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Unsmooth game
Hi guys, i am watching this video now and i have same problem with this guy. I have this problem "ALL FPS GAMES" on my pc not just 1.6 If you know "How to fix" please tell me. Regards.
2012-12-26 15:05
Come on guys, No one does not know?
2012-12-26 15:12 It's not that smooth since nVidia 8800 series. Videocard probably has to do anything with OpenGL or DirectX versions hardware support. Try to use different AF, AA values it helps sometimes. 4xAA 8xAF works good for me if registry sux so much. Try to use some color settings of progamer who has same or similiar videocard.
2012-12-26 16:54
it has nothing to do with the gpu cuz i have the problem with nvidia hd radeon and intel,i suppose it's a motherboard issue since i changed everything except for the motherboard.
2012-12-26 17:22
hmm, i want really fix this problem too. i am stopped cs 1.6 (professional) but i have same problem on GO
2012-12-26 21:04
Slovakia 851 
+1 totally same here its motherboard issue or maybe issue between chipset and game engine
2013-01-10 22:16
you mean i'll not have this issue with nvidia 8xxx series and previous versions ?
2012-12-29 22:20
I don't want to promise anything but I didn't hear people with it complaining about things like that. Just saw them doing sick shots. I am not sure how good is nowadays generation of GPUs. But buying old GPU just to try if it helps is not so good reason.
2012-12-29 22:27
hmm ..because i have 9500 GT ... have a friend with 8800 GTX and another one with 8600 gts ..both guys play verry well
2012-12-29 22:31
i have 9500 gt too and geforce 210
2012-12-29 22:46
9500 gt has many problems im not talking about 1.6 but at all it sucks
2012-12-29 23:00
i talking about same with you brother, i have problem in all fps games
2013-12-30 13:37
I played on PCs equiped with 8800 GTS and some 9XXX in gaming centre. I didn't play smoother 1.6 in my life than with 8800 GTS. With the 9XXX card I felt kinda disappointed but still better feeling than with any ATI GPU I have ever tried. oskar! had 7900 GS and coloN has 8800 GT 512 MB. If I wanted to become online hero in 1.6 I would get the best available GPU from 8800 series. Can't tell you why does it work like this but this is my pure experience and research.
2013-12-30 03:25
thank u for ur feedback :) .. i'll try to use one of them soon ..thanks again
2013-12-30 11:43
That aiming is bad and you should feel bad.
2012-12-26 15:19 well, this is normally?
2012-12-26 15:20
Internet or LAN?
2012-12-26 15:30
These video on iNet, but i have same problem on local game (LAN)
2012-12-26 15:31
Uninstall and delete CS and try re-installing. By the way, the way that guy is doing burst fire with AK, that recoil kick looks pretty normal to me.
2012-12-26 15:36
This trick doesn't help for fix my problem. I tryed already re-install. My pc specs good but imo; this is hw problem. Just idk which is wrong.
2012-12-26 15:41
Listen. Format your PC, install steam and CS 1.6. download some pros config which is already setup. if it still fucked up, you are just telling your mind that something is wrong because you suck. new internet provider maybe? get them to reset your connection or get a new provider. if not, try upgrading your CPU/CPU fan or something, maybe it gets too hot. Thats all anyone can tell you, aside from that you're pretty much screwed.
2013-01-02 09:00
man :D ...personnaly, i don't expect a fix for this huge problem ..except if someone had it and has fixed it... (plz read #23 ) hope that u understand that this issue exist for many players and we can't explain it logically for u's like bullets aren't powerfull or somthing like that ... imagin urself shooting someone (only one) havin a glock and you have M4 ... and you got 95 dmg or dying look at this : idc if u still not believing on this ! Ty :)
2013-01-02 12:12
I already tried this method bro, i have same problem in langame ( local ) so this is not internet problem
2013-01-02 16:56
Well you're saying it is like this in all games you are playing? So it can only be either of the following: your internet provider is causing it, or it is hardware related. And if it also occurs on LAN, it is probably your hardware. Try with another PC.
2013-01-02 21:05
yeah i have problem in all fps games and i don't have this problem in my sister's laptop. but i can't take my sisters laptop. she don't give me :D i must fix problem on my pc or "gg games, gg life"
2013-01-02 21:11
Well then it is PC related. Don't know if you are able to buy a new one or put one together yourself, but you can get a very cheap PC if you only need to run 1.6.
2013-01-02 22:01
i can't buy new pc but my pc is new too :S
2013-01-03 00:03
Doesn't matter, if it is fine on your sisters PC and u have formated, reinstalled cs 1.6, restarted router, got a new cfg (pro players), it is probably a hardware failure or something like that in your PC. It can still be damaged even if its new, and the company who sold the PC to you should be able to get you a new one.
2013-01-03 01:07
I am formatting my pc 5x times, and other OS. and using same settings on both computers ( my sisters laptop and my desktop ) if you know other solution, please add me on steam.
2013-01-03 03:26
What I would suggest you to do is emailing or calling the store who sold the PC to you, and tell them you have a feeling that some of the hardware might be damaged. Send it in and let them fix it for you. However, it is probably the motherboard. So it might be just better to buy a new cheap motherboard if you can't afford something expensive. :) Maybe update your BIOS. That might help. Heres a tutorial: Also, I don't have your steam so I can't add you. The steam username you gave chrisJ is not working.
2013-01-03 04:08
actually that "if it still fucked up, you are just telling your mind that something is wrong because you suck." is bullshit.. there's 10000000000000000000000000000 players with this problem, even I had it.. m4 spray without controlling it should make a T shape on the wall.. mine made a banana to the left directly.. same thing with usp.. if u spam it, the bullets should go STRAIGHT up.. mine was all over the place. and one more example is shooting with AWP: shoot the first shot with scope and just continue pressing mouse1 to shoot as fast as u can.. all the bullets should land in to ONE spot not randomly everywhere. oh and just read #23 and realized that I forgot to say about the RLY slow and laggy spray.. the game is rly smooth but when u spray it feels like it takes forever to empty a clip. And yes I'm pretty sure its not internet related since I've had 3 different internets @ my house past 2 years and been at my friends place too. 24/1 ADSL+2, 10/2 Cable, 100/10 Cable.
2013-01-07 07:45
This shouldn't affect your gameplay as it's only visual.. 1.6 recoil is not the way you see it on walls. That's why the only way you can learn it is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE
2012-12-26 16:01
yeah, practice. are you kidding me? i am playing cs since 1999. i am playing cs 99 between 2006 with no problem. now i have new pc since 2007 i had this problem.
2012-12-29 22:51
Motivation problem causes your aim and reflexes to suck maybe?
2013-12-30 00:25
Nope, you can't understand.
2013-12-30 13:38
well lets give you random bullet visuals and u try to control ur aim while shooting.. It rly is hard with this problem, Ive had it too. #185 Also if u shoot like 2-3 bullet burst the 2nd & third bullet might be ANYWHERE. same thing with famas bursts.. Ive tried it on other computers and the burst lands in to pretty small area, but on my pc the same burst makes 2-3 times bigger spread.
2013-01-07 07:48
plz let em talking as they can .. i've wasted many times explaining ppl this issue.i was stupid doing it ... the're few friends who believed me .. & now i have problems with noobs who just wanted to play with me in the past ! btw .. i asked 10 of my friends to do this: they was surprised, all of em say it's easy,and mine was extremly different PS :each one has made it in its own and local server, shots were 3bullets/second
2013-01-07 11:53
yeah this is just what i mean with the usp.
2013-01-07 13:02
you feel that somthing is wrong with ur AK or M4 ,AWP ?
2013-01-07 14:50
#185 and to add to that comment about the AWP.. like 1/2 shots I shoot thru middle in d2 terrorist the bullet hits above on the wall though I'm standing still.
2013-01-07 15:10
i have this problem too i know whay im sayilng
2013-01-07 15:35
wee all know ..tell ppl who says that we should play DM et practice more ....
2013-01-07 15:43
same problem here,actually there are a lot of people who have this problem,so u guys if u can't help please don't flame,thank you.
2012-12-26 15:55
The famas isn't very accurate in 1.6 if you just run around and do senseless spamming Play on LAN and then on online servers after and you can quickly tell that the problem is server related SOLUTION: Don't buy your crappy servers.
2012-12-26 15:58
You don't read my post. I have this problem on LOCAL(LAN) Game. my server settings are; sv_maxrate 25000 sys_ticrate 1000 or 10000 sv_maxupdaterate 101
2012-12-26 16:30
hello guys let me explain the situation i had..and stiil have this problem... it's unexplainable logically...don't tell me that i'm noob or just depressed ... because i've played with good and normal counter strike (smooth gamplay ) for 3 years before this problem happened in 2009 for me.. I'll explain with more details here are some cases of this problem : -crosshair goes up-right-left even if you control it -bad rate-bullets, even if you have 100fps shots slowly like 60 70 fps -in 1vs1 situation: you shot first in the head ,and miraculously he got you (it's like his bullets are registred and yours, not) -slow mouvements,zoom awp,switch weapons, hard bunnyjump .. i have said the same shit about this fu*** problem for peapole who's just crying before ... becose i hadn't ....and now ... i've discovred what they mean ...
2012-12-26 16:36
+112349012890 i have same problem is shit brother.
2012-12-26 22:10
"-crosshair goes up-right-left even if you control it" I used to have this aswell - then we got a new internet connection. :) This problem is caused by your internet! Scan for malware. It might be affecting your connection to the internet "-bad rate-bullets, even if you have 100fps shots slowly like 60 70 fps" I'm also experiencing this when i play on bad servers. Experienced it earlier today actually on a swedish server. Stressed me! "-in 1vs1 situation: you shot first in the head ,and miraculously he got you (it's like his bullets are registred and yours, not)" Sounds like the server is again bad. You either missed him by 1/1000 of an inch or the first said. Remember that the hitboxes in 1.6 are smaller then the models. I don't know what kind of shitty servers you have in Turkey or what kind of horrible internet connections but I can asure you that your problems all has something to do with your connection.
2012-12-27 02:38
let's say that i agree with u in the first and 3rd situations ...but im not in the 2nd one "-bad rate-bullets, even if you have 100fps shots slowly like 60 70 fps" I'm also experiencing this when i play on bad servers. Experienced it earlier today actually on a swedish server. Stressed me! how u can explain this if i tell u that this happen to me on a local too? it seems strange but true :/
2012-12-27 02:56
You probs. get choke or something caused by your bad Internet connection ?
2012-12-29 15:16
choke 0 - loss 0 .. somtimes i have jitter ( 10 - 5 ) but it's rarely ... my quetion is ; why i have the same sh*t in local server too :|
2012-12-29 15:55
2013-12-30 15:06
i use bill2's process ..configured with all these things ..ty :)
2013-12-30 16:06
bad aiming 100fps 101 101 0.01 25000
2012-12-26 17:27
omgg plz read 23 -.-
2012-12-26 18:09
So what about just format c: and a call to your internet provider to reset your connection. It's just so simple to fix it, lol. If it's the same problem then it's just illusion. (:
2012-12-26 19:05
the problem exist in new game to we have formated our pc's thousand times already......and no it is not fucking delusional,when i play in any pc the game is ok,but when i play in my pc it's horrible,believe it or not,i even play in lan with some friends in some old computers (p4 with intel graphic card) the fps is so low,and still the game is smooth and the hitbox is great,does this wall of text makes u get the situation or not yet ?
2012-12-26 23:18
Then it's hardware related. If 1.6 really matters so much to do then change your hardware.
2012-12-27 02:39
Which is wrong hardware? i can't test other hardware because i don't have money, how i can test other methods?
2012-12-27 03:00
pentium4 and some 512mb card
2012-12-27 03:32
look at my profile and look at my hardware o_O
2012-12-27 05:42
2012-12-27 10:32
wht's wrong with AMD ? many ppl play with
2012-12-27 12:00
i have intel...
2012-12-27 17:26
it's a motherboard issue for sure but i have no money,plus gaming motherboards are really expensive,so i'm looking for some bios settings or anything that will do the trick other than changing the motherboard.
2012-12-27 17:25
+1 , if you found any setting, please tell me.
2012-12-27 21:36
2013-12-30 17:43
I have bad recoil on internet too, it's broken since more than half year. Don't like it :<
2012-12-26 18:13
yeah i know, polish iNet is very bad but i have same problem on local game :/
2012-12-26 19:55
I dont see anything unusual in this vid expect very bad playing/aiming :o ?
2012-12-26 20:00
Nope, this is recoil and hitbox problem in my case. But i don't know which is wrong. I am playing CS since 1999, my old pc have doesn't problem with cs, i can play really good ( normal ) On my new pc ( because my old pc is crashed 3 yrs ago ) i can't kill enemy :) i am not unskilled or bad player, this is just computer problem.
2012-12-26 21:09
I know the answer, it is called bad internet connection. And don't even write how many Mbits you have, it's least important.
2012-12-26 22:14
Look at please #7
2012-12-26 22:24
It is not internet connection related problem. I used to have those problems some time ago, with stable, very good internet connection, 0 loss, choke, etc. Anyway I can't define what is the cause of this lack of smoothness in game.
2012-12-28 22:26
+1 bro
2012-12-28 23:15
you have no clue about how internet connectivity works, saying that your connection is good by looking at cs graph is like... lol. Tell that any IT specialist and he will laugh at you. Unless you have fiber connection, you are always vulnerable to line flaws, and there are many of them. Just read it in google.
2012-12-29 13:54
Did I say anywhere that I claim 0 loss and 0 choke make my internet connection good? Also, like mentioned before, same problems occured on LAN game, so what's your problem dude?
2012-12-29 14:14
to all of you saying this shit doesn't exist please read #43,and if u don't get it hit ur head with a wall,there might be something wrong with your brain.
2012-12-26 23:19
Call your freakin' provider to reset your connection. Otherwise change your provider. What do you guys want us to answer? We aren't magicians.
2012-12-27 00:24
Are you kidding? This is not internet connection problem, i can't kill enemy on my computer ( local game too )
2012-12-27 00:39
THEN GET YOUR FUCKING HARDWARE WORKING JEEZUS CHRIST MAYBE YOU'RE JUST FREAKIN BAD. Formate your PC and if it's not working check your fucking hardware. What's the problem by doing this? Buy a new computer and your placebo will be gone.
2012-12-27 01:08
Can you send money for me?! I am student and i'll wait pay.
2012-12-27 01:18
I'm a schoolboy and I'm spoiled. <3
2012-12-27 01:27
shut up then XD
2012-12-27 01:56
same as #52 :D
2012-12-27 02:26
i don't see anything wrong with that video, the guy just doesnt know how to aim... Not to mention that server is running bots and probably AMX mod which is horrible for reg.
2012-12-27 03:55
please look #7
2012-12-27 05:42
"...and probably AMX mod which is horrible for reg." what do you mean by this? reg = hitbox? (thank you)
2012-12-27 14:10
bad sycnhronisation between players and the server
2012-12-27 14:46
2012-12-27 16:20
all sorts of mod (especially AMX) cause the server to be a bit unstable and often people complain about poor rego.
2012-12-27 15:27
thanks again.
2012-12-27 16:20
haha lol
2012-12-27 15:30
i agree in this case ...this video isn't clear ... but trust me, this issue the past ( ... < 2009) i was able to play normal like everyone and improve my skills, i mean, i hadn't any issue in the game, in 2010, i bought new computer and all my cs life changed with ..still can't kill unskilled guys in short , it has nothing with skills.
2012-12-28 16:00
Just give demo, video you didn`t record yourself is meaningless.
2012-12-27 12:12
Slovakia 851 
i know this problem. buyed new computer same problem here. i dont play 1.6 anymore, recoil is just different on different pc trust me or not its true. Try record your gameplay by camera , not by fraps and record live gameplay on dm not demo. btw, cs:go is perfectly smooth no problem
2012-12-27 12:55
I bought exactly 3 PC's in the time I played Cs 1.6 plus a Laptop and it's the same everywhere except that the better the PC is the smoother is the game.
2012-12-27 15:02
Slovakia 851 
ok then we are all paranoid . sorry
2012-12-27 20:28
have u checked ur internet ?
2012-12-28 16:01
Why would I? My Internet's perfect.
2012-12-28 16:01
u've said I bought exactly 3 PC'sand if you have a smooth gamplay without any issue on a local server .. it can be ur internet the cause
2012-12-28 16:23
I don't have any problem? I just said that it got better and better by buying better PC's. I run CS:GO with 250-300FPS on 75Hz.
2012-12-28 16:24
ah ok ... but remember in my case (or anyone who has this issue ) it's not about performence ..i have 100 fps 100 Hz
2012-12-28 16:27
Well, I could say that I have same problem. But I already got used to it , by adapting my skills and playing style. As result I`ve gotten skills and playing style whose I most likely wouldn`t use if I didn`t have any problems with my computer. Game still is not smooth, have lags and problems with hitreg, but that`s an nice handicap now and gives motivation to improve and polish different skills rather than just beign something that hinders me.
2012-12-27 13:14
lol i ve been playing a lot last 2 years with this problem,it has nothing to do with skills...
2012-12-27 17:27
No, there is an way to improve bad hitreg and an way to go past laggy and unsmooth fps... Not going to give any spoilers, except that they both have nothing to do with config nor pc settings.
2012-12-27 22:30
2012-12-28 01:25
Try having Windows Media Player open in the background, not playing anything, just open. Seems to fix for me.
2012-12-28 16:11
it seems strange .. any logical explanation ?
2012-12-28 16:15
explaination - he`s trolling. x)
2012-12-28 16:19
he is not trolling. You clearly have no idea how MMCSS works. Basically by having it open, it forces the CPU to read faster (more often) because that is required to play media. Opening MediaPlayer or a USB can trick the cpu into running faster. Long explaination below Multimedia Class Scheduler Service (MMCSS) is a Windows service that boosts the CPU as well as I/O priority of a thread. It allows an application to get prioritized access to CPU for time-sensitive processing (such as multimedia applications) as well as prioritized disc access to ensure that the process is not starved of data to process. The MMCSS service monitors the CPU load and dynamically adjusts priority so that the application can use as much CPU time as possible without denying CPU to lower priority applications
2013-12-30 14:18
o_O i know mmcss but i try open windows media player and just play in backround. now i can't see any differences. Please more information, regards.
2013-12-30 14:22
what version of windows do you have ?
2013-12-30 14:29
I tryed 3 different os on my pc, now using win7 64 bit home premium. i already tryed winXP sp3 and win7 ultimate
2013-12-30 14:47
You seem to be rich for obviously BUYING all the versions. :)))))
2013-12-30 16:24
nope just cracked version :3 :D
2013-12-30 16:45
I don't think supports illegal stuff.
2013-12-30 17:53
2013-12-30 18:15
2013-12-30 18:16
i'm using win XP SP3 .. when i type services.msc ...can't find this service :|
2013-12-30 14:53
are you know any other tweak bro? if you can add me on steam, my steam id : byzaqor.
2012-12-28 21:10
You are aiming at the wrong pixel
2012-12-28 17:16
What the, how to aim true pixel o_O
2012-12-28 17:47
meh, buggy-ass game
2012-12-28 17:50
yeah, same prob in all fps game :/
2012-12-28 21:09
fatass nerd
2013-12-30 00:42
Just like fifa13. I miss old stuff like cs 1.5 or even 1.6, fifa 2002 and so on..
2013-12-30 16:28
Right click on My Computer , Properties , Advanced System Settings , Performance > Settings , Adjust for best performance. Did it help?
2012-12-28 21:14
Nope bro. I don't have performance problem. My pc hardware is good and i have always 99 between 100 fps. didn't help sorry :(
2012-12-28 21:36
Just do it. Even on my new computer it had better recoil on 1.6
2012-12-28 22:16
I know my bro, i am already set "Adjust best performance"
2012-12-28 22:18
Slovakia 851 
2012-12-29 00:12
Maybe your hard drive is failing? I had a problem with Battlefield 3 multiplayer, when my hard drive was not able to keep up with the data bandwidth. I had high fps numbers all the time, but the game was lagging. I changed my HDD for an SSD and it runs perfectly smooth. I'm not saying that you need an SSD for cs 1.6, just a newer hard drive. Use CrystalDisk Info and Mark to check you hard drives for any problems.
2012-12-29 15:26
My pc is too new o_O Imo this is not hdd problem :S
2012-12-29 15:48
Is it so difficult to test? It takes couple freakin minutes, your hdd might be defective from the beginning. You can just keep guessing and creating new posts, use taro cards, astrology or another bullshit, or you can run simple test and figure out your problems.
2012-12-29 16:02
you can send me any link for test program?
2012-12-29 17:55
Ctrl+alt+del . go to processes . look for your game's process(CS1.6 is hl.exe), right click, set priority to high, affinity to one core(CPU 0 only ticked).
2013-12-30 14:19
i using same setting, my bullets going little bit delayed, what is this problem o_O
2013-12-30 14:23
2013-12-30 14:28
if you're on NVidia, go to 3D setting. look for preprocessing shit, set it to 1(default 3)
2013-12-30 14:29
already same setting bro :)
2013-12-30 14:45
i've already tried it,and it didn't change anything.
2013-12-30 19:29
+1 my mouse going feels laggy and mouse movement ramdomize accel now O_O
2013-12-30 19:57
just play around with priority tab then. :D
2013-01-01 15:09
which setting o_O
2013-01-01 20:10
right click on hl.exe , choose on Priority . pick on "High". Are you using 1.6 original steam version?
2013-01-02 06:04
yeah ofcourse. have on task manager, steam.exe and gameoverlayui.exe doesn't change this settings?
2013-01-02 08:17
have you play around with steam's setting?
2013-01-02 17:22
yeap, i try with both setting and without setting.
2013-01-02 17:44
well the last possibility is your internet connection. check it out on look for the nearest test server
2013-01-02 18:05 O_O ping showing 91 but on tr servers 25 between 35 why showing 91? i can't understand
2013-01-02 19:45
cl_updaterate 100 cl_cmdrate 105 rate 20000 net_graph 1 it's not your hardware, it's your internet connection. problem solved
2013-01-02 20:00
same problem in local game What is this o_O
2013-01-02 20:51
because you probably tested in a server that its not turkish(and dont use rate 20k,use 25k-30k)
2013-01-02 20:45
lol you must be a professional CS player! you are so knowledgeable in counter strike!
2013-01-07 03:32
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL,you really believe that?XD,it was 2 years ago that thing :P,and if you have a good inet conection why the hell shouldnt u use rate 30k or 25k?the svs have maxrate 30k most of them,dont know which world ure living in
2013-01-07 03:39
Did you even read it. "it was 2 years ago" yeah like CS 1.6 game and engine has ever changed
2013-01-07 16:07
the placebo is strong with this one
2013-01-02 19:23
You are fucking lier bro, not placebo. This is real problem, but you don't know because you don't have this problem never.
2013-01-02 19:45
It is a real problem indeed as I have experienced on a PC as well in the past, but there is no fix to it as far as I know.
2013-01-02 21:50
chris please add me on steam: byzaqor
2013-01-02 21:58
2013-01-07 04:29
Slovakia 851 
nice! finally someone from pro players which CAN CONFIRM THAT PROBLEM IS REAL!. thank you chrisj
2013-01-11 23:34
Slovakia 851 
i know this problem very well and fix for this doesnt exists. its motherboard issue. stop searching for fix on where randoms dont know this problem. everything what you can hear is DUDE fix your rates, dude fix your hz,. TROLOLOLO.. Quake Live is also very unsmooth and slow for me. Quake Live = Quake 3 Engine = Quake 2 engine. Quake 2 engine = GoldSrc Engine= Source Engine. We are screwed and there is no fix
2013-01-02 21:22
Slovakia 851 
I spended many many nights to find a solution also like other warriors like schoof and all guys in cs isnt smooth thread. I tried so much things and nothing works. Its making me kinda mad when always on this site iam speaking about this problem and people thinks we are paranoid. And remember: Smoothness and Recoil problem are two different problem. My recoil is like delayed, or not synced with movements. When i launch game i go to deadmatch and check game is smooth if no i will restart CS several times until does. But after changelevel or change server, problem always return. And if even my game is smooth my recoil stills stay delayed. I should post here a video from camera and not demo but iam too much lazy and annoyed from this
2013-01-02 21:30
i have same with your problem but i don't know good english , sorry :/
2013-01-02 21:33
what motherboard do u guys have?
2013-01-03 04:19
i have foxconn a6gmv and other one ecs g41t-m7
2013-01-03 04:21
the game is broken lad, get over it
2013-01-03 03:29
2013-01-04 20:17
I'm so amazed and cant even tell by what
2013-01-07 04:30
look at this video :)) and peoples say; "problem is your mind" i just laughed...
2013-01-07 04:38
bad aim, bad rates, bad server, bad internet
2013-01-07 04:39
25k 101 101, 13 ping not aim or etc problem. not my mind problem and not placebo. this is real problem; unsmooth and recoil.
2013-01-07 05:06
Slovakia 851 
its hard to explain which youtube video you which you to play on my computer, you need to understand this is not rate , internet issue this happens also with bots like if you havent this problem your game should be really fast i meanmovement, mouse movement but with this problem is everything slowed also mouse movement. and if someone says I have no problem on second computer why he should be paranoid? If i say i have two pc's which one is affected with problem and i have no problem with second pc that means i can see difference. Please stop posting arogant posts like bad aim bad rates if you newer saw this problem. Also ceh9 says he knows about this problem , he saw it but he dont know how to fix. peace!
2013-01-11 23:28
dude you dont have to explain sh*t to me. I know this happens in 1.6, happened to me for a while though, even I managed to set it up properly so my game was decent. Thats why many people were so-called onliners in 1.6 since your pc was able to handle the recoil and shit way better than your own pc. Most of the time it was affected by graphic card drivers. Anyway I'm glad I dont have to deal with this anymore since 1.6 is dead. peace to you too son!
2013-01-11 23:45
2013-01-11 23:53
Slovakia 851 
and what if i told you that this bug is not gpu issue, what if i told you i have proper nvidia settings, 500 hz mouse, 100 hz crt, correct rates and game is still screwed. what if i told you that i changed gpu and no effect. Je to kurva velke sklamanie ked zistis ze po zmene pocitaca netrafis ani obycajne defaultne hlavy a z tvojho priemerneho skore na dm 100-50 je teraz 80-76.
2013-01-11 23:55
then I'd recommend you to ignore that shit and deal with it, simple. Theres much more things to worry about in life than screwed recoil in cs ;D.
2013-01-12 02:51
but look at insider's recoil, yes i know he is BEST player and have great skills. but i am not noob and not skilless my computer has problems and i can't ignore that with it
2013-01-12 03:03
ive seen some insiders movies but cmon, all these frags are made vs some randoms.. (cant deny his sick aim though.)
2013-01-12 03:06
i know but i am not professional gamer, so i just want kill enemy. this problem ignores my play.... sry for bad english, if you can add me on steam we can talk more swift id: byzaqor
2013-01-12 03:13
i dont really know how to help you man, dunno about your PC specs.. dont want to read whole page but try to disable 1 core (if u have dual core) or 2 cores (if you have quad core cpu) and set cs on high priority
2013-01-12 03:29
quad core and i tried all solutions on task manager :/
2013-01-12 04:26
hmm i see ... ur playin ccompetitively i guess :facepalm:
2013-01-11 23:56
2013-01-12 02:49
It`s problem with your mind if you overestimate your internet connection. x)
2013-01-07 15:12 yeah yeah problem in our mind. 25k 101 101, 13 ping
2013-01-07 20:16
I lost years trying to understand this problem in CS 1.6, in other older games and in Windows itself. I can guarantee that this problem is related with the motherboard cache and the CPU L3 cache. Basically there is conflict in some motherboards (and chipsets) and cpu without L3 cache that make some slower responses, including Windows and older games. To feel this, try to fast closing a game that strongly uses cache as GTA IV, and open a Word or Chrome for example, if you experience system slowdowns and crashes, is one of the symptoms of these hardware conflicts. To avoid this, always buy CPU with L3 cache, and motherboards with fewer onboard hardware. No needs to be top. - Core I5 or Phenom II or better - Mobo without onboard video - Any video card with bus bigger than 256bits Some facts: It happens more with AMD dual cores without L3 (like Athon 64 series). It happens more with Gigabyte and Asus motherboards It happens more with nvidia chipsets, especially when associated with realtek audio chips (like Gigabyte M68SM-S2L)
2013-01-10 23:47
what can i do bro? my specs are stabil, i can't change my hw. and my english isn't good. please add me on steam; byzaqor
2013-01-11 00:23
thank you so much for this ... plz tell me how to know if i have motherboards with fewer onboard hardware and at all ...if you want to advise me .. what motherboard/cpu series you recomand exactly? thanks
2013-01-11 02:32
Nothing special. CPU with L3 cache + Motherboard without onboard video + video card with 256 bits bus A computer like this: Phenom II X2 550 Msi 790X-G45 GeForce GTX560 (256 bits)
2013-01-11 02:58
hmmm,is there other hw (less expenssive) u can recommend,thanks thought. edit : i didn't get the "Motherboard without onboard video",can u explain it please.
2013-01-11 03:06
There are motherboards that have an embedded video chip. Often this "onboard video chipset" may conflict with your primary videocard. So when we buy cheaper motherboards, we should seek one without the onboard video, so we can buy a good videocard, install and play without conflict chance.
2013-01-11 03:39
still didn't get it,can u please give me some cheap motherboards without the onboard video?thanks in advance.
2013-01-11 16:47
My old pc have onboard vga + mines 64 mb gpu, so i don't have problem. o_O
2013-01-11 21:54
Thank u bro .. i'm looking to buy these components now :)
2013-01-11 03:05
Slovakia 851 
are you affected with this problem on msi mainboard? i want buy one but what if problem is in chipset.
2013-01-11 23:23
hello ..sorry im back xD i have a litle question for u .. you play or you know someone plays with these components like it should be ? plz answer :)
2013-01-17 12:22
he don't answer :P idk why
2013-01-17 13:28
Slovakia 851 
finally!!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS more about this problem. iam say this is motherboard issue since half year. This happens also on asrock motherboards, listen me i played on three computers affected with this problem and it happens also on older hardware trust me, first was p4i945gc , pentium 4 with newer pcie card (gigabyte gt440 1gb), then i played on really old crap with old agp card unknown asrock mobo, agp geforce 5200 or 5500 now i dont know and also played cs at my friend's which have pentium and asrock motherboard too but he dont't play cs so he dont know how smooth game should looks. So you should add to the facts: This shit happens also on single-core cpu's and also on older hardware, asrock, asus and gigabyte are affected which i know.
2013-01-11 23:22
mine friend send me cpu-z files, can you look ? please answer pm
2013-01-12 11:10
confirmed, and guys who always say it is someone's "mind problem" are just ignorant.
2013-01-12 11:47
well, that explains. I`ve grudge grudge on my motherboard for different reasons anyway. Eventually I will change my pc, but not for now. Either way thanks to that handicap I`ve improved my skills a lot. If it wasn`t for that then I`d be spraying on anything like I did before I got my own pc. That was quite ugly playing style compared to how polished my skills are become to get past unsmoothness and laginess in game. It isn`t just that game is unsmooth, I often have severe fps drops as well.
2013-01-12 12:33
me 2 but i don'T have fps drops ...
2013-01-12 14:38
Dealing with this problem since 2008. I can confirm motherboard related issue. I've managed to fix this on my old pc by removing CMOS battery cell (reset BIOS to factory defaults).
2013-01-12 06:01
mines doesn't help, same problem have :(
2013-01-12 06:05
pretty sure its motherboard i have foxconn , bigshit ... in and older pc my cs1.6 smooth than 3 years old one, i bought new graphic , new power suply , ram is not a problem, try xp, vista, w7 , only thing i didnt touch is HDD and motherboard and pretty sure the shit is motherboard Playing cs since 2000 i know how to shoot :/
2013-01-17 14:09
you're not looking to buy another one ? if u play csgo it's the same shit or .. ?
2013-01-17 14:25
me2 foxconn a6gmv
2013-01-17 17:55
P l a c e b o
2013-01-17 14:18
Made my day :D .. dokuu look at this man xD
2013-01-17 14:23
oh, one more kid.
2013-01-17 17:56
the only placebo is the shit NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY which is obviously a fail, ask greeks :D anyway sorry i doubt you know anything about your own country more than the top 3 players in different cs versions e/ yea! i will buy a new computer.. no for cs but work but hard time deciding motherboard, i wont another fail :/
2013-01-17 14:33
same here :S ... wish u good Luck ;)
2013-01-17 14:34
u want fight? i can ;)
2013-01-17 17:29
he's talking with catmandoo xD ...he just forgots to reply him :p
2013-01-17 18:06
2013-01-18 00:08
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