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Petition to remove lurppis as a mod/admin
United States Ph33R 
lurppis is one of the most unprofessional children on this site and for an admin of such a massive community to act this way is pathetic and should be stripped of any remote power he has. he goes around calling members of this site abusive names and sitting on his high horse(not sure why as he's fairly avg, maybe its due to him being carried to decent results) sign here!
2013-01-04 01:21
well why dont you go the news articles instead of him then , since you know the sources and stuff and up2date with everything. and strip him of any "remote power he has" ... wtf did he do to you? used the banhammer or what? ahahaha i still didnt see any of you getting insulted by him , actually you are the ones that insult or try to bash him (quoting you aswell : lurrpis sounds like the biggest poorcunt) while he makes intellectual arguments which you guys seem not to understand because are stubborn. "the least professional" just because he exposes and talks about something without any problems he never even got near at insulting verbally some of you , while you guys insult him and you always get butthurt by his comments because you think he should shut up and he instead says the things even if its a painful truth :> go cry somewhere else
2013-01-04 01:34
United States Ph33R 
i would happily do the news articles instead of him, unfortunately i actually work for a living and dont have time 2 sit on twitter making fun of people who created the scene we grew to love, lurppis: "you are an idiot, deal with it." LoLuMaDbRuH?
2013-01-04 01:34
"you are an idiot" wow ~ probably the only "real" insult you can find on the forums from his comments , while the amount of people who call him many names is a number with 3 figures. like i said , do your own business if he says something about players(which is even true) , and dont get butthurt if he shares his opinions LoLuMaDbRuH?
2013-01-04 01:37
i found that in honestly 3 seconds of looking :)
2013-01-04 01:44
ur such a ass kisser man.. seriously..
2013-01-04 17:51
You`re idiot, deal with it. /oh, right, that`s insulting. Normal people wouldn`t say that due to risk that some people who aren`t mentally mature might take that personally and become very emotional. Well, you don`t have to reply, I hate babysitting.
2013-01-04 03:12
everybody is an idiot until proven otherwise other guys just dont say it out loud
2013-01-04 22:33
i'd sign.
2013-01-05 15:01
Lol le troll is back! watchout guys hes gonna destroy if we dont remove lurppis
2013-01-04 01:34
United States Ph33R 
its not the fact of destroying, its what people think of the site and if they respect the people running it. imagine you're from cadred u come here and read the ozstriker thread you would be like dafuq? nice admins
2013-01-04 01:36
So just because of that comment he should be removed from the HLTV crew? Did he hurt your feelings? I know what he did is unprofessional, same for Markeloff and Xzit; now the last two guys I mentioned should be kicked out from eSport and never be able to play a tournament again? Stop whining, he is one of the best bloggers here and you just went full retard.
2013-01-04 01:54
this , and even if its unprofessional , you should be able to post a positive/negative comment about someone without beeing insulted soo much like him , dunno if you noticed how many normal people insult oz everyday and nobody reacted , and when he said something the shitstorm came ;)
2013-01-04 01:56
comment? its the whole fkn thread roffie. xizt and markeloff are in a completely different boat, they arent admins that are on threads abusing people and acting unprofessional i'd call you a retard back but i think its visible:)
2013-01-04 01:59
It doesn't matter if they aren't HLTV admins or not, they still work in the eSport like Lurp, so what you're saying it's not relevant and a pure example of retardedness. Understand it asap, I'm not going you to reply you again because I'm in a bad mood and I don't want to waste my time.
2013-01-04 02:06
Poland kRAMERO 
this site is already down with csgo realase and attack of saucers from cadred. with time it will be the same shit as on cadred
2013-01-04 15:17
I sign
2013-01-04 01:44
2013-01-04 02:33
*This post is assuming that Lurpis wasn't the one to ever delete any of my posts or ban me any of the time, I can't tell if that's for sure or not since you don't get that message* My opinion about Lurpis as a person: Not impressed. He displays a level of fanboyism only previously found in console wars (And all the stupidity that comes with it) and although generally his posts are well articulated, overall he appeared stubborn and blind to any ideals that aren't his own. My opinion about Lurpis as a Moderator? Meh. I haven't seen any abuses of power, and while he could do with actually moderating posts that flame one game or the other, frankly ALL the moderators in this website need to step their shit up. So while I don't like him, as a moderator I see no reason to remove him from such a position, without also doing a huge clean of the wide variety of moderators who aren't that good at their job. On another note. Whatever 1.6 fanboy gave me my latest ban, he/she needs kicking off the moderation team. No explanation, and none of my recent posts were insulting, suggesting a butt hurt 1.6 fanboy somewhere.
2013-01-04 01:51
*insert +1 button here*
2013-01-04 15:24
2013-01-07 17:42
2013-01-07 17:43
If most of admins are bad here why don't ya leave the site ? Now you ban evade and make multiple accounts haha.
2013-01-04 18:33
Your ban was well deserved. You kept spamming in a post. And blind hate spam that too against ppl who like 1.6.
2013-01-04 19:19
2013-01-04 01:54
This thread is probably going to get deleted soon, but here I go anyway. Lurppis is a fine mod/admin/e-Sports journalist. He is critical and not afraid to share his opinion regardless of him offending the person he is talking about. This makes his views on the game and players worth reading. Yes he can be a bit harsh sometimes, but it works. Think of him as the Simon Cowell of the counter-strike scene. Share counter-opinions to those of Tomi's if you don't agree with him, but don't get excessively butthurt every time he makes a statement you don't agree with. Also everyone is allowed to be inarticulate on twitter and he also has the right to call someone a retard if they're calling him names as well.
2013-01-04 01:55
worth reading , exactly , and look at the amount of crying babies
2013-01-04 01:58
Portugal hwz1 
I have to agree with you!
2013-01-04 03:05
"He is critical and not afraid to share his opinion regardless of him offending the person he is talking about. This makes his views on the game and players worth reading. Yes he can be a bit harsh sometimes, but it works. Think of him as the Simon Cowell of the counter-strike scene. Share counter-opinions to those of Tomi's if you don't agree with him, but don't get excessively butthurt every time he makes a statement you don't agree with. " well said!!
2013-01-04 15:17
One thing is being honest and sincere, the other is being disrespectful.
2013-01-04 20:25
giving his opinion is ok, especially cuz very few people care about it, but he should learn not to go too far. For example I think he's ugly, does the fact that I mean it make it right that I say it? I don't think so. Words must be handled carefully, the internet is no excuse to rudeness.
2013-01-05 14:23
Going too far differs on each individuals perspective. As for the case of him being ugly, I really don't see how that would diminish his skill level in a game or invalidate his opinion on cs.
2013-01-07 09:44
wow you really didn't get my point? lol When I'm talking about him being ugly, I'm not talking about cs, that's just an example to show that not everything that's true is good to hear. It applies to everything, even cs. And even though Lurppis may be right about Ozstrik3r, saying it is pointless.
2013-01-07 11:22
well said
2013-01-05 14:47
Being disrespectful and offending the person he is talking about isn't really the way to make something "worth reading". I think he's a lot smarter and could make his stuff worth reading without that attitude.
2013-01-05 16:46
Have you read his post-match analyses, interviews, pre-game predictions? They are worth reading. He goes play by play and gives a very detailed analysis of how a particular round was won or how a player managed to overcome a difficult situation. If you mark the entirety of his work by a single comment,that he has every right of making, on twitter, then stop following his twitter page.
2013-01-07 09:52
agree most obnoxious, egocentric and mr. knows it all. i would be happy to see him removed from for sure
2013-01-04 02:02
2013-01-04 02:08
Back on your skateboard noob
2013-01-04 22:36
2013-01-04 02:09
So agree. KICK HIM OFF hltv. Biased, egotistic, arrogant, full of him self, childish and a thick head......Its like talking to a brick wall, his an uneducated retard that tries to empower his opinion over hltv.....
2013-01-04 02:14
Biased: To what? Egoistic: Everybody is. Arrogant: You need arrogance to succeed in life. Full of himself: Should he be full of you? Childish: Erm what? Thick head: As opposed to a thin head? Brick wall: Probably because what you write does not receive a response because you're as smart as a box of rocks. Uneducated retard: As opposed to an educated retard? Empower his opinion over HLTV: That is sort of his job here in HLTV. DUH HELLO?
2013-01-04 02:28
2 combo, please keep going :]
2013-01-04 02:35
i love you :D
2013-01-04 03:01
2013-01-04 04:59
-Biased - you're clearly a fucking retard. Biased againest CSGO only coz he is good friends with garfield and plyed for his org and his stand alone perspective. -Egotistic - I can clearly see you are narrowed minded and nieve and take in what you are told. Guys we have a keen passive news reader....... -Arrogant - Theres a difference in the level of arrogance someone has and amount needed to succeed in life. Dw mate you'll gain the true substance of it it once you're out of diapers -Full of Himself - Thats a nice comment, you clearly are missing the point you naive twat. Please read his comments in depth, i know it might be hard for you but try break it down.... -Brick wall - You just responded to my comment idiot. He is thick and naive, all he wants to do is push his agenda. -Empower his opinion - I'm not gonna even begin to attempt this, if you can't see his agenda on hltv wow you seriously need to go back to school kid. His job is report and comment on the situations and information and changing nature of events, the scene, teams and players and e sports in general. Not to conform to bias comments and threads. DUH HELLO.... Kid. Don't try act smart you're just going to embarrass yourself. Stop being spoon fed and read and research whats going on in the scene and the threads/comments by lurpps.... I'm so embarrased that there people like you still in the hltv community. A bunch of narrowed minded childish kids....
2013-01-04 14:29
Biased- CS:GO is only superior to 1.6 in terms of graphics. CS:GO is nothing more than a mediocre game. It has the same characteristics as CS:S which everybody knows is a dreadful game. Only difference is people did not move to Source because 1.6 still had a strong competitive scene so people actually compared 1.6 and Source. But now that there are no options left, GO is the only way, hence instead of comparing 1.6 and GO, they just say "GO is just different". Why did this not apply to Source? Hypocrites. Egoistic- So rather than backing up your comment, you further go on to call me narrow minded. That is a heavy accusation sir. Are you sure you want to go ahead with this? PS: Didn't you call him an "uneducated retard" in your last comment? You do realise, this is how you spelled it "his an uneducated retard" You see the irony there? Also, what the hell is "nieve"? Arrogant- Oh right, I didn't know you studied levels of arrogance. So by your logic it would mean (a hypocritical example) that you need 10 points of arrogance to succeed in life but lurrpis has 20? Therefore, more than what he needs. By that logic would it not mean that he should have 'succeeded in life' long time ago? Once I am out of diapers? What the hell are you on about mate? Are you 12 or something? Full of himself- So you find my comments naive and childish etc BUT you being butt hurt on the internet is entirely appropriate isn't it? Talking about being full of oneself. Brick wall- How does pushing one's agenda make them thick? Isn't that a smart thing to do? How will your 'agenda' make it if you don't push it? As opposed to you write your 'agenda' on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket and then wait for the time when someone pick pockets you, your agenda will now be accepted by mankind. Good way of perceiving life. Empower his opinion- "I'm not gonna even begin to attempt this" *Follows to write the biggest paragraph of the entire post*. I haven't read the remainder of your post after that line because it's a bit pointless. Let me explain to you how a human mind works. The reason you said "I'm not gonna even begin to attempt this" was because it was the hardest thing for you to explain. You realised you don't make sense to the slightest and so your brain needed to function slightly more than it normally does. Hence, you needed more words to express your thoughts. If I say DUH HELLO: I am a kid and I am acting smart. Wouldn't it be easier if I was just 'grown up' and not acting smart? Spoon fed- You really like bringing things out of nowhere and portraying yourself as a moron as you are doing now. How did you come to a conclusion of me being spoon fed? You want me to research every comment and post lurrpis types? Are you crazy? ROFL. State of you mate. "I'm so embarrased that there people like you still in the hltv community. A bunch of narrowed minded childish kids...." Let me help YOU break that down. You call people "uneducated retards", yet you come up with "there people". You further call children as kids. What does "childish kids" mean? I can see how much lurrpis means to you. How much butt hurt you get when he opposes you and doesn't pay attention to what you write back. You are obsessed with him. I think you might actually have a crush on him. *Blushes* It's okay, we all have fantasies. Yours is just a bit messed up.
2013-01-04 15:14
You strayed so far away from the substance of the topic interms of his biased towards the topics. His opinions are ment to be as close to neutral as possible. All he does is critize the game, the community and the professional players, demeaning them in a stream he was casting....Where are you going with arrogance mate, your interpretation is so far off, now you're creating hypothical scenarios. You can judge someones arrogance through the same justification and methods of the literal probability for example. Trust me i studied Psychology for for 1 year..... Kid, please do your research and know what you are trying to argue, couple of months ago he was casting a finals of with nip in it and he went on to erect his opinion about nip and csgo. Pretty much demeaning them......on live stream. Empowering his opinion you do realise how much weight he carries around him and the position he is in...... Its just like team liquid in sc2, the weight they carry in their opinions is enormous. They have now learned from previous experiences not to be heavily biased in their opinions and stay as close to neutral due to their stance in the community, while still identifying the strongest essences of its purpose. You actually think i post my comments in the intention of lurpps to see it LOL. Please, i post it to express my opiniions in the hope that it will support the cause of the situation kid. 1.6 fan boys................ I hope this thread gets deleted, i for one agree this is not the way to shine light on this situation, it should be delt by the administrative stakeholders of hltv. Good day to you. I will not be posting... i have a commerce exam in 2 days and a law exam in 3.
2013-01-04 15:47
You are wrong. Journalists are not supposed to be neutral. They are supposed to be truthful, honest and bring the facts to everybody else. If you have an election going on and the media criticises one prime minister completely, you wouldn't say be neutral. They are saying things as they are. CS:GO is not the better game and that's what he says. Deal with it. I studied reproduction for one year, doesn't mean I go around blabbering nonsense about it. "Kid, please do your research and know what you are trying to argue, couple of months ago he was casting a finals of with nip in it and he went on to erect his opinion about nip and csgo. Pretty much demeaning them......on live stream." And he can not do that? Copy paste me the clause where it states he is not permitted to do that. Empowering his opinion: Read my first para. He is not supposed to think about what people will this. Is this politically correct or not. He is supposed to bring the facts and he does that. That's his job. He is not here to think about you and me or our sentiments. Cause of the situation? Obviously lurrpis means a lot to you and that is why you're bothered about this. It doesn't matter if he reads your posts or not, you already know your posts mean nothing to him because you call him a brick wall. So obviously you're frustrated and want him removed and you spend all this time furiously encouraging people to sign a worthless petition that nobody cares about. "1.6 fan boys................ I hope this thread gets deleted, i for one agree this is not the way to shine light on this situation, it should be delt by the administrative stakeholders of hltv." and.. "So agree. KICK HIM OFF hltv" Make up your mind. "Good day to you. I will not be posting... i have a commerce exam in 2 days and a law exam in 3." Good luck, please don't write about Lurrpis when they ask you about the law of diminishing margin.
2013-01-04 17:44
Break a leg - litterally.
2013-01-04 18:23
Lol nice nickname.
2013-01-04 19:09
Thanks a lot. I was drunk making it hAhAHA :D
2013-01-04 20:12
2013-01-06 13:09
He's just saying straight out what he's thinking. I like that though I don't always agree with him.
2013-01-04 02:21
I share this opinion.
2013-01-04 14:11
if you don't agree with him, it means you're wrong ;)
2013-01-05 16:51
2013-01-04 02:39
2013-01-04 02:44
No one really cares about this as much as you do, it's the internet bro. if you "work for a living" and "dont have time to sit on twitter", why are you wasting your time making a petition thread to remove lurppis from ? Seems kinda contradictory. next.
2013-01-04 02:45
holiday season bruz, not back to work till the 10th :)
2013-01-04 03:16
+1 remove lurppiS
2013-01-04 02:46
butthurt cause he is saying csgo is shit?
2013-01-04 03:08
It is fairly accurate
2013-01-04 02:56
Signed. Can't stand the guy. He think he's some kind of god cause he managed to place semi-good on some lans and was in orgs stupid enough to pay him a salary. The kid is a douche
2013-01-04 02:59
he actually knows shit, and not shy to express his opinion. the community needs ppl like lurpp, he just does not give a shit about stupid opinions cause he knows he is right... :)
2013-01-04 03:12
2013-01-04 06:46
he knows he's right even when he's not right :D but many times he is right
2013-01-04 07:48
2013-01-04 18:16
But when he's actually wrong and some guy points that out, the other guy receives a "fuck off asshole" or "You're an idiot" :)
2013-01-04 13:36
yea I give you that. he sometimes acts like a jerk... but given that how many times he had to argue with idiots I see why he lost patience :D
2013-01-04 14:43
yeah, its easy to express your opinion behind a monitor. i bet he wouldnt say half the things he says face to face with the people he insults
2013-01-04 14:54
I bet you're the same.
2013-01-04 19:10
Ahahah, not really. I say whatever i want, face to face or behind a monitor, doesnt really make any difference
2013-01-04 19:30
I was thinking a lot what to write, but I concluded that I despise babysitting. Just grow up. p.s. although there are a lot kids in esports anyway, so, khm, I guess saying "grow up" isn`t a right thing to say. I will leave it to someone who enjoys teaching mentally immature people.
2013-01-04 03:08
Personally, I have come to the conclusion that it isn't worth the time. Present your argument once, if they child up, let them stay at the playground and move on.
2013-01-04 07:31
Russia qrad 
Tons of butthurt csgo boys. :D
2013-01-04 03:11
*brb touching my balls*
2013-01-04 03:11
2013-01-04 03:12
2013-01-04 03:13
Bitch please, go to bed, it's the best thing you do for now
2013-01-04 03:14
ban lurpis
2013-01-04 03:26
the real Schwan?
2013-01-04 03:29
the 1 and only.
2013-01-04 05:26
thanks, you just reminded me of Garett 3 BambroughED movie rofl
2013-01-04 15:13
you should probably stop faking a known player if you wish anything you say to be taken seriously. in fact, that's actually insulting to the real guy. should i make a thread about removing you from here now? xD
2013-01-04 17:19
a douche you are indeed. but who cares? xD
2013-01-04 18:10
lurppis, CSGO much better game than CS 1.6 community,scene 200x stronger than 1.6 ever was) Wanna see if you wrote something))
2013-01-04 19:01
is that why the steam stats are 200 times lower than that of 1.6's?
2013-01-04 19:12
You destroyed my question) You know lurppis is fanboy of CS 1.6 and don't like CSGO so far, I wanted to joke at him)
2013-01-04 19:14
Okay dosiadosia, I liked your joke very very much.
2013-01-04 19:54
Is there any need to write this retarded smile ")" in the end of every sentence?
2013-01-06 03:07
yep, he's russian. we call them russian smileys in denmark! )))
2013-01-07 11:31
lurppis i h8 you you are mad because you are not the best and you have been the lowestone of your teammates and you hate gtr so bad bro you are a kid idk how dafuq you are a hltv admin
2013-01-05 22:05
it sounds like you're the one who is mad. i am friends with gtr btw, no idea where you got the hate from.
2013-01-05 22:59
still i can say nobody likes you because you are a douche
2013-01-06 01:53
bENNY | 
Europe Naitee 
Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen 3,386 likes. problem?
2013-01-07 12:42
I wanted to post this :]
2013-01-07 17:54
2013-01-04 03:31
lurppis the Piers Morgan of hltv?
2013-01-04 05:23
Korea dyg 
how the hell do you survive in society to get this heated over something like this
2013-01-04 05:27
Since he said that CS:GO sucks i'm going to say No.
2013-01-04 05:42
same here H@H@
2013-01-04 14:05
lurppis for pres
2013-01-04 07:09
keep trolling, you did good
2013-01-04 07:15
didn't even read your thread yet, it also bothered me so I started this thread:
2013-01-04 07:18
Azerbaijan Talley 
My sign!
2013-01-04 07:21
A petition? Really? If you have problems with a mod/admin, instead of creating this kind of topic (aka: the crying of a dramaqueen), you would should write a mail to the hltv administration, stating your concerns, with links to specific conversations that show attitudes you don't think are correct from him (for a person that is a mod/admin), and presenting your arguments in a mature way. This kind of topic will get you nowhere.
2013-01-04 07:28
Criticizing over his discussions with people in the comment section or what he does on his Twitter. Well keep in mind he covers a lot of the news on the website, it's not like he's being biased in his articles with the exception of articles about placings in tournaments based on his opinion. Being punished for what he does in his free time other than his responsibility as a journalist on the website sounds kind of unfair. I mean sure he can be a bit of a big talker (a "blabber" mouth if you will) but that doesn't change what he does or why he does it. As far as I'm concerned he's free to do what he wants as long as it doesn't affect the quality of the coverage, otherwise I won't judge. As you're well aware he mentions a lot of the time his dislike for CS:GO, yet he still covers it without bias; that shows a valid separation for what he works as, and his own opinions in his free time.
2013-01-04 07:44
2013-01-04 07:46
2013-01-04 18:44
Hey, I agree with all your comments and this is crazy. Wanna be friends, maybe?
2013-01-04 19:13
he is taken >:D just kidding
2013-01-04 20:21
Not sure if you're stalking me or you actually like all my comments :P
2013-01-04 22:07
I'm not a stalker, whenever one of your comments bumps out from this hate I feel the need to express all my love. no homo.
2013-01-04 22:15
don't be that sensitive. lurppis speaks his mind. sometimes he is spot on, i agree 100%. sometimes i don't agree at all. don't know which one more, maybe 50/50 :D at times he is very annoying yes, but it's not that big of a deal
2013-01-04 07:45
United Kingdom gsr- 
Luurpis takes the piss out of someone for being a bad player - It's an abomination and he should lose his job. If I take the piss out of someone for being a bad player - No one cares. Just because someone is known doesn't mean you have to listen and consider their opinion like it matters. Secondly they are allowed to express themselves how they see fit and have their own opinion and not what you want to hear. Doesn't matter who they are or what they have done.It's more disrespectful to treat someones opinion different despite being the same as someone else's based of reputation.
2013-01-04 07:46
Nobody... NOBODY spells "lurppis" correct. I see it spelled atleast 3 different ways when ever he is mentioned!
2013-01-04 20:16
He is doing his job really well.
2013-01-04 08:37
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
lurppis is the most competent person here
2013-01-04 13:49
No thank you
2013-01-04 13:52
You can go to cadred if you dont like hltv you know
2013-01-04 13:54
Lol, no way, fuck off, he have his own personality and we have to accept him as he is. He provides us high quality news and he knows what he's talking about.
2013-01-04 13:58
actually, lurppis thinks he knows what he's talking about but in fact he's usually wrong. particularly his infamous predictions. but saying that is like saying hitler had his own personality, we must accept him as he is!
2013-01-04 14:09
there's a difference between a man with a high ego, if we can say so about lurppis and a person considered as mentally sick.
2013-01-04 14:24
So murdering millions of people and talking shot on Twitter go hand and hand now.
2013-01-05 08:37
Woah, now this is what I call a retarded comment.
2013-01-07 17:56
I don't know why so much hate on lurppis.. As well Xizt and markeloff made their own opinion about oz and how bad he is - it's true, everytime I see hltv trolls laughing at him, everytime and if lurppis said the same u are so mad, wtf is wrong with you guys
2013-01-04 14:12
+1 for remove
2013-01-04 14:50
United States criimson 
This is utterly retarded plz guys @ just close out and delete the post already its just nonsense...
2013-01-04 15:11
Then people will scream that they censor stuff.
2013-01-04 15:14
lol he's done so much work for this scene, he doesn't even like CS:GO and still he does a lot of CS:GO stuff for HLTV... show some respect for the guy, being loyal to the game he loves even though he's not very fond of the new changes to the game.
2013-01-04 15:14
2013-01-04 15:20
smart enough not to post in this thread
2013-01-04 17:01
haha this hatred towards lurppis is so hilarious :D
2013-01-04 15:34
2013-01-04 16:09
He is just the only admin that shares his opinion, not like most of the others hiding behind their bans.
2013-01-04 16:43
yeah true
2013-01-05 00:32
Go cry him a river. Lurppis does a hell of a job for HLTV, why would they cut him?
2013-01-04 16:48
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
2013-01-04 17:14
Just all be nice. People aren't perfect you know.
2013-01-04 17:31
lurppis its little arrogant but its ok :D
2013-01-04 17:49
2013-01-04 18:13
I remember some affairs of some admin he wrote some shit and then apologized that it could made looking bad but he stands behind it for as it's his own opinion. But this is different story he didn't post this officialy for but on his own twitter. He doesn't abuse his magic power here AFAIK. Because his personal opinions aren't representative it doesn't mean he is doing his work wrong. Sir you have pretty bad arguments for something that you are demanding.
2013-01-04 18:36
I just call to say " I LOVE U! " x)
2013-01-04 18:58
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
I don't agree with him insulting other players over twitter, I think that's pretty immature and extremely unprofessional. But other than that I think he is a great admin, who shares his opinion whether the public will like it or not.
2013-01-04 19:10
2013-01-04 19:20
lurppis is legend.
2013-01-04 19:11
finally... someone spelled his name correct.
2013-01-04 20:21
It's lurpiss I believe.
2013-01-05 02:20
2013-01-07 15:55
lurppis is just telling the truth, maybe he's a little childish and immature and sometimes it might be harsh, but you know what they say.. deal with it 8-)
2013-01-04 19:18
lol at the hate.
2013-01-04 19:19
They did go over the fence by "insulting" Ozstriker, sometimes we should just shut up and think before insulting someone who clearly, at 36 years old or whatever still has a lot of passion for the Counter Strike series, no matter what skill level he's at, at least he tries. People make mistakes, and maybe an apology would settle. As to remove lurppis as an admin I don't agree, he tries to argue his point of view in a polite manner most of the time, I don't agree with him on many aspects, doesn't make him wrong or worst than me or anybody. Sure he's arrogant at times, but then again most of you act like pricks when talking to him. I've had arguments with him where we disagreed and still talked like civilized persons. He's not perfect, I'm not perfect, you're not perfect. Sorry for the spoiler. Deal with it.
2013-01-04 19:52
how about no
2013-01-04 20:09
You are out of your mind. Lurppis doesn't deserve to be disrespected like this, he works for you and us as much or even more than some others, what is wrong with him, being a pro player, having is own opinion? Name something that lurppis has done or said in the past where he wasn't right? So much noise being mad because of Ozstrik3r, where's the petition for removing markeloff and Xizt from their organization or being expelled from gaming this year? Stop being pathetic, don't you dare calling him fanboy when he has done a lot more than you, and you surely have seen his demos, so guess who is the fanboy? Think carefully if you're going to answer me, you've embarrassed yourself a lot by now.
2013-01-04 20:25
who the fuck are you to write petition? kid
2013-01-04 20:25
haha you should actually read up on who ph33r is if you dont know the teams he has played on. he's a lot more of "someone" than about 99% of this forum.
2013-01-05 01:21
that is not the ph33r who played on gamerco, rival etc, he has nothing to do with esports these days. just another retard faker with no life :D
2013-01-05 02:08
don't mind him man.. it's not worth it..
2013-01-05 02:20
i feel like that's actually worth correcting if people really think that troll is a player who was in one of the world's best teams
2013-01-05 02:21
no no i mean the troll dude..
2013-01-05 02:23
oh i don't care about people posting here, i just reply for my own amusement
2013-01-05 02:24
and you really shouldn't... i don't know what's happening with most of the people here
2013-01-05 16:41
i see what you did there
2013-01-05 22:02
why the hell are you reading this shits?
2013-01-05 22:37
don´t care about people??? this is bro
2013-01-05 22:43
first of all, it would be strange if you don't care because it concerns you. second, if you don't care, then why you use abusive language and call him "a retarded faker with no life". this response just confirms the OP's point.
2013-01-08 07:33
because i actually know ph33r and have met him at various events and i think it's retarded this guy just pretends to be him, fully lying to everyone asking etc. it's just sad.
2013-01-08 09:24
who says he is pretending to be him? maybe he just likes Ph33R or maybe he wasn't aware of another player called Ph33R? odds are small but I see no reason to call him names. besides, you just confirmed his statement: "he goes around calling members of this site abusive names" is not a lie.
2013-01-08 10:00
someone asked here/in another thread is he is ph33r from rival and he said yes, same thing on his guestbook. he is a retard, so calling him that (since i obviously won't call him ph33r) is all i can do
2013-01-08 10:51
That's hilarious. You're actually responding to a completely random user while the topic is totally different lmao.
2013-01-05 02:21
nice earnings *xD* (if its really him)
2013-01-05 09:27
i guess this site is a bullshiter
2013-01-05 15:42
he was in 2006, not now
2013-01-05 22:06
unbeliavable my coment without any insult was removed cuz i said the truth about lurppis , u guys are funny , so remove him from the squad also because he said the truth about Oz . U guys are the mirror of this shitty comunity
2013-01-04 23:14
[...]without any insult[...] Seems you are funny too.
2013-01-05 02:54
"just another retard faker with no life :D" Sup? Where's the delete button for those that see things that admins don't/refuse to see
2013-01-05 17:07
Insisting in pretending to be someone when it is clear that one is not is pretty much retarded, isn't it?
2013-01-06 00:17
are u fucking stupid or something? ph33r nickname is taken for life?
2013-01-06 17:30
Who talks about nicknames here? Players have real names too you know. Maybe you should take that into consideration before happily calling someone 'fucking stupid'.
2013-01-07 01:33
anyone can take someone else's nickname, it's when people specifically ask him if it's johnny schwan who used to play for rival, gamerco etc that it becomes sad and ridiculous
2013-01-08 09:26
this is soooooooo retarded. i beg the OP and the ones who support him to leave now.
2013-01-05 00:19
This is retarded.
2013-01-05 00:38
WHAT is retarded? Just explain it or you only want to take part in the discussion?
2013-01-05 02:19
If it was someone else I bet it wouldn't have got this much "publicity". Some people don't like his way of doing things. I don't see people bashing on mark or xizt. And about the "childish behavior", isn't he just a news writer? Not an actual admin.
2013-01-05 03:09
He has the rights I believe
2013-01-05 03:19
Yeah, amazing that no one except 3 or 4 users (us included) didn't mention Mark and Xzit. This thread is pathetic just like the creator.
2013-01-05 03:52
Needs more lurppis to spice things up.
2013-01-05 01:17
I really wonder why this hasn't been deleted yet by lurpiss. He should indeed get off his high horse, thinking he achieved something for being forever semi-professional. The funny thing comes: He even got paid for getting carried all the time by n0thing, fRoD and co. Lol /sign
2013-01-05 02:18
And add himself to the already established, by the community, ' Censorship squad'? I don't think so...
2013-01-05 02:56
Would be too rediculous anyway.
2013-01-05 03:00
were you in excistense during wings - serious - hoorai - 69N/28E? Lurppis is actually one of the greatest cs players out there. You just can't see it.
2013-01-05 03:57
2013-01-05 23:16
2013-01-06 17:30
go to bed kid ;)
2013-01-06 20:16
Someone needs to get a life asap
2013-01-05 08:51
I did not understand why you hate him after all.He's absolutely a great admin.Take an indepth look at his forums, read carefully.He owns.He is trolling sometimes, no doubt about that, but he is also a very intelligent guy. It is not my bussines at all, but just think...Who dafuq will do something about that even we all would like to see him of?
2013-01-05 09:47
Totally agree and it's also funny that a random kid starts a petition to remove him lol.
2013-01-05 16:09
no lurppis is the one and only ~
2013-01-05 10:41
Petition to remove retards from oh, wait, only the five of us will remain.
2013-01-05 10:43
Denmark mikyb 
That comment just removed you from your mentioned "five of us".
2013-01-05 14:58
Look, I despise lurp de derp for the most part for his attitude, but to be totally honest even though a bit unprofessional with a good main commentator like redeye or joe miller where its not just lurppis running his mouth the whole time he actually makes the broadcasts very enjoyable with his perspective. There's no denying that hes one of the best at analyzing all the different sides of cs i just wish he didnt hate on go so much
2013-01-05 14:58
So people dont like him cuz he hates csgo. LOL He is the pro only that I know replies to everyone. I had a few queries and I posted on his eg account and he use to always reply back when he was with EG. I used to see people ask him some basic noob shit and he always helped them. He maybe straightforward but thats no reason to hate him.
2013-01-05 15:50
No, thank you
2013-01-05 16:37
Lurppis Da-AnTiH3RO BTW i like him, his opinion always worth to read , only thing i didnt like were the comments about Oz :( say the truth always doesnt make you good.
2013-01-05 16:51
So much LOVE...
2013-01-05 17:01
If you're trying to get Lurppis's attention, he probably doesn't care. Just my opinion. He's got better things to be doing than reading stuff like this. Not insulting you, ph33r, but this isn't a good way to go about doing this!
2013-01-05 19:30
I didn't sign up for this.
2013-01-05 19:53
Dumb thread. Delete plz
2013-01-05 21:36
Won't sign.
2013-01-05 21:52
wtf hahah +1
2013-01-07 16:01
This wasn't deleted yet? :P
2013-01-05 21:57
I'd sign it if it was of any use
2013-01-05 21:57
It is worth a try
2013-01-05 22:53
2013-01-05 21:59
I'd much rather kick off like 90 percent of you morons then kick someone who speaks his opinion and doesn't offend/bother anyone that doesn't get in it's way. P.S. I've been on for years and there hasn't been a single time when anything he has written was something noted other than lurppis (why click it then).
2013-01-05 22:53
remove dumbfuck and braindead users outta here that's work a way better;)
2013-01-05 22:55
2013-01-05 23:10
2013-01-06 00:25
keep this drama up, please most exciting thing since 1.6 deaded.
2013-01-06 00:46
completely agree. glad i could be of service
2013-01-06 12:44
lurppis too stronk, why u wanna remove him
2013-01-06 01:05
Someone should make a petition to IP ban everyone except 1st world countries' ips.
2013-01-06 12:46
USA is op?
2013-01-07 13:56
2013-01-07 15:34
Ban to everyone who is not from mmuuricaa
2013-01-07 16:01
Why are you all hating on him? Okay maybe he sometimes is arrogant, and acts full of himself, but seriously who gives a shit about it? If you don't like him, don't bother talking to him... I hold no grudge against him, sure sometimes I think what comes out of his mouth should be atleast filtered, but what does it change in my life? Nothing. He is an HLTV-admin for a reason to do a specific work, write articles etc... Until the time where he fucks up his main task, then you could start complaining about him, but the guy is doing his job. I'm not a fan of him, but also not a hater. It wouldn't do any bad if Lurppis wouldn't bash/trashtalk people but then again that's what most of the people do in this site, but I do understand that coming from an admin, and a well-known respected professional sometimes the things he does/says are just not done.
2013-01-06 13:17
Ph33R i agree with you... lurpis is a noob.
2013-01-06 13:19
i agree too. low player, 0 smartness as igl and tones of luck to be friend/related to some good players. he was beter as a journalist (read carefuly: he was beter as a journalist than he was as a player. this doesnt mean he is good as journalist) than he was as a player, but his attitude towards some users is shity. this is not a good thing for hltv, having him as a mod/journalist.
2013-01-06 13:24
But still, he's probably a lot better then you, he's doing one hell of a job as an HLTV writer/moderator and he's also casting a game he can't stand with nothing but joy. If you remove lurppis, HLTV wouldn't be the same in my eyes ;)
2013-01-06 13:45
better then me? what makes you say that? :O
2013-01-06 14:26
hahaha, well, what I mean is: He's made a name for himself, while you haven't (In CS of course ;))
2013-01-06 15:02
in cs ofc not. wasnt my plan either :>
2013-01-06 15:32
Same here ;)
2013-01-06 20:15
OMG! Get a life bro !
2013-01-07 01:47
DEAD* wf.lurppls : every team should have manne for online leagues *DEAD* wf.lurppls : then jsut cut him for lans *DEAD* wf.lurppls : gtd qualification *DEAD* wf.lurppls : if i cared about noobs' opinions what you say might maatter *DEAD* wf.lurppls : someone give me a call or msg me on a websit when manne wins a match on lan
2013-01-07 09:58
I have to agree, the stuff he puts on his twitter is disgraceful and the fact the rest of the admins say "his twitter is his own" etc is astonishing. He is an example of the 1.6 community which like it or not are moving towards go, this is also where new players are going to be looking and to see a senior figure acting like that what impression does it give. He refuses to move on from 1.6 and would rather burn the world around him then otherwise. He may do a lot of articles but currently i see him doing more harm then good.
2013-01-07 10:25
LURPPIS IS THE BEST His articles are the most interesting here...
2013-01-07 11:30
You sure dont know there is a kind called "love me or hate me", lurppis is that kind of guy, and many people love this real guy.
2013-01-07 11:46
That this at all is a topic should be enough to consider his future at Just saying..
2013-01-07 12:15
Well, we all know that sometimes lurppis behave like a child and has no respect to almost anyone. Still, I like him as a writter and he creates a lot of content for My guess would be a warning from the staff and nothing else but I don't know if his ego would accept that sometimes he takes the wrong mentality.
2013-01-07 12:32
2013-01-07 12:44
There shouldn't be any warnings...
2013-01-07 20:44
2013-01-07 13:17
2013-01-07 20:43
needs more constructive criticism.
2013-01-08 10:02
Without the deleting the thread would have over 500 signations.
2013-01-07 20:44
nice job with the petition signing , then what are you supposed to do after that? :))
2013-01-08 07:35
324 actually
2013-01-08 09:49
Surely you could find somebody who can do coverage better and doesn't flame the game every chance they get
2013-01-08 10:01
permaban Ph33R
2013-01-08 10:55
Sweden wmb 
I can imagine if you talk about lurppis he'll appear. Just like with "The madame in black" when you were a child, thinking that some mysterious witch would appear :P Same shit just internetz, difference your not in ur toilet and this is real and your a grownup (most of us). Mention lurppis anywhere and he'll come like an eagle claiming everyone is below him and that he's the champion of gaming! And this thread only makes him sleep better when he goes to bed because he knows that when hes asleep people think of him xD
2013-02-02 18:11
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