.
2023-06-10 20:33
Mf doesn't even know difference between team based achivements vs individual achivements and calling Niko better than zywoo lmao XD.
2023-06-10 20:31
12 replies
You cant read so I won't respond anymore. NiKo is the GOAT rifler and one of the oldest players who keeps playing and winning, ZywOo is a newcomer who has missed more than 50% of :GO history, thats it. I can go 7 years back in time and still see him dominating and having the highest impact rating of all.
2023-06-10 20:37
11 replies
Goat rifler with zero majors,cologne,grandslam?hahahahaha xddd. Dupreeh or coldzera clears him.
2023-06-10 20:42
7 replies
yeah dupreeh who peaked top-5 hltv once in his 10 year long career, surely and coldzera with 2 years of competitive CS with no BLAST Pro finals, ELEAGUE, ESL NYC, IEM KATO, Starladder, HAHA? niko clears.
2023-06-10 20:51
6 replies
Dupreeh was top 20 8 yrs in a row not 5 yrs. And coldzera was top 20 for 3 yrs not 2 yrs.
2023-06-10 21:02
1 reply
you surely cant read.
2023-06-10 21:04
Coldzera has more majors and cologne they r more important than what Niko won as a trophies in his career mfer. Not to mention even more MVP over Niko. Niko is nothing in front of coldzera. Dupreeh has more achivements and more consistency than Niko for sure. Dupreeh won trophy despite playing entry in his entire career in Astralis and hard support in Vitality and helped the team overall. Where as Niko can't win trophies even playing stars roles overall.
2023-06-10 21:13
8 yrs of playing and still zero majors or cologne lmao XD.
2023-06-10 21:32
2 replies
5 years of playing and no Starladder, ESL NYC/Cologne, IEM Kato, BLAST Finals, IGL, ELEAGUE XD unlucky
2023-06-10 21:36
1 reply
Coldzera literally has cologne what u mean?and the most important trophy which is majors that also 2,not to mention even 2 times top 1. Xd Such a unlucky dude.
2023-06-10 21:38
He didn't won anything since 2019 as a main players and only blast world finals and kato because of m0nesy,jks and hunter hard carry recently.
2023-06-10 20:43
1 reply
He reached major final with AMANEK, Jackz and nexa in team. He was also the second highest rated player of the tournament. Cope harder. Hunter wasnt even in the top-8 at this major.
2023-06-10 20:48
He is not new comer when he has 5 yrs of playing csgo,u call sh1ro or m0nesy new comer but not zywoo.
2023-06-10 20:44
U literally need to get ban for baiting and saying Niko is better than zywoo. Which is the worst bait ever.
2023-06-10 19:16
2 replies
When exactly did I say that NiKo is better than ZywOo? NiKo is not better, just like dev1ce and dupreeh and olof arent better. But there is no way I will put someone like ZywOo with no achievements and short af career above them in GOAT list.
2023-06-10 19:18
1 reply
Zywoo has 5 yrs in pro cs, it's enough to judge how good of a player u r. Longer career also doesn't matter much,take my Ronaldo vs messi debate. Zywoo is 10x more individually talented than all the players u mention. Heck zywoo MVP alone is better than all the players u mention.
2023-06-10 19:29
Played two different finals, won none. Zywoo won one. If it was so easy, niko should have simply not given vertigo to fnatic and it was his major.
2023-06-10 20:52
9 replies
I wouldnt stop laughing for 30 days straight if ZywOo managed to choke against GamerLegion with Astralis+the best rifler of 2023 in team.
2023-06-10 20:57
8 replies
Whatever is on your deluded mind didn't happen, zywoo won his major, Niko managed to fumble the "easiest run of all time" by losing to fnatic. I am here laughing about how you with m0nesy hunter and jks can lose to mezii + 29 year old talent roej, nicoodoz and fashr.
2023-06-10 20:59
7 replies
easiest run? are u insane? m0nesy was performing worse than NiKo and Hooxi was averaging 0.8 kd with very arguable IGLINg skills. and why do people always blame NiKo? XD like in Boston when he was the highest rated of all FaZe/C9 members and karrigan hard failed as the captain and leader. or in Stockholm when he was the second best player after s1
2023-06-10 21:04
6 replies
Niko had 0.7 rating on vertigo. It doesn't matter, Niko had as much of an easy run as zywoo had. In fact, vitality beat g2 and ence on the first 2 rounds. If the run was so easy, why didn't Niko convert it by beating fnatic?
2023-06-10 21:07
5 replies
Because he was playing in a completely different team with players that performed much worse and his IGL is probably 5 times less expierenced than APEX and even much less skilled? no? or we gonna pretend like ZywOo won this major alone? More like Magisk and dupreeh who are currently winning 1 major/year on average. ZywOo choked at basically every major and tier-1 event from 2019-end of 2022 till they arrived. You are trying to hard by pointing out his rating from 1 map LMAO.
2023-06-10 21:13
4 replies
Yeah so zywoo had no excuse to lose the major with washed dupreeh and apex and magisk FAR from his prime but Niko is excused to lose with the most stacked team of the year because reasons. Zywoo "choked" the majors while having 0 top 20 players on his team till 2022 and while niko Had Olof, Guardian, Rain, Hunter, Jks, M0nesy to help him out and NEVER DID. Buddy, niko has 0 majors while playing with 2017-2018 faze and with 2023 g2. Zywoo has one major, end of the story.
2023-06-10 21:15
3 replies
idk what makes you think that g2 2023 is somehow superiour lol. I would prefer broky over m0nesy if I had to play in a major final any day of the week, even though broky is much less skilled. Vita currently has the best sniper, rifler, great captain and two multiple major winners. G2 has? young rookie sniper, NiKo's cuisine, jks and the worst IGL at tier-1? okay. I'm surprised you mention FaZe in 2017 with their experimental roster of 5 random players and not SK who still had their legendary lineup who won ESL, EPICENTER, Cologne, IEM Sydney and ECS. FaZe wasnt even the best team of 2017 and it was basically their first and last year together. 2018 was already Astralis prime era, idk why you mentioned it
2023-06-10 21:31
2 replies
Yeah, prime era, and Faze didn't lose boston major. Oh sorry, they lost boston major to prime astralis, or was it? Buddy, sure. Its better to have experienced players than to have good players. I bet fallen would win a major if you put everyone from old SK on the rost... never mind. Delusional child that tries to spin it around that vitality somehow has more firepower than G2, sure they do. You were obviously saying that g2 sucked when they were winning, right? I really don't understand how Young rookie sniper that won an MVP in one of the G2 wins , tthat is the best player of the team, is a liability. I guess young s1mple in 2016 was too young to carry liquid... oh Faze 2017 was a VERY experimental roster with top 2, 4 , 9 and 18 player on the team, sure. I also remember SK winning 2 majors in 2017. Oh, sorry, they didn't win a single major in 2017. Mb Gambit and kjaerbye astralis were better than full stacked team, idk. Enough discussion with retards. Keep crying and accept reality, zywoo won a major, niko didn't. I guess coldzera was too young and inexperience to win a major mvp on columbus, its a shame that they lost to the experienced player of nav...
2023-06-10 21:40
1 reply
Vitality won a major* And yeah, dont forget to mention that they won against the weakest opponents of the history of CS:GO majors where they had to beat ITB, Apeks and GL, top 20-31 hlv teams. You kids overstimate the majors so much lol. B1t has won everything withig year, does that mean he's better than NiKo? Or maybe because he had all the luck in this world to join prime NaVi and play with s1mple and electronic at their peak? I dont need to accept anything since I'm unbiased and see the truth. You just ignore all the facts and circumstances like a clueless kid which is understandable due to your lack of IQ and education.
2023-06-10 21:41
devilwalk 1 major zeus 1 major norbert 1 major choko 0 major
2023-06-09 21:37
csgo was cool 2013-2016. niko only better than the genz's
2023-06-10 00:03
greatest of all time by far with no doubt
2023-06-10 00:03
United States SMOKEBREAK
>NiKo carrying 100 maps with 30frags each map >NiKo burnt out from carrying G2 for years at this point.
2023-06-10 00:04
The GOAT 😎 Fan of AWP abusers please don't embarrass yourself
2023-06-10 00:40
8 replies
You know ZywOo and s1 can rifle too. They are not exactly awp abusers and roles are important in CS:GO
2023-06-10 00:54
7 replies
yes but they havent been top-2-5 players for almost 8 years in a row without abusing the awp NiKo is the biggest GOAT in CS after s1 and dev1ce
2023-06-10 01:42
4 replies
I'm pretty sure ZywOo could have been top 1 with Rifle had he got good enough AWPER in team, sometimes his rifling abillities are actually way more insane than AWP. But he uses AWP because it has much more possibilities sometimes for him as well as for team and also flexibility is the most important in nowadays CS:GO meta we also have to acknowledge NiKo only used to play really good awp in his early days he kinda fell of with the weapon afterwards idk why and never gave it more attention. He tried awping but he never was full awper and then gave to Amanek
2023-06-10 02:10
Bro forgot about the Rifle goat. GTR solos.
2023-06-10 10:59
So this way Gtr, coldzera, olof>>>>>>>>>NiKo
2023-06-10 11:06
Awping in general is a skills,i have seen Niko awping and it's terrible. Where as s1mple/zywoo can dominate even with rifle,samething Niko can't do with awp. So ur opinion doesn't matter btw.
2023-06-10 13:12
Israel RoyBenji
Mfers forget S1 was called the best player in the world when he was mainly a rifler
2023-06-10 13:31
1 reply
lmao he was a rifler for fucking 3 months
2023-06-10 18:36
Ofc bro
2023-06-10 00:53
who cars
2023-06-10 01:01
2 replies
my Volvo cars pretty well.
2023-06-10 01:43
Based bosnian
2023-06-10 11:04
Ok BotK0 only frags against tier 69 teams or on eco rounds
2023-06-10 11:05
2 replies
+1111 and people still call him goat rifler XD. Dupreeh and coldzera r far better than him,overrated player.
2023-06-10 13:22
1 reply
+1 gtr,shox,ropz,twistzz,magisk,electronic are all better riflers than ch0k0 in my books
2023-06-10 16:40
call me when NiKo win major in csgo
2023-06-10 11:28
3 replies
who cares about achievements lol there are better IGLs than pronax out there and he has 3 majors
2023-06-10 21:08
2 replies
this is the most insane cope i have ever read on this website
2023-06-11 03:53
1 reply
wdym, when we're talking about skill and who is better individually, achievements don't mean shit device has 4 majors and s1mple is/was better awper, same with zywoo a ton of riflers have many major titles and NiKo/Ax1le for example are much better riflers yes achievements make you a legend everyone will remember but even then, guardian hasn't won much and he is one of the best awpers of all time and one of the biggest legends ever
2023-06-11 15:01
Israel RoyBenji
NiKo 🐐 Spinx 🔥
2023-06-10 13:30
Kosovo miguelo
FalleNis better than cHoKo at rifling
2023-06-10 20:17
Hm strange
2023-06-10 21:12
n0k0 my BOAT
2023-06-10 21:33
goat rifler
2023-06-11 15:02
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