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Cs2 honest opinion
Netherlands KartonBazooka 
I try really hard to like cs2 but I just dont. Its like a relationship where your partner is nice person but you just dont feel anything back. Hopefully they change some stuff and make it more smooth/crisp and improve movement to csgo level. Also sound is like a fishbowl Im not that excited for cs2 release and I think alot of people will be dissapointed sadly
2023-08-09 01:14
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CS2 is like Point Blank
2023-08-09 01:15
7 replies
Brazil TypeScript
cs2 is not that bad, point blank is the worst fps i have ever played in my life
2023-08-09 01:16
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Thailand GUNNO
+1 i dont know how can i play that shit game. everything looks so fast
2023-08-09 08:57
i guess you never played AXYOS
2023-08-10 09:14
i feel the maps are too bright, anubis , vertigo burs my eyes when i play for 3 hrs.(yes i hv cs2 access , i m 3k elo player)
2023-08-09 08:12
2 replies
Didnt play myself but anubis looks nice, vtg and ancient way too bright
2023-08-09 13:22
Sweden Mendiy
3 HOURS??? Like in a row? WHERE IS THE FREE TIME, i am on my summer break and i dont have 3 hours to play some game.
2023-08-10 17:58
Sweden go0s3
aint no way u comparing a game thats older than csgo to cs2???
2023-08-10 11:19
It's literally a beta for a reason. How hard is that for people to understand?
2023-08-09 01:21
23 replies
Theyre not gonna change much if anything lol
2023-08-09 01:22
12 replies
Says who? Do you even know what a beta is?
2023-08-09 01:38
6 replies
they'll change little things but they're not going to drastically overhaul anything. beta is more about finding the bugs and fixing them and any other unintended problems or intended things that just don't work in a play setting.
2023-08-09 02:17
4 replies
Same thing happened with CS:GO beta. It was a completely different game. For now, the best thing for people to do is keep complaining about the things that make the game anything other than Counter-Strike.
2023-08-09 02:39
Valve isn't exactly shy to delaying games to make drastic changes if it'll improve the game
2023-08-09 02:54
have you seen how much csgo has changed throughout the years? ye they might not do many changes before release, but they wil continue to make changes throughout its lifespan. it will be much better than csgo.
2023-08-09 02:59
Did you know that mollies couldn’t be countered with smokes and they slowed you down. Literally go watch how csgo beta looked like. Clunky old crap vs what it’s now. Cs2 is already good even when it’s beta, it will be a masterpiece.
2023-08-10 09:28
No apparently you don't.
2023-08-09 02:46
2023-08-09 01:38
Dude, i played beta 7.1 and it was veeeeeeeeeery different from 1.6
2023-08-09 03:06
Argentina sebaxinho
the whole point of source2 and they even boast about it is that they can change whichever setting they want 1000% easier than source1, and that makes a larger portion of valve employees to be able to work on it because now they all understand the same language. from valve's words...
2023-08-09 03:25
+1 people defending this garbage game saying it's just a "beta", it's hilarious, the game doesn't look like a beta, more like a preview, cs will die with this source2, I'm glad in all the years of cs:go I never asked for this shit of source2, i just wanted tick 128 and a better vac, things they could have done since forever, and people believing in the fallacy that tick 128 was "heavy", really now the game should be light, right? xD
2023-08-09 07:22
trust me bro he gets a pycheck from valve every week
2023-08-10 09:03
apparently very... I doubt he even has the beta access:D
2023-08-09 01:31
He's not allowed to share his opinion of the beta?
2023-08-09 01:45
4 replies
He says at the end he is note excited fot the CS2 release because of the beta. Now I am telling him there will be changes from the beta to CS2 since that is how a beta works. A beta is there to try out things before releasing the actual game.
2023-08-09 01:48
3 replies
While you are most likely right, you can't be 100% sure that everything that he dislikes will be fixed to an extent where he will be excited.
2023-08-09 02:01
1 reply
Of course not but it’s the same with Loba. Save your actual frustration for the changes when the actual game comes out. Like I don’t even think the smokes will be the same, or the lightning/shadows
2023-08-09 13:44
Simple | 
North America mcCM
csgo players are picky and if cs2 isnt 1:1 then people will be mad. good. let them be mad. it will tell valve that they still have shit to fix.
2023-08-09 02:08
everything they have changed is for the worse it seems so 0/8
2023-08-09 01:49
beta means 90% of the full product, "How hard is that for people to understand?"
2023-08-09 03:07
2 replies
so csgo beta, csgo14 and 23 is the same game?
2023-08-09 09:35
1 reply
what does it have to do with what i just said?
2023-08-09 19:05
looks like standoff, shit movement, shit smokes, skill ceiling lowered. another w for volvo
2023-08-09 01:21
12 replies
the smokes are better than in csgo bad b8
2023-08-09 02:50
11 replies
lmao yeah. being able to completely miss a smoke yet it will still fill what you wanted. can tell you're silver
2023-08-09 02:56
10 replies
lmao how does that make it worse
2023-08-09 03:01
I think they will sooner or later make some changes to the volumetrics, but the current state of cs, where everyone is just abusing one ways is something that shouldnt even be an option imo.
2023-08-09 03:11
LEM but ok. L + you didnt get beta access + virgin
2023-08-09 06:41
5 replies
LEM is about faceit 4
2023-08-09 09:30
1 reply
im currently faceit 6 (but dont grind it rn)
2023-08-10 03:04
2023-08-09 13:18
2 replies
low iq
2023-08-10 03:06
1 reply
2023-08-10 03:55
the new smokes are significantly better i have 6k hours, level 10, global, top 800 or so on val and got the beta one-ways are impossible and seriously ruin the game in go the graphics are strange but are definitely better than go
2023-08-09 07:20
1 reply
"Top 800 on val" Reported
2023-08-09 09:31
Was csgo good in 2012?
2023-08-09 01:26
5 replies
they polished the animations/textures and ui but the game stayed the same, you know
2023-08-09 01:36
3 replies
imagine believing that. You clearly don't remember the AK, and many other weapon mechanics before 2015/2016 era of CSGO. refinement is key with CS2 the way it is now, and if refinement and capitalization on the engine's newest features happens, there's still potential for innovation.
2023-08-09 06:48
not true, lots of things were improved gameplay-wise (e.g. hitboxes, sound)
2023-08-09 06:51
North America hi_mens))
You have no idea what you're talking about and it shows
2023-08-09 07:03
not in 2012, but in 2014 definitely cs:go was the best cs ever, and after that came only stupid updates like awp nerf, cz nerf, m4a1-s nerf , worse maps , and still cs:go in its state current version is much better than cs2, and this beta excuse doesn't work for me, you already have an idea of ​​what valve intends to do with the game, make it worse as usual and be inspired by valorant xD
2023-08-09 07:13
change the AK47 voice plz
2023-08-09 01:29
1 reply
Australia Max1s!
the ak doesnt have a voice brother
2023-08-09 01:35
Csgo beta was much worse. The game is gonna develop for few months/years and gonna be bigger than csgo.
2023-08-09 01:37
1 reply
makes me somehow nostalgic and enjoy csgo's current state even more :D
2023-08-09 02:37
Venezuela kyo333
CS2 didn't even come and many people are already disappointed. BLAST Paris "Last Major" was a joke and a parody, it just doesn't make sense to call it a "last major" because CS2 is only CS:GO with new engine and graphics, and new smokes. CS2 maybe will not even come this year but ESL and BLAST overhyped so hard his release. At this point CS2 is just a shitshow.
2023-08-09 01:39
5 replies
"just new engine" are you braindead?
2023-08-09 02:02
2 replies
Czech Republic manik999
Half of the CS community are NPCs with programmed lines to say, CS2 will be better in every aspect just this year. These people are literally still watching the first CS2 beta build on dust II saying that movement is bad and everything too
2023-08-09 02:07
does the DL in your name stand for daniel landa?
2023-08-09 19:41
really the paris major was terrible, and i think that atmosphere of pressure like the last cs:go major put a huge pressure on players like m0nesy, niko, dycha and shiro crying constantly among other things
2023-08-09 07:15
Wales Hi_Im_New
it was the last csgo major, not the last major
2023-08-09 08:30
my only real concern is how bright some of the ported maps are. mirage, vertigo and dust2 are WAY bright and visually weren't handled that well imo. everything else ill get used to
2023-08-09 02:10
1 reply
same +anubis and ancient the only map isnt too bright is overpass and it's the best map for now
2023-08-09 19:15
United States Zenith321
Played for maybe 40 hours. I really like it. Something about movement and shooting feels easier. The audio took a minute to get used to be it's clearer
2023-08-09 02:17
10 replies
Easier is a bad thing. You want players to be able to express their skill as much as possible
2023-08-09 02:23
9 replies
United States Zenith321
I agree but I don't think it's too easy. Well have to see in the full release.
2023-08-09 02:51
India nVcypher
easier is not necessarily better but CS is competing to get some of the Valorant audience back
2023-08-09 03:24
CSGO is the easiest game shooting wise in the franchise, it's miles apart from CSS / 1.6 You woke up a decade too late
2023-08-09 04:01
6 replies
CSS had 0 recoil compared to CSGO, wtf are you talking about.
2023-08-09 07:26
5 replies
Are you for real? It's the most nonsense in one sentence I ever read, you never played CSS why do you opt to comment on it? The recoil there is wild, CSGO is a game for kids in comparison with no recoil at all
2023-08-10 03:18
4 replies
Whaat? The Recoil was wilde? CSS Deagle was a laser. AK spray was easy af. Don't remember the m4 but i think it was quite easy with the silencer on.
2023-08-10 03:24
1 reply
It isn't easy, shooting wise CSGO is the easiest game by FAR, by literal light years. You couldn't control sprays in CSS, you could only hope for a short bursts and you had to be precise about it. In CSGO you can do whatever and the bullets still go where you want them, can't be compared
2023-08-10 03:32
Well you should try it again because it seems like you don't remember it correctly.
2023-08-10 08:25
1 reply
I play it every other day and got over 3K hours in it, you won't be saying things about CSS to me alright
2023-08-11 02:21
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
imo they have absolutely butchered smokes just spam through them E Z
2023-08-09 02:33
i was exited before to get the beta of cs2... but now... =/
2023-08-09 02:34
Brazil 0mega_
Honestly no viewmodel_recoil 0 kinda ruins it New gun sounds are also straight-up bad, it's been 5 months for people to get used to it but it's obviously worse than CSGO's There is also more unnecessary camera shake Camera shake + viewmodel_recoil 1 default + cl_bob 21 default + worse sounds make it not enjoyable to play
2023-08-09 02:41
2 replies
nah new AK sounds fantastic sounds so satisfying to tap
2023-08-09 07:28
They said the same about the sounds in 2016. Hltv was full fo threads complaining about it.
2023-08-09 08:25
Tunisia Sk1zo10
Another useless thread made by someone who doesn't even have access ! i have the beta and i will tell you , the game is very good !
2023-08-09 02:43
2 replies
i have access to the beta since the first day of launch and i think the game sucks, it feels like valorant mixed with standoff2
2023-08-09 07:16
You do know u can downloads the beta from GitHub? :D I mean the pirates are hosting servers there, hundreds if not thousands are playing. Man actually thinks u have to wait for valve to play :D
2023-08-10 03:25
I agree that it doesn't feel very good compared to csgo, but I have the opposite opinion when it comes to the final release. I think it'll be fucking good either at full release or given a bit of time afterwards. I've played it since they added Mirage and it's got a lot better in that space of time.
2023-08-09 02:44
New Zealand zhajaa
nah cs2 is already better than cs go
2023-08-09 02:50
Netherlands W1eky
Imo it is good, sound is really weird at first but after some time you get used to it and it feels a lot better. And the game doesn’t really lower the skill ceiling, it just makes it easier for new players to get better faster. Movement was definitely a problem but it is already better than initial release
2023-08-09 03:05
have faith in our lord and savior gabe.
2023-08-09 03:29
Overhyped trash game with literally zero new features
2023-08-09 07:15
3 replies
b-b-but what ab-b-bout the z-z-zeus skins?
2023-08-09 07:27
1 reply
zeus skins, smoke skins, and seeing one's own feet (I've never seen something so ridiculous) indicates that soon there should be shoe skins, this game promises to be the worst in the cs franchise
2023-08-09 07:59
+1 "Overhyped trash game" best possible definition GJ
2023-08-09 07:57
Should have done cs2 with unreal engine... Source 2 is already too old
2023-08-09 07:55
2 replies
In this "unreal engine" would it be possible to maintain the movement and mechanics of the current cs:go?
2023-08-09 08:00
1 reply
Ofc you need only to put more work on it. Skins that exist are maybe a problem
2023-08-09 09:49
DD | 
Philippines libon23
My PC wont be able to run cs2 with those fancy looking graphics theres just no way so I really hope that valve keeps csgo running so that the boys that got good pc can go play cs2 then brokes boys like me with potato pc can continue playing the greatest game in history which is csgo.
2023-08-09 08:01
1 reply
OR, you could upgrade you PC. You don't need the latest, most expensive hardware to run the game at decent framerate.
2023-08-09 08:18
I love all the schizos who think the movement is different. It's time to take your meds
2023-08-09 08:49
i watched some gameplay, i don't feel the same when someone makes hs as i feel it in csgo. i didn't played csgo from the beginning but when i now watch old csgo gameplay i don't like it either, so i hope they would make it good. otherwise meh, i don't like it at all, too childish or something
2023-08-09 09:26
Denmark Kon10R
We ... as spiritual beings on Planet Earth ... generally don't like "changes". The game providers/producers try to make a BETTER product. Let's see how it goes.
2023-08-09 13:54
Brazil rude_kid
I'm "here" since CS was just a HL mod, and at every major update it's the same story: old is better, i'm not playing, game sucks and bla bla... sorry to disappoint you, but you gonna love it in a couple of months.
2023-08-10 04:06
2 replies
cs2 is complete shit, deluded
2023-08-10 07:34
1 reply
Brazil rude_kid
i bet you don't even have early access kkkkkkkkkkkkk that's probably why you're bitching about it
2023-08-10 15:54
I didn't play it, I don't have opinion about it then.
2023-08-10 08:31
You're just mad you didn't get early access. CS2 > CS:GO.
2023-08-10 08:58
2 replies
Bro I have access
2023-08-10 14:00
1 reply
just let these people see how boring cs2 is, when it comes out they must be relying on youtubers who make content for a living
2023-08-10 17:03
The only thing which I don't like about CS2 is that i need to buy PC, in CS:GO i was at the limit of optimization and was sometimes hard to play with mine FPS's, now I need to improve PC. The things i like: - game finally smells like AAA title, - maps are loading extremely faster - new tools for mapmaking looks amazing, I want to create 5v5 and 2v2 maps in close future - new smokes and mollys - the end of stupid one-way visible things - killsound - it's small thing, but now kills are more tasty, - one-tapping feels gorgeus, and many more. CS2 is the future. The future is now, old man...
2023-08-10 15:58
Same shit was on 1.6 and after everybody got used to it. Happens.
2023-08-10 17:54
missed opportunity to add AK-47 alternative for T side
2023-08-11 02:39
If you don’t like, don’t play More games for me:)
2023-08-11 04:22
No one like CS:GO beta anyway nothing new, volvo will need to solved issues
2023-08-11 04:37
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