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Rate your cities Nightlife
f0rest | 
Sweden MetroRush Stockholm,Sweden 6/10. Quite expensive, lots of clubs will not let you in for random reasons. Many elitist clubs only allowing ppl who bring 2+ chicks Underground EDM parties and the Slakthusomradet district are decent areas that are not elitist Best nightlife I experienced was London or Amsterdam easily.
2023-10-01 05:50
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I live in butt fuck nowhere michigan, if you want to do something you gotta be 21+ since the only things open are bars unless you drive 1hr minimum to kalamzoo (closest city)
2023-10-01 05:54
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North America hi_mens))
2023-10-01 06:18
would actually move there just because of how close it is over there to both kalamazoo and grand rapids
2023-10-01 09:12
Tf lmao
2023-10-04 14:04
2023-10-06 06:42
wtf they actually named a city kamalazoo ?
2023-10-01 07:08
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insane name
2023-10-01 09:11
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10/10 name imo
2023-10-02 12:33
US making the goated names
2023-10-02 13:29
Slovenia wappa
yall also got one named chattanooga lmao
2023-10-04 12:55
Denmark fujiYEEZY
maaan imagine being from Michigan (the state where they literally invented house music) and the closest club is an hour away :(
2023-10-05 12:05
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Michigan is like 6x the size of denmark for only 1.5x the population The entire state is basically a whole ass rural countryside. This is why so many americans are cousin fuckers. To meet someone you're not related to you need to drive 2 hours.
2023-10-05 12:20
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2023-10-06 07:01
Kebab | 
Germany aL1337
Come to Brazil
2023-10-01 05:58
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bro der duki flair ^^
2023-10-02 12:33
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dukiii die #1
2023-10-02 13:28
2023-10-04 14:01
It was perfect in 2021, no one in the streets I could drive like an animal and have my adrenaline dose. 10/10. Nowadays it's boring, people everywhere, big groups of people always ruin fun things, I think I'm sharing this Earth with too many humans
2023-10-01 06:08
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Israel RoyBenji
What city?
2023-10-02 12:28
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he lives in tallahassee
2023-10-02 13:31
I'm probably gonna hit you with a boring answer idk what you expected: Maringá
2023-10-02 15:59
dont u have a bumper?
2023-10-04 14:24
I wouldn't know, night is for sleeping and that's what I do at night
2023-10-01 06:15
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only correct answer
2023-10-04 13:34
Night is for CS
2023-10-05 18:58
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I'm not addicted
2023-10-06 06:33
Latvia UnfriendlyV
LONDON, 10/10 :)
2023-10-01 06:21
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Agreed. Any type of niche of music or scene you want they have
2023-10-02 08:55
Out of every major global city (let's say 3m+) that isn't in the middle east (since we're talking about nightlife), I'm confident that Sydney has the worst nightlife by FAR.
2023-10-01 06:40
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Really I expect it to be pretty good? What’s wrong with it? And is it worse than Melbourne
2023-10-02 08:55
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Israel RoyBenji
Na every Australian I know says that Sydney is the most boring city in the world, only old people live there
2023-10-02 12:27
Australia boblao
Melbourne is definitely up there for Australia, its that or I believe up near the gold coast for the best night life here.
2023-10-02 13:17
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Serbia s1ck1337
Is Brisbane any more fun?
2023-10-04 18:37
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Australia boblao
nah not too sure can't really speak on that but I think its probably roughly the same as Sydney, Gold Coast and Byron Bay are like party cities/towns from what I've heard alot.
2023-10-05 04:44
Ik I'm late to this question, but: Conservative government in the early 2010s essentially killed the nightlife in the city by introducing lockout laws in most of the popular areas within the central city - serving alcohol was banned past a certain time (think it was like 12am last drinks) and people had nowhere to go so the scene literally just died. It was justified to stop alcohol-fuelled violence but in reality it was most likely government corruption that caused this - they purposefully allowed the big new casino development in Sydney to be exempt from the lockout laws, which created a large number of customers for them. Don't get me wrong, there are still clubs and stuff to do at night but it is literally a joke compared to any other major city. I love Sydney and I feel so lucky to have grown up here but when it comes to nightlife, Melbourne is without a doubt 5x better. The streets feel alive there at like 3am whereas in Syd at that time there's like a 50% chance you get approached by some methhead in an alley
2023-10-04 17:12
Burkina Faso FR3DDDY
Dubai nightlife hits different with enough dirhams to spend
2023-10-04 13:03
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What's different? The prostitutes have more silicon in them? Any big city has overpriced champagne in penthouse clubs. In most big cities *excluding Dubai* there is actual culture and live music, cocaine is easily available, xtc is cheap and pure, street racing is at all possible (try that anywhere in the Emirates in 2023 lmao) and girls you pick up don't turn out to be escorts 70% of the time.
2023-10-04 19:30
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Burkina Faso FR3DDDY
The difference is that you feel 100% safe in Dubai while in EU you dont know if you're messing with someone's ex gf and the scene turns to a crime. Been there many times, especially now with all the immigrants the risk to win ratio isnt worth it. Streets are absolutely dangerous if you're going home drunk in EU, on other side theres no drug addicts shitting on the street in Dubai
2023-10-05 11:57
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Yeah, I guess the other side of that coin is that it is indeed very safe, if a little bit boring by my standards. The only place I felt really unsafe in the night was Italy (Naples specifically). I was a bit spooked at first in east Berlin when a bunch of scary looking brown people approached me, but they turned out very friendly, tried to push drugs, not mug me... And I got pickpocketed in Madrid ofc. Still, had a better time in all of those places than in Dubai. Longest month of my life, absolute fucking snoozefest.
2023-10-05 18:20
Las Vegas
2023-10-01 06:44
1/10 american_suburan_hellhole.jpg
2023-10-01 06:46
Germany Kevnn
0/8 There is one club in my city and it sucks. Almost no bars and some are notorious for being nazi hotspots.
2023-10-01 06:54
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Israel RoyBenji
East German spotted
2023-10-02 12:26
Burkina Faso FR3DDDY
That sounds pretty cool ngl
2023-10-04 13:03
Brazil TypeScript
2023-10-01 07:09
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hahahaha god bless rio
2023-10-04 14:19
I dont even go out, the only time i leave my home is when i go to study in a close neighborhood but i guess nightlife in Rio is probably good, its a big city like any other. Also a city with many contrasts, so it probably has more elitist sides and more popular sides i guess xD
2023-10-01 07:16
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Israel RoyBenji
Nightlife in Rio is awesome, dangerous as hell but cool. Lapa is awesome
2023-10-02 12:26
8/10. live in a college town so there is always something to do at night
2023-10-01 07:18
8/10, pretty beautiful, lot's of pubs and clubs.
2023-10-01 10:45
Madrid 10/10, best in Spain. You can party every day, there is always something. And there is a brutal amount of clubs with different music, prices, people, etc.
2023-10-02 11:47
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Israel RoyBenji
Do you have recs?
2023-10-02 12:24
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2023-10-02 14:13
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Israel RoyBenji
2023-10-03 06:52
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What ages, music and prices are you looking for?
2023-10-03 10:17
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Israel RoyBenji
I like more alternative music, mid to late 20's price whatever
2023-10-03 10:48
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When I go clubbing I either go to rock, techno or reggaeton, so I don't know much about alternative music. I can think of Independance that mixes indie and commercial music. Only went one time but it's fine and young people. People recommend ochoymedio to me and i wanna go, if you come to madrid contact me and we try it! And if you want something with house/commercial music you can go to Kapital, although i really dislike the people there.
2023-10-03 11:04
Small village in southern bavaria 10/10 no junkies, no foreigners, just peace, silence and cows
2023-10-02 11:49
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cows.... 🤤
2023-10-02 13:32
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+1 life without meat doesnt make sense
2023-10-02 15:11
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i think he means something else...
2023-10-04 19:02
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Dunno if i even want to know then, im too good-natured for this world
2023-10-04 19:05
4/10 Some bars, 1 club for kids (16-22), 1 club who grew up a little more (23+), 1 metal club and thats about all i can recall. But we have locations for concerts of almost any size (which suits my interstes a lot) and good connections to neighbouring cities. :)
2023-10-02 11:56
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Israel RoyBenji
What town or area are you from?
2023-10-02 12:24
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I'm living in the so called Ruhrgebiet (ruhr area)
2023-10-02 15:26
1/10 small town always the same people. One club for like 18-20yo, two pubs and like 3 places for old ass people / alcoholics
2023-10-02 11:59
Cool sirens every night very nice vibe here.
2023-10-02 12:02
i live in a tiny town in Iceland with two bars 2/10
2023-10-02 12:13
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Lithuania M0rkiz
Would you agree, that Iceland is the best land on earth?
2023-10-02 13:08
2023-10-02 13:33
if it had 8 more bars would it be a 10/10 place?
2023-10-02 13:34
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2023-10-02 16:01
Israel RoyBenji
Amsterdam good nightlife, I would also like to know more about the underground scene in Stockholm. Tel Aviv: Used to be one of the coolest cities in the world, now it's so expensive only high tech workers live here. There are some cool clubs and cool music venues but most of the population are 35 year old boring nerds. Still especially for tourists there are enough intresting and unique places to carry a decent scene, I was never denied an entrance to a club even for clubs for 24+ when I was too young (but above 18) I would always enter. 8/10 but on a sharp decline
2023-10-02 12:22
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Israel RoyBenji
I wasn't denied entry because I was cool😎 me and my friends with style would always get in but our more nerdy friends would not (we didn't enter without them don't worry)
2023-10-02 12:23
So where in Israel has underrated night life scene?
2023-10-04 10:49
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Israel RoyBenji
No where has underrated nightlife, Jerusalem used to have a few cool clubs but they were closed because the city is ass. Only decent nightlife is Tel Aviv rest are trashy
2023-10-04 11:46
North Macedonia rOtten_97
I have lived in 2 countries for very long, and no I'm not biased: Auckland - New Zealand: 3/10 Nightlife is quite bad, most things close at either 6pm or 9pm, and everything is pretty far away so it takes you very long to get to where you want to go (and I live very close to the city on the North Shore) and everything is very expensive. The buses are a pain as well, they aren't very frequent and there are very few lines that take you to wherever you want to go. The drinking culture is very stupid, people only drink to get wasted (they don't know how to drink and enjoy) plus most people's alcohol tolerance is pretty low, aand you can't drink outside on the streets, on benches, on the beach etc... like wtf? Socialising is quite hard because many people are quite closed off and cold, as well as there being waay too many different ethnicities, it makes it difficult to be yourself. The city isn't very safe at night as well, or at least I don't feel the saftest, especially on Queen street and K Road. Last thing, the weather is horrible as it rains basically every day. Skopje - Macedonia: 9.5/10 Nightlife is amazing, nothing closes before 12am, and even when those places do close, others open literally at 12am till 4 or 5 am like clubs with live bands or discos. Since this city is quite small, everything is very close by so you can either walk or bus pretty quickly. There are like 10 bakeries, 15 cafes, 10 restaurants, 4 clubs and pubs, 3 malls, 7 pharmacies, 3 schools all within like a 3 km radius. The buses are also very frequent and we have so many bus lines, it's literally impossible to wait for more than 10mins to catch a bus (there are exactly 7 lines that take you to the city from where I live). Everything is very cheap, and everywhere you go is full with people no matter which part of the day or night it is. Drinking culture is very good here, lots of options in terms of spirits plus we have Rakija (between 45 to 60 percent alcohol). You don't see as many drunks as in Auckland because people know how to drink and how to properly socialise. 80% of the city is completely safe to walk, even for a single girl at midnight. The only thing to be weary about is how much taxi drivers can charge you, they can rip you off. Last thing, the weather is amazing as it rains basically once a month. It can be very hot during summer and very cold during winter though.
2023-10-02 12:34
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I’ve never been to NZ but yes I would imagine they are more introverted. Any cultural barriers you noticed in Macedonia? For a Swedish guy for example.I have never been to Balkans before.
2023-10-04 10:50
Hungary incosy
The city at night is gorgeous. I only go to raves, and psytrance parties lately, there are plenty options for those week after week in Budapest, 10+ venues\clubs to attend to. For not so undergroundish EDMs it's the same, but I haven't been there for ages. For other popular genres like rock, metal, indies as well. Bars, ruin pubs etc. are literally in every corner and the safety at night is okay, I never had any atrocities, except for gypsies and some drunk idiots, so I'd say 10/8 E: the prices are good imo, especially for foreigners, talked to many of them at bars etc.
2023-10-02 12:39
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can confirm, went to visit a friend in budapest once, very nice
2023-10-02 13:35
Instant in Budapest was very good when I went there. Budapest goated city, cheap and beautiful
2023-10-04 14:51
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Hungary incosy
Instant is one of those places that is too commercial for me, but I get why people like it, it's just not my cup of tea, but I'm glad you enjoyed:)
2023-10-05 08:42
United States WumboCumbo
Las Vegas 10/10
2023-10-02 12:38
London rlly good but I live like a 1hr30min train away from central. The town I actually live in isn't even worth going outside there is nothing good and there is an 80% chance someone will try and mug you if you are on your own.
2023-10-02 12:40
1 reply
I am in a similar situation but without the high chance of mugging
2023-10-04 13:11
SEB | 
Estonia Kukkel
I sleep at night to wake up fresh and ready for new adventures
2023-10-02 12:42
Spain JeygaN10
2023-10-02 12:46
1 reply
En valencia sí que sabéis jeje. Great city for holidays. Lots of party but also cultural offer. And people is nice, overall.
2023-10-03 11:06
I live in a city with less than a 100k people. There are like 3 clubs but they all suck. I am like 30-45 minutes away from the 4 biggest cities in the Netherlands so there is always fun to be had.
2023-10-02 12:51
Manchester is supposed to be the 2nd best night out in the UK behind Newcastle.
2023-10-02 12:54
Israel IdoXD
2/10 has like 3 or 4 bars and pubs, and 1 club if im not mistaken the bars are ok-ish and pretty mid, the club sucks ass
2023-10-02 13:03
Germany xSchons
2023-10-02 13:19
1 reply
countryside men
2023-10-04 12:54
10/10 if i drive for two hours i can find a club there's a bar 1km from my house though very quiet, lots of fishing
2023-10-02 13:37
8/10 student life is blooming, lots of bars, you can have a lot of fun
2023-10-02 14:17
8/10. Has a lot of great clubs. Alcohol is kind of cheap if you compare it to other countries/places and is not hard to make friends. The only problem is it has too many tourists, what is annoying cause they get too drunk and don't respect anything
2023-10-03 13:58
Im not in a big city.. im 30mn away from Paris, does it count ? But for my place there is not a lot of stuff to do at night, you have to go somewhere else
2023-10-04 12:53
I wonder what a bunch of awkward nerds on this site would be doing in a nightclub lmao
2023-10-04 12:58
my nightlife is 10/10, sleeping is the best part of day usually
2023-10-04 13:13
Days with 10/10 nightlife are long gone , in my city and any city from any part of the world . People are cringe nowdays .
2023-10-04 13:29
1 reply
2023-10-04 15:27
NiKo | 
Brazil Nero7
7/10, has alot of bars which is quite cool, but only couple of clubs, still good overall
2023-10-04 13:38
10/10 nightlife in a small town, getting 8h of sleep with no interruptions or noise outside, just pure peace and quiet 😌
2023-10-04 13:41
1 reply
2023-10-04 15:26
Czech Republic Semi96
10k pop city, I live like 700m away from the centre, so it's quiet. 10/10
2023-10-04 13:44
500 souls village, im the only one walking around here at night, love it. next small town is 4km but only party on weekend
2023-10-04 13:51
2 replies
isnt it so peaceful though? i would love to live somewhere like that
2023-10-04 13:58
1 reply
yea it rlly is peaceful
2023-10-04 14:01
Washington, DC 6/10 Pros: - lots of bars and clubs, options - if you don't like actual DC, there are bars nearby in the DMV such as in Bethesda, MD or Arlington, VA - endless amounts of people going out, you never run into the same person Cons: - compared to the glitzier US cities, way more ugly people (Government workers, bureaucrats) - almost as expensive as NYC - too political for my tastes (women are aggressive and will aggressively ask you about politics)
2023-10-04 14:13
2 replies
"women are aggressive and will aggressively ask you about politics" WTF lol. i would like to meet someone like that just to get the experience haha
2023-10-04 14:36
1 reply
It really elucidates you on the fact that modern politics is just religion and affects the same part of the brain as religion does. It's no different than someone aggressively asking you if you're a Catholic or a Protestant in 16th century France
2023-10-04 18:31
Asia refmonster
dead, safe, and brighter
2023-10-04 14:44
I think some places in Canada do have a good nightlife scene. I just don't go outside enough to know if it's true or not
2023-10-04 15:24
greece/athens : 10/10 you can find everything
2023-10-04 15:26
2023-10-04 15:26
Scotland Ludax this stockholm night life is better
2023-10-04 18:37
kafir activities...
2023-10-04 19:09
8/10, Santiago isn't a really big city compared to other capitals, so you can go to different places without losing time, and that offer a lot options of what you can do: different kinds of bars and clubs. I could complain about the prices, because even the (once) cheaper places are becoming really expensive now, but i guess that's happening everywhere.
2023-10-05 04:58
Ottawa - non existent
2023-10-05 05:26
There is no way you even put "6/10" on any nightlife in any city in Sweden, we have like 0 nightlife compared to other countries. One of the few things i really hate about Sweden
2023-10-05 05:58
England DB_R20
Colchester very boring mix of military and uni town, lots of fighting
2023-10-05 12:11
come to liverpool, only nightclub for gays
2023-10-05 18:43
paris would be a 10 but the people make it a 3
2023-10-05 18:46
0/8 u WILL get robbed at gunpoint
2023-10-05 18:50
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Italy Skye620
Shame. Your country looks amazing and id love to visit!
2023-10-06 12:16
Moscow is 10/10 tbh, half of the venues are open all night, you can always find something for your taste and your finances, some small stores do sell alcohol after midnight, a lot of 24/7 stores in general where you can grab some water or food, a lot of beautiful parks and boulevards, downtown is super walkable at night and there's night bus routes that will let you get from downtown to any "sleeping neighborhood" also local music and girls are crazy, best or second best in the country (depends on who u ask)
2023-10-06 07:15
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