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Upgrade PC Blackfriday
Belarus Miksamasik 
I want to upgrade from i5 10600k to i7 13700k cause I want to have ultra settings in every game. Ive already got 3080 gpu so I think my i5 bottleneck it when I play Cyberpunk and get 40-70 fps at mid-high settings with DLSS. Also pther games as Microsoft flightsimulator doesnt run well enough. I play on a 27 inch monitor tho 240 hertz and second monitor 24 inch 240 hertz as well. I wonder if it damages perfomance from CPU ALSO. Are there any other recomendations which CPU I should go with since its pretty expensive to buy a new motherboard with CPU in todays situation and inflation that lifts prices? Should I mb wait for Blackfriday? I also took a look at AMDs Ryzon 9 7900x but I am too afraid of AMDs products since I always was dissapointed with their products in past
2023-09-25 13:52
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Waiting for discounts is always a smart choice if you're not in a hurry
2023-09-25 13:53
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Belarus Miksamasik
I am not in a hurry, but I feel like I should modernise my PC so I hang with the development of videogaming and tech
2023-09-25 13:56
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Wait for BF and Cyber Monday then
2023-09-25 13:56
bruuhh im still rocking my 1060ti
2023-09-25 14:06
deko | 
Hungary kushh_
You can wait for black friday but note yourself the current prices, because sometimes they just pump up the prices 1-2 weeks before black friday and make a big discount from the raised price
2023-09-25 13:57
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Belarus Miksamasik
Yeah. I should probably make a few screenshots of the prices
2023-09-25 14:03
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I dont know how this works in different countries,but from what ive heard in european union and it works in Poland, there is a directive that all shops must give you current price of something and also lowest price of product from last 3 months so you can compare price changes
2023-09-25 17:53
you would need a new motherboard. best option for you: 1) 13600kf ~ 305€ or the 13700k you wanted but thats ~420€ 2) MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk WiFi for ~270€ or MSI MAG B760 Tomahawk WiFi DDR4 for ~175€ if you dont mind not having DDR5 Ram so the cheapest option would be ~480€ for you.
2023-09-25 14:14
ultra settings overrated high + ray tracing = same visuals but better fps
2023-09-25 14:13
fastest gaming cpu in the world right now is the Ryzen 7 7800X3D
2023-09-25 14:17
I have just upgraded to 7800x3d and it FLIES. Supposedly one of the best gaming CPUs and also uses far less power and generates less heat than the intel equivalents.
2023-09-25 14:21
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Belarus Miksamasik
I though AMD cpus uses more power. But what kind of cooling system do you use?
2023-09-25 14:37
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I'm not even using an AIO water cooled system, just a decent heat sink and double fan. Forgot the brand already.
2023-09-25 14:41
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Belarus Miksamasik
I do not think I can use a fan system since my gamingroom is too warm and I get a direct heat from aircondition towards PC. In past when I used AMD cpus they were really warm and never lasted more than 1 year so I am a bit afraid to choose Ryzon 9
2023-09-25 14:50
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Serbia chola95
Cpu never laster over a year? You're either lying or don't know how to mount a cooler
2023-09-25 14:53
It's a Ryzen 7 but faster than non-3d 9s, but I would do some reading and comparisons (youtube 7800x3d vs intel etc)
2023-09-25 15:05
When was that 10 years ago? lol
2023-09-25 15:14
jabbi | 
New Zealand stam_
I asked
2023-09-25 14:38
United Kingdom Tormaz
See no reason going for 13700k, especially with 3080. I rock 13600k with 4090 and difference is close to nothing with 13900k - with 13700k you'd be getting diminishing returns. Just go with 13600k, save that extra buck, it's arguably one of the best CPUs for gaming out there. So if you are not waiting for 14xxx and still rocking the old architecture, just buy 13600k.
2023-09-25 14:52
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Belarus Miksamasik
Its only around 100 euro in price difference so why not updgrade to something that lasts longer
2023-09-25 15:44
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United Kingdom Tormaz
Because at 4k with 4090 you get 5-8fps more on average from 13900k over 13600k. Pricewise 13900k is around £540, while 13600k is around £300. Even if we make it 10fps more, that's 24 quid per one frame, which is obviously a bad value. With 13700k difference is even smaller. Yes, only 100 euro more, but those 100 should bring value - 13600k is not gonna last less neither it is substantially worse, we are talking about the same gen, where 600 and 700 are close to identical. If you want to get value, spend those 100 on DDR5 - now THAT will last longer as you'll be able to switch CPU in a couple of years without buying a new motherboard and use better RAM (atm there's not much gain between DDR4 and DDR5 RAM, but with time there will be big difference, the same way it happened with DDR3 and DDR4). Long story short, 13700k will bring diminishing returns over 13600k, just check some benchmarks, especially if we are talking about 4k, and you can reinvest these 100 usd into something better.
2023-09-25 16:05
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Belarus Miksamasik
Thank you. Ill take that note, but I really get more convinced to mb give a try for AMD. Ryzen 7 8700x3d looks amazing
2023-09-25 18:52
when is blacked friday?
2023-09-25 14:55
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24th november
2023-09-25 15:38
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2023-09-25 16:01
NiKo | 
Europe Bruhix
No reason to upgrade.
2023-09-25 15:07
I don't think its worth it brother
2023-09-25 15:08
What resolution are you talking here? CPU bottlenecks mostly apply to like 1080/1440. Ryzen 7800X3D is a better choice for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because the platform alone will support the next 2 or 3 generations of Ryzen processors so you don't have to do a full upgrade like you'd be doing here with motherboard + processor + possibly RAM. If you went Ryzen, and want a good-but-cheap AIO just get an Arctic Freezer 2. Ugly as fuck, but very solid for the money.
2023-09-25 15:48
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Belarus Miksamasik
I play 1440
2023-09-25 16:38
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My recommendation definitely stands. Intel's refusal to let you upgrade beyond 1 cycle for most processors has made me less interested in their offerings, mostly because of reasons like this.
2023-09-25 16:46
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Belarus Miksamasik
Thank you. I did some research and 7800x3d looks awesome for gaming even tho 9 versions are stronger. Also a huge fact that Intel wont let you upgrade each time cuz new sockets every time so a good point from you
2023-09-25 18:50
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