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tyloo signing 5cyclone rumour
Poland karov 
2023-10-01 02:53
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Poland karov
*5yclone fak :D
2023-10-01 02:54
this changes nothing
2023-10-01 02:54
Does this mean my tyloo stickers are gonna go to the moon
2023-10-01 02:55
8 replies
10 years 50x for sure
2023-10-01 02:58
7 replies
what do u know about investing
2023-10-01 03:01
6 replies
idk... I bought 30 tyloo stockholm golds when they were 30euro... so I guess I know a little
2023-10-01 03:07
5 replies
proof it
2023-10-01 03:08
3 replies
don't have to.. now have sweet dreams
2023-10-01 03:08
2 replies
funny man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
2023-10-01 03:09
1 reply
Finland maketsuppi
And a funny woman
2023-10-01 04:02
Im still disappointed in myself that I didn't mass buy TYLOO 2018 stickers when I only got two.
2023-10-01 03:08
Canada caFrivoe
tyloo already heavily teased this on their twitter
2023-10-01 02:56
It's an open secret. Still likely won't do much since TheMongolz and Lynn Vision still outclasses 5yclone.
2023-10-01 03:04
hopefully we will see some asian team on major stage
2023-10-01 03:03
3 replies
A better statement would be hoping they make it to the playoffs of an event. The last time an asian team has done that was 4 years ago in the CSGO Asia Championships.
2023-10-01 03:07
2 replies
and honestly they may do it, everyone is transistioning to CS2, first months are probably going to be random
2023-10-01 03:09
1 reply
Best time to do it would be at Sydney then via Lynn Vision. And frankly they do have a chance, the team has a good rifling core, a fragging IGL, and a decent AWPer. Everything you need for a proper team. What they don't have is international LAN experience, discipline, consistency, and a good CT Side (because for some dumb reason, whenever we see Asian teams play in international events, their CT side almost always worse than their T side).
2023-10-01 03:18
Chinese out meta, only good in LOL
2023-10-01 03:10
2 replies
United States KhanQu3st
Edward Gaming are excellent in Valorant
2023-10-01 04:06
Their Dota 2 and Overwatch are good.
2023-10-01 07:29
doesnt matter who sign them they still have advent. even if SK sign them, who cares.
2023-10-01 03:11
cs2 was not released in china they will be delayed
2023-10-01 03:37
1 reply
will probably have to do so via Hong Kong.
2023-10-01 03:49
it would be perfect if: -advent +westmelon -kaze +jee
2023-10-01 04:01
2 replies
nah, don't ruin an already good chinese roster that has potential on the world stage in the future. All they're really missing is more LAN experience, consistency, discipline, and a good CT side. Besides, westmelon has not once bothered leaving Lynn Vision when he's been with the org since 2017. He clearly has no intention to ever bother. +DANK1NG is the best they can do instead of Jee.
2023-10-01 04:04
1 reply
its a good point about danking, he has been puging but I don't know if he wants to compete again
2023-10-01 04:07
-advent +advent (coach) +SLOWLY (rifiler) +JamYoung (IGL) this will be promising otherwise no breakthrough they can deliver
2023-10-01 04:08
3 replies
can JamYoung even IGL tho. Unless he was a second caller, looks like a bad idea.
2023-10-01 04:13
2 replies
well in my opinion he has been teammate with adven for years, he should be familiar with the philosophy that advent had taught.besides, advent being a coach will help him to be a better IGL. overall, i think suffering can be acceptable but changes are definetely needed
2023-10-01 04:23
1 reply
ye I know but it just seems like a bad idea to have who is essentially your best player who happens to have a hyper aggressive playstyle of holding W to be the team's new IGL. Unless he's capable of managing to do both IGLing and fragging like westmelon and bLitz have proven to be able to do, it's just going to be a horrible idea.
2023-10-01 04:28
Taiwan Tyranthose
Im happy to see positive stuff written about Chinese teams. Sadly i dont follow pro CS that much anymore.
2023-10-01 05:03
1 reply
in the last international appearances they did well, but they lack experience and a good ct to advance in the tournaments
2023-10-01 07:09
crow | 
Indonesia ycrows
finally, that international roster was a mess
2023-10-01 05:21
chinese people are very short and have no ass. No one comes close to filling out their pants
2023-10-01 07:12
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