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13,000 viewers
United States kerlovv 
watching mad catz final NIP vs ANEXIS very very low number, very sad... wonder how people are still putting money in csgo. With PS4 been released, pretty sure computer fps games will be even weaker... sad reality, but.... thats reality, we have to deal with it. no more glory days of 1.6 hitting 100K+ viewers, CPLs with 64 teams, etc... 1.6 will be remembered as the most successful team fps game on PC, ever.
2013-02-24 23:25
ps4 was released in us?
2013-02-24 23:27
not at all xD it would be Japan 1st anyway ;)
2013-02-24 23:32
Japan and USA xbox in USA
2013-02-25 05:45
Name of my sons: Japan and Usa. hahahahah =)
2013-02-27 23:26
Will get announced soon, though I read that it will be available to purchase in Christmas in USA and Japan, while in EU we have to wait till the next year.
2013-02-25 10:40
while u live in Vietnam...
2013-02-25 11:57
Fake flag..
2013-02-25 15:28
he said more than once he is from Vietnam and living in Czech
2013-02-25 17:17
Thank you very much. Atleast someone.
2013-02-25 18:01
You're so funny ey.
2013-02-25 18:01
:DDDD You made a funny!!!
2013-02-24 23:27
I beg to differ. This is the only the beginning for CS:GO.
2013-02-24 23:27
2013-02-25 00:04
Beginning of the end.
2013-02-25 06:36
did 1.6 have some kind of rapid start with 100k viewers?
2013-02-25 07:26
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
cs was originally released in a time where it wasn't even playable online without having 100 ping and lagging like fuck on modem internet, and it still managed to get 100'000 viewers in like 2003. DotA2 gets (not sure on the numbers) hundreds of thousands of spectators and it's not even released yet.
2013-02-25 12:49
the funny part about dota is saying (isnt released ) the game is like a F2P FOR MORE 1 YEARH i never seen a game being a such long time open beta for public . Its the only way to think for them they can catch up LoL in numbers of players
2013-02-28 20:05
dude, its not 1925 to be happy if a car reaches after 5 minutes of going downhill 50 km/h. now, if u build a car, u have higher expectactions. like dv said, now u have every1 with high inet connection at home. in 2003 i remember being in a inet cafe and 30 people were looking at games at the same pc. and that was the only icafe with no dialup connection ;)
2013-02-25 13:30
This is not 2003 anymore, most people know what CS is already. The viewers aren't there and most likely won't be in the future either.
2013-02-25 14:40
2013-02-25 19:22
+1 i dont know where people think that new players could come from maybe from mars or something
2013-02-26 18:10
We just need some Korean teams.....
2013-02-26 16:41
true story, true story the end is near
2013-02-24 23:27
you are happy for counter strike to die, to be happy that 1.6 was a better game. sad.
2013-02-24 23:28
some people huh..
2013-02-24 23:34
Actually you pretty much nailed it, people praise Counter-Strike 1.6 yet again they do not praise the Counter-Strike genre itself? Hypocritical if you ask me.
2013-02-25 00:00
so we should play a cs game just because its named cs and not because the game is good/funny ?
2013-02-25 00:05
that makes no sense to me, why would you praise everything "counter-strike" just because one of the five (if not more) games published under the brand is amazing?
2013-02-25 00:09
United Kingdom Xxit 
They dont have to praise counter strike but they should accept that their game is dead and just leave. Instead they lurk around here trolling giving the game a bad name. The people that cant adapt to the new game or just prefer the old games would rather see cs:go do badly just because they want confirmation that their game is better. Thats sad.
2013-02-25 00:17
don't you feel sad too wasting your time here writing all that? we can cry as much as we want but what will it help. if they have issues then let them have issues.
2013-02-25 17:41
2013-02-26 16:51
Cause the formula is the same, the gameplay is similar, the competitive scene is the same... Anyway it's ok to prefer a game over the other, but many people here WANT csgo to fail/die/disappear because of some kind of imaginary competition they see with 1.6
2013-02-25 00:17
Cause the formula is the same You pretty much nailed it. Counter-Strike will always be the only good Counter-Strike because it was the only one to actually innovate the FPS genre. The other games that followed it were never as big mainly because there was nothing new, that's one of the main problems with CS:GO. That's the reason why CS:GO is small, it's not because the 1.6 players didn't moved on, but because the game didn't evolved, it still plays out like a 2001 FPS game.
2013-02-25 00:26
So if Valve changed the formula in this game, people would be happy? COD started as a basic competitive fps and now everyone complains about the stupid perk system and what not. Is this what you want to happen to CS? How else do you "evolve" without changing it into just another shitty fps? People should be more than happy that Valve doesn't sell out as much like most other game developers. I don't understand.. people complain about these minor details in GO and now I see people talking about how it hasn't evolved enough? Would a helicopter or something make you happy? CS:GO IS an updated version of 1.6. Valve took their current engine and made another great FPS title. Is that not what the player base wants? What the fuck was even the point of cspromod then if people want an "evolved" game? I do agree that 1.6 is the best version of the game, but coming from someone with +900 hours in GO I don't see why people are still butthurt over this game.. it's a new game, Valve can only take so many opinions. Time to get over ourselves. (COD analogy used for generalization purposes lol.)
2013-02-25 11:34
You can't have a popular CS with classical gameplay, you can only get one of those two options, that's all I'm saying.
2013-02-25 13:46
Poland kRAMERO 
csgo is updated version of css and as we all now css was shit game
2013-02-26 18:35
Maybe, but that's what CS fans want. I think there would be even more players if this was an exact 1.6 copy with better graphics and a few tweaks to the maps. I'm not saying that's what I want. I like GO like it is now, but in this community, everything minimal change is seen like an insult. An indistinguishable difference in recoil is an offense to the purity of CS... So they can't innovate much. The best thing they could do is find some way to monetize it with microtransactions and make it f2p. But those kind of things don't really fit with this gameplay. Also, dota2 seems kinda successful, yet it plays like a 2004 RPG. People like it because it didn't change much from the original. CSGO didn't change much from the original either, but the few things it changed made people hate it, mostly because they are used to 1.6 and see every difference as a something wrong.
2013-02-25 12:54
Dota 2 is an exact copy of the original Dota, it's "successful" because Valve hasn't screwed over their fan base and stayed loyal, mainly because they have Icefrog behind the project. This is also the first true generation of MOBA's, some games are already trying to take it to the next level, Smite for example, but there hasn't been any innovation because until a few years ago MOBA's were only MODs made by a dozen of people.
2013-02-25 13:50
Are you really saying that GO didn't changed too much compared to 1.6?
2013-02-25 14:12
The thing that i see in it myself is the competition, the passion the players bring to the table, the simple feel of it and i for myself was and will always be amazed of CS in general and i love it - it is not like GO is such a freaking step down as some people still recall it.
2013-02-25 00:27
i don't have a feel for cs:go, which i assume is the way many others here feel. it just looks like call of duty or battlefield with cs maps to me, i don't get any "cs" feel, it's just a completely new game with similar maps/mechanics
2013-02-25 00:39
+++++ feels like carbon version of source... no trace of 1.6 feeling
2013-02-25 06:25
and no trace of trace
2013-02-25 07:02
dunno if trolling or dumb
2013-02-25 11:42
Dunno if stupid or beyond that He just told you his impression/opinion and you cant take it? Mr. iwantdota2 lol
2013-02-25 16:31
its called an opinion friend.
2013-02-25 21:24
And you can have dumb opinions. Have an opinion doesn't stop something from being dumb, and something being dumb doesn't stop it from being an opinion.
2013-02-27 11:47
whats so dumb about his opinion ? he doesnt like the game that much. Its his opinion. he feels its like modern warfare. It is partially true to the eyes and minds of some people.
2013-03-03 09:20
I am not here to complain about the way you feel when playing the game. What I can tell you is that I tried CoD an BF many times, and I NEVER feel like I feel in any CS version. There's no competition there, no teamplay, no tactics, no economy... Aim is slow, random, doesn't need any skill...
2013-02-25 13:00
Then you never played competive in there? Both games have a competive scene which is for sure is a lot smaller than the public audience.
2013-02-25 16:32
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
You should try shootmania :)
2013-02-25 14:04
hey, look who it is lol.... starting to think you spend more time covering/trashing csgo than you do playing the game you supposedly love. gonna have to get a real job one day buddy.
2013-02-25 18:03
hard to cover a game that doesn't have a tournaments, and i don't play any games, including cs 1.6, when there are none. i'm currently in school, work in esports part time, and despite multiple offers for solid full time jobs within esports have chosen to "get a real job". sorry bud.
2013-02-25 20:29
Thats true mate... Promod is really better but release fail ...
2013-02-25 20:14
Thats true bro promod release fail:D
2013-02-25 20:17
Every time I see you bashing csgo, don't hit me with cs maps with battlefield or cod gameplay. Honestly how could you even come up with that? My opinion is just that there are a lot of assholes in cs 1.6, you hate everything except for your beloved 1.6 . Same was for source, it may not have been as refined as 1.6 but it was a pretty good game overall, but no the cs 1.6 community laughs at the source community and bashes it every chance it gets,instead of embracing it and peacefully be amongst each other in our beloved counterstrike genre wich is unique, the gameplay may be different but the core concept will stay the same. CSGO isn't perfect at the moment but it keeps getting better, and it's our only way of reamping the counterstrike scene. And please, don't EVER compare cs to battlefield or cod again, you're making yourself a laughing stock.
2013-02-27 11:29
not sure how well you understand english or if it's a reading comprehension issue but that is not what i said. i said cs:go is an altogether different game, and i have no more feel for it than for cod or bf. it's just not like cs 1.6.
2013-02-27 16:55
"it's just not like cs 1.6" I'm not going to go into a lenghty discussion since it would never end and would just end in a bashing fest. I just think its sad that the 1.6 community can't embrace csgo. You can alteast respect it, because it is getting the LAN's and it is the future of cs. No instead every csgo video or csgo thread is full of hatred for the game, it's just sad.
2013-02-28 16:48
This game has nothing to do with real Counter Strike. Valve just don't got it anymore, when it comes to FPS games. No emmosions are felt when playing this unfinished CS replica. GO will never succeed, I have no doubt about it, and it really doesn't deserve it either.
2013-02-27 18:04
"one of the five (if not more) games published under the brand is amazing?" Notably the one that wasn't made by Valve :)
2013-02-25 21:15
What the hell are you talking about?
2013-02-25 02:35
hypocritical? what if there was only one succesful cs game? "succesful" i should be careful what i say. the games are meant for different groups of people and the differences between the games ... you can't even compare two counter strike games to eachother. there is only one counter strike game the rest are look a likes with a different purpose.
2013-02-25 17:34
2013-02-24 23:28
What gives you any indication that this tourny should be compared to IEMs? 13,000 for a standard LAN is pretty good considering its a new game. Dump $100,000 into it and host it at an IEM on the mainstage where all the dota 2 and sc2 people are watching and I garentee youll get the same results as 1.6.
2013-02-24 23:28
I bet it'll not.
2013-02-24 23:54
well your wrong, since you dont know anything. Flamer.
2013-02-25 17:44
NO it wont get the same results as 1.6, stop being delusional, fanboy
2013-02-24 23:57
Read your answer, and than say who is the fanboy here...
2013-02-25 17:48
i bet itll not, 1.6 is the game that no one will be are
2013-02-25 00:05
u brasilians are just mad cause you can't play csgo because of your shitty pc's
2013-02-25 16:58
2013-02-25 17:44
2013-02-25 17:48
The problem is that the community is too small (when compared to other games), even with that amount of money, spectators wouldn't come out of nowhere, Shootmania is the latest example of that. There are several aspects to attract consumers to play video games, and money is at the bottom of that list, it's all about the experiences you get while playing a game.
2013-02-25 00:09
Shootmania is the latest example of that. i didnt get this one, what happened with Shootmania?
2013-02-25 17:23
$100,000 tournament with 1000 viewers at all times.
2013-02-25 19:11
To be fair, shootmania sucks ass in every way. Jesus you in CS land have no idea how good you have it, having had 3 very good competitively viable games. The fast paced arena FPS scene would just like 1 to not 100% screw it up.
2013-02-27 11:53
It's not a new game anymore...
2013-02-25 09:24
New game? 13,000 for standard LAN pretty good? Random online tourneys streamed by random unknown casters got more than that in 1.6. Heck even streamers like f0rest, gtr would sometimes reach 5-8K(?). Lets see how many spectators it'll get at IEM, probably not even 25K and that should be easy as fuck considering a 12 year old game with outdated graphics got 70K :-)
2013-02-25 13:08
You know, all of these absurdly high numbers for 1.6 disappeared as soon as twitch tv came along with actual publicly viewable numbers. Might it be that people were lying their ass off about the numbers?
2013-02-27 11:55
1.6 had 70k on Twitch.
2013-02-27 12:00
Bainshie is not aware. simple as that. Dude does not know what he is talking about.
2013-02-27 18:10
What zaihtaM said. But hey, you were probably not even around or maybe you were, but you played CSS with 5K twitch viewers woo.
2013-02-28 05:57
I was, and I know 1.6 hit 100K occasionally. However most of the time it was the same or less than CS:S for average day to day cups. Also I didn't play CSS, was too busy doing your mum.
2013-02-28 18:31
Nope, 1.6 had alot more spectators in both POV streams, online cups, random cups, random casters, etc. Nice mom-comeback. I'm fucking pissed now.
2013-02-28 20:02
true true. CSGO very low numbers. 1.6 hall of famers
2013-02-24 23:29
Estonia TehkarN 
2013-02-24 23:48
are u kidding me ? :DDDDDDDDDDDDD IT IS NEW GAME OMG -.-
2013-02-24 23:30
8 months old not exactly new
2013-02-24 23:32
Korea ws0 
... were people watching like crazies during 1.1 ? NO!
2013-02-25 00:00
That was 13 years ago
2013-02-25 00:06
we are not in 2001 anymore bro, wake up
2013-02-25 00:08
Korea ws0 
and? PC fps aren't as popular as they were back then.
2013-02-25 00:15
2013-02-25 00:16
PC's werent even popular back in 2001 bro.
2013-02-25 13:09
lol ownedix xd
2013-02-25 17:54
Korea ws0 
I'm talking about 1.6 (2003) and not only popular for people who played it, but people who watched it "bro".
2013-02-25 18:06
I doubt anyone who didn't own a computer back then (which most didn't) even had time or wanted to watch a video game. Why would they? If they didn't even have a PC, why would a video game played from the PC even interest them?
2013-02-25 22:36
Korea ws0 
I didnt own a PC, I played 1.5/1.6 'till ~2004 in netcafes but I still watched some of the events.
2013-02-25 23:30
True that, but there were also alot of places who didn't even have any netcafés either. Not even one here where I live today.
2013-02-26 00:20
This day's ppl did't know what the game Counter-Strike looks like.... now we all know this ... so no need to wait 2-3 years to understand if it will be famous or not :)
2013-02-27 17:40
go inherited 1.6 public, dont say bullshit
2013-02-25 00:08
Na'Vi vs. VeryGames had way more viewers, and if Mad Catz wouldn't banned SLTV they would have even more viewers. I'm pretty sure CPH Games will have a lot of more viewers because Mad Catz is shame, not event. Mad kittens don't reply me about "go make something similar" because I won't make it, that's ain't my job.
2013-02-24 23:31
Also I can also garentee that 1.6 did not have 13,000 viewers in its 4th month of the game. You are comparing the last huge lan of an ultra successful 13 year game to a fucking standard LAN in csgos fourth month. Just fucking stupid if you ask me...
2013-02-24 23:31
That's such a bullshit excuse though. The esportsscene was small then and there was no predecessors to gain a fanbase from. GO was supposed to unite all CS-communitys plus the CoD-community. However, you're probably wrong, wouldn't surprise me if even 1.5 had more than that.
2013-02-24 23:36
So being 13 year old is a positive thing? Cool story bro And I always thought we jumped to CS:GO to unite two communities and make something that's bigger than what we had before?
2013-02-24 23:36
but 1.6 was new, cs:go is a mix of 1.6 and source, so your argument is invalid
2013-02-24 23:36
Estonia TehkarN 
+1 +1 +1 +1 People can't fucking realize this..
2013-02-24 23:49
Also I can also garentee that 1.6 did not have 13,000 viewers in its 4th month of the game. CPL Winter 2003, 16 - 19 December (Three months after 1.6 was released) Over 13k people in that HLTV. Looks like you were wrong.
2013-02-24 23:51
however there probably wasnt a stream? whereas for this final there was over 13k and probably a few hundred or so in GOTV
2013-02-25 09:06
Almost nothing was streamed back then, HLTV was most likely the only option, and if not it was preferred over very low quality stream.
2013-02-25 13:30
At that time, HLTV was how people watched live games...
2013-02-25 17:53
thats what i meant... there would be more people watching the event in Vienna than there was in CPL winter 2003
2013-02-25 19:11
The game was still new & "unexplored" ... now we all know how this fps looks like :)
2013-02-27 17:45
#50 You just got owned.
2013-02-24 23:59
Why? CS was realeased in 99 so that is 5 years after the release?
2013-02-25 11:55
That was beta you fucking idiot. 2003 1.6 got released. Person that Schypher replies to said that "1.6 didn't have 13.000 four months after release" - which it did. With your logic, why does CSGO only have 13.000 viewers after 7 years after release, right? It runs on the same engine as Source, so the two games are the same. Gtfo.
2013-02-25 13:14
You sure have a nice way to discuss a topic. Makes you stand out as a well spoken and clever person. If you had/bought any previous versions of Counter-Strike you would also get/have 1.6, therefor it is NOT the same. Source and GO are sold seperately as two different games, which it is. Any previous versions before 1.6 added to the playerbase of said game whilts you bying Sources, doesn't add to GO. And to just adress this "That was beta you fucking idiot.".If you played back then as i did, it was never considered a beta in any of the 1.X versions. Ask anyone playing 1.0 or 1.5 etc. back then. Maybe you could try and answer in a normal manner this time?
2013-02-25 13:25
1.6 = 2003 2003 = +13.000K viewers 3 months into the game. Point made. CSS and CSGO runs on the same engine and so does 1.X all the way up to CZ. But they're not the same game and should never be considered the same. Same engine, yes, just like CSS and CSGO. So take your "CS was released in 99" comment of yours and shove it up your ass. And also, I don't give a fuck if Valve made a bundle of 1.6 and CZ and sold it together, they're still not the same games. CSS and CSGO wouldn't be the same games if Valve chose to release a bundle with CSS and CSGO included for 20 euros, would it? No. We're talking about 1.6 - not 1.1, 1.3 or 1.5. And that game was sold in 2003, and 3 months into release it had 13.000 spectators, which is what we are discussing. Whether or not 1.6 had 13.000 specs 3 months into the release. Also consider the fact that in 2003 most people didn't even really own a computer yet. And at the moment we're in the golden years of eSports.
2013-02-25 22:33
csgo inherited 1.6, source and COD public...
2013-02-25 00:13
Korea ws0 
what a bs statement lmao.. most of the 1.6 scene is still on 1.6 or has retired from gaming and watching.
2013-02-25 06:13
all the csgo public was formed by 1.6, css and cod players dude,
2013-02-25 06:40
Korea ws0 
a vast majority of GO players are from the source scene. The 100K players were talking about or even the 75K players watching streams or LAN events live are gone.
2013-02-25 07:15
I think the numbers are low due to this event being complete and utter shit. Delays, laggy GOTV, GOTV going down nonstop, Heaven Media putting passwords on the GOTV servers etc etc..
2013-02-24 23:31
Korea ws0 
2013-02-25 00:00
When 1.6 had 100k+ views, nobody played MOBA games... Gamers Community needed new type of games. I think it was a good tournament for CS:GO.
2013-02-24 23:32
when did ever 1.6 have over 100k viewers? pipe nostalgia
2013-02-24 23:35
1.6 had more than 100k viewers several times actually. i don't agree with the retarded hive mind but the game was ridiculously big back in 2003-2006
2013-02-24 23:38
I can't recall seeing more than 50k on hltv back in the day, but I guess you're probably right.
2013-02-25 00:08
WCG is bit different than 16 team hotel lan =/
2013-02-25 00:10
2013-02-25 00:21
i remember cpl matches needing several high capacity relays (20k+) to cope with the viewership demand.
2013-02-25 00:17
wcg 2006 i remember there was like 80k ppls only at hltv.
2013-02-24 23:41
cpl 2006
2013-02-25 00:00
Korea ws0 
CPL 2005
2013-02-25 00:01
cpl 2006 over 100k cpl 2005 over 100k wcg 2006 and 2005 over 100k 2 or 3 1.5/1.6 events had over 200k viewers
2013-02-25 00:14
not enough hype for competitive scene. because it is full of negativity, haters, fanboys. every new team with a potential is shouted down "noobs" "onliners" "cheaters" "saucers" "bla bla bla" and not enough lowskilled foundation for a popular top scene. time to help the bottom of the scene grow.
2013-02-24 23:34
Because of the streaming conditions and the delay we had over 20k during the tournament ^_^
2013-02-24 23:35
"1.6 will be remembered as the most successful team fps game on PC, ever." That's it boys, the truth has been told, lets stop playing fps's now we can't beat another game!!!!
2013-02-24 23:36
I still want a fucking good CS 1.6 comeback.
2013-02-24 23:37
cs:go sucks i dont even play it 1.6 4ever. if i say it enough times csgo will die and all will play 1.6 again also I will become 14 years old again and excited for gaming!!! Because that is the real cause of cs:go and sauce hate, that we are getting old and bitter and cannot enjoy games, just hate on everyone except our favourite 1.6 team.
2013-02-24 23:37
Germany a4l 
Also you will become 14 years old again? Fits your attitude.
2013-02-24 23:40
dude i make a sarcasm!!
2013-02-25 00:42
why? fps games are shit on console. pretty much everything is shit to play on console beside racing, sport or other fun games like gta.
2013-02-24 23:37
There's a qualifier for a $1m black ops console tourney going on as we speak
2013-02-24 23:40
ye, but 1.6 had ever more cash tourneys (2003-2007)
2013-02-24 23:43
its not the first million dollar cod tournament either
2013-02-25 00:02
This tournament was held before already and nobody cared in the end.
2013-02-25 01:09
Still has more money and more players than any PC FPS. MLG has CoD these days.
2013-02-25 01:12
than any PC FPS this days*
2013-02-25 02:14
2013-02-25 10:07
Bulgaria sN7 
wow man... failed with grammar nazi
2013-02-27 11:39
It's a matter of opinion, fact is, the player base in consoles is much bigger than in the PC.
2013-02-24 23:42
i know and that is sad, just tells what kind of people that are.
2013-02-24 23:58
You have to see it through the bright side. If consoles hadn't been created, gaming would disappear because of the growing costs of having an up to date PC. Though I think the next PS3 and Xbox will be the last generation of home consoles.
2013-02-25 00:06
maybe.. but consoles aren't good for the quality of games. everything becomes so simple.
2013-02-25 00:07
We live in a society where there is lot of competition between who gets our attention/time. We play games to forget about our problems or to have fun, and not to spend 4 frustrating hours trying to kill a boss. We would play those games when we were young, but nowadays, with jobs, studies and other things, we can no longer have those 10 hours of gaming sessions just to play 1/10 of a game.
2013-02-25 00:14
that's true. but even when i only play 1 or 2 hours i rather like to play a game where i get a bit of a challenge then a game where i know i can do it in easy mode because it becomes boring so fast. and in the end it's all about the fun but without a bit of challenge there is no fun.
2013-02-25 00:16
I still play them too, but gaming would never become this big only with those games.
2013-02-25 00:19
The problem isn't better hardware, is the continuous releases of bad software.
2013-02-24 23:37
Turkey Ruzi 
yes csgo has 13k viewers so what about emotion? is there any memorable scene so far?
2013-02-24 23:40
CSGO doesnt got emiotions at all imo...
2013-02-24 23:44
Are you actually serious about it? lol
2013-02-25 00:13
2013-02-25 00:17
yeah "who is starix?" (by richard lewis)
2013-02-25 06:32
8 Overtimes.
2013-02-27 12:01
the point of this thread is...? go away you boring fuck
2013-02-24 23:41
Turkey Ruzi 
calm down you mr.young man i'm not a person who supports cs:go im just saying that csgo will never get emotion
2013-02-24 23:49
just because you get no emotion from the game and are a 1.6 fanboy doesnt mean others dont enjoy it, fuck off
2013-02-25 00:54
had 22k during navi vs nfaculty but of course we werent gona get higher than that the stream has been awful
2013-02-24 23:42
Exactly, if they wouldn't ban SLTV they would have even more. And Na'Vi vs. VG had more than NiP vs. Anexis, haha. By the way, Fedor Emelianenko > Brock Lesnar. :P
2013-02-24 23:47
nip vs navi in the final would had alot more views
2013-02-24 23:46
Thats right.. sigh...
2013-02-24 23:51
+1 true story
2013-02-24 23:51
Over 15k viewers in one stream. Around 21k during the day max right next to LOL in Twitch. They had network problems with their venue so that lost them alot of viewers during the day.
2013-02-24 23:56
This. As far as numbers go, this event was a success. If they didn't have network problems and they didn't close sl4m and others there would have been a lot more people watching. Anyway, CSGO is big, it's not LoL but with the proper bug fixes and an event without technical difficulties, it can top the list
2013-02-25 00:24
Are you delusional in your everyday life aswell or does it only apply to the state of GO?
2013-02-25 00:50
Well, you can't say 20k is so small, remember that this is not IEM, there hasn't been much advertisement, and the game is growing overall. Why would you say that's delusional? Realistically we can't hope to get enormous numbers these days. We should be happy that such a small event moved so many spectators. Bashing the game, or its future, doesn't help. Being optimistic instead does
2013-02-25 01:04
This is the biggest thing that've happened in GO for many weeks, it's not like it's a small event among bigger events. Also, remember that DH didn't even get 30k, and no, the game isn't growing and 20k isn't good. You'll never get an IEM if it continues like this. If the viewership for EMS is awful aswell i'm pretty sure GO's future is doomed. "Bashing the game, or its future, doesn't help. Being optimistic instead does" The first step to solve a problem is recognizing that there is one.
2013-02-25 01:10
hm.. It's maybe just me but I would say CS:GO is growing pretty good. And the stream had over 20k viewers when there was Navi - VG and the russian stream was up.
2013-02-25 12:06
to you and #182 - it's called winter, every single game gets higher numbers. 1.6 had 60k daily before the update.
2013-02-25 14:41
Yes it is growing just look at the game stats. And before you use the "it's on sale argument" you can see in the stats it was growing before that with the same rate. Within a few months it has gone from 15-18k players to around 30k players.
2013-02-25 12:08
Anyway the problem is more on the community than on the game itself. There's a lot of boycotting against GO, if the entire CS community watched the games it would be huge. Now, don't blame Valve (or HPE or whoever worked on this game) because they couldn't appeal old players, Blame old players that WANT a new game to disappear because it's a bit different from what they are used to. I know of a few guys that don't watch csgo on purpose because "it damages 1.6". What did you expect CSGO to do? Personally I never expected such a big pro scene and such big numbers. It's a game that never aimed at the top spot, and will never reach it. Still it's giving us great fun and great tournaments. Any problem with that?
2013-02-25 13:11
The problem is on what community? There isn't ONE CS community, you can't label all 1.6, CSS and GO fans in to one category; there's one 1.6 community, one CSS community and one GO community. The gameplay is significantly different to eachother and you can't just assume that everyone will like a completely different thing just because it happens to have the same name. So blaming the 1.6 community for the failures of the GO community is just extremely dumb. If anything it's Valve's fault that the 1.6 community doesn't like GO, but maybe that wasn't the goal of the game so maybe they don't mind. However, as I said, you CANNOT blame the 1.6 community, atleast not without looking like a retard.
2013-02-25 15:53
nowadays i actually hope cs:go grows so i'm not by any means "against cs:go" but here are a few facts: 1) according to our page stats, this was THE most popular cs:go event 2) being optimistic doesn't help. it doesn't do any more than being pessimistic.
2013-02-25 02:23
For a person that represents the community and HLTV, you are the last guy who needed to be pessimistic about the game.
2013-02-25 05:49
Well, actually if I was considering to buy the game, play it and spectate it, I would choose not to by reading things like "the game is dying", "it feels like cod", "OMG Vlv pls give us 1.6", "1.6 is so much better", "Csgo sucks, 1.6 4eva", "Don't watch CSGO!! it hurts our proud masterpiece!" and bullshit like that. This is a community that DOESN'T want anything new, doesn't want new players, doesn't want new games, doesn't want new ideas... If instead I heard "CSGO is a good game, very fun to watch and spectate" which it is, regardless of what 1.6 was, I'd be happier to buy it and play it. The CS community is destroying itself with a stupid parochialism between similar games. If you (rethorical) don't like CSGO, fine, but there's no need to spam it online so that also other people don't like it and the game dies. Encouraging people to play and watch is the best thing we could do, instead we boycott. Then of course the numbers are small.
2013-02-25 13:19
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
So you want a community that ignores the problems with the game, and doesn't publicly voice their opinions on it? GO is boring to watch. Having a bunch of people lie about it isn't going to make it the next best FPS game. Having people share their opinions in the hope Valve listen and make changes to the game, just might. Personally, I can't stand the game, and I think the Counter Strike genre should die (RIP 1.6 ofc!), and we need something new and exciting.
2013-02-25 14:09
That's not what I said. I said what helps and what doesn't. Valve don't read twitch chat, probably don't read, and they barely read their forums. Being vocal about what you don't like is ok, Telling people they shouldn't play the game because of your own personal reasons doesn't help the community. If you want the CS genre to die you ARE harming the community, of course you are free to do what you want but don't say you are helping anyone, cause you are not. Moreover, if CSGO is boring to watch so were source and 1.6 since what happens on the screen is just the same. All the "enormous" differences between the three games are unnoticeable to the eyes of a spectator.
2013-02-25 14:52
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Valve should read HLTV, seeing as it is the center- point of everything related to their game. The people designing the game should be people that enjoy playing the game too, and people that follow the scene. I do get what you are saying, and obviously people slating the game isn't doing the game any good, but obviously many people have dedicated a lot of their lives to playing the old counter-strikes, and when they feel trapped into playing a game they don't like, they are within their rights to voice their opinions.
2013-02-25 15:17
"Moreover, if CSGO is boring to watch so were source and 1.6 since what happens on the screen is just the same. All the "enormous" differences between the three games are unnoticeable to the eyes of a spectator." This is your opinion, not facts. I've noticed that a lot of casual players think this, but trust me, the huge majority of the hardcore players doesn't agree.
2013-02-27 12:08
2013-02-26 03:19
Current situation: LoL---SC2------------------CSGO--------------------------------?? am I wrong somewhere?
2013-02-25 01:50
DotA2, CoD: Black Ops before CS:GO and maybe ShootMania.
2013-02-25 10:06
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Shootmania > ALL
2013-02-25 14:09
You see? Always trying to find some sort of competition between games. The same unnecessary and imaginary competition that has killed CS. There's no need to say which game is "bigger" or "best". I am a CS fan but I'm perfectly happy if another game has good numbers. That's growth for esports in general and overall a success for us. It really looks like people are scared by numbers and comparisons. That's stupid, this game has a good pro scene that's doing exactly what's necessary to entertain us. Why should we need more? Do we really need gigantic numbers? Do we need to be "the best"? Why worrying about a leaderboard of games?
2013-02-25 14:56
There isn't an unlimited amount of resources in eSports. The amount of money and tournaments will disappear if the viewership etc keeps on being awful. Once upon a time I hoped that the poor numbers would have an effect on the GO-fans, enlighten them that more fans is needed so that they would support us 1.6ers who are pushing for changes with feedback instead of bashing us. However, those times are gone, now I just like pointing out to the "OMG 1.6 FAILGAME DED LOL CSGO 4EVER<333" people that GO is going to be dead sooner than later as there is no point in trying to suggest any changes to CS:GO as the GO community is the most unreasonably stubborn community on earth. Also, I have a problem with "casual eSports" (LoL, FIFA, CS:GO, CoD). It disturbs me too see money for competitions in games that aren't worthy, and I would very much like that money to go to real games instead such as SC2 and DotA 2. LoL and FIFA atleast has some positive effect on the e-sportsscene, they develop the scene's infrastructure due to the higher numbers and they also bring in more people to other games, for example, a lot of LoL-fans find SC2. But CS:GO just steals resources from other games.
2013-02-25 16:00
You're not pushing for changes, you're taking every chance you get to bash GO and it's community and fans, wich you are in no position to do given the fact that you're a die hard csp;er, wich by the way seems to have died once again. My advice: Leave the CS:GO threads alone cause you're just fucking annoying. You are hated on both HLTV and on Fragbite, simply no1 likes you. Jesus no wonder CSP is getting a lot of criticism when guys like you are around
2013-02-25 17:37 Also, I've made videos with feedback that actually reached Valve and I ended up having a discussion with Ido, one of their devs, and I also were in contact with phoon who was in contact with devgamer, we discussed the movement(valves stance on freedom of movement is that they dont want it though as it looks silly with bhopping etc). So you're incorrect, I have actually made efforts to improve CS:GO. Also, I am not hated by everyone as you claim, perhaps by everyone on your steamfriendslist as I tend to be hated only by a small minority CS:GO-extremists (you know, the one's who say "ADAPT!!!" if you suggest the tiniest change, and the one's who actually think that CS:GO is going to be bigger than LoL within a year). Most of the feedback I get is positive, just read through my fragbite threads and you'll see that most of the people agree with me. The only negative feedback is from twelve year olds with new accounts that write "HUEHUEHUE CSP LOLZ CS:GO MOVEMENT BETTER THAN 1.6 ADAPT PLZ N00B xD".
2013-02-25 17:57
Alright, You've done some good for the community, fair enough. But you can do better, simply but not going into EVERY DISCUSSION you possibly can and end up being a douche bag. Both you and I know that theres a lot of people who dislikes you, no point in trying to hide it. Also, you shouldnt be trashtalking about peoples ages given that you're 15 yourself
2013-02-25 18:32
Considering that 95% of the people I discuss with are unable to keep emotions a part from facts, I don't care if I look like a douchebag as long as i'm right. As I said, those people are the CS:GO extremists. About my age, both in real life and on the internet people think that i'm 18+ unless I tell them, I don't really care about the number itself.
2013-02-25 23:46
Na'vi VG was like 25k. I'm pretty sure that if VG won against anexis and faced NiP, numbers would have been at least 20-25k too. It's just that noone is interested in watching a bunch of danish nonamers who just played the event of their life being demolished by the swedes. Don't forget that the stream was very poor quality too. Put redeye, JoeM and threat instead of those two guys (who did what they could with pretty much no sleep), and a VG-NiP duel at 6pm CET (10pm is way too late to start a final) and you have your 30k (minimum)
2013-02-24 23:57
Youre talking about possibilities, so everything you said its false, untill it happens.
2013-02-25 00:03
still, those numbers are almost true, yesterday there were more than 20k spectators for a group stage match
2013-02-25 00:26
i don't think verygames brings out that many viewers anymore, i actually think a nip-na`vi final could have pulled out really good numbers (especially if, as you mentioned, streams were better). the cis fanbase is HUGE and cs:go scene needs it
2013-02-25 02:27
some time ago they were writing "only 5k viewers, cs go isnt even in top10 steam games", now they are writing "only 13k viewers", in near future they will write "50k viewers, cs go is a future!" number of people playing cs go and watching cs go matches is still rising, deal with that. if you dont want to have something in common with cs go just dont visit this site, it will be better for all of us
2013-02-25 00:06 is the leading CS 1.6 coverage site in the world, featuring news, demos, pictures, statistics, on-site coverage and much much more! deal with it :)
2013-02-25 06:35
u mean was, now it is cs:go site, latest news, match statisic, even highlits are from cs:go, not from 1.6 DEAL WITH IT =)
2013-02-25 14:57
Bulgaria sN7 
apply water to burned area
2013-02-27 11:43
Yesterday there were 20k spectators. Then 1. Unofficial streams were shut down 2. GOTV started crashing, lagging and so forth
2013-02-25 00:18
Why do people still hate on CSGO when there is no other alternative?
2013-02-25 00:45
People hate on CSGO because it's not what they played for years and many simply think it doesn't feel nice. It's their opinion and they're entitled to it. There being "no alternative" isn't a good reason to like it.
2013-02-25 01:12
Then they should not bother following the CS:GO scene. Hanging around and trolling while hoping to see a game fail because it's not what you like is fucking retarded, surely people realise by now that no matter how much they hate on CS:GO, 1.6 isn't coming back?
2013-02-25 01:22
People always fucking hate on something. This is the INTERNET. Nothing has changed in 15 years and nothing will ever change. People bitched after EVERY single CS patch starting from day 1. Why do you expect anything to change? Yes it's retarded, but this community is as close to retarded as you can get. and it isn't about 1.6 not coming back at all. It's more about them specifically not liking the nuances of CSGO that makes it different from 1.6/CSS. To them 1.6/css was the best FPS. To replace the major competitive PC FPS with CSGO is upsetting to them. Let them be upset. It doesn't effect you in the slightest in the end.
2013-02-25 01:28
I guess you're right on that front. Then my question is this: Why can't people just be bloody normal :(
2013-02-25 01:28
In some ways it does affect players, It's bad advertising for a game that's trying to grow. The less they whine, the more players we will have. If they whined constructively or about serious matters I'd accept it but most of the rants here are "OMG GO killed our game Valve is shit fire everyone can't play blabla". They are perfectly free to not like it. What is strange is that they try in every way to boycott it and to show others that it's bad, when it isn't.
2013-02-25 15:08
It's bad advertising? LoL has so many dota fanboys saying it's a dumbed down kiddy version, yet it has much more players at any given time of the day. People say CoD ruined FPS and say it's filled with little kids yet it's bigger than every other FPS out there. Some people said SC2 would never gain momentum/it dumbed down some mechanics and that good players would always stick with BW yet SC2 is the leading RTS today. Every game has people bad mouthing it ALL the time. It's not gonna bring more or less players if people just stopped. They say "any publicity is good publicity". I don't fully agree, but you get the gist.
2013-02-25 21:37
still this is an 1.6 website
2013-02-25 06:38
I don't see many 1.6 related news, nor event coverage here. The fact that the title says 1.6 is just because they forgot to change it, or they don't want an uprising of enraged fanboys. This is a website about the CS pro scene. Nowadays the CS pro scene plays GO. Like it or not, this site isn't covering 1.6 at the moment, because there's nothing to cover
2013-02-25 15:03
No it isn't. It's a website with 1.6 roots, just like Cadred is a website with CS:S roots. Both of those games are competitively dead so they're now both CS:GO websites.
2013-02-25 15:10
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
There are plenty of alternatives. Shootmania is a great FPS game with HUGE interest from gaming organisations. There is even a $100'000 tournament in march for it. And it's actually fun to play AND watch, unlike CS:GO. There is also a few other competitive FPS games in the making, but I can't remember their names.
2013-02-25 14:11
Shootmania is not by any means an alternative to CSGO. That's like saying SC2 is an alternative to Dota2.
2013-02-25 14:59
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
And is SC2 not an alternative to Dota2? For the record, Xp3, a profesional 1.6 french player, is now a professional shootmania player, so obviously it is a plausible alternative where players skill can be slightly transferable. I'm enjoying it anyway, and I find it to be a much nicer and competitively balanced game than CS:GO.
2013-02-25 15:20
Dota 2 and SC2 are not comparable in any way.. The only things Shootmania and CS have in common are teamplay and being an FPS. Why does it matter if a former CS player plays a different game? Does that mean the two games are automatically comparable? Using that logic, Dota and CS are replaceable as the CS division of Na`vi play Dota quite often.
2013-02-25 21:40
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
They are both the same genre of game? You said it yourself, they are both first person shooters that revolve around teamplay? It's hardly like I'm saying CS == DotA2...
2013-02-25 22:14
Dota 2 and SC2 are NOT in the same genre. One is an RTS. The other is considered a MOBA. They require very different skills just like CS and Q3 do. Under FPS there are many genres and they don't just replace each other.. Quake 3 and CS lived along side each other because one didn't just replace the other.
2013-02-26 01:02
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Quake was a single player shooter and CS was a team based shooter, so I can understand the differences with DOTA2 and SC2 being different in that manner, but my point was that good players have transferred their skills over to Shootmania, and it is a viable competitive option for people that don't enjoy CS:GO.
2013-02-26 10:10
how can you say shootmania is a great fps? hhahaha that is more retarded than saying that csgo > 1.6
2013-02-26 17:20
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Bad player spotted!
2013-02-26 17:23
dat logic now I understand how can you say what you said lolz
2013-02-26 19:44
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
haha nerdrag3
2013-02-26 20:29
the match playing time is sleeping time in china ....................
2013-02-25 00:46
i understand that feel bro :(
2013-02-25 15:15
+2150 viewers on VaKarM as well (dailymotion in france)
2013-02-25 01:15
Good improvement, nice :)
2013-02-25 01:18
It's time to get a life.
2013-02-25 01:47
really its a low number? I have the feeling that the numbers are growing please correct me if I'm wrong!
2013-02-25 02:25
Brazil abr 
In Brazil FALLEN doing a camp for cs 1.6 @ net for fans of the game! cs 1.6 <33333
2013-02-25 02:27
i hate csgo but i think this is just the beginning of the csgo and tour ...
2013-02-25 02:47
Before they shut down the 3rd party streams on the first day there were 25k across Twitch and Dailymotion... fucking children. 13k (on Twitch) watched the finals because it was NiP vs Anexis FFS. No top team to contend against NiP. If GO dies competitively at least you can watch that sweet COD:BO2 tourney that's coming up, right? Maybe some sick Shootmania.
2013-02-25 03:03
2013-02-25 03:06
one of the most interesting finals were the ones in 2010 when the total unknown Navi met teams like mTw, fnatic, SK and mousesports. why wouldn't a unknown team in the final attract viewers when it comes to CS:GO? Is CS:GO only living from the legends of the past? also: a lot of CS:GO people where calling CS 1.6 boring because "in the last years always the same teams played in the finals" (though that's just wrong; the variety of teams playing the final was pretty large). Now a unknown team reaches the final and people wish to see a good old team instead.
2013-02-25 03:49
True, but is that not because of your second statement? There were big teams winning in 1.6, but there were also a multitude of teams taking championships. NiP is literally unbeatable at this point. Like TaZ said in his interview, they are killing viewership quite literally. No one has ever even gotten a map against them so what I'm saying is unless you put a team with recognizable stars up against them in the finals no one is going to care because they write it off as another win for NiP (rightfully so). It sucks but it's the truth.
2013-02-25 06:15
not sure why people assume cs:go fans would watch another game if cs died. if cs died completely, i wouldn't follow esports at all and simply have nothing to do with it. why would i watch games i don't care about, when there are tons of super interesting sports?
2013-02-25 05:57
Sorry it's tough to convey the sarcasm through text, but that was a joke. I was pointing out the fact that some people are cheering for a game to die when there is nothing interesting at all competitive FPS wise for which to take the throne. Is GO as good as 1.6? No. Is there anything else even remotely as good as 1.6 out currently? Also no.
2013-02-25 06:10
Idiot! Why would ps4 destroy computer FPS? Playstation is not a console made for e-Sports, not today and not tomorrow, not ever. The only console that is competitive is xbox and will always stay that way.
2013-02-25 03:10
and where do you think do all the "esport people" come from? right, from the casual gaming. if the casual gaming is moving more and more to the consoles, what will happen with esports on PC? go figure.
2013-02-25 03:20
No e-Sport profiles comes from hardcore gaming, ps4 will never get the hardcore players, they will get the casuals. Everyone knows that the most/all hardcore gamers play xbox. Even a simple thing such as the controler of ps is not made for hardcore gaming. Mark my words.
2013-02-25 03:26
you don't get it: all people in the esport scene were simple "casual gamers" before. if the number of casual gamers on the PC decreases, the number of people joining the esport scene will decrease as well. when I was a kid 70% of all boys in my school class played CS (that was 10 years ago). if you look at the average German school class today you won't find a single kid playing CS. most kids only play their shitty COD version on the PS3. they don't even own a PC anymore, just a macbook.
2013-02-25 03:34
I think it is you not getting it. Im not saying it is impossible that the PC e-sport scene dies. But what I say is that it will not be ps4 that kills it. It will be xbox or a completely different platform that have not seen todays light yet.
2013-02-25 03:45
I never said the PS4 will kill PC gaming, but it will damage it for sure - just by stealing players.
2013-02-25 03:47
It will not make a noticeable damage to PC gaming. Atleast not towards the e-Sport scene, because I know that most ps4 player will never go hardcore. The console is not made for that. And it most definitely will not harm the cs scene.
2013-02-25 03:54
seriously, read what I wrote again: esport is recruiting gamers from the casual gaming market. if the number of casual PC gamers (respectively casual CS gamers) decreases, the number of new people joining the esport scene (respectively the competitive CS scene) will decrease as well. it's not like someone who never heard about esports wakes up someday and thinks "I want to become a part of esports - what's the best platform to do it?". everyone starts as a casual gamers till he comes in contact with esports. if people don't even play on the PC they will never come in contact with the PC esport scene. the consoles are stealing casual players and with that potential competitive players, and THAT WILL damage esports on the PC. also don't forget: it doesn't fucking matter if consoles are made for esports or not, it's about what people believe. all those kids who play COD on the PS3 with their shitty headsets actually believe that they play competitively. they just don't know it any better. by the way: that's one of the reasons why the MOBA games are a lot more successful: you simply can't play them on consoles. there's no alternative on the consoles.
2013-02-25 04:14
Okay let me put it this way: Pc players: Casual: some will switch to ps4 Hardcore: None will switch to ps4 Pro: None will switch to ps4 Xbox player: Casuals: Few will switch to ps4 Harcore/pros: None will switch Other platforms: Some will switch to ps4 New players: Many new players will begin to play ps4 The most players will be new players, while some players already have begun their casual playing from example PC. It will take YEARS to build up a e-sport scene from nothing. The new players will have to play for some years. And by that time csgo will be either dead(by another pc game or xbox game) or it will have a big/little amount of loyal players. Xbox already have somewhat a e-sport scene and at the the moment they are the only potential threat against PC e-sports. Bu this is only speculations from both you and me, so we can just wait and see what happens. Maybe ps4 build up a e-sport scene out of nothing on basicly no time at all, maybe not. My point is that it will(probably) not concern the games that are competetive on PC today. But ofc it will effect the future games. Have to sleep now, good night!
2013-02-25 04:24
You're always thinking about another kind of competitive gaming scene killing the competitive PC gaming scene. I say there will be simply no competitive FPS scene at all if things go on like they did in the past 7 years. Good night.
2013-02-25 04:32
Inbefore MLG console games like halo :D
2013-02-25 15:01
25k for Navi vs VG. Why the fk should anyone here care that it was not 30k or 100k it was possibly one of the CS matches on any iteration of the franchise...ever. Quite confident a Navi vs ESC final would have pushed 30k. Hard to say Madcats in Vienna has the same draw as a Dreamhack or larger lan. The fact it was CSGO's highest viewed LAN is a testament to the games growth.
2013-02-25 03:21
no more glory days of 1.6 hitting 100K+ viewers share your time machine please.
2013-02-25 03:58
consoles lol
2013-02-25 04:29
The streams and no access to GOTV for the latter part of the tournament kinda ruined Mad Catz for alot of people I think. The tournament everyone is talking about is Copenhagen Games. I think we will see a huge response from the whole csgo scene to all critics at that event. It won't be 100k spectators as the biggest CPL events pulled, but that it will be a huge leap from the 8k that watched todays final, I have no doubt. Hopefully the scene will show itself from the best possible perspective and hook in more players, spectators and hopefully sponsors.
2013-02-25 06:51
There was no access to the GO:TV for about 1 hour during the first day of matches. It wasn't for "the latter part of the tournament".
2013-02-25 15:52
ok, if so, my bad, I just read an news post that they made all gotv unavailable because SLTV streamed when they got told not to. As said here And if I missed the part where they came back up again, I'm sure alot of others did aswell.
2013-02-25 16:08
yeah all 1.6 small events had 100 000+ viewers, SURE. The event ifself was shit so thats the main reason why it wasnt as many viewers as dreamhack for example. Its been out 7 months and they game is still growning and 1.6 (1.5) didnt become what it was in 7 months it took 3-4 years.
2013-02-25 07:35
ur argument is totally invalid, beacause CS 1.4/5/6, won the players by itself cause game was fun to play and the community was new, while the community of CS:GO should be the biggest one no matter in start or on the end cuz VALVE already had the players and tried to merge both 1.6 and source comunity to one game but it failed hard, people like u should find the truth don't be blind m8.
2013-02-25 14:09
Indeed And on top of that they had the chance to make a good game from the beginning since they already had the experience with cs and css. But noooo that game needs 100updates and dozens of tournaments.
2013-02-25 16:46
sl4m = 20 000 visitors comeback slammmmmmmm ;(
2013-02-25 08:19
In the overtime period between vg and navi it was 18k viewers watching on stream and 2000 on hltv =20k. In terms of csgo's popularity and viewer counts it is already on the level of the cgs prime css period, which is pretty good for a 4 months game. Maybe it will never be on the level of 1.6 but it will be twice the size of css for sure
2013-02-25 10:55
i didnt watch it because of all the steam problems and delay of the games .. im sure there is more ppl like me .. + they shutdown evrey other stream that is not "FACEIT" only sl4m=10K-12K and the gotv was locked ..
2013-02-25 10:57
Again that's just nonsense. We shut down GOTV for about an hour after an agreement was broke while we decided what to do. During that time every other stream that was running was fine apart from the one that broke our agreement. We then re-opened the GOTV for the rest of the tournament.
2013-02-25 15:54
You did not get that information out to the people tho. There was a big newspost on that you took down GOTV, and that it would be unavailable. It was never posted a new post where it stated the GOTV was back up again.
2013-02-25 16:12
My bad, I read through the news archive and actually found the post where it said the gotv was back up, guess I just didn't see it when it was posted.
2013-02-25 16:13
I'm afraid that's not our problem. For starters we never said we'd be taking it down for the rest of the tournament and secondly we did get the correct information out in a statement released on cadred.
2013-02-25 16:51
The main problem, that it's a pain to watch this terrible game. I tried, and it's very boring, idiot movements, stupid maps, my stomach is too weak for it.
2013-02-25 10:57
Stream was shit too. The only good thing about this event was Threat. NiP won again too, boring.
2013-02-25 10:57
stream was ok for me, had it at 720p, but when the lagg started hitting hard, i just turned quality down to 480p which was still watchable. 13k views is still a lot of people watching one single event. stay positive ;)
2013-02-25 12:45
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
The game just isn't fun to watch (or play). It isn't new or exciting, it's just a shit copy of a classic game.
2013-02-25 12:51
Thanks for giving your opinion, unfortunately nobody cares.
2013-02-25 16:20
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Get off your high horse, atleast I'm on topic you moron.
2013-02-25 16:26
more like having a huge moan, about how 1.6 is the best cs
2013-02-25 20:04
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Well that's what the topic is about fucktard, and am I wrong with anything I said?
2013-02-25 20:34
One day i wanna grow up to be a massive retarded twat, just like you.
2013-02-27 23:52
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Too late, faggot
2013-02-28 00:08
Dude the era of shooter is over, games like DotA or LoL are popular atm... So dont try to make a different between the year 2006 and 2013, because other games are in the main stage. You cant get the same Viewer numbers anymore, because everyone play Dota2 or LoL.
2013-02-25 13:08
Noone is comparing for ego purposes (MY GAME IS BETTER THAN YOURS!). People are comparing because if the viewership isn't there the proscene won't be there.
2013-02-25 16:58
group stages were watched by almost 19k spectators on face ittv and sl4m.
2013-02-25 13:12
Also 19k in vg navi
2013-02-25 13:18
yes :]
2013-02-25 13:43
it was 13k on facit, and lot more all combined, and the tournament had big problems with delays so probably it would be a lot larger number :D
2013-02-25 13:22
True, it would reach 300k viewers like in other CS:GO tournaments.
2013-02-25 15:37
jesi to lud sad ???
2013-02-25 18:03
LoL it strikes 200k viewers :D more than CS : GO !!!
2013-02-25 13:54
Your post will be deleted and you will get banned. It happened to me :( People here don't like to hear facts about LoL.
2013-02-25 14:53
2013-02-26 02:57
Bulgaria sN7 
Yeah. And kindergarten strikes a million kids all over the world. See my point?
2013-02-27 11:47
navi vs esc watch 20 k
2013-02-25 13:59
hey guyz i think cs go dead never reach 1.6 numbers!! i remember wen navi pld against fnatic 2001 it had 420.000 viewers in stream and then 80.000 in hltv!!!! it was gr8 game i remember it was 21 over times ended 75-79 the final esl! gg csgo (cs:noob huehuehue)!!!!!
2013-02-25 14:02
How can people be this dumb in 2013 XD
2013-02-25 16:19
what u talk about omg... cs go is potat
2013-02-25 16:28
2001 where it was just 1.6, nice comparison
2013-02-25 20:05
omg men i think u one of dem sauCeRz xaxa huehue))
2013-02-25 20:12
Taking in consideration that 1.6 was released in 2003, I guess you're not in conditions to say anything about him as you failed aswell :)
2013-02-26 03:00
lets see.. i think it will increase with all these upcoming tournaments.
2013-02-25 14:11
i have watched wcg match final with 4-5-6-7 hltv ips, because of the overload! and there was 40k on every hltv ip 1.6 1.6 1.6!
2013-02-25 14:18
Thats the reason why IEM wont pick up CS:GO. Its just not big enough
2013-02-25 14:59
100K 1.6 Stopped reading right there. Mad 1.6 fanboys cant get over it there there is no 1.6 anymore. just get over fact there is CSGO, 1.6 is dead, never will be back, a nobody gives a shit what it was in "old times".
2013-02-25 15:02
CS:GO is the biggest failure of Valve! #fact
2013-02-25 15:43
And yet ti lives when 1.6 is competitively dead, and remains only as pub noob game. U must be mad how the world is unfair. QQ more
2013-02-25 17:44
pub noob game... there's still small events for 1.6(obviously with ridiculous prizes but still it is played mostly for fun, instead for the money, which is the case of cs:go) PS: cs:go competitive scene, 10 teams? oh wait... and one of them is winning everything without breaking a sweat? LOLOL Let's see if this "competitive scene" will last 2 yrs (it's the time that I think cs:go will last in tournaments) cs 1.6 had more teams in competitive scene(but tournaments after CPL times had 16 spots so doesn't count if you say bs about this)
2013-02-25 20:57
1.6 is pub game lel qq more plz
2013-02-25 22:33
read again
2013-02-25 23:02
2 years LLOLOLOL. Everyone said csgo wont last 3 or 6 months LOL. Then they said 1 year and NOW LOL
2013-02-27 13:35
I gave 2 years cuz I knew that at least one year the game would last
2013-02-27 15:16
How many years did CS 1.6 long?, how much source did? and how much will CS:GO survive? CS 1.6 was on his prime for a decade, source? 2years? and GO can't survive more than 2years too with 10k's views on streams and on. #another fact.
2013-02-26 02:11
Denmark kaspeRztw 
go play 1.6 and shut it
2013-02-25 15:03
didn't even watch the final because i was pretty sure nip would've won that anyway.
2013-02-25 15:24
I stopped giving a shit.
2013-02-25 16:10
1.6 betta
2013-02-25 16:11
yeah agree! true story
2013-02-25 16:21
2013-02-25 18:01
The problem with GO is low entertainment in duels. The only excitement comes from important rounds, not the actual shooting. In 1.6 the excitement came from every aspect of the game
2013-02-25 19:45
Agreed. I believe that this mostly has to do with the sloppy movement and the WASDAing
2013-02-25 23:52
or just time, how long you've been watching 1.6 and how long go ? ...
2013-02-26 02:15
Irrelevant, if it was really exciting people would simply enjoy. It's not a matter of what you are used to, but if that's really good or not, and it's a fact that the movement is not one of GO's good aspects
2013-02-26 03:06
so the first day I would start watching American Handball(football) I would know and enjoy as much as somebody who watched it for 10 years? btw it's a terrible game :D
2013-02-26 12:57
I did, I really love watching American Football, I find it really entertaining and found since the first time I watched. But the first match I watched was a fucking sick game :)
2013-02-26 13:17
I enjoyed Quake the first time I saw it (and understood the rules), same goes for Hockey, Tennis, SC2, American Football and MMA.
2013-02-26 15:51
OHH I almost gave a buck
2013-02-25 19:59
yeah it's pretty dead. hltv should look into covering more games (not LoL). DoTA2 and SC2 maybe shootmania but that game is pretty bad.
2013-02-25 20:32
shootmania hahahahahhahahaha AHHAHAHAHAHAH
2013-02-25 20:36
25k watched in at the highest peak almost as much as gamegune 2012 1.6 had ahurehaueeuahuer
2013-02-25 20:36
gamegune 2012 1.6 had more than 25K spectators. stop saying bs
2013-02-25 20:59
final had 26k in total, stop saying bs
2013-02-25 21:38
final in CS:GO had 13k in total, stop saying bs
2013-02-26 03:07
Hahah, that is total bullshit. 18k on streams exclusive the CSGO viewers. And dont forget that CSGO TV/Streams were not available. Go back to your old dead game if you dont like csgo, but dont reply in topics like this.
2013-02-26 16:55
Can't you see I'm just following the wave? Btw, no I don't like CS:GO, but you'll never see me trashtalking it, unlike you that feels the need to quote how dead my game is everytime someone appears to talk about GO's bad numbers or any other shit about it.
2013-02-27 13:32
You're so pathetic. Desperately trying to hide the success of a new game by telling us (makes you so dumb honestly) the numbers of the FACEit Stream which had 13k at some points but including GOTV viewers and all the Streams it had more than 25k, but cba arguing with an obviously biased kid
2013-02-27 18:06
Yeah, SUCH A HUGE SUCCESS, IEM is surely gonna pick it up, of course they can't lose the opportunity of getting those HUGE 25k viewers, how I wished the game I like was like that. Oh wait, it was for 9 years, nvm. Btw, I don't even know the numbers, didn't watch a single second of this tournament, was just kidding with you with OP's numbers, but you guys take everything as a personal offense, calm the fuck down and enjoy your game without worrying about the others.
2013-02-27 23:36
Ye, but these nerds don't accept that their old outdated game is dead now. Hahaha what a nerds. And CS:GO didnt had 13k spectators lol, way more. Dont even try to discuss with these people on hltv.
2013-02-26 16:56
1.6 for ever!
2013-02-25 20:40
2013-02-25 23:49
that's because you could learn something new from 1.6 matches, be it strafing,peeking,shooting ,at the beginning of cs, 'till the nades,starts etc later on. csgo is the same as source,nothing new. same maps,with retarded movement,different recoil and re-balanced guns.... as fiflaren said the teams which are just randomly moving around killing are as effective as teams which have pre-made starts which means that the game is more random than 1.6 and therefore it's less competitive and less interesting to watch.
2013-02-26 00:14
Where did he say this? :)
2013-02-26 15:58
on an interview on MadCatz ,after the final match against anexis.
2013-02-26 20:05
yes the game is so random, which is why NiP has win every random!
2013-02-27 18:02
people want to watch a game with more skill and strategy.
2013-02-26 00:45
No man, stop with the hatred, it needs skill and the teams have strategies, the game is that simply isn't exciting to watch for some reason
2013-02-26 03:11
because you are older now, time to stop playing the games of children
2013-02-27 18:01
I'm 18, it's not like I'm old at all :D
2013-02-27 23:19
wow 13k ppl still watching this shit game ...
2013-02-26 13:01
Counter-Strike is finished.
2013-02-26 13:20
2013-02-26 14:10
Personally I just switched over to the German/Russian/French streams, as it often was more stable than the FaceIT stream, but that could be a Twitch issue, which is notorious for being the suck in Europe :). When I gave it a try, I found the FaceIT stream utterly disappointing, I get that they wanted to use the studio in Milan, but it had no added value in comparison to a shitty webcam used on site. They couldn't join the servers as spectators, which meant they had to put up with the crappy gotv configs used. I know they tried to get a VPN to Vienna, but regrettably failed at setting it up, it happens, technological problems are easy to arise and most of the time difficult to fix. There were no replays during the reviews of the games, no interviews, no imagefeed from the lan itself. If u can't deliver these, you're already inferior to SC2 & Moba tournament streams. I don't even play Dota2 & SC2 and love watching the tournaments, due to the added value they provide next to the games. Lack of these features was probably due to the limitation of the internet connection used on site, but that could have easily been arranged beforehand. Future: I have high hopes Copenhagen Games will deliver bigger & better, last year was awesome to follow, surely they'll get 20k+ viewers. As the game progresses it will become more exciting, Madcatz was a good example of how it's evolving, the overall playing field got better, matches were more tense and skill/tactics got to a whole new level. Not where it should be, but it's slowly getting there. Now to hope the scene doesn't die out before we have reached that pinaccle :D.
2013-02-26 14:37
well no surprise about the numbers , when I used to watch cs1.6 it gave me emotions it was a hell of excitement watching for e.g SK vs NAVI , now when I see cs:go matches I feel like WTF is this shit? Watched a NiP match just 5 minutes 3 months ago or so , didn`t like it and pulled out , have never watched a game anymore , that`s what the majority have done.
2013-02-26 16:20
NiP games are boring, because they win the whole time, but come on yesterday VG vs Navi was a fantastic match and so exciting to watch
2013-02-26 17:11
Yes,epic game it was! i mean,6 overtimes.That never happens!
2013-02-26 19:55
2013-02-26 17:51
time for move on in your life, and grow up, and stop comment on hltv then
2013-02-27 17:57
I`m growing up and moving dude lol , stopped playing and watching cs months ago , and have decreased my activity here very much. I`m quite on that way you mentioned :)
2013-02-27 20:07
Who cares. The professional scene ruined the game on their own. So again, who care about them anymore?
2013-02-26 16:28
a competitive game should have a very good competitive matchmaking, and csgo has not
2013-02-26 16:47
I don't watch csgo tournaments because it isn't interesting or exciting. On top of that NiP wins every tournament which makes it even more boring. I rather watch a movie or play 1.6. :/ It was so much more fun watching exciting matches in 1.6.
2013-02-26 17:50
Same for me
2013-02-27 11:05
time for grow up and move on with your life then, and stop comment on hltv
2013-02-27 17:57
Why u so mad? :D Because I dont agree with your opinion? :D
2013-02-27 18:11
He can do whatever he wants here, don't you think? :-D
2013-02-27 23:42
I have tried watching CS:GO frag movies as well as streams. I did not really like the "feel" of the game to be honest. For example, just compare a headshot frag in CS 1.6 with a headshot frag in CS:GO. Both are sooooo different. The CS 1.6 headshot really looks like a proper headshot in comparison to the floating/gliding headshot of the CS:GO. Some people wont agree, whereas some people might not really understand what i just wrote. LOL
2013-02-27 11:11
Bulgaria sN7 
I personally think that this is from the colors. I mean CS 1.6 had less colors while GO has much much more. I don't know if you understand me. In CS 1.6 environment, objects and player models are really distinctive while in GO, i sometimes have a bad time recognizing what i am looking at. And the whole action in GO is somehow, blurred or idk, while in CS 1.6 everything is simple and clear. But actually i like the headshots in GO, the ragdols are so fun when you see a teammate getting a headshot besides you.
2013-02-27 12:12
I do understand about the colors that you have mentioned. But yea, i do not like the ragdoll kinda movement of CS:GO, not saying that CS 1.6 movements were perfect, but still. The "thrill" you get when landing a headshot in CS 1.6 is more fun. See, i too wish the colors and textures in CS 1.6 were better. I do not have complaints regarding the colors & textures in CS:GO (other than the fact that the maps are a lil dark - its like playing at 6am in the morning.. xD). But its just the gameplay that does not appeal to me as much.
2013-02-27 12:48
because when you played 1.6 you were younger and it was easier to be excited about a game.
2013-02-27 17:56
People must get used to the fact that FPS-Games are dying, people no longer like paying for games when there are ones that are for free and are much easier to learn. 13k viewers is a good start for csgo, these days even if the legendary fnatic played the legendary NoA there wont be as much as viewers. consoles are for obvious reasons have always killed PC Games.
2013-02-27 23:33
people zerg are noobs they dont like games where they die all day long they like stupid games like s2 or dota2/lol in FPS you need to aim and normal people dont know how to aim so they dont play it sad but true
2013-02-27 23:44
I don't think it has anything to do with that. People like the games that are fun to play, the fact is that cs has been here for so long that it's impossible for newcomers to hope to become decent at it and all they can do is being destroyed. Honestly, I don't think I would have kept playing cs for more than a few months either if I thought that I sucked at it. And since cs:go players are mostly old 1.6/source players, the gap is just too big for beginners to have fun.
2013-02-28 00:05
rip cs 1.6... We will miss ur amazing lan tournaments and amazing esports moments, what u have given to us ;( Hope that we will see some big lan tournaments in csgo too !
2013-02-27 23:51
Man, HLTV is full of huge retarded faggots. The 1.6 fanboys / CSGO haters just remind me of this.
2013-02-27 23:58
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