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how to bet?
Other iLikeToSniff 
i want to get the experience. i'll put $5 so even if i lose its ok. but i don't understand lot of terms in these betting sites. 1) for example if the odds for astralis vs EF game is now 1.50 - 2.40, and i say astralis will win and if astralis win i get $7.50? is that it? can i withdraw $7.50 instantly as soon as the game ends? there is also options for map winners, final scores etc etc. i'll skip them and only select the match winner option. 2) the other part i dont understand is the odds change through out the game right? if so how does it work? then the return amount is not calculated based on the 1.50 odd i had when setting the bet? can you also place new bets when the game has started?
2023-09-26 08:46
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stavn | 
Europe bm0ve
Dont bet
2023-09-26 08:48
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thanks but i want to get that experience
2023-09-26 08:49
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experience of losing money
2023-09-26 08:54
Dominica FallczE
If you have these kind of questions it won't be pleasure experience
2023-09-26 08:59
2 options: 1) You like it and end up losing money in the end (the house always wins) 2) You don't like it and don't miss a thing if you won't try it
2023-09-26 09:32
1) Yes, odds are a "X your stake" so 2.00 odds means you're doubling your money if you win the bet. 2) Live-bets dont have any effect on your initial bet, When you bet you're already locked into the odds you bet at 3) Don't bet
2023-09-26 08:50
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thanks. appreciate it
2023-09-26 08:52
Pogba | 
Netherlands Neox6
1) yes you will get 7.5 bucks but im not sure if you can withdraw. Different sites-different withdrawal rules 2) odds are settled after your bet, even if they change tru the game it doesn`t matter anymore, and they change the odds for people who want to bet when the match is live, they change depending on live score 3) DO bet
2023-09-26 08:51
Scotland tr@c
1) If you straight up deposit the $5 you should be able to withdraw your winnings instantly. The only difference is some sites will have 'sign-up bonus' type things (like lose your first bet they refund, free bonus bets etc) which will normally change the terms for withdrawing, but these are optional.
2023-09-26 08:53
1. It depends on the site/bookie, and also on your bank. Most bookies has a minimum amount that you can withdrawal, usually around 10 euros. If you have a withdrawal amount, most bookies offer various types of withdrawal methods such as credit card, trustly, paypal etc. 2. If you place a bet with for example 1.7 odds before a game starts, it does not matter if the odds change when the match has started. Your return will always be 1.7 times the amount you placed (if the bet is a winner). However, you can (on most bookies) place live bets during the game, keep in mind that the live odds change rapidly.
2023-09-26 08:54
That's how it started for most people and many have lost their life savings. I know you don't want to hear it here, but it still needs to be said. Yes, yes, you'll say it's just to get experience and add a little spice to the match and I can control myself. No you can not. Do yourself a favor and don't bet. And if you want to get the experience then start with Twitch channels, like ESL or BLAST where you can bet points on the match and it's pretty self-explanatory with the odds.
2023-09-26 08:54
Dont bet. If you are curious of betting dont bet. This will happen if you enter the betting matrix: 1) you wont enjoy games normally anymore, you will need to bet 2) sooner or later you will lose money, its just a matter of time, betting sites are able to pay millions for sponsors, thats the money of losers betting (you) 3) once you lose you enter the downfall loop, you want to regain what you lost, so you make riskier/higher bets, but you will lose even more, in a spiralling loop that will eat your life Right now you have the power to never enter this world. Dont. If you will ignore me, see you in 6 months, poorer and less happy.
2023-09-26 08:59
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Finland Kossenanet
Omg so true😂 i wish i was this guy and never start betting
2023-09-26 09:04
ok you and #10 actually made me rethink now. the thing is i have full confidence i wont try again if i win the first bet and you know got that experience. but reading your 3rd point is actually scary because i was definitely thinking going again if i lose the first one. so yeah idk now lol. thanks for the real words though
2023-09-26 09:08
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If i could stop even 1 guy from entering this world im happy. This stuff messes with your brain. Everybody starts the same "i ll bet 1 time and then stop" but then it continues and you enter the loop. If you win the first bet you will bet more, because we humans are never satisfied. If you lose you will bet more to regain what you lost. Thats why sites lure you with bonuses to just bet 1 time with tons of incentives. They know out of 100 people they will grab 90 and steal all their money. See? The only solution is never betting at all. I have personal experience with this stuff but i wont go into that.
2023-09-26 09:20
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u dont need money to bet or make bankroll at all ..
2023-09-26 09:24
your first mistake is thinking you'll ever see that money again
2023-09-26 09:00
Sorry for derailing the thread, but is there any way to bet on CS in Germany anymore? Help is needed here! THX
2023-09-26 09:27
odds do change but you will get the outcome of the one that was active when you bet your money on that team
2023-09-26 10:20
Hi sniff Bro don't do bet, it is useless and unhappy
2023-09-26 10:22
Ma | 
Russia DriIla
please dont bet
2023-09-26 10:23
Go read any matchpage on hltv after some close game on cct or even EPL, if you dont want to become braindead ork like them just dont bet please.
2023-09-26 10:26
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