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Top 35 trios by prize money
United Kingdom Thooorin 
With the last world championship level tournament (the IEM VI World Championship) long gone, and even the medium-sized tournaments having died out, now feels like the appropriate time to take stock of the great teams in CS history. In this series I will count down the best five man, four man, three man, two man teams and single players in CS history in terms of prize money won. In the third edition I'm presenting the top 35 trios (three man units) in CS history, by prize money won. Did the top spot go to the fnatic core, the golden Poles or Na`Vi? Which American trio broke the top 10? Which SK combos were the most successful in history? Discussing the NoA/mTw trio of ave, Sunde and MJE: "This trio went from continually placing outside of the top two at events to reaching the heights of second place, after Sunde's arrival, and then moving up onto the top of the podium with whiMp's addition. MJE crucially played the role of small site player very efficiently, allowing Zonic to rotate over to the bigger site, based on the calls of his team-mate, and give mTw the luxury of overloading a site for an oncoming attack. When his small site was attacked his approach meant he either took out enough of the enemies to make it possible to retake, or he delayed the enemy attack long enough for the other CTs to rotate." Regarding the German-based giants of mouz (Kapio, TIXO and gob b): "This trio from the German scene didn't win many international events, but they did manage to collect a commendable number of prize money placings over a span of about three years. When they did win it was always memorable, and aside from that they were always one of the teams capable of playing the world's best to a close game. Barring a couple of slumps this trio was almost amongst the elite in international CS." Read the full article below:
2013-02-25 15:44
Woho! :D
2013-02-25 15:46
1. $674,088 - fnatic 2006-2010 ( f0rest, cArn and dsn) w000w if IEM paid fnatic all this money fnatic must be so RICH xDDDD
2013-02-25 15:46
Peru dbie 
awesome article
2013-02-25 15:55
Hopefully I can get the other two out reasonably soon.
2013-02-25 21:13
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