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Gym at 4 AM
Sweden Bjorn_Fjell 
Decided to go to gym at 4 AM today and there is almost no difference compared to 7 AM. It’s so full what the hell. I’m seriously considering building a home gym in my garage
2023-08-15 04:30
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4am too late, go 2-3am
2023-08-15 04:32
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Sweden Bjorn_Fjell
I was already called crazy by my gf when I went to sleep at 20:00. Can’t go any early
2023-08-15 04:45
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so she is wearing pants in this relationship
2023-08-15 08:30
And she was right.
2023-08-15 14:08
Lithuania Leo713948
go before sleep ****
2023-08-15 14:54
I don't think you need 8 hours of sleep, 7 / 7 and a half is enough for an adult
2023-08-15 16:24
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Nope. Sleep researchers recommend 8-9
2023-08-15 16:34
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Nah, it's actually a myth, you need 5 cicles of 90 minutes =7.5hours
2023-08-15 17:02
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8-9 hours ensures you’re getting enough sleep cycles. Most people don’t fall asleep instantly and many interrupt a sleep cycle every night to use the washroom.
2023-08-15 17:12
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Well, if you do your sleep hygiene, you should be able to fall asleep in under 5 minutes and not wake up if you have no mental disorder. I used to have an overwhelming insomnia, but I started taking care of myself and I sleep like a baby nowadays.
2023-08-15 17:19
I do sleep 3 hours in the night, but I do 20min powernaps and lots of meditation throughout the day.
2023-08-15 17:15
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Some people are like that and I envy it honestly, I hate sleeping.
2023-08-15 17:20
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I used to sleep 8-9 hours as well many years ago. I then came across a video explaining how to be more proactive throughout the day and still be well rested and energetic. I just tried it out and I got used to it quite fast. You should try it. It doesn't require more than that. In the beginning set your alarm for 20 minutes every time you feel like you could do a powernap (good examples are lack of motivation and loss of concentration). When you got used to it, start with meditation as well daily as an exercise. Why waste your time sleeping when you can have all the time you want? :)
2023-08-15 17:31
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Pretty persuasive discourse, but I've tried it but my body simply can't get along it. I manage to meditate everyday already, but I hate naps. Well, enjoy your journey, buddy.
2023-08-15 17:33
Finland Nurtsi
Nope. I recommend 4-5 Gets the crazies out
2023-08-19 17:36
Home gym is a good idea mate. Weights and equipment don't cost much second hand. If there's a specific piece of equipment you want from the gym you could always go there once a week or so instead. You can workout whenever you want without leaving while also sunmaxxing if you have a backyard.
2023-08-15 04:33
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+1 would definitely get some dumbells for 60 than month worth of gym membership for 30-40
2023-08-15 05:12
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and with dumbells you can do biceps, back, arms , legs, shoulders, abs etc? genuine question cos i have some but only know arm curls and lifting above head etc
2023-08-15 14:56
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well specific machines help out in defining some muscles but you can get a great physique with just dumbbells. here are some exercises for something else than biceps: farmer’s walk, db row, db push, lateral raises, romanian deadlifts
2023-08-15 15:18
all you need to do is the squat, bench, deadlift and shoulder press. so, probably you'll need a barbell and dumbbells.
2023-08-15 16:26
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Such bullshit lol have fun with shitty mobility and stiff joints. Youre not a body builder, do some accessory exercises and high intensitt exercises that demand mobility like frog jumps or medicine ball smash
2023-08-15 17:18
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2023-08-15 18:30
4am is filled with the juicers and meatheads. AKA the best time to go. I got the best training just from some random guys I asked some questions to
2023-08-15 04:34
Europe Real_Man
well if u have lots of free space which is necessary for a proper home gym then why not i guess
2023-08-15 04:46
gym in my apt building doesnt even open that early its super cringe
2023-08-15 05:13
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Sweden Bjorn_Fjell
Working out is cringe?
2023-08-15 05:23
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2023-08-15 05:21
at least you know you're cringe
2023-08-15 05:27
most smart swede
2023-08-15 06:39
Belarus Ozymandius
I dont get why people go to gym when you can do push ups for free ???
2023-08-15 05:24
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You get to a point where push ups are a fun activity pretty fast
2023-08-15 06:07
2023-08-15 06:08
Doing push ups and pull ups with your own weight is fun, but with time it is getting harder and harder because doing 20 pull ups with no weight is way harder than doing 6-8 pull ups with weight. Also, without free weights it is harder to isolate some muscles, like biceps + triceps, shoulders. Also, it is easier to do squats with big weight to the point where you can do only 6 to 10 squats overall.
2023-08-15 07:41
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Bro i guarantee you that the majority of average gym cant even do 10 pull ups 20 pull ups are useless for strength and muscle growth and way easier than doing clean weighted ones. With bodyweight you can isolate muscles, just look at the gymnasts' biceps, triceps, shoulders. The straight arm strength is a big deal. Gym is good for lower body though
2023-08-19 18:13
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Bro, I dont understand, you say that own weight pull ups are bad or good?
2023-08-19 18:48
In my city there's 10 gyms or more and no 24/7 Max at 22 pm...
2023-08-15 05:26
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Yikes, I would move out
2023-08-15 06:07
well easy business move is to go to your city and open 24 hr gym
2023-08-19 17:34
United States j3tta
bro just go and be in a social environment
2023-08-15 05:28
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Finland Palomies
Gym is for working out, not shooting the shit
2023-08-15 08:21
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United States j3tta
gym is for working out sure. i’d never choose a home gym because the focus and inspiration from being around other humans (because humans are made to be social creatures) is much higher. plus i enjoy running into friends and catching up between sets.
2023-08-15 14:06
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Finland Palomies
I get it, but his problem was that the gym is always crowded. I would personally rather train alone than sit around queuing.
2023-08-15 14:49
Germany who|cars
+1 they always oversold
2023-08-15 05:47
Pull-up trainer (horizontal bar) + dumbbells and barbell + bench press. Anything else you need for home gym?
2023-08-15 07:38
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I will also get cable machine and maybe hacksquat because I just love it
2023-08-15 08:16
You need a lot of weights. Plates and quality bars are expensive.
2023-08-15 15:02
how its full at 4AM lmao
2023-08-15 14:07
sweden moment
2023-08-15 14:57
go to some local small gym
2023-08-15 14:59
1am before sleep is perfect for me mens and it's always empty
2023-08-15 15:34
Go at 8 am, only seniors there
2023-08-15 15:39
Ukraine xXBurner
Imaggine stress ur self at 4AM for make a body for girls xd
2023-08-15 16:19
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late night/early morning workouts are the best, you either feel amazing and get a great sleep or feel amazing for the rest of the day if you stay up. Its not about girls lmao
2023-08-15 16:32
Find another gym. The one you go to is too small or too popular
2023-08-15 16:21
Dude, if you have a place to build your own gym then do it and don't hesitate. You don't even need to spend thousands on the equipment. You don't need that much. Having a gym at home is always better because you don't actually have to go to the gym. I know it sounds like a lazy fuck, but it's true. You have to get dressed, leave your house, walk/drive a given distance, work out for an hour, and comeback to your home. Doing that after a whole day of working ? Unless you havea certain goal, at some point you will just give up and stick to home workouts anyway. And when you have a gym at home, you just get off your chair and work out. Simple as that.
2023-08-15 16:30
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What do you need for a home gym in your opinion? I have a garage and storeroom with plenty of space too.
2023-08-15 17:13
back when I had screwed sleep schedule I used to go between 2-4 am and it was very empty here, but it is a smaller gym with 24/7 access
2023-08-15 17:34
incline bench and some weights basically all u need for the home workouts.
2023-08-15 17:35
stop gym and start fat.
2023-08-15 17:35
2023-08-19 17:29
Just dont go to the gym unless your life is going terribly and very stressful
2023-08-19 17:40
in my gym it opens around 6am and closes 10pm... so ass
2023-08-19 17:51
NAF | 
Brazil MatsK
If you manage to find a squat rack and a bench for cheap in your country, a home gym is a great idea. There are also a bunch of diy pulley system tutorials online. Barbell + Rack + Bench + Plates + Pulley and you're golden.
2023-08-19 17:53
start calisthenics and get barbell for squats ez home gym
2023-08-19 17:59
Imagine going to gym Beta
2023-08-19 19:05
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