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Will e-Stars, WEM, WCG and SEC comeback with CS:GO?
Ethiopia fanboyofmoddii 
What do you think, hope for that and of course other teams getting those titles, not NiP..
2013-01-27 21:56
nobody knows, how about you ask them on their website or email. and I hope NiP wins every tournament, its pretty funny how bad everyone else is compared to them
2013-01-27 22:01
if NiP will continue dominating, CS:GO scene will die, sponsors need money, money is when there is competition, if NiP is dominating = there is not competition
2013-01-27 22:03
if it dies because other teams are so bad they can't get to nips level, let it die
2013-01-27 23:26
^ this
2013-01-27 23:34
is sparta
2013-01-27 23:35
I think that we must wait 2 maybe 3 years when scene of CS:GO will be totaly clear, I mean, there will be no future updates, game will be balanced. And of course, some people have to put some money in it, buy I think, this is not such a big problem (look at 1 milion prizes in The Internetional from Valve in DotA 2).
2013-01-27 22:25
too early to tell..
2013-01-27 22:26
u swede and not "<3 f0rest" u'll be in hell dude..
2013-01-27 22:39
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