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How to shot?
Romania stM! 
should i duck or should i move ?:|
2007-04-01 17:26
Macedonia Speci 
you should stand, or try jumpin'...
2007-04-01 18:56
i think so..
2007-04-01 19:14
Estonia Vilks 
A quite good idea is not to duck as it easily gets a habit, it will be hard not to duck in the future. Just try moving from side to side :> And don't spray then, shoot the exact moment when you aren't moving anywhere. Feel the flow of your bullets. GL
2007-04-01 19:03
Romania stM! 
uuuHHH 10x. :)
2007-04-01 19:38
If not seen duck and aim, and shoot/kill. If moving, #2 (though the "feel the flow.." sounds quite mystic xD) Edit: Try to grab Heaton's Colt or Ak Guide (I prefer the latter on this issue) as it includes some nice explanation on this ;)
2007-04-01 20:03
just click and click and click until they are all dead. it works good. mainly against teammates. =)
2007-04-01 20:29
a lot of practice and u will now how :) i think everyone has his style of shooting
2007-04-01 21:47
Denmark Zeov 
only duck when spraying. try watch some hltv, then find a favorite player and play like him (or :P)
2007-04-01 22:10
aim to the head
2007-04-01 22:54
ask my grandma shes pr0
2007-04-01 23:42
your grandma is pr0, u are n00b ... so u 2 are the perfect 2on2 team ... hf ;]
2007-04-02 18:38
we are currently ranked #1 on clanbase open cup 2on2 by result and by sexyness:D
2007-04-02 20:37
that grandma carry
2016-03-22 05:11
Lithuania LuckyBitch 
2007-04-02 18:47
You Must Type in Console " i cant shot plz help me to shoot on enemies :D they are fucking me :D " or You Must Download The Program " Shot in CS " and setup this program .
2007-04-02 20:11
Link for Heaton's Colt or Ak Guide ?? Thx.. ;)
2007-04-02 22:39
Go to and search it
2007-04-03 04:42
Denmark Zeov ak spray guide by heaton.
2007-04-03 10:04
you can duck for better accuracy but when you duck its easier to get sprayed
2016-03-22 04:53
Develope the habit to aim to the head no matter how much easier target the torso of the enemy is. And, as suggested by others aswell, watch some tutorial videos that have been found helpful. I also recommend downloading an aim map since I think it's the easiest way to practice your aim. And when you're playing competitive, casual or whatever, always go with AK or M4 when you have the money.
2016-03-22 05:35
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