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Magic Of Messi
Romania zazy88 
2013-01-02 01:53
foxj > messi true story
2013-01-02 02:46
2013-01-02 02:47
Canada leo2s 
cs:go > messi
2013-01-02 04:28
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
2013-01-02 08:49
But Rara > all of them
2013-01-02 10:00
Xisco > Universe
2013-01-02 17:15
nope, foxj>Xisco>ozstriker>cr>messi
2013-01-02 17:39
messi skill in soccer is like neo skill in cs 1.6 dah best
2013-01-02 03:53
Vietnam vniik 
soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer
2013-01-02 05:22
Venezuela Blad. 
OMG.. Soccer? BURN HIM!
2013-01-02 05:30
2013-01-02 05:32
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
neo ronaldo messi f0rest :P
2013-01-02 09:11
more like neo - messi and f0rest - cr7
2013-01-02 14:29
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Neo and cr hard work and experience best of world, forest messi younger talented best of world was the way I see it :p Curious as to your train of thought now?
2013-01-02 23:18
Neo is very similar to Messi - one man army and f0rest with great teammates - cr7 in Real madrit, definitely, I don't see comparison Neo with cr7, really
2013-01-03 01:45
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
In that aspect i see what you mean yeah, although I will Say in recent years taz and pasha also displayed exceptional cs at times, while kuben seemed to have no trouble fragging despite taking up the igl role. But the years before pasha I will admit neo was the messi of the gaming world :p
2013-01-03 13:32
It's called: football!!!
2013-01-02 09:40
Azerbaijan Talley 
You never seen me playing football, did you?
2013-01-02 10:28
you should learn some english instead of trolling 24/7.. and I'm very kind calling that "trolling", you're not entertaining nor funny:(
2013-01-02 14:21
Azerbaijan Talley 
Bitching with the help of memes whole day, correcting others English mistakes (English is my 3rd language when its your 1st). There is a life outside, go and get it some day.
2013-01-02 15:49
it's funny because English is my 3rd language my comments : 232 yours : 3417 who's posting here the whole day again??:D and as I said you are not even entertaining nor funny;(
2013-01-02 16:03
Azerbaijan Talley 
"OMG I have less comments, I have live"
2013-01-02 19:44
neo - messi f0rest - cr
2013-01-02 23:20
Azerbaijan Talley 
Indians have* But actually they don't.
2013-01-03 01:09
You tried playing the 18 year old bad boy and it turned out you're the no life .. in other words that little thing I stuck up your ass is your own dick And given your terrible English I am not sure you understand my posts
2013-01-03 15:50
Azerbaijan Talley 
Thats highest level of hate. Life isn't that bad. Calling someone no lifer just because you got owned by him. LOL. Relax.
2013-01-03 17:39
you're such a cute and emo troll:D dont worry there is no hate, just demonstrating by A + B that you are a 3,5k post no lifer yet you dare call others no lifers.. but that's okay you are still 18 you'll get back on track;) "Calling someone no lifer just because you got owned by him" LOL that's exactly what you did in #24:)) do you always call others what you are?? that's mental illness right there
2013-01-03 18:49
Azerbaijan Talley 
Do not try to be seem cool or smart when you are not. You keep commenting even after you are pwnd. Now fuck off, I won't reply.
2013-01-03 20:13
Guess you don't know what the 2nd "F" from the FIFA means.
2013-01-02 10:36
Messi is a football king
2013-01-02 10:33
2013-01-02 14:22
every single football fan should watch this video : this is also what makes him the greatest (to me at least) and thanks for sharing those 22 min of magic:)
2013-01-02 14:26
messi saucer :P
2013-01-02 14:28
2013-01-02 14:34
he retired now so he dont count
2013-01-02 15:53
2013-01-02 23:20
he's just awesome in football and play a great game on the field.
2013-01-03 08:46
Huge thanks goes to Barcelona. Their playstyle etc. fits MEssi so well. On national team he isn't the same player as he is in Barcelona. That's why I don't rate him best of all-time tbh, in the name of football, I would like to see Messi in some other club, see how he does there instead of Barcelona.
2013-01-03 19:19
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