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c 1.6 help
World avvper1338 
hi guys i am planing to buy a new graphic card for my pc since i have a problem in cs 1.6(bad bullet registery) and i am sure that it is a motherboard issue,and i wanna ask if anyone of u guys have ever played cs 1.6 with one of these motherboards please tell me if everything was okey with the game ASRock G41M-GS3 MSI G41M-P33 Combo Asrock G41C-GS Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo in the end m going to buy one of these but i wanna make sure that it'll run 1.6 with no problems,thanks in advance.
2013-02-18 14:58
anyone please ? :(
2013-02-18 16:20
Norway phnz 
I just got the msi 990FXA-GD65 motherboard. the motherboard itself runs cs really good and seem to be stable compared to my old one from gigabyte. My issue on the other hand is the graphic card, so I have not been able to see the full effect of the upgrade jet. I know it is not the same motherboard, but I would prolly have gone with the msi one as msi products themselves seem to be very stable.
2013-02-18 16:27
what do u mean by "my issue on the other hand is the graphic card" u ve got low fps or what is the problem exactly? edit:this motherboard is not compatible with my processor/case.
2013-02-18 17:17
Norway phnz 
ok if it is not compitable then its no-go anyway :P my windows is freezing like all the time, I've changed motherboard (from asus to the msi one), ram, SSD and cpu:P and it is still freezing. sooo gpu is my last idea of whats wrong :p
2013-02-24 11:33
***my bad***
2013-02-18 16:30
"bad bullet registery" because of motherboard? o rly? proof or never happEND =(^.^)=
2013-02-18 16:41
y should i prove anything to u?
2013-02-18 17:15
im just interested :) Are you really sure that motherboard has something with CS shooting?
2013-02-18 20:07
yes and i am not the only one there are hundreds of people that are suffering from the same issue,just type "my steam isn't smooth" in google there is +150 page in this topic in steam forums.
2013-02-18 20:34
All those boards looks free much much fine to me just look at price but i dont think that your problem aka "bad bullet registry" is caused by motherboard. There was a thread taht explains some stuff so you can go and check it. I sloved that problem with replacing the client.dll (cstrike>cl_dlss) from cs:cz(condition zero deleted scenes)
2013-02-18 17:30
i ve tried all that stuff,i ve changed my graphic card/ram/hdd,and i know a guy who changed his cpu also,i also dont have this problem when i play in other pc's like my cousin's pc or inet coffe's ect
2013-02-18 18:00
Slovakia 851 
blabla. mobo problem trust or not
2013-02-19 16:45
up :/
2013-02-19 15:41
I'm sorry but this is so not worth the money you're willing to spend. Buying a new motherboard with a dead socket just for CS 1.6? Don't. Keep the money, save up for a better pc. By the way, I wouldn't buy any of those motherboards.
2013-02-19 16:21
i don't have any money atm and i can't save any,i only got 80$ and i realy wanna play this game smoothly m tired of this problem. why did u say u wouldn't buy any of these mobos ?
2013-02-19 16:37
Slovakia 851 
GO FOR MSI. Had two computers with asrock mobo with this problem, Had one computer from friend for one day with msi mobo 775 socket which had no problem with game. Iam using gigabyte mobo 780T-D3L with is affected with this problem. Also many users from cs not smooth thread are using gigabyte mobos or asus or foxconn. gl Pls if you will buy MSI pm me if your problem is gone. gl
2013-02-19 16:44
i will thanks btw
2013-02-19 16:52
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