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Who will finally beat NiP?
Russia dosiadosia 
Who will beat them?? Who will do this step?? Imo has the best chances to do that, The community needs rivaldy between the teams around the world, someone must beat Nip to make scene playable, and for sponsors to attract the csgo scene, if one team will dominate 2 years sponsors won't give a single fuck to us, someone must beat NiP!
2013-01-31 22:42
vg i think
2013-01-31 22:44
World ssess 
dream on sauce
2013-01-31 22:45
dream on sauce
2013-01-31 23:33
dream on sauce
2013-02-01 00:04
dream on sauce
2013-02-01 00:24
"Antix <3 CSP" ehem:)
2013-02-01 00:29
dream on sauce
2013-02-01 00:35
"Antix <3 CSP" hehe
2013-02-01 00:56
dream on sauce
2013-02-01 02:02
dream on sauce
2013-02-01 03:36
dream on sauce
2013-02-01 16:43
2013-02-03 19:25
Russia goodjob 
sauce is more tactical.. dream on SAAAAAAAAAAAAUCE
2013-02-02 00:52
dream on sauce
2013-02-01 13:00
Big hairy vainy balls on sauce
2013-02-01 15:37
dream on sauce
2013-02-03 19:32
VG seemed quite close recently.
2013-01-31 22:47
VG (ScreaM is a beast and will improve their game, but they might have to change another player to be able to be equals with NiP and not just win a game here and there vs them) VP (got the talent, need to step it up a bit tho) ESC (gona be the biggest threat real soon imo) NaVi (showed some good rounds today and will only improve with time) Imo the scene is gona get alot tighter and more entertaining to watch in the coming 6 months!
2013-01-31 22:49
couldn't have said better myself
2013-01-31 22:54
2013-02-01 00:03
The closest team to beat NiP are VG. They has 11 rounds of advantage over NiP. NiP just went berserk and got every single one of the other rounds LOLOLOL 1 year at minimum 2 years max ( probably fps scene is dead by this time if NiP wins all the time )
2013-01-31 22:54
curse were able to atleast force a overtime over NIP,they need nasu back and can beat NIP..end of discussuion,and also MOUZ.UK are better than VG...end of discussion
2013-02-01 00:07
France SynkroZ 
Hard to debate with you. End of discussion...
2013-02-01 00:25
United Kingdom r0b1 
says end of discussion, continues to add more points. Dat logic.
2013-02-01 00:33
Indians and their...stuff.
2013-02-01 00:38
your flag says all
2013-02-01 03:37
ends discussion twice... endception
2013-02-01 08:51
Haha an end within an end
2013-02-01 13:09
Why everyone posting funny stuff have Jesus in their name?
2013-02-01 15:13
2013-01-31 22:55
hopefully fnatic can sort their act together in coming months.
2013-02-01 00:17
And you assume NiP wont improve aswell.
2013-02-01 00:37
ecactly my thought
2013-02-01 10:48
The fastest way to improve is to play against better opposition. Since NIP is the best, all the other teams will get closer to their level. NIP will improve of course, but not so much.
2013-02-01 15:58
Didnt said the contrary
2013-02-02 00:49
2013-02-01 00:58
Only one thing i would add, ScreaM seems to be nice aimer, but he's paying so much time to the CS now, since he's newly recruited by VG, and NiP players are not paying so much time to DM's and stuff :D Conclusion: NiP gonna be unbeatable once again as they used to be back in the days (2006 - zet,potti,heaton,spawn,ins(?)
2013-02-01 02:16
NiP 2006 was far from unbeatable lol EDIT: on paper, yes.
2013-02-01 08:30
unbeatable when nobody knew how to play cs :D
2013-02-01 08:43
well :D nowadays NiP is unbeatable in action
2013-02-01 11:11
on paper too >D
2013-02-01 17:07
just saying all 1.6 teams lol .... its esc + american teams can do it too , VG , the uk line up(release weber etc)
2013-02-03 09:37
lolololol. Like after this game do you rly think that NiP will be beatable in at least in this year? Not saying next cuz it might be possible ( still 99% not possible to beat NiP even after this year )
2013-01-31 22:51
United Kingdom tomtmh 
2013-01-31 22:52
some thugs
2013-01-31 22:53
this one is the closer imo
2013-02-01 00:04
VG,ESC,VP,Navi, or some1 surprise them :D
2013-01-31 22:54
Plenty of teams will beat them very soon. ESC, NaVi and VeryGames!!
2013-01-31 22:54
fnatic now would have chance with MODDII and karrigan.. VG has a new member, they still have to get used to each other, they don't have that harmony yet what NiP has. And don't forget about ESC/Na'Vi, they are getting better day by day.
2013-01-31 22:55
2013-01-31 22:57
2013-01-31 22:57
ex will beat NiP if RattlesnK can get a solid core with a decent org. Untill then I think it will be either VG or ESC.
2013-01-31 22:59
online maybe VG, but in few moths, at lan maybe ESC also in few moths
2013-01-31 23:00
why not they better than navi,esc
2013-01-31 23:01
They need more "practise"... Sry but NiP are MUCH MUCH BETTER.
2013-01-31 23:08
2013-01-31 23:09
virtus pro got whopped twice by esc on lan, bye bye
2013-02-01 13:57
2013-01-31 23:04
ESC ofc
2013-01-31 23:13
ESC,next lan,u heard it here first
2013-01-31 23:22
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL 
2013-01-31 23:34
ESC or
2013-01-31 23:43
stupid question ;) ESC ofc...
2013-01-31 23:48
navi if they will focus :) but i hope in vp and vg also
2013-01-31 23:54
2013-02-01 00:02
u not tired that nip win and win .. game become boring
2013-02-01 00:03
2013-01-31 23:56
2013-02-01 00:04
Vg can easy ScreaM kennyz NBK + shoxie and remove ex6 or smitzz
2013-02-01 00:10
of course they can and easy, but just dont want to, right? :[
2013-02-01 00:25
Lets play a game :) if you remove ex6 from VG ,you will be with 1 thing in common with VG. Guess what ?
2013-02-01 08:47
2013-02-01 13:50
Bingo , but he didnt get there :(
2013-02-01 20:01
ave zonic MJE Sunde trace
2013-02-01 00:22
2013-02-01 08:21
+1 but -MJE +minEt
2013-02-01 11:26
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
a year is a hell of a time in the gaming world. ofcourse they will be beaten on LAN at least once this year. it would be inhuman if they keep their track record without losses @ lan
2013-02-01 00:23
My point of view. Just wait for ESC to keep improving. VG have chance too if they get lucky, but they have lower potential.
2013-02-01 00:27
lower potential? HA-HA, they're like 10 years younger than ESC and they just changed a player, and how long has ESC been playing together again?
2013-02-01 02:14
And for that reason ESC have better chance, because they have more than just counter-strike skills.
2013-02-01 02:19
ESC playing together for so long creates amazing chemistry inside the game. Any team knows that chemistry matters. Otherwise VG would just add shoxie for a better fragger. But chemistry says otherwise. You need players who play well and mold into the team correctly.
2013-02-01 08:35
Hungary Nz0^ 
VG, Na'Vi and ESC. VG and Na'Vi have already shown their capabilities in CS, they have shown they can beat everyone in the scene. ESC is improving match after match, they figuring out new tactics and new gamestyles, so I think they can be the new imperators in CSGO.
2013-02-01 00:31
United Kingdom Alth 
If VG can destroy them like that as CT with a player that has just joined them, that they do not have anywhere near the same kind of communication and team cohesion with him as they had with RpK who remember was a part of VG for over 3 years, then they have a great chance to beat them in a little more time.
2013-02-01 00:32
2013-02-01 00:34
"Just wait for ESC to keep improving" "VG add 1 player they will improve soon" "vp are improving" yeah, NiP will obviously stay with the same skill-level and teamplay they have atm, they wont improve aswell. Sight sauciez
2013-02-01 00:40
LOL agreed 100%. Everyone acts as if NiP will just stay the same as they are now while everyone else improves. CS is a game where you can constantly improve - that's the beauty. NiP will improve as the other teams do.
2013-02-01 03:29
CS is also a game where teams fall short as well. We cant count that out. NiP are improving still but one day they will fall short to a sleeping giant.
2013-02-01 08:37
only NaVi
2013-02-01 00:41
Dream on boy, dream on
2013-02-01 00:44
Sweden BenneDoT 
I belive in ESC, VG, Virtus, Lemondogs(yes) and Na'vi. -Na'vi// had some really good round yestarday against NiP, but they need to practice, ALOT. -ESC// Are already impressing at times, they will be dangerous on LAN. -Virtus// Have prooven that they can play with the big boys and i think they have good potential. -Lemondogs// this may come as a suprise, but if you have watched some of their matches you know that there is sooo much potentioal and talent there! We also have team like Fnatic and Mouseports who really need to get their shit together!, but could be a threat in a couple of months.
2013-02-01 00:47
I feel that while VG consistently gets close to beating NiP, it'll be ESC that will finally dethrone them.
2013-02-01 01:00
Sam "RattlesnK" Gawn James "Mx" Smale Preben "prb" Gammels&#65533;ter Daniel "RE1EASE" Mullan Brandon "weber" Weber cya NIP
2013-02-01 02:48
People are going to probably laugh at this, but this team has got some serious potential with practice. Only guy i knew of was prb, pre CSGO. But apparently release was some kind of CSS monster who had better aim than scream.
2013-02-01 03:08
It was definitely one of the two who had the best aim in css, weber will be ridiculous now he's in a good team as well
2013-02-01 04:20
NiP will crush these one with closed eyes
2013-02-01 13:34
didnt we just have this same exact thread last week? Anyway, in that thread i said, a chinese team will be the first to beat them, on pure raw aiming.
2013-02-01 03:59
who will beat them first - only exitement in the cs:go scene.... i hope navi suprise us all that there is something to follow...
2013-02-01 05:27
There are some new interesting teams in the mix. NaVi is still improving ESC same as NaVi VG needs to replace Ex6 or Smithz for Shoxie. ScreaM has already shown what replacing one player can do, and RpK was their strongest player before ScreaM. ex-Mousesports: RE1EASE, Rattlesnake, Mx, prb, weber are a ridiculously talented source team. Can't wait to see what they are capable of. Torqued: steel, stingerr, hudzg, moddie and nooky. Lots of talent here. Dynamnic: swag, nothing, azk, adren, volcano. They seem to have gotten their shit together and are stomping the competition in NA. They might have an outside shot at NiP now.
2013-02-01 05:33
ex6 is their igl, smithz second awper, and shoxie already got kicked from vg once.
2013-02-01 13:59
It's plainly obvious that ex6 igl and strats don't work against NiP. He underperforms against NiP frag wise. In order to beat NiP you can't have a single weak link, either he needs to step up his individual game or gtfo and let someone else igl. He can make strats for them from the bench.
2013-02-01 20:10
"from the bench" LLOLOLL literally laughed hahahha
2013-02-02 05:47
2013-02-02 06:44
OMG! There are actually a Lot of teams who have the potential to beat NIP now! Like VG,Ex-Mouz,Dynamic,CUrse.NA,4Nothing,Even ESC with some more pracs! I think NIPs victory streak will end soon within 2-3 months! , Just a matter of time! No offence, But I want to see NIP lose soon! Gl NIP! ^_^
2013-02-01 05:42
Indonesia Fzn. 
i think ESC and VG
2013-02-01 07:53
2013-02-01 08:19
Yeah! maybe... :D
2013-02-01 11:22
i hope so :D
2013-02-02 18:12
Vg they just added scream. Think about it the longer they player the higher synergy they will gain. NIP has been together since the start of go.
2013-02-01 08:23
Genuinely think that the new mouz team will be competing for top 3 finishes with vg and nip. But NIP still look relatively uncontested at the top.
2013-02-01 08:47
esc or virtus pro
2013-02-01 08:52
cs:go > 1.6
2013-02-01 08:59
2013-02-01 10:41
i laugh at those ESC VP Navi predictions. If somebody has higher chance to beat nip its VG not anybody else. How could you even rate ESC NAVI VP ? If those teams will face VG they will just get raped. Right now its NIP who on top of the hill. And VG are next team under em. Not navi not esc and no vp.
2013-02-01 11:16
well i agree with DannyL the new team of rattlesnk seems to be very strong RE1EASE was a very strong player in source. But nip isnt unbeatable there was a team that defeated them (WRTT) if im not mistaked, but there was a probability of hacking .
2013-02-01 11:39
4Nothing if they will attend a LAN outside US. VG when they finally realize that force buying against NiP is like giving them two rounds. And maybe the ex-mouz team if they will give a shit about practice
2013-02-01 11:41
2013-02-01 11:48
keep dreaming :D
2013-02-01 13:03
2013-02-03 05:38
VG(ScreaM) or VP(Dosia) their aim one of the best in game
2013-02-01 11:51
someone on Copenhagen Games
2013-02-01 12:00
Ahmad | 
Egypt 181314 
As we saw the close game between VG and NiP yesterday and how na'vi played well against NiP in de_train even tho they lost i think the teams who are going to beat nip soon are Uk.mouz Na'Vi VeryGames
2013-02-01 12:19
Few teams can like : VeryGames Na`Vi
2013-02-01 12:38
2013-02-01 12:42
Poland jMS 
VG are the closest right now, but ESC or Na'VI at their full discipline, provided they get well into this game (i mean Na'Vi since ESC already improved). Anyways, it will take some time until NiP is finally beaten.
2013-02-01 12:45
Switzerland CHEDEL 
real life will beats them ;) when they'll be arround 30 yo without any shit diploma they'll clean our WC to survive. haha ;)
2013-02-01 13:40
2013-02-01 17:10
Any team can beat NiP on only one match, but the real question is which team can actually surpass them.
2013-02-01 14:28
Actually no, they cant.
2013-02-03 20:28
the 1 team will be VG or ESC i think maybe VP have chances but i think esc and VG are muchs stronger when it goes to lan turnaments
2013-02-01 14:31
if anybody can beat NiP, it will be Navi after some time if they keep training like they're now.
2013-02-01 15:41
VG has the biggest chances to beat them now with scream they will destroy NIP VP has good chances to do that ESC need some more practice NaVi is to far away to do that
2013-02-01 16:04
Acept it, the power of NiP is impressive. His game is extremely adaptive to each opponent and works great. They are the best. The only chance for the rest of the equipment is catch them on a bad day, or if Ninjas in Pyjamas are tired of winning. :C
2013-02-01 17:01
i think 100% is VeryGames very good player and talented :))
2013-02-01 17:03
Esc for whwawa
2013-02-01 17:04
esc navi (after another 500 hours practise) but there is a small problem for them IGL is XIZT, not carn or robban who shitted in the pants in finals vs esc or navi
2013-02-01 17:15
I think its gonna be VG, but i hope they wont, they've had their time of dominance in CSS, so i hope that ESC will prove very strong on a LAN soon :) But the longer the streak last, the better :)
2013-02-02 00:55
Shoxie in for KennyS and VG will beat them. Smithzz takes over the awp role like in CSS. KennyS is useless without an awp. Just watch that NiP match, he had nothing to offer on T side without an awp
2013-02-02 02:28
2013-02-02 06:45
and smithz was solid with rifles in that game right? o_O
2013-02-03 07:30
VG i think. :D
2013-02-02 02:51
2013-02-02 18:17
ESC ICY BOX :) , they need a bit more practice and they will beat them
2013-02-03 19:49
They need a bit more practice to beat VG first ;)
2013-02-03 20:29
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
2013-02-03 20:03
Latvia CINDER 
Me and my cool teamteam
2013-02-03 20:08
2013-02-03 20:11
navi i hope ))
2013-02-03 20:17
VG :)
2013-02-03 20:30
I'm sure it will be ESC or
2013-02-03 20:34
Who will beat NiP? eoLithic of course!
2013-02-03 21:19
even with ScreaM I don't think VG can take down NiP. I think it's more likely that NiP will have a bad day and lose to a team that isn't really expected to have a chance against them. As far as the teams that are expected to compete with NiP, I think Na'Vi has the best chance.
2013-02-03 23:27
vg.. next esc
2013-02-03 23:54
Macedonia balich 
ESC ESC :))))) maybe VG first but for few months ESC will be stronger than VG
2013-02-04 01:00
Hungary SancheZjr 
2013-02-04 01:40
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