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Why no Italians?
Twistzz | 
Canada AyyyJayyy 
Why are there no Italian pros? I feel like I've seen a pro from nearly every European country except Italy.
2023-06-30 22:25
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They enjoy life not games
2023-06-30 22:25
I remember one dude, his nickname was fusion. He was playing EU FPLC mostly and some tier 999 mixes. He found a russian girl and went to meet her in moscow and there he died falling out of the window
2023-06-30 22:35
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2023-06-30 22:32
Europe Ex0dus_
Whats wrong with russian windows??
2023-06-30 22:33
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wait, he actually was killed
2023-06-30 22:35
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Europe Ex0dus_
Ooof, thats rough
2023-06-30 22:37
Scotland Ludax
Italian guy learned about Russian mafia
2023-07-04 10:54
United States McDonalds
they need to be inspected, too many windows murdering ppl 👀
2023-06-30 22:43
Ru**ia and "falling out of windows" Name a more iconic duo
2023-06-30 22:50
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Sweden Mendiy
A Swedish Lieutenant said that Prizgorzin might "Wall out the window inside of his personal bunker" if he didnt hide well enough.
2023-06-30 22:55
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Would be funny, if ru**ia actually explained his death like that
2023-06-30 22:57
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Dominica FallczE
Censoring the "s" in russia is the most ukraine thing ever..
2023-07-04 13:25
Germany who|cars
wdym Prizgorzin already on bunker since day 1 invasion
2023-07-02 04:25
Volhynia and Ukrainians
2023-07-01 14:19
japan, korea and falling out of windows more iconic than russia. coverage just isn't at the same level as others.
2023-07-02 04:18
2023-07-04 13:00
the only italian pro and he wasn't even italian xd RIP
2023-07-01 14:11
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he was born in italy
2023-07-01 18:44
Costa Rica Wham!
Skill issue i supose
2023-06-30 22:32
Anyone remember Stylahh ?
2023-06-30 22:35
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2023-07-04 11:04
I suggested to one guy from hltv to play faceit, but every time when I wrote to him he answered: "I'm having lunch... I have lunch... I'm sorry, it's time for me to have dinner" and all that. We were only able to play on the third day. No joke. Ask @w0rld he can confirm
2023-06-30 22:36
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bruh if i was in italy i would probably eat all time instead of playing cs too lol
2023-07-04 10:38
Lans were ban in italy and since than there is no interest in pro scene in italy
2023-06-30 22:35
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Bhutan woogah
2023-06-30 22:42
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2023-07-02 18:17
I remember an user here saying that back in the day the italian government banned lanhouses, so they have no scene cuz no lanhouses i think it makes sense, because counter strike/fps games are only huge in brazil because of the lanhouse era
2023-06-30 22:38
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I saw that somewhere too.
2023-07-01 16:55
oh ok, crazy. that's too bad.
2023-07-02 03:41
2023-06-30 22:36
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Sweden Mendiy
he was brazilian no?
2023-06-30 22:56
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Italian ancestry, like nitr0
2023-06-30 22:57
They have a better job in hand
2023-06-30 22:38
They have better things to do aside from playing one game 24/7 to have 1 in a thousand chance of reaching some level of decency in pro scene
2023-06-30 22:40
Armenia VirtusNo
italians have beaches football colloseum and mama's meatball spaghetti why would they sit infront of a computer all day
2023-06-30 22:41
Buzz | 
Denmark 2ism
Italy is not well developed when it comes to technology and computers
2023-06-30 22:45
what about Nelex ???
2023-06-30 22:46
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guy disappeared, I'm worried 'ndrangheta caught him
2023-07-01 09:34
Italy Antonello
get ready fratellos, I'm coming soon (faceit lvl 8, 1350hours, 23 years old)
2023-06-30 22:47
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Taiwan MrGeorge
lost cause
2023-07-01 09:56
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Italy Antonello
no shit bro
2023-07-01 11:45
gl brother
2023-07-01 14:20
Italians don't play much video games from my experience, at least, not much on PC
2023-06-30 22:49
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
+1 statistics agree with you they mostly play consoles. top selling games in italy 1. FIFA 23 2. Grand Theft Auto 5 3. FIFA 21 4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons 5. The Last Of Us Part 2 6. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 8. FIFA 20 9. NBA 2K20 10. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 11. Red Dead Redemption 2 12. Minecraft: Switch Edition 13. Marvel’s Spider-Man 14. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 15. God of War 16. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 17. Spider-Man: Miles Morales 18. Ghost of Tsushima 19. Gran Turismo Sport 20. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Not a single PC game. I mean a few can be played on PC but most cant and all are bigger on console than PC
2023-07-01 16:55
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When Minecraft, is more sold on switch rather on PC, it shows how much PC gaming is not popular omg
2023-07-04 10:26
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
2023-07-04 10:35
Yeah, console gaming is far more popular there. There are quite a few Italian tekken pros though but that's more from console gaming.
2023-07-01 18:17
Feel like Stermy is the only good that came out of Italian esports
2023-06-30 22:50
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Vengeurr is insane and there are italian tekken pros as well
2023-07-01 02:55
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Yes he is, but Stermy did more for esport in general. Promoting it and all that. Being a role model. It was basically Stermys friends who invented faceit for example. Thinking of it, given that Stermy exists it's even more odd that there are no other Italian pros. Maybe because he played niche games. If Stermy played CS he would be like the Italian Fallen.
2023-07-01 09:25
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He's the co-founder of FACEIT
2023-07-04 12:55
Exactly. VengeurR was dominant yesterday against K1llsen, can't wait to see them playing on LAN.
2023-07-02 08:47
Italia too busy cookin the best food ever I guess
2023-06-30 22:51
i remember this guy 'da vinci' i think he was playing qualifier for fpl C, his steam was something like ''leonardo_wonder_kid69'' and his faceit was something like ''beter_than_michelangelo'' dunno what happened to him, this was a while back....quite a few years actually
2023-06-30 22:53
They cooka da meatball and can’t find time for cs
2023-07-01 00:27
its not in their culture
2023-07-01 00:30
Brazil AWFenrir
Why would you drive a Honda when you can drive a Ferrari? Why play counter-strike when you can eat pizza? It's the same logic
2023-07-01 00:37
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Russia shoras
Flawless logic, ngl.
2023-07-02 20:13
It's impossible for us to focus on videogames, i mean, it's always like 23/24° average so it's really hot to stay 7-8-9 hours sitted in front of a monitor especially during the summer. We usually have aperitif in the afternoon (especially in seaside cities) except in january and february, we love driving motorbikes and going out for dinner (we don't like to eat at home or just ordering food by just eat etc..). We really care about the family so we often go to visit our grandparents or uncles and aunts or cousins. For us football is like a religion so we spend a lot of time watching football games and talking about them with friends.
2023-07-01 02:12
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Spain paulinh0
Like Spain but we've some pro players
2023-07-01 02:18
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We have some in other games..
2023-07-04 10:37
no tryhard mentalty, rest is stereotype bs
2023-07-01 11:09
My guy described every single LATAM country
2023-07-04 13:02
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2023-07-04 13:08
Console country (like UK)
2023-07-01 02:55
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Austria gogoplata
well, that's not the reason. uk has overall 38million in esports prizemoney, italy has 6million. they're just not into esports in general.
2023-07-01 09:36
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UK has worse weather and a slightly larger population so I guess that would make sense. Even though the UK is more of a console country than PC the weather is pretty crap a lot of the time so people would tend to stay indoors more than Italians.
2023-07-01 18:19
2023-07-01 11:04
There are no nerds in italy
2023-07-01 09:26
We're busy making 32k a month
2023-07-01 09:30
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Italians earn so litte. I was contemplating to move there but since I would earn 3 times less than if I didn't move I stay... Rent the same. Grocery prices about the same.
2023-07-01 09:57
6 replies
ik it sucks
2023-07-01 10:13
We earn a lot but we work illegally, i take 1200€/month + 1200€ undeclared, that's how it works in italy xD
2023-07-04 10:40
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You are lovely people, lovely culture overall and every time I visit Italy I have an amazing time. Was there over this past weekend. Had a blast. But. Your streets smell like shit, it's dirty everywhere and your authorities feel corrupted. Maybe if you and your brothers would declare all illegal work there could be a sizeble contribution to society from the people. But then again maybe I'm socialist brainwashed.
2023-07-04 12:48
3 replies
Cannot try to change something which is rooted in our dna, i mean if I declared the work undeclared, I would automatically not find work any more..
2023-07-04 12:51
2 replies
Ok true maybe it's simply bigger than individual level I guess... I envy the way you Italians enjoy life, its unique and a good trait. But when I visit it feels like you have figured out the lifestyle, but infrastructure and cleanliness can drastically improve.
2023-07-04 12:56
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But the other side of the coin is that i really enjoy my life, i live in naples and with my boat i go to capri every weekend and it's amazing, I finish to work at 5 pm and i can enjoy my free time especially during the summer season going to sea or just going in some beach bar. I really enjoy going around the Amalfi coast on my motorbike (u can search some video on youtube) Probably italy (especially the south) is not the best in terms of infrastructure but if u were born here you wouldn't be able to leave
2023-07-04 13:01
Austria gogoplata
esports in general is not a big thing in italy. the highest earning player (in any game) is reynor (sc2). only 10 italian players made over 100k in prizemoney.
2023-07-01 09:34
Waving hands furiously while calling info is not a good combo for clicking heads 🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼
2023-07-01 09:40
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best swedish joke
2023-07-01 14:21
Bangladesh ImpacT_
Italians were never interested in gaming, ive only seen mobile gamers
2023-07-01 10:16
Too busy playing football and making pasta
2023-07-01 10:29
When will the golden age of Italian CS start?
2023-07-01 11:03
1 reply
when nelex gets access to cs2
2023-07-02 20:03
Russia Lessix
Bibu last italian hope
2023-07-01 11:05
2023-07-01 14:09
Latvia FieryBlood
pc gaming not popular there, its just consoles with fifa+cod mostly
2023-07-01 14:22
OK | 
Other B0OMER
ah shit just 54385th topic about italian cs this year
2023-07-01 14:57
italian chads too busy drinking wine and having sex
2023-07-01 14:59
Same thread every 6 months... Tldr: okayish women, amazing food, nice weather, shit and pricey internet
2023-07-01 16:48
After ww2 they realised they are bad at shooting.
2023-07-01 17:07
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2023-07-01 17:29
2023-07-01 17:34
Better things to do in Italy I suppose. With all the art and the fantastic historic architecture it would make sense if they focus more on that, plus there is also pizza and pasta.
2023-07-01 17:40
same question where is moldovans
2023-07-01 17:43
iM | 
Romania Infumee
Your hands get greasy after eating pizza.
2023-07-01 19:15
Croatia shinebair
skill issue i guess
2023-07-01 19:17
also no portugueses
2023-07-02 03:45
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Jame | 
Chad humbl3
2023-07-02 04:01
1 reply
tier 3 doesn't count
2023-07-02 08:36
KngV bro
2023-07-02 03:50
Ukraine ksay
any prominent italian pros in other cybersport disciplines?
2023-07-02 03:56
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why would i wanna stay inside and tryhard in video games when i live in a warm beautiful country this is why Scandinavia have so many pros compared to population, everyone inside cuz its dark and depressing outside
2023-07-02 04:05
1 reply
most of scandinavians don't live in the very north. most of norway and sweden is more similar to denmark, germany and poland.
2023-07-04 12:55
they bad at games..... just like they bad at food.
2023-07-02 04:16
Germany who|cars
ex-skade poizon 500
2023-07-02 04:28
2023-07-02 04:33
1 reply
New Zealand Chicken_RD
filter for top 50 and there's literally none
2023-07-04 10:51
they are too busy cooking da pizza
2023-07-04 11:01
Console kids Bad internet Toxic as fuck
2023-07-04 11:03
1 reply
are italian really toxic?
2023-07-04 13:12
pasta e figa > games
2023-07-04 13:14
nelex5000 comeback soon
2023-07-04 13:28
ropz | 
India psn46
Italians play outside.
2023-07-04 13:38
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