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Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
So, i'm one of the people who absolutely 100% believe that "valve paid to promote csgo" type of arguments have no logical backing and are full of shit, but is there a reason why ASUS Final Battle event has the worst coverage i've even seen for a tournament? No match pages, no demos, no lineup on the one isolated match page that exists. It has some decent teams and 15k euro prize money (more than the majority of csgo tournaments have had till date) and yet it is being ignored by the website which is presumably the "Home of counter strike"? I don't meant to flame or anything, but wtf?
2012-12-13 19:53
Portugal wrt 
"15k euro prize money (more than the majority of csgo tournaments have had till date" Ahahah.
2012-12-13 19:54
2012-12-13 20:08
15k euro prize money (more than the majority of csgo tournaments have had till date) no thats quite low/normal so far actually..
2012-12-13 19:54
For a game that is actually "dead", it's not.
2012-12-13 20:03 runs on constrained budgets. They do not cover events which does not have even 1 big team in participation. lurppis is there participating, he will surely post some updates after group stages and for playoffs
2012-12-13 20:02
its a conspiracy dude dont you see it? they are doing the same with csp
2012-12-13 20:02
yeah there were some big money csp tournaments... but hltv killed it!
2012-12-14 08:47
I suppose the coverage wasn't exactly top notch. But look around you. This website isn't a 1.6 haven anymore unfortunately. I wish it was but its not. Resources must be targeted to that of your target audience.
2012-12-13 20:04
I must admit that 90% of the users on this websites are 1.6 players and would like to see the last 1.6 event get covered.
2012-12-14 06:12
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Thank you, Captain Obvious. (hehehehe, sorry, but that was just way too tempting)
2012-12-14 06:17
2012-12-14 11:00
2012-12-14 08:40
Argentina Puddi 
It hasnt started yet? And theres no DT i suppose + no big teams. What do you expect..?
2012-12-13 20:09
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Haha, case in point. 1 day of play was already over when i posted that. I don't care so much about DT, betting game anyways. I just wish that they would list the matches in hot matches, update team lineups (rather than TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA) and an odd news post at the end of the day. Not really asking for grand IEM-scale coverage.
2012-12-14 06:25
Oh, I didnt know it had started, I'm with you in this one then
2012-12-14 16:47
2012-12-13 20:10
2012-12-13 20:43
""i'm one of the people who absolutely 100% believe that "valve paid to promote csgo"" I stoped reading there.
2012-12-13 20:10
You should read further idiot.. So, i'm one of the people who absolutely 100% believe that "valve paid to promote csgo" type of arguments have no logical backing and are full of shit
2012-12-13 20:12
Sorry pal thought you were the typical hltv retard.
2012-12-13 20:13
Dollars and euros is something different :/
2012-12-13 20:15
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Okay, my bad there, but the logic still stands. Most CSGO tournaments have less prize money than that. (all of them apart from the big ones like DH, basically)
2012-12-13 20:18
We also have full Intel of Area 51 and other extraterrestrial sightings, but Valve has also paid us to not give you coverage of them in order to protect you from full scale panic. Stop with the bullshit, HLTV isn't a bank they are doing the best they can to provide you with everything they can muster. Matter is, a tournament requires a lot of relevant and big teams in order to gain enough interest to provide staff expense money to travel across the world to cover it. It's about time you give them more appreciation for what they have done and trying to do for years, you get everything for free. At least try to support them and stop with the conspiracy that HLTV is getting paid by Valve, I can tell you now it's not true so move on.
2012-12-13 20:16
Exactly, but I would expect some quality coverage for playoffs at least. I mean there are some great teams like Virtus.Pro, paistit, KerchNET and place2play
2012-12-13 20:19
Well as far as I know the guys actually getting paid for coverage are really busy doing basically everything, I am sure they will post about it at least since there's no logical reason they would post about CS:O and not about 1.6 when that's all they've been doing for years and that's what half of this site wants to hear. Look at the main page, 99% of 20 different things posted a day are by the same people (not counting the one I did about update since they were busy I decided to help). If they miss things the last thing I would do even before I joined the staff was to accuse or blame them for it, they work hard at what they do so they should at least get credit for it.
2012-12-13 20:22
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
I think you missed the "type of arguments have no logical backing and are full of shit", like another guy above. To re-iterate and be even more clear, I DO NOT THINK/BELIEVE that has any outside incentive to push/de-push any specific version of CS. Anyways, i wasn't suggesting that the crew travels on site and does interviews, videos, photos etc. But match pages and updating team lineups isn't really a tall ask, IMO.
2012-12-13 20:22
As for the arguments about conspiracy I was referring to some of your replies, as for everything else please read #18.
2012-12-13 20:24
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Some of MY replies? Where? I've never said anything that even remotely agrees with the conspiracy theory. :S And i do give them credit where credit is due. I created a kudos hltv thread after IEM this year, because the coverage for that was probably the best till date. But this tournament's coverage deserves criticism (obviously, IMO), so that's exactly what i'm doing.
2012-12-13 20:28
"some of your replies" = people who have replied to your thread. Anyway that's all I have to say if anyone else has anything with better detail to say I'm sure they'll let you know.
2012-12-13 20:33
De-push = pull.
2012-12-13 20:52
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
If we were talking physics, you may have been right.
2012-12-13 20:55
No no no, not move on.. But, boycott XD
2012-12-13 20:25
Belgium Ofc. 
Lets cry and take a knife.. Cut cut, autch my arms!
2012-12-13 20:23
Seriously, do you really believe someone cares about 1.6 tournaments except its players?
2012-12-13 20:25
Stop trying to look like a badass here, a lot of people still care about 1.6 tournaments as well many others care about CS:GO tournaments (or both as I do).
2012-12-13 20:31
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Well, you see the number of players who play 1.6 is more than CSGO still, if steam stats are to be believed. So, i guess there are a lot more people who care about it than you imagine. Just for the record i do play 1.6 2-3 times a week.
2012-12-13 20:32
Yes, majority of this website.
2012-12-13 20:37
i was thinking the same thing. what a low blow from that we once loved
2012-12-13 20:27
At least give the game that made history a 'decent' burrial by covering the last 'big' ( i reckon a 15.000$ pool to be a big tourney,though you can fairly don't think it in a different way ) event. That would've been nice from the biggest Counter-Strike related website. Feeling a bit disappointed tbh.
2012-12-13 21:38
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Yup. I feel the same way.
2012-12-14 05:02
Nope we dont get paid We arnt fully covering it because of the timing/teams Budget needs to be spent elsewhere (it's been a busy month). Miraa is going to NorthCon so look forward to that.
2012-12-14 05:19
A decent one. Life is all about Priorities ain't it.
2012-12-14 06:06
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Yup. I think that much was clear to begin with. Umm, teams, timings and prizemoney are all pretty decent, to be honest. Does offsite coverage have budgetery requirements too? (Genuine question, i do not know) I'm sure there will be a lot of people looking forward to NorthCon, but i'm not one of them. I'm primarily here for the 1.6 related stuff.
2012-12-14 06:16
Dont mind the haters. Youre doing a good job. But, I have one thought. Why havent I been able to bet on any matches this month? Only just a few. Betting closed?
2012-12-14 12:59
#offtopic : Why are 1.6 clips forums getting deleted? I askd lurppis, he says dont know! asked jonathan, he too says dont know. Daredevil isnt replying.
2012-12-14 17:36
I was not expecting the 1.6 diehards to go silently into the night without being moronic one more time but this is ridiculous.
2012-12-14 07:05
How is this ridiculous? It's the final 1.6 event and there are good teams. Would have at least liked to see the right hltv ip in the match pages, and the lineups.
2012-12-14 08:18
Good teams??? As a person whose loosely followed 1.6 and watched a fair share of international events I recognise probably 8 players there at best. Hltv clearly don't have the budget to support this which is why coverage isn't great. They've covered a huge amount so far in the run up to Christmas!
2012-12-14 08:30
paistit: lurppis, naSu, BASiC, aslak, jigetus selectah: lmbt, xaoc, vad1k, Ami, strike ANGE1, Kucher, AdreN, Fox, Dosia 12.12.12: seized, hally, hooch, edik, OverDrive espada: janiq, matvello, and, faber, zenith KerchNET: B1ad3, bondik, craft1k, krutoi, z1 OverPro.ELTZ: fatality, torNadQ[S], tixoNsville, watti, wtm zNation: liTTle, hondroz, redman, Fly, Foking Independent: delm1k, blanj, fr0st, Mrfuckyou Hiddi es4x: barracudinho, tAnK, delzOR, tuzov, Damage Several great players. And it would not cost hltv anything if Asus helped them out and just provided info. Why is there news about viewers guide on the front page if they don't even cover? Just like OP said, all we need is hltv ips and lineups.
2012-12-14 08:34
if you recognise max 8 players, you dont know shit about competitive 1.6 scene, no offence
2012-12-14 08:39
I think the problem is with Asus. If they had done it right they would have made it easy for to do the basic covering by reaching out and giving the info. They would have gotten a lot more exposure if they themselves went thru the trouble. They should at least try to get the ips right for the playoffs.
2012-12-14 08:24
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Day 2 matches are now under way as well (assuming they are on schedule). And still nothing in the hot matches or hltv ip section. Lurppis will probably post hot match links for pastit games, but that's all i'm expecting to get now. Super disappointed.
2012-12-14 12:12
Day 2 and still no updates..They came to this place because of 1.6 I am disappointed as well.
2012-12-14 16:57
go back to ur Illuminati basement
2012-12-14 16:59
whaat ? :s
2012-12-14 17:49
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