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Hz problem cs 1.6 after update
Denmark rpo 
Has anyone found a fix for the Hertz problem in cs 1.6 after the update? The thingy where you use 640x480 or 800x600 on the desktop with 100-120hz doesnt work for me. Please help me out if you know how to fix it!
2013-02-23 15:41
download refreshlock and run it while playing cs
2013-02-23 15:44
Portugal -nes 
too fast :)
2013-02-23 15:46
Portugal -nes 
Just use a program like refreshlock to set the desired Hz to whatever resolution you use ingame. (also some Graphic cards drivers allow this)
2013-02-23 15:45
Eng Who wants to roll away CS back before updating here blank copy letitbit .net/download/19809.174c55d3e246a8500796f6975656/ . There is one more copy the updated Steam with the intact files much helped to solve some problems letitbit .net/download/58016.54dc99eaad917d160829f4a96181/counter-strike.rar.html . as we don't forget to register in Steam->t; Library->t; Counter-Strike->t; Properties->; — to Establish start parameters->; we Add>; -nomsaa -nofbo -refresh75 -mousegrab . As there is an adjusted cfg for the updated CS letitbit .net/download/40696.49a94337451f9d6eea89ae2ca779/ff.cfg.html .
2013-03-05 13:26
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