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Oscar Nominations Voting Extended
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Oscar Nominations Voting Extended To January 4th [b][url=watchbreakingdawnpart2online2012.snappag..]Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online[/url][/b]. Working as a film critic/reporter you realize something about the movie industry: it never stops. At least one new feature, if not five, is put into theaters nationwide every week of the year, and that's not even counting all of the indies, small releases, VOD, and international titles. Hundreds if not thousands of movies come out every single year and you just have to do your best to see as many as you can. And it becomes a more serious matter when you start talking about the people who vote on the nominees for the big award shows. [b][url=watchthehobbitanunexpectedjourneyonline2..]Watch The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Online[/url][/b]. Because every movie out there deserves a fair shake for an Oscar, members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences not only have to see as many movies as they possibly can, but they must do so by a specific deadline. But this year voters are being given a bit of a break, as that deadline has been extended. While Academy voters were originally supposed to have their ballots in by this Thursday, January 3rd at 5pm PST, the organization behind the Oscars has opted to move the date back a full 24 hours, to Friday, January 4th at 4pm PST. The reason behind the push is the new system that allows members to submit their nominations online instead of by paper ballot. [b][url=watchbreakingdawnpart2online2012.snappag..]Watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online[/url][/b]. To ensure that the system is secure, the Academy will be closing down its online voting system for two hours on January 3rd after the original deadline. After that period voters will be able to go back on to the site and submit their choices. The nominations for this year's Academy Awards will be announced Thursday January 10th at 5:30am PST and the 85th annual Oscars will be held on Sunday February 24th at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, hosted by Seth MacFarlane. When it came out in late August, Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure was the target of one joke headline after another. [b][url=watchthehobbitanunexpectedjourneyonline2..]Watch The Hobbit Online[/url][/b]. While the film looked like it was aiming to be the next big thing in children's entertainment, and managed to attach actors like Christopher Llyod, Cary Elwes and Cloris Leachman, it wound up only making $443,901 dollars in its opening weekend and ranked all the way back at #26 on the box office chart. But as big a disaster as Oogieloves was, it's not even close to the lowest grossing title of the year. That prestigious honor, according to Movieline, belongs to the Christian Slater-starring thriller Playback. [b][url=watchdjangounchainedonline2012.snappages..]Watch Django Unchained Online[/url][/b]. According to the site's statistics, the movie only ever made it into one theater and it only lasted for one week, pulling in a grand total of $264 (and that number isn't missing any zeros). It sold $252 worth of tickets opening night, and then only made $12 for the rest of the engagement. Based on current average ticket prices, that means only approximately 33 people actually went to go see in theatrically. I can't say that I'm all too surprised by this news. The only reason I've even heard of Playback was because I wrote up an article about the trailer all the way back in January - and even then I couldn't make heads or tails of its plot. But now I find myself curious for more details. Where exactly was this one theater that played the movie? Who were the 33 people who actually decided that they wanted to see it? What did they think? Has anyone seen the movie on VOD since? My brain is spinning. Both full-length trailers for Baz Luhrmann’s currently delayed The Great Gatsby have been marked by the studio’s music selections (which, we have to assume, the director himself approved). A fevered interpretation of U2’s “Love is Blindness” backed the first imagery from Luhrmann’s anticipated film, while driving beats of a dance number lent a lighter tone to the most recent clip. Now we’re learning that Luhrmann has made a bold decision for the final cut of Gatsby, and it also indicated how important the musical bed will be to his finished film. Also featured are Elizabeth Banks and Nathan Lane, both of whom have appeared on the show before. We also have Elizabeth Peña to look forward to. She's on board to play Gloria's mother and it seems like she doesn't think much of Jay (judging by the pretty obvious "I don't like you" comment). There's also a wedding and a first kiss to look forward to! Suffice to say, January's looking pretty great for the comedy. Jay-Z and singer-songwriter Jeymes Samuel of The Bullitts have been confirmed as working on the film score for Gatsby, as reported on Twitter (and picked up by The Film Stage). “(We) have been working tirelessly on the score for the upcoming #CLASSIC The Great Gatsby,” Samuels tweeted. “It is too DOPE for words!” Here are those two trailers (#1 and #2) to get a sense of what Luhrmann was going for in the initial Gatsby pitch, though we can expect Jay-Z to go in a completely new direction, no? He’ll also likely have to work around tracks from rival artists, if earlier reports that Lady Gaga and Prince are contributing to the soundtrack are to be believed. Is this going to ne inspired genius, or a hodgepodge of artistic influences vying for the audience’s attention? At the very least, it sounds like Luhrmann wants to return to the ostentatious assault on the senses that worked so well for his Moulin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet, which first teamed him with Leonardo DiCaprio. Gatsby has been pushed back until May 10, 2013. It co-stars Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton.
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