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A survey - slavic folks, get in.
Yugoslavia shizocs 
if you are slavic / if you speak or understand at least one slavic language, please go through the first paragraph. it is a mixture of slavic languages. then answer the following two questions: 1. how many AND which slavic languages do you speak or understand well? 2. how much of the first paragraph did you understand?
2013-03-04 23:47
for example 1. slovenian, srb/hr, macedonian (basic level) 2. all the meanings of the sentences; 90& of the words
2013-03-04 23:48
1. srb/hr, basic macedonian and slovenian 2. i understood everything with ease :)
2013-03-05 20:37
where did you learn slovenian
2013-03-05 20:41
Ok, lets go 1.ukrainian, russian ; understand - slovakian, belorussian, a little bit of czech and polish 2. i understand all of it
2013-03-04 23:51
thanks :) ive noticed that whoever understands 2 slavic language understands all that.
2013-03-04 23:56
Seriously? I mean, the fact that you are fluent in Ukrainian makes you able to understand Slovak better than you understand Polish? You gotta be kidding me, koxany :-D.
2013-03-05 06:07
Europe jUN^ 
fuu, pidozra! :D Edit: Understood all text. Speak: Ukrainian, Russian. Understand Belorussian, Polski, Serpskij, Slovak?Bolgarsky languages. And IMO for Russians, who don't know Ukrainian, it will be much harder to understand other Slavic languages. SLOVYANSKA EVROPA FTW!!!
2013-03-06 17:10
Germany jbk1g 
don't understand anything :)
2013-03-04 23:57
wow rly :D
2013-03-05 00:18
please dont troll too much :D btw it's logical slavs understand a little bit of every slavic language. in 1. i'm asking for those you can speak or understand WELL.
2013-03-05 00:00
2013-03-05 00:01
Poland seeez 
I understand something, polish is similar to czech/ukrainian which I understand the most from them
2013-03-05 00:01
can you get the meaning of what the paragraph is saying? some poles understand around 75%. i'd expect more
2013-03-05 00:02
yep I can get it what is this about
2013-03-05 00:05
1. Slovak, czech ; understand croatian, polish, slovenian and almost all slavic but with some problems 2. understand all of it expect 2-3 words
2013-03-05 00:04
Slovakia xarc 
1. slovakian, czech, little bit polish 2. almost everything except few words :)
2013-03-05 00:09
Same as you .. understand all the meanings of the sentences; almost all the words.... Slovak,Czech and little bit Polish,Srb/Cr
2013-03-05 00:10
1. croatian,slovenian, serbian 2. almost everything
2013-03-05 01:33
Russian ukranian romanian italian english ( born in Moldova and live in US
2013-03-05 01:41
what the hell are you talking about
2013-03-05 04:47
2013-03-05 17:19
romania, italia are not slavic countries
2013-03-06 20:15
1. serbian/croatian , i wouldn't say i understand slovenian and macedonian well but i can comprehend enough of it so i know what's it about.Other slavic languages i didnt have that much contact with,so im not sure how much i understand of it 2. i understood 85-90% of the paragraph
2013-03-05 01:50
I speak russian i understand everything
2013-03-05 01:54
1. Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Latvian. 2. 100%, I'm fu**in' great.
2013-03-05 01:57
lithuanian and latvian aren't slavic languages :P
2013-03-05 20:40
I know :P
2013-03-05 20:53
1. No one 2. Not even a single word
2013-03-05 06:38
1. Slovak, Czech, Polish, Croatian 2. All words in SVK, CZ, Sentences in PL and some words in Croatian
2013-03-05 07:30
2013-03-05 09:27
1. Serbian/Russian/Macedonian - fluently speaking ( except Croatian ,which I understand 95% but can speak 85% :) 2.Understanding " Bulgarian 80%, Slovenian 70% cze/svk 60%, Polish 50+% For the text I understood all :)) Beside English, I'm learning German, so I'll be amazing soon :D
2013-03-05 10:22
You know very useful languages.
2013-03-11 15:56
I know :D
2013-03-12 23:10
when i was 12, one of my English teacher told me that the eastenr people would tend to learn languages faster than others, since you guys have more letters in your alphabet.
2013-03-05 10:38
slavic languages are harder to learn than germanic/latin
2013-03-05 11:07
that's what i think too, but it was not my point :)
2013-03-05 11:22
That's relative. It really depends on what your native language is. OT: 1. hrvatski, srpski 2. ~85%
2013-03-05 11:26
2013-03-11 15:18
I don't think it's true, the amount of letters in an alphabet doesn't make someone able to learn a language faster than another.
2013-03-11 15:18
maybe you're right i dunno. but what i think is, since they've got more letters, it means more sounds to do with the tongue, and since your tongue is more "trained" to do whatever sound you need to do, you're actually able to reproduce sounds better, and faster than others, which basically can help you learning languages faster :)
2013-03-11 16:41
Maybe not learning it, but their prononciation got to be better yeah
2013-03-11 17:00
1.Russian,Ukrainian 2.100%
2013-03-05 11:02
1. Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, ~50% of Macedonian and Slovenian 2. ~40%
2013-03-05 11:16
1. Macedonian, Serbian, croatian, and slovenian(only to get my ass kicked when i'll be in slovenia) 2. 95% of it.
2013-03-05 11:30
let me know when you're in slo xD
2013-03-05 12:46
Slovakia kubiaxk 
1. slovakian, czech, polish basic 2. almost everything
2013-03-05 11:32
which slavic lang is the hardest?
2013-03-05 14:47
serbian gramatic is hardest in the world i think..
2013-03-05 14:52
Seems like English ******GRAMMAR****** is ... :)
2013-03-05 15:50
Are you sure? You dont even have "y" ..
2013-03-05 16:35
but let's take a look at one word in Serbia for example Dušan (name) - it changes through 7 cases : 1.dušan 2.dušana 3.dušanu 4.dušana 5.dušane 6.dušanom 7.dušanu Every possible word changes , so yeah , grammar and spelling are very hard
2013-03-05 17:38
we have 7 cases as well,,
2013-03-05 17:59
Are you retarded? Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ, Akuzativ, Lokal, Instrumental ??? Vokativ is in czech language and it was removed from Slovakian grammar long time ago. Like f*cking LONG time ago
2013-03-05 20:32
calm down junior. the only retard here according to verbal commucation is you. strictly speaking, the nouns in vokativ cannot be classified under any other case, and the suffix of the words in vokativ does not match any suffix in other cases. this case may not formally exist, but practically it is used in daily language. so before you publicly make a fool of yourself, try to get your facts straight and think outside the box.
2013-03-05 21:21
If I understand you correctly, you are saying that we use vocatic even if it is not in rules of Slovakian language. But how the heck we use vocativ in daily language? //sorry for breaking HLTV rules and not speaking english Ak viem tak vokativ sa pouziva v ceskom jazyku hlavne pri osloveniach napr. Nominativ - Stefan je prvak. Vokativ - Pojd sem Stefane. And we do not use this type of salution for years. So I dont see seventh case as a commonly know or commonly used in Slovak
2013-03-05 22:00
if it exists in slovak language, i guess it's worth mentioning. anyway guys, this is not supposed to be an argument about which slavic language is the most complex :)
2013-03-05 22:14
One case - Vokativ / Vocativ exists practically in every language because everyone use it as salution. But by morphologic side, we can not find vocativ in most languages. For example, Czech language use it a lot, but not slovakian
2013-03-06 12:44
you are clueless about slavic languages if you claim serbian is the hardest one from lookng into cases
2013-03-05 18:02
when i call someone on english i don't change anything .. so cases are most stupidest thing in slavic lands
2013-03-05 19:07
Nothing new,almost same here...and probably in other slavic languages.
2013-03-05 18:04
Polish is on another level 17 grammatical forms for the number 2 1. dwa 2. dwie 3. dwoje 4. dwóch (or dwu) 5. dwaj 6. dwiema 7. dwom (or dwóm) 8. dwoma 9. dwojga 10. dwojgu 11. dwojgiem 12. dwójka 13. dwójki 14. dwójkę 15. dwójką 16. dwójce 17. dwójko on topic: 1. polish only 2.about 85%
2013-03-05 21:44
Poland kRAMERO 
K.O. for immigrant from vietnam:D
2013-03-06 00:04
i think you are very wrong
2013-03-05 17:57
2013-03-05 22:20
1. grammar-wise it is similar to slovenian as far as complexity goes (although it is a little bit less systematic, true). but i bet you havent ever heard more than a few sentences in slovenian, let alone eg. slovak or polish 2. but comparing to russian, the latter is more difficult according to several guys who speak both. including my gf whos parents are serbian and studies russian. 3. you "failed" to mention croatian, which is according to almost all modern linguists (except for croatian and serbian ones) the same language as serbian (the literary norm, not dialects). okay it has differences both in grammar and spelling, but those are minimal. 4. there are languages with so much different grammar from slavic languages, it is (in my opinion) pointless to compare 5. cpBuja tIIu IIpcTa 6. you're trolling a little :D
2013-03-05 22:33
Not at all
2013-03-11 15:12
2013-03-12 14:54
Why can't you argue ?You don't know enough languages to say that the serbian grammar is the hardest.
2013-03-12 20:39
and you know what I know?and you know Serbian, or any other fucking slavic language?bitch please, this isn't thread for you fucking postmaker
2013-03-12 22:09
Only people with no idea about a subject get mad for no reasons. You just said serbian grammar is the hardest, implying that you know a lot of languages, buy how many grammar's languages do you know ? 3?maybe 4 ? It also depends on your first language. You can't just say "this language has the hardest grammar" with no facts.
2013-03-12 22:41
are you retarded?this thread is for slavic languages, I think France isn't slavic country, I know very well all slavic languages expect polish a little bit, it would take me so much time to write you about serbian gramatic, you cant learn it for your entire life.
2013-03-13 14:24
You mean the hardest in the world or among the slavic languages ?I heard polish was even harder than serbian. "you cant learn it for your entire life" If I managed to master the french language, I don't think it's gonna take me too long to learn yours.
2013-03-13 17:09
if you have anything relevant to say on the matter, reply to #94 okay?
2013-03-12 23:56
Slovakia Puki 
Slovak 4sho. Very hard grammar, spelling...
2013-03-05 16:01
Are you familiar with the Serbian grammar? And many world scientist said that serbian grammar is hardest in the world..
2013-03-05 16:31
many world linguists claim that standard serbian and standard croatian is one language. not some random linguists. so you might want to mention bosnian and croatian too as far as grammar goes. and not be so arrogant. plus, it seems tome you havent heard a lot of slovenian, slovak, russian yet.
2013-03-05 18:11
well my uncle is slovakian and I have some friends from Ukraine so I can understand these languages...
2013-03-05 19:18
Slovakian is hardest language in the world. Grammar-wise if not in general. It is a fact, not a fan-shit because I am from Slovakia
2013-03-05 20:33
Slovakia shx27 
No it isn´t. Only guys who are bad in lessons from slovak language in school ( Like me :D ) are telling it. :D Officialy chinese languages are hardest.
2013-03-06 15:12
the most difficult language - Slovakian (linguists examined complexity of grammar, syntax, historical development, pronunciation, orthography, letter styles, signs, etc.) But maybe you are right since Chinese is difficult + it is used by a large amount of people. Therefore it can made it one of the hardest if not hardest
2013-03-06 15:41
Slovakia shx27 
2013-03-06 16:48
Some czech words are pretty hard to pronounce. So I'd say czech for the reason that it's very hard to get next-to-native pronunciation even if you are a native speaker of some other slavic language.
2013-03-05 18:10
1. Only Polish :p 2. Almost everything.
2013-03-05 15:10
1. belarussIan,ukranIan,poliZh,russIan 2. 50-50% other slavic langs
2013-03-05 15:13
lol'd at polizh :-D
2013-03-05 18:02
so you're saying you understand how much of the text?
2013-03-05 18:03
2013-03-06 15:36
that's not an answer
2013-03-06 20:49
it's not easy to do, but it's true
2013-03-07 21:06
he asked u : "HOW much of the text did u understand?" and u answered to him: "yep)" ... :(
2013-03-08 13:42
but i wrote yet 50 on 50%. stupid question - stupid answer)))something else ?
2013-03-11 14:22
Just latin languages and english.Some french too. Slavic languages are very hard to pronounce, imo.
2013-03-05 15:16
how is this relevant to the topic question??
2013-03-05 17:58
It is not.Just saying.
2013-03-06 13:45
da idite vi nahui so svoimi iasikami? chlenososi bygyrtnie!
2013-03-05 15:24
1.SERBIAN ALL THE WAY! 2.Look into 1st :D
2013-03-05 16:28
do you know what the thread is about? fucking read
2013-03-05 17:59
i know... just trolling :p
2013-03-05 19:15
any. slavic langues are pretty similar
2013-03-05 16:38
1.i don't live in a slavic country, but i know russian, ukrainian(75%). 2.70%, may be i read those word not correct, but i understand them
2013-03-05 17:51
thanks :)
2013-03-05 17:59
1.bulgarian, russian, macedonian(of course)... i guess serbian. 2.Hmm i don't know 80/90%?
2013-03-05 18:10
thanks, the first bulgarian to reply :) waiting for macedonians, since the languages are very close
2013-03-05 18:12
yeah, very close.. it's basically bulgarian with some minor changes..
2013-03-05 18:17
macedonian linguists would ofcourse say it is also the opposite. tho we know macedonian has evolved from a certain "bulgarian" dialect. plus the bulgarian literary norm has been selected from the bg dialects as far from macedonia as possible :P so they tried to differ from macedonian language on purpose. i study macedonian at faculty and bulgarian is very interesting to me, i might try it next year
2013-03-05 18:22
of course they would.. but history shows otherwise. if you consider learning it after you finish macedonian it would be pretty easy to do so.
2013-03-05 22:48
i think i'll do just that. also, it doesnt really matter which language came from which, these debates get nationalistic feel to them very quickly.
2013-03-05 22:52
yeah i know... that's the reason why i just don't want to go there.
2013-03-05 23:01
1. I can speak only russian, understand ukrainian pretty well and something from belarussian and bulgarian 2. Everything. Didn't knew about this language, thanks ;)
2013-03-05 18:25
See also "Slovio" (or neoslavonic / novosloviensky jezyk)
2013-03-05 20:06
Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, bulgarian, macedonian, polish, slovakian, chech and maybe more. I can understand everything, but can't say anything, lol
2013-03-05 18:37
Yeah, right.
2013-03-05 19:25
i'm not taking posters who claim they speak 8 slavic languages seriously anyway :) but who knows. maybe he does.
2013-03-05 19:35
its ununderstandble thing for non slavic ppl. i can tell u same as#68. I understand all slavic langues but can talk only with Belorussian,Ukrainian and Serbian ppl.
2013-03-06 20:17
2013-03-06 20:50
Bulgarian, russian, macedonian, serbian
2013-03-05 19:08
1. Bulgarian, macedonian(which is almost bulgarian) and a little bit russian. 2. Nearly all of it.
2013-03-05 19:21
1. I speak slovenian, a bit of croatian, serbian, bosnian. 2. Understood about 80% of the text :D
2013-03-05 19:21
1. Russian,a little bit serbian,understand (not everything ofc) all slavic langs,but have problems with slovak,czech (i understand it better than svk ,but still not good -_-) and slovenian. 2 everything ^_^
2013-03-05 19:49
1. I speak Slovak, Czech. I understand Polish, Croatian, Russian, Ukranian. 2. All of it
2013-03-05 20:26
1. slovenian, srb/hr, macedonian (basic level) 2. all of it xD
2013-03-05 20:30
1. Ukrainian, russian, belarus. Understand a bit of bulgarian, polish. 2. Almost everything.
2013-03-05 20:31
1. Ukrainian and russian 2. Everything
2013-03-05 20:33
awesome! thanks for sharing. i understood pretty much everything
2013-03-05 23:16
Poland kRAMERO 
i understood 90% of the text :D SLAVIAN TRACK!! ENJOY! ligalize (ru), martina(pl), koff (slo) and cistychov(svk) pwned really hard on this track! cheers
2013-03-06 00:20
epic thanks :D
2013-03-06 00:26
Poland kRAMERO 
np:P we need to share things like this!
2013-03-06 00:31
i sent this track him,but he doesnt want to watch it,coz his pc(as he says) "mentaly ill" :D And yeah i really like this one very much ^_^
2013-03-06 20:11
1. Czech and Slovak 2. Aknist everything
2013-03-06 00:34
Poland kRAMERO 
any russian know name of this track?? video +18 :P
2013-03-06 00:45
Dunno what is this but I heard about that antidrug movement. Almost all of those footages is about dilers of "legal" drugs like GWH and producers of desomorphine — drugs for poor. No real dealeares of coke or heroin who can really damage them. Still all this fighters are just gopniks Their interests are drugdealers and pedophiles. Money is the real aim for them.
2013-03-06 18:22
1. Russian, a little bit Ukrainian and Polish (when people im talking to have a good diction). 2. ~99%
2013-03-06 13:49
1. Sebian,croatian,Bosnian (although they are pretty much the same) 2. Maybe a 95%, some words don't make sense :D
2013-03-06 14:10
1.Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian. I can understand basic Macedonian and little of Slovenian. 2.I can understand the meaning of all of it. Don't know all the words though.
2013-03-06 14:58
1. slovenian (perfect). As for the rest of the languages I understand basic croatian, serbian, bosnian, little bit of russian. 2. Understood 95% of the words
2013-03-06 16:05
as iz lublane
2013-03-06 20:56
Hehe ja :)
2013-03-08 18:25
kul a si nou kle, nism te se vidu. ce spilas 1.6 gremo ksn mix, ni vec kej dost slovencou bi reku
2013-03-08 19:11
ne ne, sm ze dlje casa na hltv-ju samo nikol nism postu nic;, drugac pa CS:GO edin, 1.6 sm ucasih igral oz ne igram vec.
2013-03-10 16:35
ah skoda. men csgo ni pretirano zabavn
2013-03-10 17:10
1 russia, belarus,poland and low ohter slavic
2013-03-06 16:18
russian, ukranian, understand a bit of polish like 55-60%
2013-03-06 16:32
1. I know only russian. But can understand ukranian and belarussian 2. 95%
2013-03-06 17:20
1. only Russian, though I can understand (as I think) all slavic languages, except Polish 2. didn't undersand few words, but subject of the text is clear btw, why are you interested in it?:)
2013-03-06 18:10
Probadly coz i spamed him every time about slavic langs :D
2013-03-06 20:20
that too :D apart from #129
2013-03-06 20:57
i am really interested in general linguistics; i studied english and swedish for 1 year (it was boring so i stopped); now i study chinese (as a part of a program cultures of eastern asia) and macedonian. all at faculty (together with sociology) especially slavic languages. my old blog:
2013-03-06 20:54
1. slovak, czech, polish for sure, about others -> with hands and legs can understand everything :D 2. 90%-95%, like #119 said, subject of the text is clear
2013-03-06 20:36
1. srb/cro, ruthenian, slovakian very well, bosnian, macedonian very well, slovenian ok.. 2. only 2,3 words not clear In his end, Hitler admitted that Slavs are advanced race :)
2013-03-06 21:30
his perspective was totaly the right one
2013-03-06 21:56
Are you even serious ?How would slavs be an advanced race, by understanding languages that have the same root ?
2013-03-11 15:13
how much more sarcastic must i get in order for you to understand it
2013-03-11 15:20
Well, you know, as it's on the internet and I don't have any hint that it was sarcastic... what a weird humor you guys got.
2013-03-11 15:26
it wasnt meant to be humorous, it's just that the admins dont like it if i tell the guy that he is retarded for mentioning hitler in such context
2013-03-11 15:47
1. how many AND which slavic languages do you speak or understand well?
2013-03-08 13:30
Poland jMS 
1. Polish, Czech, Slovak, bit of Russian and Lithuanian 2. Pretty much anything was clear for me in this paragraph
2013-03-08 18:28
lithuanian is a baltic language, not slavic but thanks for the answer :)
2013-03-08 19:16
Poland kRAMERO 
maybe he has family in lithuania ;) in lithuania lives over 200k poles and in the past lithuania maked togheder with poland an union of two countrys;)
2013-03-08 23:57
Poland jMS 
Oh yes, my bad, the guy below is right, my far family is from Lithuania so I know a bit of this language.
2013-03-09 00:17
I know some Bulgarian but didn't understood anything lol.
2013-03-10 16:38
Haha. :)
2013-03-10 17:13
I know Czech and Slovakian and I understood majority of that text. Let's say 90%.
2013-03-11 14:25
1. Russian, Ukrainian and can understand some other slavic languages 2. I understood everything.
2013-03-14 14:59
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