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funclip gtr who?
Sweden wmb made by FREE_YELLAH_NINO (he won 9 duels vs The one and only GeT_RiGhT) (GeT_RiGhT only took 3 duels vs him, demo is there) match link: dl and have fun watching when FREE_YELLAH_NINO owned get_right
2012-12-29 18:02
Sweden wmb 
to all get_right fans out there, gotta say free_yellah_nino 2stronk rly
2012-12-29 18:04
As if you're actually proud of having kills versus a pro in a mix.
2012-12-29 18:07
Sweden wmb 
GeT_RiGhT fifflaren and Friberg was playing that ESEA pug where YELLAH nino beated them xD with no players xD
2012-12-29 18:09
Your point being? How is that even remotely worth editing and posting here..
2012-12-29 18:55
aimbot and interp :P
2012-12-29 18:08
Sweden wmb 
free_yellah_nino stats on ESEA: 107-1 with SCAR[type]=months&period[season_start]=&period[season_type]=&period[match_round]=&period[date_start]=2012-12-01&period[date_end]=2012-12-31&find_user_id=343944 very good player really
2012-12-29 18:12
oh he hax then,gj
2012-12-29 18:15
Sweden wmb 
looool you call him haxer? maybe its time for FREE_YELLAH_NINO to show his skillz on LAN maybe? i dont know
2012-12-29 18:16
I would love to see new legend on CS scene ;p btw NICE TROLL M8
2012-12-29 19:36
Poland tfg 
dont know who made this vid but he must be a real faggot (song), oh shit
2012-12-29 18:18
Sweden wmb 
that was to all gtr fanbois out there, i think FREE_YELLAH_NINO deserves a fanclub for owning gtr this hard 9 duels vs him gg
2012-12-29 18:22
omg you must be retarded really.. in one match he kills several times get_right, so what ? lol kid, that guy (FREE_YELLAH_NINO) (what a name omg) , unknow player, I don't know him, i didn't see him at lan, and he goes a pracc vs get_right and do some kills.. lol who the fuk don't do that ? I'm not get_right fan, but you must be a hater of get_right lol delete this post plz
2012-12-29 20:28
Sweden wmb 
not praccs, ESEA pug bro xD 9 duels vs GeT_RiGhT and got fragged by GTR only 3 times. says all, and no im not a hater of GeT_RighT didnt say gtr sucks i said gtr who? xD
2012-12-29 20:29
9 wins and how many losts? :D
2012-12-29 22:14
Sweden wmb 
i lost to him 3 times only
2012-12-29 22:22
Haha funny thread, if you are so good. Why arent you famous like GTR?
2012-12-29 18:22
Sweden wmb 
u saw that get_right got owned, free_Yellah_nino won the match? ahaha gtr owned 9 times by FREE_YELLAH_NINO ... to all gtr fans, i dont think FREE_YELLAH_NINO cares about the fact that it was a meaningless match on ESEA XD
2012-12-29 18:24
do that on delpan, bitch
2012-12-29 18:24
Sweden wmb 
already did it on the best player alive right now so no need to, maybe FREE_YELLAH_NINO needs to go to lan and own nip on 1 map so everyone can be quiet about them
2012-12-29 18:26
Your pretty retarded.
2012-12-29 18:41
Sweden wmb 
kk u are jelly cause gtr got shit vs kingkong_FREE_YELLAH_NINO ok sry
2012-12-29 18:42
Haha, this was 2 funny. The cheater :D
2012-12-29 18:45
Sweden wmb gotv demo available there, just dl and hf, FREE_YELLAH_NINO 2good on CSGO sry
2012-12-29 18:47
Denmark Wich 
sry... but i dont see anything special here...
2012-12-29 18:58
You are mos def better then GTR. /thread
2012-12-29 19:00
Denmark jazu 
Nuke this faggot.
2012-12-29 19:01
1/10, bad troll, go home.
2012-12-29 19:27
too much swag sorry
2012-12-29 19:38
u suck ass wmb1 lowest player on earth, only flaming people and you think ure the best hahah stupid kid
2012-12-29 20:33
2012-12-29 20:37
Sweden wmb 
wow, why u so mad bro, not my fault u hacked all praccs before northcon and lost to noobs at lan ?? xD
2012-12-29 20:43
wmb1 enjoy the banhammer :) mad?
2012-12-29 21:06
such a retard nigga
2012-12-29 20:34
People don't get that it's only a joke I think everybody should understand that GTR is still the better player, lol.
2012-12-29 20:36
i would believe that its a joke, but this guy literally thinks hes the best player on earth
2012-12-29 20:37
Sweden wmb 
playing with 38.2 degrees fever, laptop inclusive 30-60% hearing on my left ear due to this stupid earinflammation. and a guy who once were busted in css and played shit at northcon while being g0dlike on praccs.. ive no words other than HAHA
2012-12-29 20:39
2012-12-29 20:40
nobody cares
2013-12-30 12:32
boring. bad troll.
2012-12-29 20:37
Sweden wmb 
bad trolls beats ur idols with fever and inflammations in their ear! cya noob
2012-12-29 20:48
2012-12-29 20:39
Sweden wmb 
should be atleast, hes too good for csgo rly
2012-12-29 20:45
<[nt]f00la> couldnt careless where it was <[nt]f00la> i shouldnt be able to beat them anywhere u fucking prick <[nt]f00la> im a unistudent with 230 hours on GO <[nt]f00la> playing with 38.2 degrees fever, laptop inclusive 30-60% hearing on my left ear due to this stupid earinflammation. <[nt]f00la> OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1  –  CPU: Intel Core i5-3210M 2.50GHz (at 2501 MHz)  –  Memory usage: 3850/8078 MB (47%)  –  Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (1024x768x32bit 60Hz) <[nt]f00la> suck my dick now <[nt]f00la> big time anyone needs more proof that he thinks hes the best?
2012-12-29 20:48
Sweden wmb 
funny that u deleted the 4pl acc, i wanted to show all the 12pps xD (14:41:51) (RD|foppash0t) jenson already got a cheating barrage in the 4player league HAhahHAxDdd
2012-12-29 21:00
do you think GTR plays pugs on 100%? lol kid wake up already :D
2012-12-29 20:48
OP f5'ing this thread like a trollbozz
2012-12-29 20:48
this guys owns all, gtr sucks... I donate my heart to this guy, he's so skilled
2012-12-29 21:17
Sweden wmb 
2012-12-29 22:42
2012-12-29 21:20
half of this thread is you talking to yourself...
2012-12-29 21:34
Brace yourselves, a new tromhat is coming
2012-12-29 21:34
Sweden wmb 
na tromhat is on another lvl, i play esea and win, he cheats and tries to make fun of ppl xD
2012-12-29 22:42
Just wanted to inform all of you who are reading this bullshit that the poster of course is NINO. Even more interesting is all the cheat videos busting wmb playing in different places. One example: A quick google search will find you a lot more :) Btw, obvious cheat in the gtr video also. Wierdest aim i have ever seen.
2012-12-29 21:36
Waiting for the excuses :D
2012-12-29 22:02
Sweden wmb 
not banned so i dont care, i dont care about what anyone says about so.. im not banned anywhere right now so couldnt careless :D i cheat so much on csgo rly, just dl the pov and see for urself if i cheat
2012-12-29 22:23
Well, the cheating hardly makes you special. What makes you special is that you do it during a PCW and then upload selected frags pretending it's someone else doing it. You don't only post it once, but you spam it in several other threads. You also write the NINO nickname so many times one could almost believe you were trying to force people to remember it? Are you trying to market yourself and get recruited? If not, why on earth are you doing this? Why didn't you just use your real nick? Were you afraid that no one would believe the "skill" displayed in the clip if you used your real nick?
2013-12-30 00:07
Sweden wmb 
I'm not cheating, and it's not a PCW. It's an ESEA match. I don't spam it in several threads, just having some fun to see GTR fanboys get upset :D Anyways, I realnicked on ESEA until I got tired of the constant spamming about .cfg and all that. And I can guarantee you that I was clean that match, DL pov and see for yourself
2013-12-30 00:12
your settings plz
2013-12-30 12:34
do it on lan br0
2012-12-29 23:18
Romania blg- 
You are too good for csgo, RLY!!! Guys, please make a fanclub for our star, FREE_YELLAH_NINO!
2013-12-30 00:24
I cant believe youre not banned yet after all the shit youve posted in the last months..
2013-12-30 12:43
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