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World ssess 
Write here what made you mad about yesterday's update on CS 1.6 I for one want the whole m_customaccel cvars/system and the -noforcem launch options back. They fucked my sensitivity so bad. Also cl_min_t / cl_min_ct doesn't even work, I tried cl_minmodels 1 and cl_min_ct 1/2/3/4 and only cl_min_ct 4 changed the model into GSG9 while cl_min_ct 1/2/3 were all GIGN. As for cl_min_t they were all leet crew.
2013-02-15 17:03
World ssess 
I for one want the whole m_customaccel cvars/system REMOVED* sry
2013-02-15 17:04
World ssess 
I just played a demo and the game crashed WTF
2013-02-15 17:16
Macedonia oxley 
this update su*k! peoples moves very slow ! WTF my sensitivity it's so LOW now!
2013-02-15 17:22
i hate that it came without any warning, was playing esl match then BOOM 1 hour of no cs
2013-02-15 17:46
If you guys want to complain about the CS 1.6 update, please do it classy, don't copypaste spam valves facebook like some of you are doing now. I just posted this:
2013-02-15 18:03
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