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EPL format
Spain il_Fenomeno 
Do you guys think EPL format benefits teams that are from Group D compared to Group A/B? Because Group A/B teams played their last tier 1 matches like a month ago and Group D teams are fired up for having played a week earlier. Otherwise skill issue from Astralis
2023-09-26 17:32
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it's just asstralis
2023-09-26 17:33
i think EPL format is fucked because it is literally set up so we see the most games possible from shit teams with the triple elim bracket
2023-09-26 17:33
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Finland Owava
Shouldn't that be great news for NA fans?
2023-09-26 17:48
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eh the more times I watch NA teams play the closer I am to suicide so prob not
2023-09-26 19:43
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Finland Owava
jokes aside, i hope complexity can get to at least QF's here ;
2023-09-26 19:46
+1 well not as painful as being a c9 fan. They should be good but they are not since 3 years.
2023-09-26 20:23
Its a better take on the round robin to eliminate games that carried no weight and strange tie breakers that make no sense, better than previous iterations but still takes too fuckin long They announced 3 week EPL for next season instead of 5, running dual streams the entire time and adding additional teams
2023-09-26 19:48
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I still think it could be done better. I'd probably drop the teams back to 24, have the national teams go through some sort of play-in tournament to fill out the remaining 8 slots, with the extra slot either being filled with some sort of tiebreaker in the play-in or a direct invite from the ESL world ranking. I'd also go back to round-robin groups if we filtered out some of the shitty teams in this way, but instead of BO3 games we have 2 BO1s like we did back in the day to have a less consistent tiebreaker situation. also fuck ESL's plan for next EPL, that just means it'll be a bigger pain in the ass to watch the games I wanna watch. they need to rework their fucked up tournament instead of just cramming it into a smaller window
2023-09-26 20:19
Finland DeeJay13
Yeah, I think teams from group D will do better since they didn't have a rest between group stage and playoffs.
2023-09-26 17:34
Australia boblao
bring back groups and do bo2
2023-09-26 17:35
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Poland Vissi
2023-09-26 17:36
Brazil Zrz0
wtf you talking about dude lol
2023-09-26 17:36
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Is it hard to comprehend that EF is in better form because they played back to back LAN matches like 3 days ago compared to Astralis who haven't played in a month because they were in Group A?
2023-09-26 17:38
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Brazil Zrz0
yes its hard to comprehend, From another persepective, EF had barely no rest while Astralis had a month to prepare. It just depends on the way you see it. Its just like the 2 BO3's in a day subject, you may play the second game way better because you were just playing, or you can play worse because you are tired from the first game. It just depends on the way you look at it
2023-09-26 17:41
BUX | 
Comoros Zerua
Last EPL Liquid were in the position of EF and they got smashed by PaiN in the first round. So probably not.
2023-09-26 17:36
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paiN were in Group C
2023-09-26 17:39
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United States KhanQu3st
What they should do is have all groups round robin, so every team plays 7 games, and do all groups at once, just swap day to day. Like say... Monday: 4 Group A Games, 4 Group B Games Tuesday: 4 Group C Games, 4 Group D Games Wednesday: 4 Group A Games, 4 Group B Games etc. That way a team never goes more than 3 days without playing, all group-stage games finish in like 1.5-ish weeks, so the whole event would take like, 2-2.5 weeks.
2023-09-26 17:42
Armenia VirtusNo
Astralis worst excuse yet that they had too much time to prepare.
2023-09-26 19:51
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