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$1.000.000 championship announced
Netherlands R3VL1S-DA-K1NG // SRYSRY41N5UL735 
Activision announces $1mio tournament, And just guess for which game? BLACK OPS 2 LMFAO For fucking console, better pump it in PC eSports, will also help the big gaming companies such as Razer and SteelSeries and if they get more money = More money for CS:GO etc. shit activision remains shit and will be forever.
2013-02-02 01:52
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Black ops 2 is beter than Csgo... Just saying
2013-02-02 01:54
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Russia goodjob
not even close
2013-02-02 01:57
heh nice bait. I give you max 5/10
2013-02-02 01:59
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Actually an 11/10 bait, since a lot of people replied to him. :P
2013-02-02 23:00
had a blast playing black ops 2 in x360, way more fun than playing go on pc
2013-02-02 02:03
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2013-02-02 10:12
i cant even hold a console controller for more than 30seconds before i wanna slit my maybe your jus a newfag.
2013-02-02 19:17
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That's a bit silly. It's like you just hate it because you want to hate it. I love keyboard and mouse but I also like a gamepad. I play FPS games or games that require any sort of aiming with my mouse and keyboard. But I also play games like F1, Assassins Creed, Fifa, NFS etc and they are better played with a gamepad. I can lie on a couch and have a better experience. I know you still get wireless keyboards and mice but where do I put them? On an uneven surface?
2013-05-26 19:46
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Haha, your first sentence basically defines PC gamers.
2013-05-27 08:50
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I'm a PC gamer myself and sometimes don't get the concept of a gaming console but I don't get the hatred towards a joystick, it's like people like to be stuck in a cage of keyboards and mice.
2013-05-27 16:46
Dude there was only controllers when we were young. Maybe you are just a newfag
2013-05-26 20:23
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lol owned
2013-05-27 09:41
kyr sp33dy subscriber over here
2013-02-03 01:33
2013-02-02 02:09
tHm | 
Denmark tHm
You're cracking me up. Nice joke.
2013-02-02 02:11
2013-02-02 02:17
2013-02-02 02:19
Though I'm a declared 1.6 fan. CS:GO is going in a right way.
2013-02-02 02:47
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Exactly on your opinion cs go is doing great ! it's getting the old times back in a certain way
2013-02-03 13:56
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines DellCore
i've never played black ops 2 and i know its better than csgo.
2013-02-02 04:17
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I've never met you but I know you suck more than Pamela Anderson.
2013-02-02 11:05
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Switzerland noxer*
2013-02-02 13:45
ahhahah dat burn
2013-02-02 20:32
I've never met him, but I know he's right.
2013-02-03 04:36
2013-05-26 19:58
"...and here we have the most stupid human on the planet."
2013-02-05 08:04
2013-05-26 19:55
2013-02-02 05:05
Ukraine Nzr0
2013-02-02 07:27
There is autoaim on Xbox in this game. Yeah sure that is much better
2013-02-02 07:36
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Which can be disabled anytime in the game.
2013-02-02 08:25
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It's still there. Try playing a game like Halo CE on the PC with a controller and see how far you get.
2013-02-02 09:40
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Actually console players are very skilled with controllers (at least better one). Watch videos on youtube and you will not notice any difference.
2013-02-03 11:49
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But still a top level controller player vs even a mid level mouse user is no match.
2013-02-03 11:52
controler vs mouse aim map 0 : 100 000 ok?
2013-02-05 01:01
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I was talking to you maybe ?
2013-02-05 07:48
wooord, halo ce rules
2013-02-05 04:32
Switzerland noxer*
the level cap is just too low
2013-02-02 13:45
So does CS:GO.
2013-02-02 15:29
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shhhh, don't tell him the truth !
2013-02-02 20:24
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I will never play cs:go on xbox. that's really weird
2013-02-02 23:41
It doesn't have autoaim :)
2013-05-26 20:06
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The crosshair sticks to the head when you hover over it, even if you move the crosshair away from the head, it will take more effort than usual to move the crosshair. Stated by one of the devs during their kickstarter campaign live stream for Defense Grid 2.
2013-05-26 21:05
No it doesn't?
2013-05-26 20:40
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Look up.
2013-05-26 21:05
Yeah I've bought Black Ops 2 recently and after installing it I start playing Multiplayer and guess what? I'won my first map... What i did? I've been just running and spraying all around map. It's just ridiculous.
2013-02-02 08:41
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Oh, you saying GO is not like that? THE IRONY. btw both games are shit.
2013-02-03 01:33
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"you saying GO is not like that?"
2013-02-05 01:10
Stop play on publics.
2013-05-26 20:52
true, theres no skill involved on COD, just spray and camp with mines covering your ass........
2013-05-26 20:38
No console FPS can be better than a PC fps!
2013-02-02 14:40
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Sorry, you just failed, both games was made for PC and Console.
2013-05-26 19:56
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lol 1. Learn English 2. I know that Nowadays almost every shooter is made for both PC/Console. The difference is some are made for PC and then appropriated as a Console game, others are vice versa.
2013-05-26 20:07
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Learn english? :) Both games are optimal for both platforms (now). However both games failed as a PC game when released, they both needed much work.
2013-05-26 20:25
2013-02-02 21:25
If you had said COD 4, i could agree with you but no
2013-02-05 02:33
CSGO is bad, but not that bad...
2013-02-05 05:49
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not bad but not good
2013-05-26 19:45
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2013-05-26 20:43
CSGO is a great game, BO2 sucks just like all the other CODs!
2013-05-26 20:10
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i didn't really like cod...ever, but cod4 was awesome, too bad for the heli and cheaters.
2013-05-27 10:14
retard.. just saying
2013-05-26 20:47
true, one guy in his stream played cs go and started whining about recoil. then he went to play black ops 2.
2013-05-26 21:24
Many FPS are better than GO... let's be realistic, GO still a bad n boring game even after all the updates
2013-05-27 09:37
the no recoil game ?
2013-05-27 09:41
2013-05-28 23:32
lmao footage of people using kill streaks and guns with literally no recoil
2013-02-02 01:59
Ukraine XBOCT<3
damn that million could revive 1.6 and keep it alive for long... You can hold 50 tournaments with 20k prize purse every month during 4 years.. That would be more than enough XD -And then I woke up from my dream-
2013-02-02 01:59
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It couldn't, the game is just too old and unfashionable for today's people.
2013-02-02 02:01
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2013-02-02 02:04
nope, it's because of the industry. high-end graphics on high-end gpu's powered by a high-end cpu, psu, mobo etc. only newfags will find cs 1.6 "unfashionable" game's a beast even in 2013 where a 2gb gfx card is under 100 bucks
2013-02-02 02:06
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I wonder how Lol, dota2, sc2 and csgo are high-end system demanding games
2013-02-02 02:28
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2/10, nice try though guy who came from source scene and badmouths 1.6 wherever whilst promoting cs:go
2013-02-02 03:47
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that argument again? I answered already :DD ''I wonder how Lol, dota2, sc2 and csgo are high-end system demanding games'' still waiting ;)
2013-02-02 04:25
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that itself is a rhetorical question, me replying to it would be equal to me failing to ignore a poor trolling attempt
2013-02-02 04:52
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.. said zE troll
2013-02-02 04:56
Ukraine XBOCT<3
Steam stats don't say so... and even the pro scene. As far as I know only current NiP players (gtr, f0rest, xizt) on their own wanted to do the switch, and the saucers ofc, because their scene was shit since CGS' collapse. Others were just forced to switch. Believe me if there were still tournaments held in 1.6, no one would give a damn about csgo, no one would even think of switching. It isn't about the game being too old/unfashionable, yes 1.6 doesn't really attract new players, but hey csgo aint as well... Even with the crazy marketing and all the money invested into it, it didn't even overcome 1.6 and I believe it says a lot.
2013-02-02 02:25
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boring fakenick boring CSDEADMOD
2013-02-02 02:34
2013-02-02 04:35
Sorry for saying but CSGO attracts new players. The game is new and valve is not as activision or whatever, they listen to the players ( proffesionals ) and want to make the game better and better. I hate all those people who are just saying this game is bullshit because valve makes games that are developing and you don't have to pay €60 for the game and €100 after the game for new maps etc. Valve is just the best gaming company and made/is making CSGO the best FPS Shooter again.
2013-02-02 08:40
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"making CSGO the best FPS shooter again." What? Again? Tell me when csgo was the best fps shooter please.
2013-02-03 04:40
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yea, I mentioned it wrong. I meant CS
2013-02-03 11:28
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CS already is the best FPS shooter.
2013-02-03 16:59
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You don't get me do you?
2013-02-03 17:36
i dont get how ppl still believe the stats are real on steam, valve just said this on the eswc. css has had more peaks then 1.6 since 2k6 (valve also confirmed this)
2013-02-02 16:18
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Portugal poiuytNf
ye ye they say everything. . .
2013-02-03 13:15
yeah fine but you can double or even triple the 1.6 players back then cause of nosteam.
2013-05-27 10:18
I bet that if this was a PC tourney, NIP could EASILY enter and likely WIN it lol : D
2013-02-02 18:29
North Macedonia EXTOL[t]
2013-02-03 18:11
2013-02-02 10:08
but still there are more people playing CS 1.6 than GO!
2013-02-03 01:00
xboct go back to dota :D
2013-02-02 02:04
North Macedonia EXTOL[t]
2013-02-03 18:09
i cant see why anybody would want to play call of duty competitively. ridiculous... waste of money
2013-02-02 02:04
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1M for activision is nothing.
2013-02-02 02:08
+1 cod is a 4fun game
2013-02-02 11:56
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not for everyone :]
2013-02-05 00:54
1 million dollars, that's why
2013-02-05 06:14
I just died a little bit inside :(
2013-02-02 02:06
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2013-02-02 02:29
whine more gokids, noone will ever invest these money in that game..I mean even watching someone stream zelda OoT is more interesting than watching a go match
2013-02-02 02:08
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If you followed the news you'd know that valve has announced some months ago that they want to do a $1.2 Million tournament. Go back play COD kiddo. Spray and you don't have to pray
2013-02-02 08:42
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link to the news pl0x ?
2013-02-02 14:09
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2013-02-02 18:48
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Posted 4 months ago: Sat, 08 Sep 2012 14:55:18 Yeah... right...
2013-02-02 20:46
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"that valve has announced some months ago that they want to do a $1.2 Million tournament." some months ago. can't you read.
2013-02-02 21:13
Please, don't spread bullshit. Nobody confirmed anything and this probably won't happen. At most, there will be $100k CSGO "promotional" tournament during TI3.
2013-02-02 22:14
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"Valve has indeed confirmed a $1,600,000 tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"
2013-02-02 22:56
2 replies
If you read the whole text it was "somebody from Valve said somebody who said somebody who told us that Valve indeed confirmed". It doesn't mean anything and they don't have anything to gain from hosting 1mil dollars CSGO tournament so it is unlikely that they will do it.
2013-02-05 00:41
''...that will be held when a cow can run as fast as Usain Bolt''
2013-02-05 00:58
"This information comes only by word of mouth, not text, after a personal visit to Valve HQ located in the general area of Seattle, Washington." And coming from a shit website like cadred, it's hard for me to actually believe that. They did a 1mil $ tourney for dota2, yes, but dota2 has 5 times the players csgo has.
2013-02-03 00:24
go back to cadred plz and stop talkingbullshit
2013-02-03 13:40
haha so butthurt I played black ops only once at a friend's x360 and it was fun
2013-02-02 15:50
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ofc, it's fun but it contains almost no skill. that's why I dislike it. and activision and all those companys are just crooks, you pay 60 euros for the game and 20 euro for 1 extantion. they make like 5/6 so thats 100/120 euros. 180 euros for 1 game ofc they can do a 1 million tournament
2013-02-02 18:50
2 replies
don't really ops is just a sit around with friends on da couch and play relaxed, not a competitive game at all, but it's more fun than go AS A VIDEO GAME not a competitive title..and x360 was modded so /care about price
2013-02-02 19:13
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okay :)
2013-02-02 20:17
Valve are considering putting 2nd title on The International and that would be CS:GO with the very same prize pool as for Dota 2.
2013-02-02 15:35
3 replies
not going to happen
2013-05-27 10:22
2 replies
replying 3-months-old comments makes no sense
2013-05-28 15:36
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indeed,didn't see
2013-05-28 23:31
esport became a joke. real competitive games like CS 1.6, QW, Q3/QL, UT99, UT04, WC3 and SC:BW die while casual games like COD, Halo and dota-clones get huge prize money (nothing against dota, it was a nice fun game back in the days and a lot of CS players played it but it was meant to be a fun game and not a big esport titel; if someone would have told me dota-clones will be treated like big esport titel in the future I would have laughed so hard). one of the main problem is that this new retarded generation of kids only play on consoles. I mean I love to play race-games, run-and-jump-games and sports-games on consoles but Jesus fucking Christ: FPS should be played with a mouse and a keyboard. stupid kids don't even own a PC today. all they got is a fucking macbook and a PS3/XBOX.
2013-02-02 02:12
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+1 :_(
2013-02-02 02:29
"real competitive games like CS 1.6, QW, Q3/QL, UT99, UT04, WC3 and SC:BW die while casual games like COD, Halo and dota-clones get huge prize money" You just wrote it, "casual", means, a quite larger community can keep alive the game and the gameplay itself easier than the others (1.6, UT and so on), so these ones are popular.
2013-02-02 18:24
UT series <3 + CPL 05 painkiller :')
2013-02-03 00:54
You're forgetting SC2:HoTs which is a massive esports title right now and it's not even released on consoles.
2013-05-26 20:57
I'd totally understand it if they'd have wanted to try to create a CoD scene, a bigger one, obviously. Doing this on a console is a freakin' joke though..
2013-02-02 02:30
1 reply
maybe in 20 years
2013-02-02 02:34
see you guys i going to kill myself
2013-02-02 02:35
2 replies
Wait, I'm going to you. Gonna kill myself too.
2013-02-02 11:11
triple suicide coming...
2013-02-05 01:01
I can see CSGO teams switching to BO2 now.
2013-02-02 02:54
2 replies
2013-02-02 03:54
2013-02-02 10:13
that kind of tournament or league or w/e is not happening for the first time for cod. nobody cares anyway
2013-02-02 04:07
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines DellCore
they made a tournament for 1milion and now they think the game will be popular like dota 2 or i dont know.. and now what? super uber pro teams will dissapear and mix with source,1.6,cod,csgo players and start to play cod right? its so ridiciulous...
2013-02-02 04:21
nip will join bo2? surely heaton mad :D now some pros going to talk about BO2 thats not 1.6 its other game you cant compare, fuck snakes :D
2013-02-02 04:58
1 reply
lol +1
2013-02-02 15:12
NiP should play this tourney also. They will surely own everyone in this game, just after some practicing on the kill streaks. Because they will have 10000x better aim than most and there is no recoil. Edit: Did not see it was on xbox..
2013-02-02 05:05
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Russia goodjob
ye :D its BF3.. but games are very similar
2013-02-02 07:22
2 replies
lol is that friberg ?
2013-02-02 10:18
1 reply
Russia goodjob
2013-02-03 03:56
they had a 1 mill tourny b4,no one cared
2013-02-02 06:07
Activision CEO is the biggest douche on the planet. Go read articles about how he runs things and how he describes his vision of gaming as pure capitalism. He wants $$$ and nothing else. He alone is responsible for the terrible backlash of diablo 3.
2013-02-02 07:40
4 replies
Just found some articles about him. Ultimate douche
2013-02-02 10:00
3 replies
2013-02-02 10:38
Yup I could've linked one that comes to mind where in an interview he admits without shying away that he doesn't care about customer satisfaction. Really pathetic.
2013-02-02 21:10
1 reply
:o D:
2013-02-05 01:06
2013-02-02 10:07
it surely is a better game overall if i have to choose between 2 games with shitty recoil and nice graphics my vote goes for CoD since i played them all
2013-02-02 10:49
5 replies
yeh its deffo a better game than csdpromod
2013-02-02 11:31
4 replies
another reply offtopic stop being retarded(if you can) and stop defending your go friends :<
2013-02-02 12:07
3 replies
2013-02-02 20:48
most of the albanas cant use brain so chill ;p
2013-02-03 13:42
1 reply
"Poles are the smartest people on the world" None said ever! btw that rud_j is retard gotta agree with u!
2013-05-27 15:51
pfff not the good game for a championship it's not a real teamwork game
2013-02-02 10:53
every cod version released after MW1 is garbage
2013-02-02 10:54
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2013-02-02 11:32
Slovakia kubiaxk
After COD2 :d
2013-02-02 14:08
still gets 1M tournament. not that shit LOL
2013-02-02 20:49
esport on COD PC died when they removed dedicated servers, that's all
2013-02-02 21:47
so good... so what?
2013-02-02 11:06
ofc its possible when a cod release its like batman dark knight or an iphone . or like a Fifa Everyone buy it because its "a la mode" . I think its one of most sold title so
2013-02-02 11:50
the world of esports is fucked up - LoL, BO2 omg
2013-02-02 11:58
4 replies
+1.....1 and 2m $ should be for cs:go not for 'games' like lol and bo2
2013-02-02 13:30
3 replies
yeah exactly
2013-02-02 15:33
2 replies
we have a lot of talented and skilled players but prizes only 20-30k$ max...what is this near 2million$ ???
2013-02-02 16:54
1 reply
yeah it would be great if valve makes a cs:go tourney like they made for dota 2 - the internetional it would be great if cs:go is at the internetional and the prices are shared and the winner of cs:go wins 500 000 $
2013-02-02 17:41
NEO | 
Poland camarpl
'nobody did as much to promote esport as Valve' trololololol
2013-02-02 12:05
it's so shit that a load of US teams will get to go but only one UK team, nordic team etc. CoD corruption at it's very best
2013-02-02 12:49
1 reply
ZywOo | 
Peru dbie
funny part is that gaming in the USA means League of Legends.
2013-02-02 13:29
they should allow consoles and pc versions to play together. prolly everyone would quit console fps in 1 week.
2013-02-02 13:39
1 reply
+1 was going to be implemented on CSGO but valve think console player will be raped hard. I mean ofc they will
2013-02-02 20:22
It's not worse, it's different. Closeminded people these days! Fucking hypocrites.
2013-02-02 13:43
1 reply
CSP is the future, tournament with 1 billion prize soon.
2013-05-26 20:04
BO2 is pretty much the shittiest game, in the COD franchise. The only good game was COD:MW 1.
2013-02-02 13:55
1 reply
Yeah with promod
2013-02-02 14:49
Slovakia kubiaxk
Tomorrow headline @ NiP switching to COD ! :ddd "I get bored, still playing CS over and over again, and I think gamepad is actually much better than mouse and keyboard. " - C.Alesund
2013-02-02 14:11
Typical day in 'murrica :P Million dollar tourneys for days everyday :3 Also what happen to another million dollar tourney for shooter called Shootmaniac(looks like quake)? I hope when Valve announces their own CS tourney it will be hosted somewhere in Europe!
2013-02-02 14:34
1 reply
There was no 1 million dollar shootmania tournament, IPL did host and will host another 100,000$ tournament.
2013-02-02 18:18
the day cs:go has 1.6 movement ill gladly get a new computer and buy the game till then ill play cod sometimes..
2013-02-02 14:44
1 reply
2013-02-02 18:30
csgo is basically 1.6 in a source engine
2013-02-02 15:27
3 replies
csgo is basically none of both games.
2013-02-02 18:51
lel lel? aww lel
2013-02-02 18:57
2013-02-03 01:30
Even CoD players deserve a decent tournament every ten years
2013-02-02 16:01
Greece her-1g
so who are you to criticize what is good and what is not?
2013-02-02 16:06
The competitive scene is not bigger on console, calm down. In the US they have 1 major tournament, it's this one. In europe, there are 4/5 tournaments, that have less than 10,000 euros, nothing to worry about. And there was a tournament like this in 2011 on black ops as far as i'm concerned nobody switched from CS to CoD, so stop saying bullshit.
2013-02-02 17:04
9 replies
BLOP2 is now the official FPS of MLG.
2013-02-02 18:17
8 replies
BO2 > CS:GO > CS 1.6
2013-02-02 18:26
Besides MLG and CODXP ( 1 million tournament ) They don't have anything else. I mean, in the US it's bigger than CSGO but in europe it's not.
2013-02-02 19:22
6 replies
Still, they have a bigger player base and bigger prize pools.
2013-02-02 19:32
4 replies
A bigger player base, yes. But 80% of them, doesn't know that there is a competitive scene, and they don't follow it.
2013-02-02 19:34
3 replies
How do you know that? LOL
2013-02-02 20:26
1 reply
I tried CoD a little bit because i didn't have a PC, only a console, and i tried it competitively, it's not that popular.
2013-02-03 12:35
80%? cmon.. 95%
2013-02-02 20:31
youre getting really mixed up because console and PC CoD.
2013-02-03 01:01
We need CSCon with valve support;)
2013-02-02 18:26
no chance 4 csgo
2013-02-02 18:33
guys BO2 is best , its different.. you cant compare to 1.6 or go, awesome game, you only need to practice 400-500 HOURS youre done VIVA LE BO2!
2013-02-02 18:42
2 replies
400-500 hours ? Joke ?
2013-02-02 19:22
Slovakia kubiaxk
more like 5 - 10 mins ....
2013-02-02 20:41
you stupid! don't compare with 1.6 and GO
2013-02-02 19:08
recoil in black ops 2 is just ... " oh wait, there is no recoil"
2013-02-02 19:40
1 reply
Slovakia kubiaxk
Bizon , UMP>>> ALL :D
2013-02-02 20:41
1st : Of course activision will pump in money for their own game, do you expect them to get money in counter strike ? 2nd : There also was call of duty tournament last year that had 1,000,000 $ so nothing new. 3rd : Each year the new Call of Duty title makes more money from console sales on the 1st day of release, than cs:go will ever make. I find this thread pretty stupid, same as it's creator.
2013-02-02 20:44
1 reply
call of duty maybe is more saled than counter strike, but will never be as good, cuz of ingame strats,the recoil patern, the amount of inteligence that you must put in to play very good, unlike cod where it is all about run and gun :/
2013-02-02 21:00
looks like 1.6 and csgo are dead, long live BLACK OPSSSLOLOL
2013-02-02 20:54
United Kingdom ELVIS^G
well, im starting to play cod!
2013-02-02 20:57
The problem is that most of the people playing cod don't understand the pleasure in playing a game competitively, they spend hours playing on random game in order to unlock some new camouflages and stuffs for their weapons and think that those who are playing competitively are no life who don't have any friend and are ugly. And these fags are playing cod because their friend are playing it but the paradox is that they aren't playing it together at all. I tried to explain to a friend why the pc was better for fps and why i preferred games like counter strike because of the teamwork, the feeling when you have achieved someone with your mates, the fact that's is a sport among others and he called me no-life... The guy is playing 5 hours a day in front of his tv just to unlock his golden camo... It's more easy to play against 12 yo kids than playing against players dedicated to the game they like
2013-02-02 22:04
4 replies
+1 All the way mate! Now if only everyone in my school understood this :*0
2013-02-02 23:15
+1 so true
2013-02-05 01:08
you obviously never played any of the old cods.
2013-02-05 02:29
1 reply
I've played cod1, coduo and cod2 and cod4 and the unlocked stuffs and shits begins to ruin cod series since cod4 and then cod6 without dedicated serv...
2013-05-26 19:41
obviously retards didnt notice my irony when i compare bo2 with 1.6 and go, ill be more explicit piece of shits the argue im using is the same as fancs:gokids , play 500 hours a game, them you enjoy it when a game is bad is BAD if you dont kill in go cause you suck and blah blah sponsors, well.. 1.000.000 dollars tournament hope fps scene die hard, we deserve it gl :D
2013-02-02 23:24
The amount of sandy vaginas on here easily rivals that prize purse.
2013-02-02 23:25
so what? u think that GO is better? LMAO
2013-02-03 01:01
4 replies
You're giving the cs community a bad reputation, go bury yourself.
2013-02-03 02:17
3 replies
GO its not counter strike! bye
2013-02-03 12:48
1 reply
Good thing your opinion isn't a fact. What indeed is a fact though, is that GO is Counter-Strike and you thinking otherwise doesn't mean fuck all.
2013-02-05 06:20
if you show us how to bury yourself
2013-05-27 12:51
CS:GO = best Cs so far.
2013-02-03 01:32 the only fps that deserve a $1million prize money
2013-02-03 01:45
2 replies
very nice movie
2013-02-03 02:21
Thats epic
2013-05-26 20:24
CoD is good only in SP. Multi sucks even more than CS:GO imo
2013-02-03 02:05
COD is 4fun game. so wasting 1 million dollars to this game is shit
2013-02-03 12:42
1 reply
1M has no value for activision.
2013-05-26 20:26
It's their money =)
2013-02-03 17:54
You really are a sad panda did you know that. If Activision wants to put million dollars of their own money into cod, thats their own business. Maybe their main market for cod is on the console, and not on the pc platform... ever thought of that? Also what is that shit about other companies and Cs:go? Why would Activision want to support other companies by having this tournament or little alone Cs which is made by VALVE and not ACTIVISION?!?
2013-02-05 05:46
1 reply
You took the words right out of my mouth
2013-05-26 19:47
COD4 (or MW1 or COD promod) isn't just a shitty, casual game. Take a look at CS:GO when ur watching the streams: it's simply BORING. The game itself is not slow, but the molotoves and other crap just makes it unentertaining to watch. 1.6 was slow too, but it was different, without the feeling of random headshots etc. 1.6 is epic, I've played lots of hours in 1.6, but I've played COD4 competitively for like 4 yrs, and having CS:GO as an alternative, damn, this game has no soul, sadly. As Neo said few years back, when u play COD4 online u have to have epic reflexes, cuz the game is so damn fast, thus more entertaining to watch. People would rather play casual games, than some shitty sneaking-around, soulless fps like GO. Or LoL, cuz anybody can play it, it's designed to be played by anybody, pros, noobs, casuals etc., and it's an epic game tbh. GO is designed to be competetive for "true fps mastahs" , which is bullshit from the start. BO2 is shit, and even more shittier on consoles (fps on consoles, lol gimme a break), I'd like to see COD4 on ESWC, at least it's fun to watch.
2013-02-05 06:36
Europe midi
So basically every single pc cs:go player can pay 5k bucks to win a million?
2013-05-26 19:48
Black Cops 2 > CS: Hiroshima
2013-05-26 20:22
For all you guys lolling at this, this tournament was fucking awesome the last time and it wasn't very long since the last million dollar BO2 tournament. Was a brilliant watch, the casters were amazing and it was intense as Foouuucck
2013-05-26 20:33
1 reply
and aimhelp everywhere
2013-05-26 20:39
Canada xb0y
Seems like some kids are going to be rich. :/
2013-05-26 20:41
2013-05-26 20:44
Greece her-1g
console gaming is awesome dude. i dont know why you are implying that pc gaming is better
2013-05-26 20:49
5 replies
yeah aiming with a controller is so much fun :D
2013-05-27 08:43
3 replies
Greece her-1g
you've never played console games i guess.
2013-05-27 12:43
2 replies
for sure i did. I was ironic. You werent? FPS games are shit on consoles. Either you need 1min to turn properly or the game aims for you(auto aim). No precision what so ever. Btw i own a ps3 with 22 games and i never played one title longer than 2weeks after you finished it. Okay beside gt5. These games were designed exactly like that so the average gamer buys their products over and over again. Dont tell me you were serious?
2013-05-27 12:54
1 reply
Greece her-1g
i am i like console games. actually at pc i only play cs,well used to play mostly other than that everything else is at console.i mainly play with nintendo consoles
2013-05-27 12:58
fps is and will forever be better on a pc, the skill cap difference is huge.
2013-05-27 10:35
Italy cele87
1kk for these noobs LOL
2013-05-26 20:49
gg i win
2013-05-26 20:58
BTW CS:GO costs 10$ CoD costs around 40-50$. Now you know how they got that money.
2013-05-27 07:02
2 replies
2013-05-27 07:21
and multiply that with the cod's released every year/2years.
2013-05-27 10:36
Cs go is better than black ops 2 on the computer Cs go on the xbox is really bad Black ops 2 in the computer is boringg CS GO on the computer is freaking awesome Black ops 2 on the ps3-xbox : uh spending my time :] I got the bo 2 on the ps3 and after some time not playing bo2 lost all my skills and got bored that cannot happen on pc. CS GO +1
2013-05-27 09:32
Well. "WE" all know that cs go is one of the most competitive games ever made the most tournaments are about cs go,not black ops or any other activision game.More sponsors than the other fps games and the fanboys as you can say are fanatic.If you dont like the change from cs 1.6 to go thats not the games problem but yours COD changes version each year not cs.The games doesnt suck you make it suck. Haters gonna hate. regards
2013-05-27 14:42
1 reply
2013-05-27 17:39
ggwp 1.6 powwaaaa
2013-05-27 15:14
COD:BO is x1000 better than CS:GO :)
2013-05-27 16:25
Brazil LIPE1
1.6 > COD > CS:GO
2013-05-27 17:13
1,6-css-csgo > all together we are strong we play the game cs because we like it not for the money
2013-05-28 23:39
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