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Last comment meetup at XLParty?
Portugal Schypher 
Hello fine users of this splendid website, I was wondering if the Portuguese users (which automatically alienates 98% of the community, sorry) would be interested in a meetup at XL Party, this weekend. I'll be visiting the site on Saturday and wouldn't mind hanging out with you guys. I know it's kinda short notice and not everyone can attend, but it's just an idea. Even if this doesn't happens it's a nice idea for future events in other countries ;) Cheers.
2012-12-13 22:52
Any info on what teams are going there for csgo?
2012-12-13 22:54
I don't think there will be international teams attending. K1ck will probably win it easily.
2012-12-13 23:14
Romania tr$ 
afaik ASES are the only team out of Portugal that will attend.
2012-12-14 01:03
It's a trap, it's a trap!!! Don't go!!!
2012-12-13 22:55
yes..cuz everyone wants to meet admins IRL
2012-12-13 23:48
You missed the point, it's not about meeting me, but everyone meeting each other in real life. That's what creates a good community.
2012-12-14 00:07
too bad it's cs:go..even you hate it
2012-12-14 00:22
Hate it? I play it everyday lol
2012-12-14 00:24
Romania tr$ 
Official tournaments: PC - CS:GO, CS 1.6, CS:S, LoL, PES13, SC2, Shootmania, Combat Arms, CoD4, BF3 Xbox 360 - CoDBO2, GoW3, Forza Horizon, Halo 4 PS3 - GT5, Uncharted 3
2012-12-14 01:06
so which teams will be at 1.6 besides telmo_d & friends?
2012-12-14 01:42
Romania tr$ 
No idea yet but probably only teams known in Portugal will attend.
2012-12-14 02:36
Don't get yourself violated by your fans Joao ;)
2012-12-14 04:26
will ases attend?
2012-12-13 23:50
Portugal wrt 
yes and VG i think (im not sure about VG)
2012-12-13 23:56
Stop starting rumors they won't obviously.
2012-12-13 23:57
vg will not attend more event for this year
2012-12-13 23:58
Portugal wrt 
2012-12-14 00:11
more training
2012-12-14 00:32
2012-12-14 06:50
they said it in a recent interview
2012-12-14 00:12
Portugal wrt 
and buykey? will attend?
2012-12-14 00:43
? they have 3 members on squad -lip -npk, i don't think so.
2012-12-14 02:03
Portugal Muza 
I like the ideia but I'm from braga
2012-12-14 00:28
2012-12-14 01:11
Romania tr$ 
2012-12-14 01:19
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