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Lithuania deMMM 
Hello.I have a problem with easyanticheat. When I start eac it pops up and updates in less than a second and then it closes. This happens everytime I try to start it. I've turned of the firewall, antivirus, run it as admin, installed latest version of framwork, changed compabilitymode. And ofc rebooted my computer a several times...and still can't fix it.Do any 1 have same problem any 1 know how to fix it please help:)
2013-01-07 14:02
Try to trace down its entries in Windows Registry and then erase those. I don't know if it'll help you to solve this issue, though it did in fact help me solving most of the issues I had with EAC in the past.
2013-01-07 14:07
Lithuania deMMM 
Thanks but not helped :(
2013-01-07 14:26
hz then. Try to ask on their forums. Don't go on the IRC channel though, my personal experience is people are rude there and fail to keep up with logic at times =D. Did you try restarting the system after deleting those entries and uninstalling EAC? That's how windows registry works most of the times, you need to do a full restart. Uninstall, erase entries, do a restart, install again from the most currect installer and see how that goes. In case it wasn't what you were doing already.
2013-01-07 17:00
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