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[CS1.6]Mouse fix & others
Romania levitAR 
Mouse: m_rawinput "1" (Added today, fixed) m_filter "0" m_forward "1" m_pitch "0.001" m_side "0.8" m_yaw "0.016" (start to change it from "0.011" until your mouse will be the same ex: "0.012, 0.013, 0.018", 0.019 is the limit, if you want 0.020, 0.021-22 it will start move fast again) for my kinzu v2 pro 0.016 is perfect m_customaccel_exponent "1" m_customaccel_max "0" m_customaccel_scale "0" Want to BHOP again? fps_max "99" rate "25000" cl_updaterate "101" cl_cmdrate "101" ex_interp "0.01" (not necessary) For fps you must change all settings for Half-Life.exe through your video card proprietes. Try it hope it was helpful, for me it works like from the beginning. Good Luck
2013-02-20 21:33
Russia maind 
rate 25000 wrong, dont teach other people if u dont actually know nothing about it.
2013-02-20 21:42
2013-02-26 00:27
He's right though. Technically servers can do up to 100,000 rate, but most do not. It won't hurt to put rate as 100000 but it won't help either. 20000 is the cap and it has always been. People put 25k back in the day but they looked at the net_graph 20000 and 25000 had NO DIFFERENCE.
2013-02-27 23:06
2013-02-20 21:47
Yes thanks so.. rate should be 20000 cl_cmdrate 105 cl_updaterate 100
2013-02-20 22:18
rate 100k!
2013-02-20 22:19
fps_max 101 Doing possible bhop too
2013-02-20 22:20
Poland joeb 
they fuck up the game harder and harder with succeeding the sensitivity is messed up, whereas it has been easy to fix it with RInput.exe program.
2013-02-20 22:31
2013-02-27 22:50
Poland joeb 
raw input option from ingame settings does not provide same mouse movement as RInput did. but i had to get used to it anyways, so nvm now.
2013-02-27 22:58
I used to think so at first actually. But then I made a direct comparison to how the mouse behaved on non-steam (which used the pre-update files) with Rinput on, and it seemed exactly the same. Though obviously, my personal experience ain't enough proof here (and neither is yours, obviously), I understand and I agree with that.
2013-02-27 23:06
Poland joeb 
So we came to conclusion :)
2013-02-27 23:29
nice man
2013-02-20 22:34
The fps is now limited to 100
2013-02-21 09:51
What fps_max value should we use?
2013-02-26 00:07
'100'. Before the most recent changes (before Feb 20 update), though after the that major update that came out (Feb 14 I think) the correct value was '99'.
2013-02-27 22:52
2013-02-26 00:20
well i have a copy of my cfg before the update , if i replace the updated one for this one the values will be the same as it was before the update? And i have another problem my cs 1.6 seems very pixelated i cant see anything when im playing :s
2013-02-26 01:05
rate 20000 cl_cmdrate 105 cl_updaterate 100 fps_max 100 or 99
2013-02-27 21:00
what the.. f..
2013-02-27 21:52
What's wrong with those settings?
2013-02-27 22:50
Just use m_rawinput 1 and forget about all that.
2013-02-27 21:07
still it reads from the mouse..if you used noforcemspd maccel and mparms like i did the sensitivity is the same as windows with no acceleration! and i cant have that now
2013-02-27 21:48
If your mouse behaves differently now compared to how it was, and you use m_rawinput 1 now, that can only mean that you were playing with an acceleration (of whatever degree/source/cause) before.
2013-02-27 22:50
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