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what should they do guys
2023-06-13 02:17
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France Evalion
they want autimatic the rumors say
2023-06-13 02:19
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United States fpsBonkers
awesome, link to rumors?
2023-06-13 02:31
Asia TL_aria
Link to rumors ? :))
2023-06-13 03:40
2023-06-13 03:46
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2023-06-13 03:53
Brazil Moglao
2023-06-13 05:04
2023-06-14 01:32
The voices told me
2023-06-14 10:02
Just HLTV rumors, which is a nice way to say that they are not rumors
2023-06-14 10:02
EliGE | 
United States jtachu
I would love autimatic or swisher but I have a bad feeling it will be FlameZ
2023-06-13 02:21
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broky | 
Latvia Comzie
You have a bad feeling the roster will finally evolve!?!?!
2023-06-13 02:24
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+1 they need fresh blood not another washed NA player
2023-06-13 03:10
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god forbit I want a NA team :(
2023-06-13 03:19
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maps won, 20% xD half of those maps are playing against top teams that they had no business playing against. autimatic is not washed yet imo, but he is already 26 and it would be wise to get a young player exclusively, unless they are replacing multiple players.
2023-06-15 03:53
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mibr sprout complexity ihc eternal fire cloud9 nice
2023-06-15 12:30
they can get an NA player, just find some young kid who actually wants to win
2023-06-15 03:18
Czech Republic czRamtin03
XDDDDDD Tim is the only fucking player in EG that is aware of what is happening Underrated af + could fill roles from nitro +Flair idfc he's a good player
2023-06-14 09:59
Flamez is a bit overated, but as a player, he is better than the current automatic, that's for sure.
2023-06-13 05:39
4 replies
Overrated? People still give him no respect even though he’s maintaining a solid rating in big events for multiple years now
2023-06-14 03:49
3 replies
But he still has a lot to prove. I rate him at the same level of Fl1t. Flamezz is still struggling on big matches. Also, rn, he takes nitro roles on Liquid. I would prefer him on elige roles tbf, but I don't know if Elige contract will finish one day. Edit : also, I would prefer a good mid caller/igl for liquid. Biguzera would be a nice addition too. Less firepower, but more structure around the team. I'm not a fan of Yeki igling atm.
2023-06-14 03:54
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He’s definitely going to be taking EliGE roles If liquid management want elige to keep playing star positions, they are morons 100%
2023-06-14 05:22
1 reply
they bought shox before ... but yeah, I think so too. Elige is probably willing to sacrifice more. He kinda knows that he sucks atm and he is on life support.
2023-06-14 06:06
United States r0l4nd_
yekin igl?
2023-06-13 02:47
5 replies Yeah oddly. At the same time, siuhy returns to mouz and there is no good igl available.
2023-06-13 05:42
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Spain Wiricardo
siuhy should go to faze, and karrigan to coach role.
2023-06-14 01:45
1 reply
sure, but mouz did a smart move. They had the first opportunity for the rebuy. Karrigan look outdated, but I don't really have faith in yekindar igling. At the same time, if they get a good/great rifler to replace nitro, It won't change much.
2023-06-14 01:50
United States Hubterbean
Biguezera is left out of Fluxo rumors would not surprise me if it’s him.
2023-06-14 02:28
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I agree. Elige and him have mutual respect and honestly, it is the best igl/mid callers available for the Americas region. I feel the core of a team should remain in their original region. And if Elige/or even Osee have to be kicked, you have room for an another EU player. Pain look like a dead team. So, it would make sense. I prefer that move over flamez. Flamez is a good/great player, but liquid need strong voice to help yekindar calls. Osee is contributing more, but Naf + elige are quiet guy.
2023-06-14 03:48
I would like to see Tim replace nitro and Im or an eu rifler to replace elige
2023-06-13 02:22
Argentina PauloDybala
CS2 native anglophone squad: NAF, jks, TwistZz, Cypher, Mezii igl. C: Daps
2023-06-13 02:23
12 replies
No way… hltv user suggesting a squad that can play in na rmr⁉️
2023-06-13 02:25
11 replies
Argentina PauloDybala
And it also makes sense because Mezii is the only genuine igl. Though if you really want grim i'd take jks out for him, but this is my ideal squad, but i recognize Grim deserves a chance.
2023-06-13 02:29
how??? only NAF and twistz are na
2023-06-13 02:30
9 replies
anglophone means english speaker
2023-06-13 02:46
8 replies
BUT u need 3 from the region to participate in the rmr
2023-06-13 03:04
2 replies
I think since that team doesn't have a 3 man core from any region, they would be able to choose between NA and EU. Also just replace one of the three non NA players with Elige and you have a better squad anyway.
2023-06-13 03:45
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
2023-06-13 05:06
Canada MiLkBaGzz
which makes no sense because why not have zywoo or s1mple, niko etc they are all anglophone I think he meant anglosphere
2023-06-13 05:07
4 replies
"native anglophone" English is their native language. Also you really think EliGE right now is better than Cypher and jks??? and why would you not take advantage of the fact that Mezii is genuine igl who can actually frag above bot level?
2023-06-14 01:30
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
Oh shit you did say native Oops If I was building the team I would go NAF Twistzz Grim mezzi Smooya Smooya is the best native english speaking awper I think. Either smooya or oSee CYPHER is decent but not better imo. Jks is great but he plays NAF roles and NAF > Jks
2023-06-14 07:37
2 replies
grim doesnt deserve to put up with smoobrain, but as outraged as i was, you are actually right Smooya is the best native anglophone awper, which is an absolute tragedy. I would rather roll the dies with a 5-rifle roster than roll the dies with smooya again.
2023-06-15 04:01
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
To be fair, smooya has gotten a lot better in mentality from what I've heard/seen. But I get where you are coming from
2023-06-15 07:45
Fiji xoi
put daps as igl
2023-06-13 02:48
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Spain Wiricardo
yes and then -daps +stanislaw
2023-06-14 01:47
2023-06-13 02:50
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Argentina ncl_cs
2023-06-13 03:47
2023-06-13 03:39
+flamez +dexter so they can play in asia rmr, rolling in sticker money for the rest of their careers
2023-06-13 03:47
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina hyrox1
I don't like idea about YEKINDAR as a IGL, but if they're that convinced, than they can add more firepower. Only players that came on my mind are flameZ and CYPHER.
2023-06-13 04:25
4 replies
nexa would fit them so good actually ,he plays nitr0 spots but better and calls like him but better
2023-06-13 04:33
1 reply
but nexa is like the person that you hire to be the cook, but he decides to wash the dishes instead.
2023-06-13 05:44
#42 had a better choice IMO. Biguera's english is really good and he is a good mid-caller/igl. He fits more with the NA style too. I don't know, but It would like the move honestly
2023-06-14 03:50
1 reply
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina hyrox1
That can work too.
2023-06-14 05:30
United States kamenator
iM or frozeN would be insane for Liquid
2023-06-13 04:42
United States cybonics
+reck +swisher +marke
2023-06-13 04:47
1 reply
OMG Liquid MarkE would mark the end of MarkE's missery
2023-06-14 10:06
+Vini just wait
2023-06-13 06:09
Kosovo LeeTsAuCE
+isak, osee to become a normal awper, instead of an angle holder and grenade thrower they can also -elige +nexa, that will be so good too, but probably it's going to be +nexa and that's it
2023-06-14 01:53
yekindar sh1ro ax1le naf hobbit buy naf russian dictionary and this team will be unbeatable.
2023-06-14 02:32
1 reply
4 passive players + yekindar = 300 IQ.
2023-06-14 06:10
if yeki igl, YEKINDAR NAF Grim w0nderful/artfrost any americas anchor
2023-06-14 03:54
sign stewie2k
2023-06-14 10:02
2 replies
As a steward10am hater I must say.....I'll take it at this point man at least he was good when he wasn't calling :c
2023-06-14 10:05
1 reply
yeah i think hes good when he isnt calling, and hes motivated to play again, i think eg was just a disaster as a whole, i mean stewie was shit at calling, and he couldnt play at the same time, and half of the roster was washed
2023-06-14 11:14
I would love someone from EG Black or ideally autimatic but idk man at this point I'll take anything :"c
2023-06-14 10:04
Asia TL_aria
Automatic is a really good rifler and very consistance aswell its exactly what liquid needs since we have lack of consistincy
2023-06-15 07:55
Finland Colikko
Yekindar Aleksib Naf Osee Autimatic
2023-06-15 08:00
Italy Karimk03
Remove osee Get an igl
2023-06-15 12:33
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