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UK Get in Here
Not CSGO related but I'm not sure if anyone saw this. The Jacksonville Jaguars, an American Handegg (football) team, plays twice in England this year with both times selling out Wembley. It is one of the smallest markets in the US and thus their stadium is pretty shit. The owner basically said if they don't get 1 billion dollars in renovation they are moving, and London is the most likely spot for their move. My question is, how much interest is there even??? I mean I know they sold out Wembley twice but is that just for the novelty of it? I know most of you guys hate handegg right? Just curious where the idea comes from
2023-10-01 07:37
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Handegg is about the most retadacted word to ever be uttered and of course it came from a brit
2023-10-01 07:41
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I'm American, but they call it that. I love American football lol. I play 12 fantasy leagues lmao
2023-10-01 07:42
Finland ristonen
still more accurate than American football
2023-10-01 07:44
Argentina PauloDybala
but its a handegg thou
2023-10-01 07:52
Crying American is crying
2023-10-01 18:21
United States KhanQu3st
Is this being floated again? I thought Shad Khan (their owner) signed a new contract to stay in Jacksonville? It was rumored they would move to London and rebrand for a while tho.
2023-10-01 07:46
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it's more likely than it's ever been at this point. Khan basically said they need 2 billion dollars and they are willing to put up 1 if 1 gets matched by the city. But the city isn't gonna bite, so they are likely moving. London seems to be their favorite buyer atm. If you look at the Khan's other business, AEW (owned by his son and him but mostly his son) they have a lot of ties to London atm
2023-10-01 08:07
It's a great sport if you give it a chance. I guess I know the answer from most on here will be "Oh it sucks I hate it" or whatever, but if anyone has any insight on the non-gamer vibe or something. I mean you don't sell out Wembley if everyone hates it.
2023-10-01 08:17
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Germany Koalafire
I gave it a chance and still don´t feel the hype. If i rank ballsports for me to watch: 1. Football 2. Basketball 3. Handball 4. Baseball 5.Tennis 6. American Football Hey at least its above Golf!
2023-10-01 08:31
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North America Swboy1010
what about Volleyball?
2023-10-01 08:37
fair enough. Not for everyone man! I don't mind EU Football and all myself. I do prefer American for me, and baseball quite a lot as well.
2023-10-01 08:39
I'm sure even badminton > american football in UK Hell maybe even disc golf by now or in 2 years atleast
2023-10-01 08:54
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That's his personal opinion not his opinion on the UK market. I'm sorry but you do not sell out a 90+ thousand person arena if your event has no market. I am just curious how big it could possibly be. It clearly HAS a market, but it cannot be consistent in my mind
2023-10-01 09:04
Argentina fribergoat
2023-10-01 08:25
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American Football. Handegg, you know. It's really a fun game when you end up gettin into it
2023-10-01 08:29
Scotland Ludax
I knew when I saw UK get in here there was a 80% chance it was sports related
2023-10-01 08:39
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lmao it usually is
2023-10-01 09:03
Is this an NFL team? Is their even any american football teams in england? Also I doubt england would ever accept NFL considering soccer dominates and for those who want to see contact sports, they have a good rugby scene.
2023-10-01 08:46
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There's no NFL team based in the UK. This would be a first. There is however an annual 2 games in London (or 4 I can't remember). They do generally sell out
2023-10-01 08:45
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Would they then still play US teams? I doubt NFL teams would want to fly out to UK, especially considering they would need to hire training facilities etc while they warmup for a game?
2023-10-01 08:47
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Apparently that's the idea. I have no idea how the logistics would work because generally you play a home and an away game every other week. With MOST games being on Sunday but the chance of a Monday or Thursday game. So it just seems like a ton, especially since they'd have to practice in London before I assume flying to the US 2 days prior? But it's the plan Most teams do practice or do a light practice the night before. But I assume this is just not possible with the flying edit: warmups are usually done in the hosting stadium with no issue
2023-10-01 08:53
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It seems unlikely but tbh im all for it. While I absolutely hate watching NFL, I find it really stupid have a country with so much wealth not investing in the international sport scene. If the solution to that is making American Football international, then atleast America wont be seperated from rest of world in Sports.
2023-10-01 08:53
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They have been recently trying to break into the Euro market. They have those annual London games and a decent ad budget. Then they recently started an annual game or 2 in Germany and it's also been selling out well. They're gonna start trying more
2023-10-01 08:59
I think the success rate is as high as selling bibles in Iran.
2023-10-01 08:53
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the yearly games ARE widely successful I will say. It's just a weird system
2023-10-01 08:54
me personally, i will watch superbowl, and nothing else about nfl
2023-10-01 09:20
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Like most things, if you pick a team to support and follow them it gets more interesting. But I guess you wouldn't have a home team to make it easy.
2023-10-01 09:29
Pick the Rams. You guys have a ram on your coat of arms anyway lol
2023-10-01 09:52
Its getting more popular over here but you gotta remember there are a lot of US people living in UK so as you can imagine so games will always be sold out. I never used to watch NFL but started watching it a few years ago, season where KCC v SF in superbowl. As for Jacksonville Jaguars, their owner I believe owns Fulham FC (premier league team) so thats where the idea probably comes from.
2023-10-01 09:56
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Yea he does, That's also why his son's wrestling promotion, AEW, has been trying to completely corner the UK market a lot. They clearly see money there. And yeah I suppose that's true about the US immigrants, didn't consider that. But is it rubbing off on locals then? I mean you started at least watchin a little That was a fun bowl game btw.
2023-10-01 09:58
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Yeah it is but still a long way to go... I'm a Chiefs fan as I got hooked on Mahomes during that season. The TV coverage of matches has increased, usually the London games will be on free-to-air tv channels in UK too but will never surpass other sports like football or cricket over here
2023-10-01 10:16
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Oh yeah I know it has no chance to hold a candle to something like those 2 in the UK. It's just interesting to see it shape differently in another country. Mahomes is a monster. He isn't Tom Brady good but he is absolutely amazing. I have the unfortunate baggage of being a Cleveland Browns fan. The most cursed and poorly managed franchise there is. Though they are actually looking pretty decent this year
2023-10-01 10:18
World spaaace
it has very little interest here, sellout events are just novelty. Imagine football (soccer) games in the US, of euro teams whilst not having the MLS, they would sell out too.
2023-10-01 10:21
Those games are all American expats taking out their British co-workers
2023-10-01 10:23
United Kingdom chexsum
TBH its cheaper than a flight to Murica if you want to watch Gridiron. Lots of old people got into it in the 90s because it was broadcasted on public television and any stadium sport has a good atmosphere for viewers. The season will likely feel like an off-season weather-wise but true athletes dont care about weather. they used to do gridiron, baseball and hockey on TV - just one or two games per week (in straya don lane used to present it on ABC) but broadcast rights pricing went through the roof and public broadcasters stopped paying for it. Same thing happened with international soccer (yes Im UK and call it soccer - scots-aussie). Im glad we get games on youtube nowadays because I dont pay to watch people play.
2023-10-01 10:32
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Yeah that makes sense about the older folk. I read above that they're started to broadcast the London games on free channels now. If the Jags moved over I'm curious if that would come with a perma deal to air all their games It'll be very different for the Jags weather-wise since they're from Florida. But there's teams in the NFL that have very similar weather patterns to the UK in their home cities so it certainly isn't impossible
2023-10-01 10:30
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Sky sports like the biggest and only broadcaster in UK had a dedicated channel to NFL, they pick the biggest games on Sunday nights to show and have redzone too if u wanna watch all scores. They show the other thursday/monday night matches so its not too bad but the pundits are terrible from what I hear from long-term NFL fans. lol just seen that jags play today at wembley
2023-10-01 10:54
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Oh ok that's cool. We have a similar thing here. Sucks about the pundits, a good one can actually add a lot to the game and help you really understand what is going on. Monday is considered the "prime" game usually, tends to try to pick the best teams or the biggest rivals to play then. However, sometimes it leads to 2 terribly underperforming teams butting heads and just being a clown fiesta lol And yeah, part of the reason i thought about it today lol. They actually successfully lobbied to play in BOTH the London games this year, just adds fuel to the fire they are moving there
2023-10-01 10:58
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lucky for me last 2 chiefs matches been shown at times I can watch 6pm and 9pm, but that game v the jags was terrible, flags thrown every play. jets game I'll watch highlights as too late
2023-10-01 11:05
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happens, sometimes the refs want to be insanely critical and sometimes they want to just completely ignore the rules. Always weird. I imagine Chiefs would be shown a lot since they're one of the best teams in the NFL Did they air the Dolphins-Broncos game from last week? It was historically terrible for the Broncos. Probably the worst defensive game of all time and absolutely hilarious to see. Score was 70-20 and the best thing is it could have been more but the team captains and the head coach agreed to kneel and not go for it to spare the Broncos from being the team to give up the most points in history. They said they wouldn't want to have that record and would hope if it were the other way around the Broncos would do the same to spare them lmao
2023-10-01 11:08
4 replies
started off with flags being thrown on chiefs for false starts, incorrect formation and other fouls and I nope but that was huge margin win for dolphins I seen the highlights for that rofl
2023-10-01 11:09
3 replies
All Browns fans still semi hate the Broncos for what John Elway did to us in the past (infamous fuck ups or miracle drives by the Broncos and Elway as their QB that stopped us from winning superbowls) so it was a delight to see Half joking because I did like seeing Peyton Manning win a superbowl on the Broncos years ago
2023-10-01 11:12
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Russell Wilson washed as QB like Jimmy G
2023-10-01 11:17
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Idk man the offense actually did it's job fairly well. You'd be shocked at how bad that defense was that game. it was statistically the worst defensive performance in EVERY category. Every single one. From QB pressure to broken tackles. It was legitimately the worst game of football ever played on one side of the ball With that being said Russ went from being elite to pretty average to below average
2023-10-01 11:21
o wow it's that bad that you don't even get international soccer? That's crazy with how popular it is. I assume you obviously get all the UK leagues.
2023-10-01 10:38
Finland dianimo
i live here despite not being from here. i have a couple of freinds really into it, but i dont know many ppl who like it. uk football way more popular to my knowledge
2023-10-01 10:51
3 replies
Oh for sure, I know it doesn't hold a candle to soccer there or really anywhere else for sure. But it is kind of cool seeing that it is somewhat growing internationally
2023-10-01 10:57
2 replies
Finland dianimo
yeah sure and i get your point that every so often they can sell out a big venue, but can you do it here regularly if its not a 'special' thing? im not so sure
2023-10-01 12:51
1 reply
Honestly no idea. I mean I know it wouldn't be Wembley every time for sure. But could they sell, let's say, 20k tickets?
2023-10-01 18:20
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