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Betting broken?
Latvia pRopaaNS 
I never have recedieved 20000 playmoney on start of any month, instead my betting balance changes to negative at beginning of each month (-5750 or -5500) and so I have to wait till I finally reach positive balance by collecting +250 every day. Now it`s 21th January and my balance is still -500. Well, that doesn`t matter, as I bet just for fun, but thing is that there are people on top10 and so I wonder why don`t they have negative balance like I and other people. Did they create new accounts to revert theyr betting balance back to 20000? Well, regardless if prizes are still handed down or not, but I just find it weird that such stuff is happening for a long time and nothing is done to fix this matter.
2013-01-21 13:15
p.s. I don`t care about prizes either way, I just want to place bets for fun and it`s not like I can win anyway.
2013-01-21 13:16
United Kingdom bez- 
I've been on negative for a while now :D
2013-01-21 13:30
Poland kiero 
the same with me
2013-01-21 13:35
Ukraine eved 
2013-01-21 14:34
2013-02-01 15:55
Tunisia edgg 
its not negative for me, im on 120k atm
2013-02-01 15:58
oh, I got betting money, ye. :) Balance: 20500 I guess I can have some fun bettinh at this month at least.
2013-02-02 11:10
Argentina tad33 
2014-08-19 18:41
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