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I used to be against all the haters which called balmeF a baiter,untill 2023. You look at his stats and you would think this guy can win u games by himself,but he rely on bots like Altekz and Buzz to do entries to activate him ? His impact on t side is almost non existent,and on ct farm against eco and usseles kills if device plays bad they get trashed every game,like they did vs faze Literally i have never ever seen blameF to win a game by his insane stats,because his impact is to low If staehr wont improve astralis i think just let device go to another team and disband.
2023-06-09 18:40
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United States Jakkkk
yup he's good he just needs to grow a pair
2023-06-09 18:41
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I've heard roids make em shrink, would explain a thing or two...
2023-06-09 18:46
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Rent free
2023-06-09 21:00
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it's a joke, don't take it so hard.....
2023-06-09 21:42
Norway Tarats
your tongue is rent free in blamefs ass
2023-06-11 14:54
So u basically want all 5 players to rush a site and die? seems u r classic noob... every team have their own strategy to play game and accordingly the players need to perform. not everyone is supposed to kill all players. grow up enjoy game as game and keep your brain aside anyway its not working
2023-06-11 15:01
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United States Jakkkk
There are a lot of lurkers and star players in this game. Only blame needs 2 teammates to die to get a kill.
2023-06-11 16:27
2023-06-09 18:43
I saw blameF once in a McDonald’s and he was acting strange. Whenever someone came in, he’d go behind them. It was like he never wanted to go first. When all the people bought their lunches it was his turn since no one was left. He looked at me and said “I’d rather save my money for tomorrow” and he bhopped out through the window. Strange guy.
2023-06-09 18:43
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2023-06-09 18:44
wtf xd
2023-06-09 18:53
hahahaha :D
2023-06-11 16:44
BennieF used to have some insane games at the start of the year. especially on overpass and ancient. Like he was even rushing with team and making impactful trades/entries. His lurks was on point and very annoying to poay against for opponents. He was best CT side rifler in the world After succesful perfomance on Dallas, i think astralis thought like "Yeah, look now we dont need BlameF, we have two good rookies so we gonna start to play our default Astralis playstyle, when all 5 players is allowed to do their things." But in reality, only thing they can do is - set up BlameF and dev1ce. I hope gla1ve will just throw his ego away and play for their stars, like most of the teams rn. At least until staehr joins them? Altekz and Buzz is unwatchable
2023-06-09 18:47
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it's impressive how gla1ve instantly forgot how to call when Zonic, dupreeh and magisk went away.
2023-06-09 18:47
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they was pretty bad at 2021 before dev1ce leaving to NiP I dont think gla1ve cares about the game right now tbh. He have family, his kid was sick at the start of this year. Should retire
2023-06-09 18:53
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But playing pro csgo is his job
2023-06-09 21:00
Its easy to call when you have goat coach, goat entry, peak device, top 3 anchor ever and top 2 support ever
2023-06-11 15:39
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yeah, but with team mates he had after those Astralis underperformed as fuck. beyond what all the haters wanted them to fail, it's just terrible how there's 0 sync
2023-06-11 15:59
bennieF hahahahhahah i love this nickname reminds me of stewart10am
2023-06-09 20:51
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stewart10am is a goated nickname lol
2023-06-11 16:44
blame in heroic and col was just insane, used to love watch him trash against navi with friberg
2023-06-09 18:47
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Blame in col = happy with 30%hs
2023-06-09 18:59
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i mean he won some big trophies with that percentage :P
2023-06-09 19:02
he seems very disconnected from the team
2023-06-09 18:50
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2023-06-09 18:57
i swear he is enjoying himself more than ever he is conquered wit h bunch of rookies, he can bait them as much as he can for them stats bro is living his best life
2023-06-09 21:16
Vietnam conmen0
He plays well his teammates are so bad
2023-06-09 18:58
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Denmark Luk9x
Nah, it not that black or white. I mean yes, his teammates do not help. But his lurkings are each day less and less impactful. First of all, because his playstyle is so static that every team(specially tier1 ones) ALREADY KNOW that Bennie is lurking on their back....doing the same thing over and over again makes you predictable. Second, I totally agree that having Buzz and Altekz being the ones that you relly on activating your lurker sucks....but there are tons of rounds in which one of his teammates makes it to win the opener, and he still is just static, waiting for the rotations to be on his crosshair and that's it...this can specially be noticed on ancient, where he tends to lurk mid, and tons of times cts rotate from donut, and he never even takes a quick look at middle. Guy is a turret as lurker, and turrets are predictable.
2023-06-09 19:10
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He also basically plays rotation CT roles as an anchor. Most static Mirage connector player in T1.
2023-06-09 20:57
Vietnam conmen0
do you mean he's a passive player who always repeats his play in tournaments?. I think his teammates simply don't play well and often die alone, almost he has no position to move and just like that he will turn himself into 1v5, 1v4, 1v3. and the ignorant viewers started getting angry and calling him baiter shit. very funny. If xyp9x still plays well, blamef will definitely be pushed to entry and tanker
2023-06-11 14:02
2023-06-09 20:14
United States ezpop
You didn’t see it but it happened, Pinnacle Tournament where he got mvp is a good example - so you’re clueless
2023-06-09 20:15
Serbia Ljannister
Not his fault Astralul could not keep Konfig and bring Staehr with device.
2023-06-09 20:21
his passive playstyle is annoying af, i think he doesnt fit into astralis
2023-06-09 21:02
2023-06-09 21:18
Nah baitf the body shot minister has good impact. He just doesn't aim for the head much.
2023-06-09 21:46
Funny how he used to be a one of the best entry fraggers and now is always the last guy
2023-06-11 16:05
not his fault that they have a mega washed up IGL and two noobs
2023-06-11 16:34
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