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Furia ?
Portugal Dark_Gabi 
People are gonna be fast to judge FalleN but not KSCERATO and yuurih, 2 of the best riflers, that posted negative rating against mongols.
2023-07-28 18:31
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exactly kscerato plays like absolute dogshit and everyone blames fallen bruh calling cant save a player that cant spray or hit head LOL
2023-07-28 18:32
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could you just stop dickriding FalleN You're wasting yuurih and KSCERATO by appreaciating FalleN for nothing
2023-07-28 18:34
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2023-07-28 18:40 yeah poor kscerato and yuurih not allowed to HS by fallen XDDDD bad roles are one thing, not being able to connect sprays in 1v1 aim situations are another Kscerato lost his father recently and he took a performance hit, it is as simple as that
2023-07-28 18:40
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this, kscerato is literally mentally exhausted cause of the death of his loved one
2023-07-28 19:01
Tbf, asians had insane mechanics as long as they had access to international tournaments, it's positioning, tactics, macro and all this stuff that they lacked. There's a reason why Tyloo were beating heavy favorites from time to time, Mongolz just had enough practice against non-asian teams and were not satisfied beign just another "Well, we can qualify for sticker money though Asia qualifiers if we beat some other team on the same qualifier level" I think.
2023-07-28 19:01
Brazil Ties4
0/8 all matches in this tournament ksc played like shit
2023-07-28 18:59
That's gotta be one of the dumbest mindset ever. You think KSCERATO performance has nothing to do with IGL? If your IGLs keeps telling everyone what to do and they are super uncomfortably with IT? Im not sayi g falllen did that but its not a coincidence that KSCERATO played great all the time but underperforms just after IGL switched. If you couldnt implement new IGLing system then use old one and implement FalleNs slowly.
2023-07-28 18:37
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no, in this case it has not, KSCERATO is playing the same T side spots on every map we saw, on ct, he just changed from B to A on inferno from what I could see, soo ur wrong. He is still lurking and doing his stuff, just has no impact
2023-07-28 18:40
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Maybe hes not confident with what his teammates do and thaty makes him play worse idk
2023-07-28 18:46
Kscerato dad passed away a couple days ago. Shut up man
2023-07-28 18:55
Furia plays like shit and you are still sucking up to your grandad fallen. Brazilul
2023-07-28 19:12
FalleN calling made them dirty bring art to his job back, give him top awper and chelo and might be good
2023-07-28 18:33
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Finland aleksiii
Top awper in brazil? Who might that be
2023-07-28 18:49
wdym against the mongols. It's ok to lose to the brazilian slayer
2023-07-28 18:34
Yuurih and KSCERATO played like bots. Fortunately, I put 50 bucks in The Mongolz.
2023-07-28 18:34
It doesnt matter, the day FURIA will play a stronger team yurih and kscerato will do better but arT and FalleN would bot.
2023-07-28 18:34
didnt see a singel hoxi thread like this....
2023-07-28 18:34
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its not hooxi's fault if niko and monesy are playing bad, and when it happens, they lose, and ppl are quick to judge him. Same here
2023-07-28 18:42
Mexico h0wlzera
alright result, they will be better in a few months, It's a new team and that was expected
2023-07-28 18:37
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for a team that spent 700k on fallen and god knows how many on chelo and managed to beat only grayhound is not alright result mate
2023-07-28 18:45
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Mexico h0wlzera
man, that's the problem with you guys, you expect that a team become godlike in 15 days of training just because those are the best players out there. Teams that are good immediately are not common as you think, they will be better sometime soon. I could see a ton of improvement in some areas and the team matches up pretty good together, that's why I say it's an alright result.
2023-07-28 18:53
tory | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo
Won’t judge too fast but we should praise mongolz they were very good!
2023-07-28 18:40
djingis khan>fuya nice, but sad for Fallen
2023-07-28 18:41
kscerato's dad died and yuurih is a bot, they werent the ones who stole 700k anyway
2023-07-28 18:44
Brazil Koasp
Kscerato father just died. Not even a Month ago. Give the man time and space. Be respectful.
2023-07-28 18:46
they lost to monte and mongolz what can u say any excuse???
2023-07-28 18:49
HE IS DOING FINE . HE DID IT BEFORE ALL TIME . IMPERIAL BEAT MAJOR CHAMPS . IS IT PROVE OR NOT? . nowadays BRA teams never beat Vitality without Fallen
2023-07-28 18:56
I thought BR cs was dead
2023-07-28 18:58
too much firepower in this team, everybody wants to take duel but nobody appart from ART going in 1st, drop was blamed for poor ratings, yes he is not amazing player but others traded him very often and got their k/d + on his back, now nobody wants to support and everybody wants +15k/d and superstar role, hltv top 20 players, etc also this 2 igl's is def not working, u got maps like ANCIENT where they rush site, and OVERPASS where they play strategic and slow, iits very confusing for the whole team
2023-07-28 19:00
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