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Help! : CSP 1.10 Not responding
India risK^ 
So I downloaded CSP 1.10 patch & Source SDK base 2007, while downloading, SDK base 2006 also started to download. Now both the downloads (SDK Base 2007 and CSP 1.10) are done , I installed them, but If I try to CREATE GAME or Join a Server, It gets stuck at Initializing Resources.. and When I try to join a Server, It gets stuck at retrieving Server Info. So how to Fix this? Should I download the SDK Base 2006 too?
2012-12-24 19:44
disable steam in-game access
2012-12-24 19:46
India risK^ 
I did, But when I start the Game, the In-game access is still enabled. I checked the properties and, the Checkbox is unchecked and yet there is in-game access.
2012-12-24 19:59
2012-12-24 20:01 Dont know if it works for 1-10 Try this down here first :o "For those that have chosen to utilize the .EXE self-extraction installer: Follow the on-screen prompts to install the mod Restart the Steam client after a successful install to allow the mod to show up under the Steam 'Library' list. Steam should download all the additional files automatically on the first run. So be patient."
2012-12-24 20:02
Well I tried everything else, Except downloading the base 2006 & the TF2 method. Guess I'll try that.
2012-12-24 20:02
Download 2006 maybe it will work if not check #13 If you still have problems call me again
2012-12-24 20:04
2012-12-24 20:05
Brazil Xen. 
Create and wait this take some minutes to load in the first time. This is "normal".
2012-12-24 19:57
40-45 Minutes is normal?
2012-12-24 20:01
Unistall and then reinstall with the steps like I said in #6
2012-12-24 20:03
almost yes I have waited for 30 minutes
2012-12-25 08:16
what the hell are you guys replying about lol he just needs to wait for the game to finish downloading the last files it needs to run the game properly. the wait can be from 1min to 5min to 1h depends on your internet , and it will do this on every new map you play on for the first time. just dont exit with task manager and wait.
2012-12-24 21:56
Finland teco 
2012-12-24 22:33
That long wait for every Map? :| Life is short. Guess I'll stick to GO.
2012-12-25 07:36
life aint short your inet is shit took 2min for me , 5min for others , 7min for others and so on , not my fault
2012-12-25 08:11
I would say distance between Asia and Western country that make the transfer rate really slow
2012-12-25 08:22
Just wait, the first time is slower in this BETA version ^^
2012-12-24 22:03
lol i tought installed it wrong i will wait untill it loads the map now thanks a lot or the help :D
2012-12-25 07:40
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