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C9 fans, be honest
Aleksib | 
Finland _Vincere 
What's your thoughts?
2023-09-24 00:00
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United States chokyy
Cl0wn9 LOLOLOL 1-3 in Throw League, embarrassing
2023-09-24 00:00
they are on suicide watch rn
2023-09-24 00:00
United States deadmeat
what do you think my thoughts are? nt guy we will get them next time
2023-09-24 00:01
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That's the spirit, friend!
2023-09-24 00:01
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United States deadmeat
yeah nice thread
2023-09-24 00:01
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Thank you :)
2023-09-24 00:02
Denmark Saithz
You would know being an aleksibot fan kekw
2023-09-24 00:03
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2023-09-24 00:03
Rent free ;)
2023-09-24 00:31
That's rich coming from an Astralis fan
2023-09-24 01:43
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Denmark Saithz
Touché Astralis doing better than navi atm tho
2023-09-24 02:13
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Not really, they're more or less equal, you do you tho
2023-09-24 15:58
donk | 
Lithuania sqdR1d
always cheer and bet on c9, today when they were going like 5-10 on vertigo i just got tilted and bet all on ef 2-0 so at this point idc
2023-09-24 00:01
United States I_HATE_AOE2
C9 needs to go back to NA. Russians cannot play CS effectively
2023-09-24 00:01
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Czech Republic SirAster
thats true, but NA cant play CS at all =D
2023-09-24 01:32
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Bruh, why you have to do him like that xD
2023-09-24 01:44
Taiwan MrGeorge
Complexity carrying NA so hard rn
2023-09-24 17:24
Not a fan, but this team needs time to play more cohesive. may be next season.
2023-09-24 00:02
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they need to focus on cohesion they have been together for a while now and it seems they are trying to play based solely on individuals and even g2 dont do that who have on paper equal if not better firepower. Feels to me like they are taking an outdated approach to the game
2023-09-24 17:58
c9 win over faze again, now as the biggest failure of a super team :D
2023-09-24 00:02
Russia _oxyorum_
the most painful loss was against mouz at RIO major or in antwerp against imperial I don't think i care about c9 anymore, but this team is a disaster rn
2023-09-24 00:03
idk what do people expect from a roster with so much ego and im not talking about somebody being toxic or anything like that it's just that every player on that team got a voice that has to be heard and i guess they just cant quite decide whos voice is the most effective
2023-09-24 00:03
Well if they lost but showed good cs i wouldnt be disappointed. Vitality with 2 danes was bad (not like this) for 1 year. But no, they played like faceit players, walking through smokes, dry peeking, solo peeks. Is this a pro team or what? Elec is expecting to kill 2 by rushing alone? Go back to the basics, teamplay, trades, setups ecc. Also in overpass i saw why gambit was choking, its because of axile and sh1ro, they just arent big match players, they choke under pressure. Sh1ro disappeared, axile couldnt hs.
2023-09-24 00:13
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Vitality still made a grand final 4 months in with the new roster, I wonder how long will it take for C9. I don't see it happening soon, not only are they bad, but the scene is stronger today than in 2022.
2023-09-24 17:09
Electronic needs to get off igl, provide some entry fragging Cloud9 need to find an actual igl, hobbit will have to go unfortunately
2023-09-24 00:15
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tbf he avaraged 0.78 rating and 0.68 kd or smth this tournament, so maybe it's not that "unfortunate"
2023-09-24 01:46
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True, "unfortunately" was the wrong word to use here haha
2023-09-24 01:56
donk | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo
I think there’s so many issues this team has I don’t even know where to start. They just look awkward in game, there are some flashes, but it doesn’t come together. Potential is huge, they maybe need more time, but imo they look worse than they did at their first event. They have super weak mentality, when they start losing it seems totally hopeless. Their body language is depressed, most players are underperforming, hobbit and ax1le the most. They seem to have 0 confidence and don’t play like a team at all. Something drastic needs to happen, it’s just sad to see a talented team like them performing so bad and losing to t2 teams they should be 2-0 every time.
2023-09-24 00:15
Overall it's painful because i know the potential is there. And i mean it's been only potential since post-online era. Every time they seemed in form they suddenly sucked ass. And it's just too much... At this point now, i am just glad c9 (even with changed roster) stay true to themselves and suck more. It's joyful, uplifting almost...
2023-09-24 00:20
Worse than EG
2023-09-24 00:19
I think they should go back to na
2023-09-24 00:21
after kick nafany - expected, botronic cant igl but with this results - dont fan anymore, close to become hater
2023-09-24 00:28
sucks that hobbit might have to go, hes always been my favorite person from the gambit trio
2023-09-24 00:34
Not to pull Mauisnake into this thread also but Maui did say Electronic and ax1le would have a hard time playing at the level they were while nafany was there. His point was their great play was being wasted under nafany and they might not keep up that top 5 level rifling Looks like that is happening.
2023-09-24 00:40
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2023-09-24 00:45
I am confused. Did you mean Sh1ro instead of electronic?
2023-09-24 01:34
Still hopeful but having PTSD flashbacks from 2018-2019 and Colossus teams
2023-09-24 00:43
Also all u need to see about c9. Feel free to share and laugh.
2023-09-24 00:46
Hard to watch at times, they obviously struggle with mental still (at shiro's own admission). I hope they'll be able to pull it together and show some better CS. This is actually my opinion of a lot of teams, I feel that it's pretty much just ENCE and Vitality (and occasionally G2) that have been consistently good in the last 6 months. C9 is another level though. I genuinely think that the chinese teams at EPL have had better T and CT sides, and despite doing insane shit at times have frequently played better CS
2023-09-24 00:56
They have dogshit mental. They're all tilted after map1 in every fucking series. Everyone is blaming hobbit for getting 2 kills every map or electronic for being a dogshit igl. Neither are the issue, the issue is they all have awful mentals. They should remove hobbit and bring in someone who actually knows how to hype up the team or make a well timed joke to get everyone laughing. Never seen a top team do well looking depressed the whole time. Depressed 24/7 = shit gameplay
2023-09-24 01:01
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so +boomich it is
2023-09-24 01:15
Previous Navi was literally that kind of team tho
2023-09-24 01:24
1 reply
boomb4l was the guy who hyped them up and when he left navi were dogshit navi is literally the example I always use to prove my point look at sdy in monte vs navi
2023-09-24 01:29
So -hobbit +jL then
2023-09-24 01:31
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Honestly, I still have high hopes for the team because I'm a big fan of their potential peak and I look forward to seeing them at their full strength, which will take a while obviously. A better mentality and mid-round calling is their kryptonite it seems... If they know the issues, they can work on it.
2023-09-24 01:32
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I think something is fundamentally broken in the balance of the types of players they have, even if they work out roles/strats... they won't be consistent enough to be a top 1 team
2023-09-24 01:39
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United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Maybe not Top 1 but still tournament grand-finalists. Top 1 is the expectation, not the realistic outcome.
2023-09-24 01:47
-electronic +bot = C9 TOP 1 electronic only +W
2023-09-24 01:32
lot less russian flags around than in July at least LMAO
2023-09-24 01:37
Belarus Dekadance
The team is in complete trash state rn, but it's still salvageable. I remember first tournaments of mouz with karrigan, it was rly bad. Then they finally figured some stuff up and became dominating for a little time. I would give this roster 3 more months, and then we can talk about changes
2023-09-24 01:38
Tunisia Sk1zo10
-hobbit + nafany
2023-09-24 01:39
It looks like time won't help. Hobbit is already washed, electronic is hiding behind IGL but probably not a star riflers as well. They might get not as horrible as they are now but their state is very depressing. They used to have 2 top 5 players and young IGL they could build around. Now they don't even have this. New IGL is needed, new stars are needed. Coaching is questionable (F_in?). Their starts were the most predictable in T1. Authority is missing - there is a reason why Jerry said he prefers to lead young players who listen to him. Also Gambit Youngsters core is gone. It is different team now. I personally support players not the orgs.
2023-09-24 01:45
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based name and flair
2023-09-24 02:13
I think elec should come back to the multi killer role because he isn’t an igl as well and it has been obvious since this changes were made, sadly his calls are bullshit and it is even funny to hear from him calls such as Ferrari or some other +w rounds when he dies first without an exchange Nafany built this whole team and he should have stayed
2023-09-24 01:47
Russia Haess
nafany low tab ruinung again, as always
2023-09-24 01:49
will axile even be top 20 this year, I dont think theres any reason to think he will be
2023-09-24 02:02
Why tf are star players all trying to IGL all of a sudden now? Mezii (used to), Yekindar, electronic, they're all holding themselves back by trying to IGL for whatever reason
2023-09-24 17:14
If this team does not start winning games NOW they should stop trying and get an igl and let electronic shoot heads
2023-09-24 17:22
Not a very good team I'll be honest. I was always sceptical about electronic's igl ability. Maybe he needs time but navi just didn't work. He is burying his rifler talent deep in the ground with this role. Hobbit is to be cut next probably. He just doesn't feels like fit in this team. But tbh this team is itself is Frankenstein like, not very good synergy is felt. +perfecto would be enough.
2023-09-24 17:31
Finland d0udy3160
I expected better results by now but we have them next time
2023-09-24 17:37
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