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Poland mynio:D 
2012-12-26 13:39
Spain garci 
at the world
2012-12-26 13:40
He joined *tru stowri*
2012-12-26 13:42
he loves the life he lives and lives the life he loves
2012-12-26 13:44
China Specster 
Many of us already though about it. Would be nice to see him again. Anyways Nomad, lurppis, MIRAA, etc are doing great job!
2012-12-26 13:44
ye miss his interviews :)
2012-12-26 13:51
What about that notebook? Maybe that guy found nixon? :o
2012-12-26 14:21
Poland El Vis 
what notebook? whats the story ? :D
2012-12-26 14:28
I dont know story well. But something like some guy (event organizer if im not wrong) gave notebook to nixon but didnt get money for it.
2012-12-26 14:58
He took notebook from some american guy and still didn't pay for it.
2012-12-26 14:58
He is studying, specializing in mass-media/communication.
2012-12-26 14:55
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