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Thank You
India 4NUB|5 
as the topic says....thank you for covering the madz cats csgo tournament so superbly even though the work of organisers was below par....kudos to you... imo the real rocking is back now with lots of videos and content. We sincerely apreciate your work and hope you guys continue with the same cheers
2013-02-24 20:08
mad catz - big mistake...
2013-02-24 20:12
what i mean is: the organistaion was horrible(those delays and pc problems)...but tried to cover it in best possible manner considering the situation there #great_work_should_be_appreciated :)
2013-02-24 20:18
thankyou madz cats
2013-02-24 20:15
2013-02-24 20:16
Germany VxO4 
If you want to support them turn off your ad blocker. If you dont use any. Ignore that message
2013-02-24 20:17
didnt understand what u're trying to say ...
2013-02-24 20:20
Germany VxO4 
I assume you see adverts on the hltv homepage like on the upper right called Sponsors. So just forget it and click sometimes on these adverts
2013-02-24 20:55
i actually do :PP
2013-02-24 21:03
Zeus | 
CIS stormyinho 
Yeah, definitely great job!
2013-02-24 20:17
even thought I agree on this event being a bit of a failure in some aspects, I don't think we should fire this up too much. these guys have taken the initiative to organize three €10 000 events in a game that seems to be a bad investment at this point, at least from where I'm standing. they should be encouraged more than they should be criticized.
2013-02-24 20:22
am not firing it up at the organisers, i just wanted to appreciate the guys at for a doing a great job in covering this event.
2013-02-24 20:26
the only persons criticizing are 1.6 fanboys who want cs:go to fail, and the angry people who have a hatred of richard lewis, cadred and heaven media
2013-02-24 20:26
that's an indian thread nobody's gonna flame in! +1 to you
2013-02-24 20:26
hehehehe :)
2013-02-24 20:28
I'd love to see more footage like we have on the our german site. Videos from the players playing and such.
2013-02-24 21:02
Germany VxO4 
hu? Which one? Readmore? Fragster? What did i missed?
2013-02-24 21:43
2013-02-24 21:52
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