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Rumor Says Isaiah Mustafa Could Play Drax The Destroyer
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New Guardians Of The Galaxy Rumor Says Isaiah Mustafa Could Play Drax The Destroyer [b][url=watchtexaschainsaw3donline2013.snappages..]Watch Texas ChainSaw 3D Online[/url][/b] For the past few weeks we've been following the casting process for Marvel Studios' upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. But while we've heard about a number of actors testing for the role of Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star Lord, there hasn't been a single development regarding any other member of the team. But now it looks as though that tide may be turning as new rumors have surfaced surrounding the part of Drax The Destroyer. [b][]Watch The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Online[/url][/b] Comic Book Movie, which has a very hit or miss record with these kinds of scoops, has reportedly learned from a "source very close to production" that Marvel is currently looking at Isaiah Mustafa (those viral Old Spice commercials), Dave Bautista (The Man With The Iron Fists, and Brian Patrick Wade Generation Kill) as possible selections for the part of the Guardians' resident green warrior. It's interesting that Mustafa is mentioned, as just a few years ago he was being given the tour around Marvel HQ, but doesn't necessarily mean that the story is true. [b][url=watchdjangounchainedonline2012.snappages..]Watch Django Unchained Online[/url][/b] In the comics Drax was originally a human named Arthur Douglas, but he died when he and his family were attacked by the evil Thanos (the big purple dude in the credits of The Avengers). Needing someone to fight off the Mad Titan, an entity called Kronos brought Arthur's spirit back to life and put it in a much more powerful body. The character is an extremely skilled fighter (particularly with a blade) and also has powers of psychic detection. [b][]Watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online[/url][/b] But Mustafa isn't the only actor whose name could be getting resurrected at Marvel. The same source adds that The Office's John Krasinski, who was long rumored for the part of Captain America before losing out to Chris Evans, is among the aforementioned number of actors trying to land the role of Star-Lord. So when you're trying to think of all the actors being considered for the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy you can include Krasinski's name along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zachary Levi, Jim Sturgess, Michael Rosenbaum, Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Lee Pace, Eddie Redmayne, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden and Sullivan Stapleton. [b][]Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online[/url][/b] The marketing push behind John Dies at the End has been on a roll lately. A few days ago we got an special anti-piracy trailer, this afternoon an "alternative" poster popped online, and now we have a bit of red band goodness for you. A brand new restricted clip has arrived online and I think the highlight has to be the number of times Paul Giamatti squeezes the word "shit" into his dialogue. You can watch the scene below, courtesy of Yahoo! and be warned that there's a solid fright just a few seconds in. Prepare! I haven't read the novel that the movie is based on, but from what I can tell from this clip it would seem that the plot involves creatures that are invisible while being directly looked at, and can only be seen with an open mind and solid peripheral vision. It's an idea that should be worth some scares if played properly. Based on the book written by David Wong, John Dies At The End is set in a world where a new drug called Soy Sauce has become all of the rage. Upon taking it the user finds him or herself transported across space and time for the ultimate rush. The problem, though, is that after taking Soy Sauce some people don't come back as human, and it becomes up to two college dropouts (Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes) to save the world. Don Coscarelli, best known as the writer/director of Phantasm, Beastmaster, and Bubba Ho-Tep, helmed the flick, which is currently available On Demand, but if you're waiting to see it on the big screen then you won't have to wait much longer, as it will be heading to theaters on January 25th. It does sound strange to pay this much attention to a movie that isn’t happening. Newt is done, and Pixar prefers we look ahead to Monsters University. But with the studio starting to make more sequels (in addition to MU they have Finding Nemo 2 coming to theaters in 2016), it’s normal to lament what might have been the next Pixar masterpiece. What do you think? Should Pixar have pushed forward with Newt, ignoring the likes of Rango and the similarities to Rio? Or would there have been more fuel to the fire of Pixar losing its originality? We’ll never know at this point. All that’s left is speculation.
2013-01-04 14:15
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