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Looking for good monitor
Poland qtas 
Hi, i'm looking for new monitor. I have the current one for about 12 years. I've checked online and it looks like they're not that expensive as i expected. So, i'm looking for a monitor, 20-21 inches, for about ~120€, not more. I hope You guys could give me some advice which one should i buy.
2013-02-19 13:28
Poland qtas 
Oh and i forgot about most important thing for me, i'd like it to have at least 100Hz so i guess it could be more expensive
2013-02-19 13:40
ACER 24'' GD245HQ this is good monitor but I don't know the price...
2013-02-19 14:09
im afraid that you cant get any 100-120hz monitors with that amount of money :/
2013-02-19 14:30
For that kind of money, like rad1um said, you prolly can;t get a 100hz LCD, unless you get really lucky. If you are stuck with this, you could always try and find a large CRT as they are still rock solid awesome and are generally quite cheap and offer great picture quality though they are large heavy and produce a lot of heat.
2013-02-19 14:47
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