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What did you dream last night?
World vesyka 
I dreamed i was chased by a wild boar in a park for kids
2013-01-02 12:08
I dreamed nothing. :(
2013-01-02 12:24
Actually, you had four or five different dreams. You just couldn't remember them when you woke up.
2013-01-02 13:37
Yeah mate, but about half an hour ago I just remembered that I actually DID have one :D
2013-01-02 14:09
So you dreamed you had a + score vs randoms in matchmaking?
2013-01-02 18:30
Look closer, it was vs SmithZz from VG :) I know it is in matchmaking but it was just funny that he was accusing us of cheating.
2013-01-02 18:48
I see it says Smithzz from VG; but you do realize there is fakers out there? Ive met someone who claimed to be from NiP and VG aswell with the logos.. But they sucked and it was clearly fakers
2013-01-03 00:45
Yeah but you cant join their steam group... It was the real one I checked his profile.
2013-01-03 01:03
Yes, it's real Smithzz probably, and this is normal :) Yesterday I'm play versus smn from n!faculty and we beat them 16:3 and they are accuse us for cheating xD
2013-01-03 11:13
2013-01-02 13:20
I dreamed your mom was pregnant, oh wait, what
2013-01-02 13:29
Went to this really strange party with lots of people I went to school with. There was also some kind of political subplot going on.
2013-01-02 13:30
Tunisia edgg 
2013-01-02 13:39
Netherlands guzzj 
I dreamed the same ;)
2013-01-02 13:43
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
running from my building in fire and at the end jumping from window @ 11th floor, wierd right ?
2013-01-02 13:46
and you woke up right before you landed? :P
2013-01-02 13:48
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
yea, exactly :D
2013-01-02 14:06
haha damn I hate falling down in dreams :D, you feel like your bed is the ground and you jump right after landing hahaha.. gotta laugh everytime that happens to me ^^
2013-01-02 22:28
same happened to me but it was in real life and i am deaded now
2013-01-03 06:02
2013-01-03 18:14
ur coming after me since thats what the graveyard wants :/
2013-01-03 19:05
i'm lying right next after you
2013-01-03 19:08
liek dis if yu cri everytim ;__;
2013-01-06 02:38
i play wiith fnatic and they say that today they say who joins fnatic dreams comes real
2013-01-02 13:51
I never remember my dreams for some reason.
2013-01-02 13:51
sex ?
2013-01-02 13:53
If you know my dreams, then I would be in a jail.
2013-01-02 13:56
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
Well, the chinese arrest you for nothing...
2013-01-02 19:23
That's why I'm living in Poland.
2013-01-03 15:36
Azerbaijan Talley 
I was dreaming my 1st gf, but not last nigt, some days ago. Its been 4 years, still unforgetable. I miss my childhood :(
2013-01-02 14:04
Oh :( Are you still in contact?
2013-01-02 19:43
Azerbaijan Talley 
We were together more than 2 years. And we broke up nearly 2 years ago. Never seen her after that because I told her about my "betrayal", but actually I just got bored for some reasons. And then she changed phone number and I couldn't reach her. I still remember our first talk (4 years ago). Probably best moments of childhood and teenage. She is the only one I miss sometimes. After her, all my gf's were bitches ( or just girl versions of me :) )
2013-01-02 20:00
oh my God hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha -4-
2013-01-02 20:19
Poland Kwas 
About sex with my english teacher
2013-01-02 14:05
I bet he's a man!
2013-01-02 14:12
Poland Kwas 
Teacher? HELL NO!
2013-01-02 18:16
You're alrtight then.
2013-01-02 19:16
2013-01-02 19:48
Brazil th3W 
yeah this dude is right pic
2013-01-02 21:04
Poland Kwas 
I think she has no facebook
2013-01-03 08:58
I was playing COD4.
2013-01-02 14:12
o0 my god horror dream
2013-01-03 11:39
i was a pacman monster and I ate flying tacos, then i was driving a car really fast and it transformed into an office and I was talking with heihachi mishima, then I dont remember more
2013-01-02 14:14
can't remember coz I was asleep
2013-01-02 14:16
I don't know how my dream was but I dream alot about my future.
2013-01-02 14:59
That I was still in high school
2013-01-02 18:18
And then you became his Grace, the King of Denmark.
2013-01-02 19:44
Yeah. it's too bad I woke up, I would have preferred staying in high school. :D
2013-01-02 20:47
World RayX 
why? xD school sucks work > school :P
2013-01-02 22:21
Oh how you will regret saying that one day. You will wish you could stay in school forever.
2013-01-02 23:44
Amen to that
2013-01-03 00:36
2013-01-03 00:44
Hell no. I'm happy to be doing things with my life.
2013-01-03 06:27
Slovakia DellCore 
never, school is the worst shit ever, i have brigade-work beside school and i want to be there all the time...
2013-01-03 17:44
thats not a dream, thats a nightmare.
2013-01-03 21:14
That I had sex with a beautiful girl... And then I fell asleep
2013-01-02 18:40
cl_righthand 0
2013-01-02 19:44
Cl_my_hand 0, my small dicked friend :)
2013-01-02 19:50
That was harshhh
2013-01-03 04:56
Just kiddin :) You trolled me aswell =DDD
2013-01-03 13:01
:D. I wonder what have you written before you edited your comment! :D
2013-01-03 13:31
Just kiddin. And then I added the rest :)
2013-01-03 15:59
2013-01-02 20:56
Azerbaijan Talley 
lol n1
2013-01-02 21:31
With monsters killing people by crushing their heads with crab hands
2013-01-02 18:52
I can never remember mine. I think it has to do with all the tequila. >:/
2013-01-02 19:51
once i was about to get a blowjob in dream but just then my friend woke me up, i felt so bad and like killing him
2013-01-02 20:52
Brazil th3W 
flying like a boss then I realized that I was dreaming I start raping everything in my way
2013-01-02 21:00
remember slaying some giant spiders... hi@WoW
2013-01-02 21:13
i go 2 sleep then i wake up nothing happens :(
2013-01-02 23:38
I had a bizarre dream the other night (night before new years eve). It was the first vivid dream I have had in quite some time and I probably won't forget it for awhile. The dream started off at my house on New Years Eve. I was apparently having a few people over for drinks before we went out to a club for the night. Out of nowhere my ex girlfriend shows up at my house. Everyone eventually leaves for the club, and I stay behind with her for awhile. We decide to go for a walk around the block and talk about whatever we were talking about. She starts telling me how shit her life is and how she almost drove off a bridge recently, and all this strange stuff, hinting that she wants to get back together with me. So somewhere along the walk (about 3/4 around the block) she winds up in my arms as we are on the way back to my house. She reaches her hand down my pants and starts jerking me off, so naturally I stop at this house with two work vans in the driveway, relatively out of sight and proceed to take off my jeans and get some head. As soon as she starts sucking my dick she turns into a possessed devil. Her hair turns blonde (shes a brunette), her mascara starts running and she rips off her shirt showing me all these crazy ass tattoos on her chest. It was like she went super-saiyan or something, totally bizarre. I remember the tattoo across her collar bone line said "BLOWJOB GODDESS" in old english text, she had another one under her belly button that I could't remember what it said, but it was also laughingly obscene. Tattoos vaguely resembling this I just stood there in awe, half freaked out half extremely tuned on while she sucks my dick like a demon. She was going crazy, smacking herself in the face with it and spitting on my stomach. So eventually, I cum all over her face. After that moment I don't really remember what happened, but the dream ended with me at the club with my friends having a good time without her. As you can imagine I woke up a little confused :p
2013-01-03 02:06
what dafuq
2013-01-03 21:10
2013-01-03 02:20
how to be good in CSGO without people calling you a cheater
2013-01-03 02:29
with ur mother u.u
2013-01-03 05:33
Justin Gayber: I had a dream, I was gay.. Woke up Still Gay. Me: I had a dream, I was king.. Woke up Still King. XDD
2013-01-03 08:52
Age: 43
2013-01-03 10:05
2013-01-03 16:22
I dreamed with the giant monkeys from dragon ball destroying and exploding a place/city for like 1/2 min, then i wake up with very thirst and a small pain in my back, lol.
2013-01-03 15:08
my mother pulling out a huge larva out of my neck .. fucking sick !!
2013-01-03 20:08
i dreamed that cs:go stronk and 1.6 wronk then i woke up and realized it was all just a bad dream and csgo is big sux)
2013-01-03 20:59
had a trippy night of lucid dreams about 2 years ago after doing md a couple of days before, did some research and lots of people relate the two
2013-01-03 21:23
I dreamed that i was eating 2 pieces of toasted bread with cheese. At 10am, my dream came true.
2013-01-03 22:27
i was stuck inside de_train with 3 of my friends and one pyromaniac who tried to burn the whole train map (LOL) I breaked one window from one part of the map and dropped into a pool of lava and swimmed (yes, in the lava) to safety. my house was right next to de_train. I swear from the bottom of my heart this is true, I have just played too much CS
2013-01-03 23:40
pool of lava, 2 much minecraft!
2013-01-05 21:51
played minecraft probably 1 year ago lol ^^
2013-01-05 21:52
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