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A tournament full of surprises
Tunisia edgg 
as we could see in Mad Catz, what would you consider the biggest surprise so far? 1) VG unexpected performance 2) LD loosing 3 matchs in the easiest group 3) Na'Vi topping its group in their first LAN 4) n!faculty going out after a surprising performance online 5) terrible stream by and im pretty sure there will be more to come
2013-02-23 21:48
The GOTV madness, but seriously, the #4, was expecting better from n!, now my dreamteam is in shambles...
2013-02-23 21:52
The biggest surprise would be if NiP lose
2013-02-23 21:51
mas catz is fail lan... no permission to stream esc mayches by polish streamer.. yes fans are shit, the most important is money earning by organizers...
2013-02-23 21:53
maybe you didn't notice, BUT THERE IS PERMISSIOJN AGAIN.
2013-02-23 22:02
Azerbaijan Talley 
Well 3. wasn't surprise at all.
2013-02-23 21:54
Sweden BenneDoT 
FaceIt did geat i think.
2013-02-23 21:56
+1 only thing i would have to say they did badly is pronouncing nicks of some players.. c nine, paza -_-'
2013-02-23 22:34
United States criimson 
Most of the people would agree with me that putting aside the upsets so far in the tournament having a really promising swedish team like Lemondogs crash so hard against some mixes 3 matches in a row is probably one of the most dissapointing things so far in this LAN like c'mon its Lemondogs the youngest prowess of sweden considered top team after previous LAN and online performances now getting rolled because of their lack of seriousness playing other less known teams...SHAME ON YOU LEMONDOGS!
2013-02-23 22:07
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