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low sens users come
Russia ZirgaGalva 
so before i was playin 5000 dpi 1 sens now i changed it to 5000 dpi 0.33 sens (1650 eDPI) HOW DO YOU PLAY ON THIS SHIT I LITERALLY MOVE MOUSE AROUND WHOLE TABLE AND CROSSHAIR BARELY MOVES........
2023-06-10 08:34
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table too small
2023-06-10 08:37
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Russia ZirgaGalva
have almost 2 meter of free space
2023-06-10 08:38
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400 dpi 2 sens and i use for desktop at work
2023-06-10 08:39
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India nVcypher
1600 DPI 2.20 sens
2023-06-12 07:30
Finland Lindeni
You have to use your arm, not only your wrist. Hope this helps.
2023-06-10 08:47
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Russia ZirgaGalva
it doesnt
2023-06-10 08:49
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try to move you arm that holds mouse maybe
2023-06-10 09:48
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2023-06-10 11:18
2023-06-12 17:40
Jesus Christ, props to you if you can aim with 5000 DPI 1 sens.
2023-06-10 08:52
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Poland GG_Lemon
The truth is he can't It's impossible
2023-06-10 09:02
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2023-06-10 09:05
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Nice but his opponent is random Fortnite semi pro while Serious is great Quake player
2023-06-12 04:08
+1 just a troll Avg pro edpi is like what 900? and even low sense guys use 400-600 which is way closer to 900 than 900 is to 1650 or 5000
2023-06-10 09:06
If woxic can use 1600 DPI and 2 sens, I wouldn't doubt that some crazy bastard could aim with 5000 DPI and 1 sens.
2023-06-10 09:11
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3200 edpi vs 5000 edpi is a big difference lol
2023-06-10 10:32
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it is big difference but i literally got to global using 5.07 1000 DPI which is basically 5000 DPI and 1 sens so i believe him, it is absolutely doable if u get used to it and u're wrist/finger aimer. but rn i play with way lower than that.
2023-06-10 10:37
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"I got global" bro global is lvl 4 faceit :D you dont even need monitor turned on to get to global if you queue with at least 1 friend
2023-06-10 10:56
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yeah that's kinda true, i did it without premade as well. but i was lvl 8 in faceit with the same sens, at least that's my peak in faceit after 100+ games or so but haven't played ever after. even in lvl 8 i was consistently top fragging vs lvl 10 smurfs half the times but kept losing games so i quit. so my aim has never been a problem. 33% in faceit are boosted NPC's who get carried every game, 33% actual decent players with deserved ranks and 33% are smurfs. i had better teamplay with randoms in mm global lol.
2023-06-10 11:44
I actually don't believe you. Like straight up I don't. It's not possible. I need a handcam and aimbots routine. It would be one of the most impressive feats of fine motor control any human has performed. People has to misunderstanding DPI. There is no way in hell someone can play with 5000edpit. It's just not possible blud. If your table shakes, someone walks across the room your entire screen will shake.
2023-06-11 20:09
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here i don't have handcam on that video and i recorded it to prove the same point to my friend. i used to play with this sens 1 year ago but i've lowered to close to s1mple's sens (which is still way higher than average) and now i don't even want to go back because it's gonna take weeks to get used to it. basically i used only wrist and fingers for adjustment. and tbf 5.3 was pretty high even for me, i usually used something around 3.5 and 5.1
2023-06-12 03:05
Finland Teukkasd
so u think if i would start streaming handcam while playing faceit on 5.5k edpi many people would tune in to watch it ?
2023-06-12 03:20
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No because it would be shitty gameplay.
2023-06-12 17:32
Yeah it's a huge difference, but I'm still sure there is still some crazy bastard that uses a sens like that and performs well (just insanely rare). Also #34
2023-06-10 10:43
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ppl like that exist, for example this guy is using 15000 edpi, so its possible to control it somewhat but i doubt he's good in regular CS and he could compete even with just lvl 10 faceit players with normal sens
2023-06-10 10:58
wanst anarkez using 5 sensi?
2023-06-12 03:40
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I'm not sure, prosettings says anarkez uses 500 DPI 3 sens.
2023-06-12 04:27
Finland Lindeni
I used to play on a very high sens when I played KZ more, 1600 DPI 2.2 sens, you can definitely hit shots with it when you're used to it.
2023-06-10 09:19
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That is not 5000 edpi, also in KZ high sens is good and you don't need to aim at small pixels in the distance
2023-06-10 10:33
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Finland Lindeni
It's still over 3.5k and I was fine at aiming still. All I'm saying its not impossible, unnecessarily high though if you don't KZ or anything.
2023-06-10 11:07
Finland Teukkasd
im 2.6k elo atm and im using 1k dpi 5.5 sens, played with the same sens since 2014, its possible if u get used to it, and ofc i use wrist not whole hand
2023-06-12 03:18
Russia ZirgaGalva
i can
2023-06-10 11:24
Ukraine liquinify
5000 dpi? wtf
2023-06-10 08:53
bro wtf how is 1650 edpi slow lmao
2023-06-10 08:55
1650 edpi is high sens still
2023-06-10 08:56
bro i am on 0.62 800dpi wdym
2023-06-10 08:57
bro i use 400 1.1 lol
2023-06-10 09:03
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Finland Lindeni
Seeing you play must look like someone pushing a rock as the mouse.
2023-06-10 09:19
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Just hit faceit level 10 🔥
2023-06-11 07:15
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Finland Lindeni
Sick m8 🔥 Precision aiming with no flicks for the win!
2023-06-11 20:06
1 reply
I can flick pretty easily I have huge mousepad and I’ve done plenty of 180s in lower tuns if you’ve always played low sens it’s not actually that slow, trust.
2023-06-12 08:08
Same but 0.9
2023-06-10 10:01
I use 450x0.56 lmfao
2023-06-10 10:17
best sens
2023-06-10 11:20
United States Avencia
brother i play like 375 edpi LMFAO
2023-06-10 09:12
Lol i play 1.5 sens 400 dpi
2023-06-10 09:12
1650 still incredibly high, low would be starting at 900 edpi and under.
2023-06-10 09:12
I play with 400 dpi 0.9 sens and I have no problems even with the awp
2023-06-10 10:00
U dont play on low sens. Its high medium sens I play with 69cm/360 myself and yeah im doing fine. Its alla bout muscle memory Before i played with 29.69cm/360 which wa great for all games but yeh decided to go deeper into it.
2023-06-10 10:03
wdym, u dont even need to move your hand with that sensitivity and u can prolly go 360 :D:D
2023-06-10 10:15
1.6/800dpi masterrace
2023-06-10 10:14
Belgium ouwedouwe
1650 edpi is high sens btw
2023-06-10 10:24
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Belgium ouwedouwe
its double the avg pros use, and im even below that with 800 edpi
2023-06-10 10:24
People saying that 1650 edpi is high sens, lol. Bunch of low sens abusers who can't play on average high sens, lack of skill. I bet it's fun playing with a rock tied to your mouse so you move like you weight 100 kg
2023-06-10 10:31
7 replies
I use 520 edpi and I weigh 105 kg so. I am not average Swedish soy I guess, the mouse feels light and sens feels high.
2023-06-10 10:34
i don't understand how insanely low sens players exist and check corners or do 180/360 but u don't gotta hate them for it, it's just a preference thing.
2023-06-10 10:40
2 replies
i have a friend who used around 1500 edpi for the longest time and played properly (cleared corners diligently etc) he recently switched to 550 and he just doesnt check corners anymore lmao at least he gets the easy kills much more consistently now
2023-06-10 10:51
1 reply
The latter point is spot on. And it's easier to spray with low sens.
2023-06-10 11:24
Estonia void1337
i played on 1000-1200edpi a long time and imo problem with high edpi is you need fast mousepad or mouse with good gliders, otherwise making micro-adjustments becomes very difficult as you need to move your mouse very slightly, but you feel heavy friction from mouse. so i play on 600 edpi now
2023-06-11 07:50
lil bro what. It's the opposite lmao, people with low sens use lighter mice, people with high sens want more weight. What is blud waffling about
2023-06-11 20:13
Struggling to move 70 gram piece of plastic, flag checks out I guess
2023-06-12 04:13
Hungary jadyn_x
I have 1800dpi 1.00 Its perfect for me, easy to do quick turn and checking corners
2023-06-10 10:53
Tunnel syndrome speedrun any%
2023-06-10 10:54
Lower your DPI so your sens becomes lower in windows/other games too. That way the difference isnt as big when you start up CS. If you do everything with your wrist all the time its a really big change to move your entire arm when you play cs. I play 800DPI and 0.95 sens btw
2023-06-10 10:56
tried it, got second place in dust 2 deathmatch using 5000 dpi and 1 sens. that is not it. coming from a guy using benq xl2546k 240hz with dyac that eliminates motion blur, i dont know why you use this dpi its not normal. just change your sensitivity in-game.....................
2023-06-10 11:38
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2023-06-12 03:05
800dpi 0.7 sens. Godlike
2023-06-10 11:54
1 reply
ma boi same here
2023-06-12 17:42
800 dpi 0.83 sens
2023-06-10 11:59
800 0.71 xD, use your shoulders lol
2023-06-11 07:16
Czech Republic czRamtin03
Low is like 700eDPI lmao xd
2023-06-11 08:10
npl | 
Uganda (o)(o)
mby dont play on it
2023-06-12 04:31
I use 400 dpi and 0.93 sens and I've never had too many issues
2023-06-12 04:33
Just get used to it. Adapt. Noob.
2023-06-12 07:31
800 edpi (800x1) EZ
2023-06-12 17:36
Germany IgnisCube
I did it to add a physical aspect to the game :) My right arm is 3 times the size of my left arm.
2023-06-12 17:38
you get used to it
2023-06-12 17:39
wtf how can you play on so fast fkin dpi, i have 800 0.7 which is 560edpi
2023-06-12 17:41
I used to play on 1.2 @ 400 I currently use 0.8 @ 800 I have no idea how i played on the old one but I use my arm for any movement beyond a small adjustment
2023-06-12 17:44
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