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CS2 damage
United Kingdom kennyvenom 
Anyone think it's a bit shit the way its calculated on scoreboard and shown prominently? If for example, you get a beautiful AK headshot from 1000yds, but the player is on 2hp, you only get 2hp kill rather than the damage the shot would have caused. Did it always work this way with ADR?
2023-09-21 10:20
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its always worked that way because you didnt deal 150 dmg to an enemy on 2hp you dealy 2 hp of damage or else awpers adr if they hit a couple lucky hs would be like 350 lmao - common sense - use it
2023-09-21 10:24
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Europe Pflatzi
2023-09-21 10:26
good point haha.. could be capped at 100 though
2023-09-21 10:28
5 replies
no its not
2023-09-21 11:17
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he said could
2023-09-21 11:35
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no it couldnt
2023-09-21 15:12
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Wales Hi_Im_New
We do not have the technology
2023-09-21 15:13
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fair enough
2023-09-21 16:24
2023-09-21 10:37
im very glad with the overall damage output count on the scoreboard and its done very well. what you implied shouldnt be done imo awp will easily exceed actual damage output. I dont like fiction. so its great as it is.
2023-09-21 10:28
"anyone else thinks its shit that dmg dealt is dmg dealt and not the dmg you would have caused if they had infinity hp?"
2023-09-21 10:35
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omg literally
2023-09-21 13:30
the problem in this shitty game is when you hit with AK the enemy's upper torso and deal only 24 damage. hitbox is the worst
2023-09-21 10:45
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Norway faitee
skill issue unfortunately
2023-09-21 10:47
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yes sure. I guess you even didn't tried cs2.
2023-09-21 10:48
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tried it plenty + 50 or so games on premier
2023-09-21 10:53
bro its stupid easy to get 80+ hs% on cs2, compare that csgo where even 60% is rare
2023-09-21 11:12
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that's right. you just confirm me hitbox are shit in this game. the rare occasions that I don't headshot people, uppers torso damage is broken and senseless.
2023-09-21 11:17
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actually hitbox is good in this game and its bad in csgo.
2023-09-21 11:18
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so many fucking times i dont get a headshot kill cuz the bullet goes into his fucking neck when my crosshair is miles above the player models stupid neck. In cs2 however never had neck issues
2023-09-21 11:25
NiKo | 
Germany Booya
dont see so much problems with the AK, but the M4´s are pretty inconsistent, i could swear i already needed more than 4 Hits for enemy who were pretty near, and this happened pretty often, even with the unsilenced M4A4 (i switched on CS2 to the M4A4 mostly because somehow i cant feel the Recoil profits of the M4-S anymore, in spray its even more terrible)
2023-09-21 11:23
so let's assume you kill 4 people with usp/glock and then someone who hit a headshot with awp will have more damage dealt than you. it sounds right?
2023-09-21 11:02
Wales Hi_Im_New
Adr always worked that way but it used to display the actual damage value in console
2023-09-21 11:21
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Thank you, good answer
2023-09-21 12:24
This game is so shit. It crashes my computer like twice every game and I have a good fucking set up. I just got placed in a lobby with people with 7k elo, I have 11k. I crashed two times, ofc in the rifle rounds. So I lost an awp and an ak-47 with full-equip. I twice had a headshot animation and apparently dealt no damage. I quit the game after the second crash with actually 0 damage dealt in all rounds. Very fucking fun game.
2023-09-21 11:23
why would it work any other way should someone get 400+ adr because they hit a head with an awp?
2023-09-21 11:37
1 reply
Like I said above, cap it to max 100
2023-09-21 13:05
Me topping the scoreboard with 4 awp headshot kills on the same afk player in first 4 rounds 💪💪💪
2023-09-21 11:38
Its always worked so
2023-09-21 12:31
Yugoslavia GumGuyHLTV
this must be bait
2023-09-21 13:31
Brazil DIctionary
It's Counter-Strike, not Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.
2023-09-21 13:41
CS2 is dogshit.
2023-09-21 15:21
United Kingdom FNC_TOP_1
Found the baiter that is mad his 4hp exit kills on T aren't making him look good anymore. Try +w and you will find 100hp enemies
2023-09-21 15:22
Conter-Strike 2 is truly an amazing game, fantastic!! I love it so much!! Valve just needs to work a little more on input lag, lag compensation, jitter, fps avg optimization specially 1% lows, stuttering, gpu utilization, subtick hitreg delay (dying behind walls), allow 128tick sv(faceit) / use 128tick in MM, anticheat, promises, 5stack premier elo boost services, floaty movement, wonky leg physics when strafing, nade throw delay, model clipping through walls, nvidia reflex fix, cpu multithreading optimization (cpu utilization?), water optimization, clunky nade physics when landing, ignoring nova4 opinions that dictate tickrate decisions who can't even tell the difference between 60hz and 144hz monitor, bloomy visibility, fix animations tied to tickrate (allow 128tick+), desync tracers (you don't get what you see experience), report system banning you 1 week for sayin 'fakin bish' banter to some sensitive blue haired hardstuck nova4 turbocuck, 60fps recoil animation, bright muzzle flash, v_sync off fix, hud customization to make it less distracting, blurry minecraft graphics on 1280x960 all low looking worse than CSGO, right click refund buymenu, 3D audio positioning, demo replays with agents hoverboarding, server hardware and infrastructure, better nade visibility to differentiate smoke/flash midair, cl_bob + viewmodel_recoil + cl_righthand cvars, 0.5 outlinethickness crosshair, shiny nade trajectories, reduce particles/dirt/birds/leaves that get mistaken by a flash, net_graph, reduce debree from shooting walls, weird ELO system, cl_minmodels / improve agents visibility, knife hitboxes, gamemodes (specially DM), weird FPS drop as the game progresses, crashes, dusty maps, teammates proximity rubberbanding, peeker advantage, 64tick weird spray, mr12 economy, smg meta fix, skin's dull models design, 60hz feeling with high fps
2023-09-21 15:23
Yet is was. You kill 2 hp guy = you did 2 damage. It`s fine.
2023-09-21 16:29
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