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Man Utd - Reak Madrid
Croatia slam993 <3 aslak 
can anyone give me link of man utd- real madrid match.. I can't find any.. help
2013-03-05 20:54
f0rest | 
Europe LoGoN666 
2013-03-05 20:57
thanks a lot
2013-03-05 21:02
nip won 2-0
2013-03-05 21:03
whaaaaat Nani red card :O This referee acts so weird, he smiles all the time than sends off Nani after a clearly not intentional accident. :D
2013-03-05 22:00
Referee is a wanker, hang him
2013-03-05 22:02
Turkey Stu. 
yeah sure, lets hang him. Even if he didnt want to make fault, it's too harsh. May be yellow card would be proper but red could also can be given.
2013-03-05 22:29
Canada advo 
that should not have been a red card PERIOD.. a yellow card at most, he had no idea there was a guy behind him, the guy just RUN into his leg.. its was overall an amazing series but the red card ruined everything !!!!
2013-03-05 22:45
Turkey Stu. 
We cant see that which side that referee has seen that position. I know red was too harsh but it's all about seen position in which direction.
2013-03-05 23:20
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
too right! I was so frustrated when I saw him pull a red card... I was like WTF?! for a red card to be given, the player must try to intentionally harm another player. how could it have been intentional if he was facing another direction than the guy he "kicked" the entire time?!
2013-03-06 19:23 This was unintentional either, and still everybody said he deserved the red instead of yellow. As a btw, the violence is a bit higher in this video than the kick on Arbeloa, but the fouls are the same.
2013-03-07 00:22
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Assuming that is Nigel ; He is facing his opponent
2013-03-07 00:59
doesn't matter, the foot is still up high
2013-03-07 02:16
bro, there is a difference between knowing where the player is and/or if he is on your blind spot.. I do not agree with the refs call still but his decision can't be reversed. Time to everyone to move on
2013-03-07 02:56
I will keep my foot up high at your head's level, and when you come, I say I didn't see you. I won't even look at you so I won't be suspicious... Definitely Nani's foot should have not been that high.
2013-03-07 00:19
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
You are right, shouldn't have been that high Dangerous play, aka yellow card ;p
2013-03-08 00:33
I know you're defending the ref cause you're Turkish, but dude get realistic, that wasn't the only mistake he made at that game. This was certainly the worst game in his life.
2013-03-06 00:07
Why would I defend him just because of he is Turkish? Howard Web fucked up at World Cup but nobody tried to hang him. He might be was wrong about some positions. But not all of them. And I still think that should be a red card.
2013-03-06 22:17
Overall, the ref was even with the both sides. But yea, he should have taken the correct decisions at their time.
2013-03-07 00:20
worst referee ever
2013-03-05 22:03
nani ruined this match, sad
2013-03-05 22:17
Referee ruined it u mean? If Nani's was red (for me it wasn't) Arbeloas one also were.
2013-03-05 22:19
It clearly wasnt a red card. Tho Arbeloa hit him below his torso
2013-03-05 22:45
It clearly was if Nani's one is.
2013-03-06 00:36
lol since when was karate a part of football ? nani just fails too much... i still remember how he ruined that goal from ronaldo while playing for portugal...
2013-03-06 00:24
2013-03-06 00:36
that was actually the referees fault too but i guess he could have avoid it lol
2013-03-06 01:37
no link between what he did versus spain, and yesterday. He wasn't looking, it'ss yellow card max.
2013-03-06 13:50
2013-03-06 19:46
money rules football, thats why you shouldnt watch it. someone obviously payed for RM to win
2013-03-05 22:17
Please give us more conspiracy theories! PS.: it's difficult to show sarcasm in written language.
2013-03-05 22:19
all im saying is. money rules the world, why wouldnt it rule football?
2013-03-05 22:19
I believe football is way too popular to be suggestible. Too many people with big money and interest. If this would be true, last year APOEL could not do what they did. Small teams without serious amount of money surprise us time to time. I just think what you're saying is highly implausible.
2013-03-05 22:26
totally agree. There is favoritism in football refereeing but definitely it's not instigated by money, but by the stature of the players and the clubs itself. This game was simply a night the ref will want to forget, nothing more.
2013-03-06 00:11
spot on. :)
2013-03-06 04:05
Romania wAR- 
if you want more conspiracy theories look on "real-barca" topics, where all the real fans were complaining about barcelona beeing helped by referees, uefalona bla bla bla...but now in last 2 matches (vs barca and manchester) real was obviously helped by refferee and i bet if pepe would fault like nani and he would received a red card, real madrid's fans would be all over this thread and saying pepe had no intention :(
2013-03-05 22:51
and rio applauding in the referees face isn't ironic at all ? xD
2013-03-06 00:26
hell yeah :D epic moment :D
2013-03-06 04:01
i know, it's the worst thing about fanboyism. it turns people into brainless zombies never questioning anything in connection with what they fancy. I hate barca, real, MU, etc fans just because they are blinded by fanatism. you can't reason with them. :( And yeah, Pepe and Ramos are fucking butchers. Very unsportsmanlike and disgustingly agressive.
2013-03-06 04:04
oh really? If money was the question , RM wouldn`t be without a CHL title for 11 years now , they have shitload of money they`d buy but oh wait... they havent.
2013-03-05 23:53
that red card... but lets be honest, rafael should get a red card plus penaltie
2013-03-05 22:22
Turkey Stu. 
It was a right decision.
2013-03-05 22:28
so sergios ramos also
2013-03-05 22:32
yeah ,not nani but ramos and rafael should get red card and 2 penalties.
2013-03-07 00:37
I believe football is way too popular to be suggestible. Too many people with big money and interest. If this would be true, last year APOEL could not do what they did. Small teams without serious amount of money surprise us time to time. I just think what you're saying is highly implausible. **Ignore this comment, I wanted to reply to #15.
2013-03-05 22:26
this diego lopez is better than casillas
2013-03-05 22:33
Turkey Stu. 
yeah sure.
2013-03-05 22:36
+9999 much better
2013-03-05 22:43
Romania tr$ 
I wouldn't say he's better, but definately in a much better form than Casillas was when he wasn't injured.
2013-03-05 22:51
Spain ferk 
He did a great match. Comparing him with Casillas, he has a better ball passing and his 1,96 height allows him to win air balls (corners etc), which is the main weakness of Casillas. I would say Casillas will has to sweat if he wants to recover his starter spot.
2013-03-05 22:55
Different kind of gkeeper. As #51 says, imo in this match Diego "fitted" better than Casillas, but Casillas is still #1-#3.
2013-03-06 00:13
what was with that sergio ramos kick no red card no penalty ? this guy obviously got paid to do this to buy kebab for his whole 40 man family ... with 11 man this would be another story
2013-03-05 22:38
2013-03-05 22:40
omg ......... real fifadryt :(( btw ive never seen fergusn so angry seriously :D
2013-03-05 22:41
scandal ! i feel sry for MU.
2013-03-05 22:41
2013-03-05 22:42
Portugal luK,ws 
awesome mourinho
2013-03-05 22:42
2013-03-05 22:52
For me its not a referee's fault. its fifa fault , they should use video replays
2013-03-05 22:43
So true
2013-03-06 13:51
yeah i love u referee hala madrid
2013-03-05 22:46
Spain ferk 
I'm Real Madrid fan but I don't like to win in this way. The referee screwed the match with that red card. Being honest, Manchester United deserve to pass to the next round.
2013-03-05 22:47
well tomorrow newspaper turk referee stabbed in manchester quote me then :)
2013-03-05 22:49
+1, but still, the ref was even overall.
2013-03-05 22:56
Can't understand why ppl keep saying this, the red card was deserved, that kick deserved at least a yellow, and the fact that he fell and acted deserves another yellow.
2013-03-06 00:17
Spain ferk 
If we stick to the rules, its 'maybe' a red card. But sometimes the referee should look the situation of the match. Nani didn't see Arbeloa, there wasn't any agressive action in the whole match, that in fact, was one of those classic big european games in history (Man UTD-RM is always a nice game). For example, this video: This is red card plus 3 to 5 extra suspended matches. De Jong didn't fight for the ball, he went straight to Alonso to kick him in purpose. By the way, this action 'only' deserved a yellow card for the referee. the entire video. Netherlands played really dirty, its a way too different situation than Nani's of today.
2013-03-06 01:19
don't lie, u are NOT a Real Madrid fan!!!
2013-03-06 05:36
I am. But I have a good memory of every Real Madrid-Manchester and the ref could have saved that red card instead of destroying a good match. And I'm not one of those 'the end justify the means', my team won, but I'm not happy because I know Real Madrid wouldn't have won if it wasn't for the referee.
2013-03-06 13:07
"Being honest, Manchester United deserve to pass to the next round." It's impossible to guess the winner of the game, nani was sent off at 56 min, everything was still possible for RM.
2013-03-06 13:53
Of course, but the way the match was going on it was most likely to be Manchester to pass as they were playing very good and Real Madrid was doing shit. Nothing is impossible. Varane has a great future and we could say he will be one of the biggest in the next 15 years but maybe he gets a hard injury tomorrow and his career is over.
2013-03-06 14:43
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
respect for your comment, although I wouldn't say either team deserved to pass more than the other, I will never know due to that card card which team would have gone on. This was my dreamt best match of the tourney on forehand, and the first match totally lived up to my expectations, but this red card totally ruined it for me. I do not see much other teams atm giving real madrid such a run for their money as ManU did up until that card. I do have hopes of some cool matches between PSG/Bayern vs Madrid. or if they turn it around against milan even Barca. other than that the only team who would not get trashed entirely by madrid atm (still in the CL) is probably Dortmund
2013-03-06 19:30
Well, I have a different point of view on this matter xD. Real Madrid has been playing like yesterday the whole year, except two or three matches. Real Madrid is maybe the best/one of the best teams when they have to counter-attack or the match is 100% quick transitions. Yesterday Manchester left Real Madrid to keep the ball and there is when Real Madrid doesnt exist. Tight mark to Xabi Alonso and no one knows what to do with the ball (only Ozil but he 'plays' 1 match of 10). Considering this and the lack of stability the team has this year, I see a lot of teams that can challenge them. Real Madrid is only Ronaldo + 10 more players.
2013-03-06 21:59
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
I think players like ozil and modric are underratted when you say real is just ronaldo, they have plenty insanely talented players, they just.need some more exp in some cases. Look at varane, bright future ahead! And ozil is still under 25 right? 6 years left at the top at least (and he may still become even better)
2013-03-07 00:56
2013-03-05 22:51
What? The ref was even overall.
2013-03-05 22:55
the hell man? it was the referees fault, its not like barcelona that a player feel a touch and roll on the floor for 5 minutes. even mourinho told ferguson that it wasnt a red card.
2013-03-05 22:59
And you read from his mounth that he said it wasnt a red card?
2013-03-05 23:07
He should probably say it in the conference. Why would he then talk to ferguson 1 minute after the red card?
2013-03-05 23:09
Actually he said it after the game, read #65 before trying to be a smartass bro
2013-03-05 23:12
NiKo | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
so fucking true :Y
2013-03-05 23:09
ahhaha mU hala madrid!
2013-03-05 22:54
MU deserved to pass :/ but now GO Bayern!
2013-03-05 22:55
ez rm :p
2013-03-05 22:58
2013-03-05 22:59
I wonder how much money changed hands at halftime to secure real the win, football is so corrupt nowadays it's all down to money
2013-03-05 23:01
NiKo | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
2013-03-05 23:08
it was a honest mistake from the ref , stop whining.
2013-03-05 23:05
rofl at all the people saying it was the money.
2013-03-05 23:08
Yeah, those guys only watch Champions Leagues game, and they think they know how football works.
2013-03-06 13:55
After this game, i have full respect for mourinho. Not because of the match and his really smart substitutions, but his comments after the game surprised me so much i mean.. A trainer admiting he would never win in a 11vs11 situation, that manchester was the better team and deserved to pass the eliminatory, saying even alberloa said he thinks nani didnt saw him.. Just wow. So much honesty
2013-03-05 23:10
I bet if MU won this game mourinho would have never said that. It would have been something like, "we were better, but blabla..."
2013-03-06 00:05
rofl look at you people, if mourinho does something good he will get criticized, if he doesnt he will get criticized either way LOL. You haters are so fucking dumb. You know why he also said this? because he and ferguson go along for many years. after their games they always share a bottle of wine so yeah, you're fucking ridiculous by saying mourinho is arrogant etc, he is only arrogant if he loses and doesnt deserve, like with barca 2 years ago. MOURINHO THE BEST COUCH IN THE WORLD FUCKERS.
2013-03-06 00:13
2013-03-06 00:19
2013-03-06 02:45
Mourinho, the best coach ever. And ronaldo, the best player ever ;)
2013-03-06 13:27
Mourinho, best coach ever? Maybe from Portugal.
2013-03-06 18:52
Tell me one better coach than him.
2013-03-06 21:24
Well, you can figure it out. Take one coach from Spain, Uk, Netherlands, and again one from Spain, and maybe Maradona's coach when he was playing for Napoli. Just think out of the box for god sake. He's pretty good, but not the best EVAAA.
2013-03-07 10:01
You didnt aswer my question. Mourinho will be the first coach to win 3 CL for 2 different clubs and he is still very young. When he commands Portugal in the euro and world cup... ;)
2013-03-07 15:21
I did gkzr, i just told you that there are also other good managers. Winning three CL, that's good. But really, do you know how many tropies did Ferguson win, with championships, all of them? 48.
2013-03-07 19:01
yes ferguson is a really good coach but tell me how many trophies he won in another clubs other than manU. While mourinho won trophies everywhere he went. Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid and will win in every club. And lets not bring the age factor to the conversation...
2013-03-07 21:02
Well, dude, that's why the world is so different. I do not see a successful manager if he wins with more than one club. I did not bring the age factor :-) seriously. He managed the club for many years and did a lot of different teams inside Mancester and the results often were great. I think i step down because i can see that you see only Mourinho as the best. I respect your opinion but i do not agree with it. Good luck supporting your favourites dude.
2013-03-07 23:13
I understand why you say ferguson is better than mourinho and i could agree with it if ferguson ever trained other team than MU... You see, its easier to train a team for the whole life and multiple teams in whole life and still have the same sucess.
2013-03-07 23:15
i meant : You see, its easier to train a team for the whole life ISTEAD of multiple teams in whole life and still have the same sucess.
2013-03-08 01:49
And Portuguese people, making themselves look the most retarded country ever.
2013-03-06 18:54
you mad cause england never had and will never have a player as good as ronaldo? its my opinion. WHAT YOU GONNA DOOO? AHAHA
2013-03-06 21:25
i hate you because you're right.
2013-03-06 22:49
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Cruijff n messi ;p
2013-03-06 19:36
cruijff? ROFL messi? i havent seen him lately, i think someone reported a missing argentinan child in milan 2 weeks ago.
2013-03-06 21:26
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
54 goals so far, how could anyone miss that unless you really want to because you're so sure CR is the best. And I coach, although.cruijff was an insane player too. You've never seen him play though, so hard to judge, I understand But rofl is not warranted, unless you'd say that to pele and maradonna aswell?
2013-03-07 00:51
54 goals dont show nothing when messi only scores vs small teams in the spanish league. ronaldo has done like 10 goals in the last classicos while messi scored once lol. messi was the best player in the world 2 years ago when barca won the CL, since then ronaldo has been much better than him being decisive in EVERY big game real made while messi... well he is lacking important goals. where was he last season vs real? chelsea? this year vs real again, milan? while ronaldo has scored so many goals and giving trophies to real madrid. check his goals vs barca, bayern last season and his EURO. check this season vs manU and vs barca. ronaldo is the best player in the world for 2 years now, UEFA and some blind fan boys are the only ones who dont see that. cruijff? really? imo there are only 2 players that could possibly be better than cristiano ronaldo ever and those are zidane and maradona. if ronaldo ever wins a world cup and couple more CL he will be indeed the best player to ever play this game.
2013-03-07 01:01
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Classico. Goals in competition aren't as important as usual when its 16 points difference in the league And his 54 goals wouldn't be important like you say if they did not dominate the Spanish league like they do. Spanish cup classico goals were a lot more important as real looks like winning it.again. but still its just the cup I will Agree this season ronaldo has played at least as exceptional as messi, perhaps even better, but its not enough to call him the best yet as messi has dominated 90 % of the past 4 years. If real wins CL however, ronapdo may become the single best in but atm shared best is max we can say
2013-03-08 00:31
I dont agree. Lats season where was messi when ronaldo humilliated barca at camp nou? where was messi when real won the league with new record of points? Where was messi when chelsea eliminated barca in the semis? This season the same thing, where is messi in the CL? Where is messi in the cup vs real? Where was messi vs real in the supercup? where was messi vs real in la liga? he only scores vs small teams, besides, if ronaldo had barca behind him he would score a lot more. Just please, dont say messi dominated the last 4 years because that aint true. he dominated 2009 and 2011 and thats it.
2013-03-08 01:53
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Let's Agree to disagree, or we will go on for years ;p
2013-03-08 15:14
Ahah fine then :P
2013-03-08 15:40
Cristiano Ronaldo > messi any day
2013-03-06 22:27
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
In the past month, Yes, in general, rarely.
2013-03-07 00:52
everyday... Messi sucks all the time if Barcelona playin bad..
2013-03-07 01:54
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
he truly is the best couch indeed. Id sit on him! jokes aside, I was really surprised to hear his post match statements too, either it was a classy move from him or he wants to succeed Alex Ferguson at ManU as a coach anyway coaches like Mourinho keep soccer alive, let's be glad they are not all dull boys with perfect smile and comments which are the result of extensive media coaching
2013-03-06 19:35
oops ahah coach i mean. im not really surprised by his statements tbh. mourinho is like this and he has always been like this, people just dont see it because of his actions vs barcelona which were justified because barcelona are the most cheap fucking club on earth since guardiola was there. they are fake and i hope they keep losing for the next 10 years because mourinho was right every fucking time he faced barcelona the last 3 years. If he loses fair he just admits it or if he wins by luck he will also admit it just like he did. But you cannot expect the man to not be arrogant after being beaten by barca the way he did 2 years ago after that CL semi final.
2013-03-06 21:30
That doesnt make any sense, since he knows just like everyone knows manchester was the superior team in this game, not to mention the awesome relation and respect he has with alex ferguson, he was just genually humble, which i wasnt expecting
2013-03-06 00:16
I thought that the red card was a red card tbh. He shouldn't have his studs out like that. Sure, he might not have seen the guy, but still really stupid. Didn't see much of the game though, were watching the important games instead. Not cheering for any of the teams so I am not biased.
2013-03-05 23:18
Maybe yellow card but i understand your point.
2013-03-05 23:40
Nigel De Joong's foul was a bit more aggressive, but however they look the same. Nani's foul:
2013-03-06 00:11
This video contains content from UEFA, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! they dont even wanna show it
2013-03-06 00:15
This was very different
2013-03-06 17:38
Netherlands liQuidmoTion red card is only ever warranted if damage done is intended by the "purpetrator" trust me I have a coaching and referee diploma on my wall and obviously Nani didnt inted to hurt him btw I think it is odd that Ferg kept Hernandes Rooney and Kagawa on the bench! :O at least 1 of them would have played if I coached, but his 11 performed great so I might be wrong x]
2013-03-06 19:38
None talks about a penalty for Real Madrid from the first match(faul on Di Maria), Rafael should have been sent off for defending the goal with his hand ( )
2013-03-05 23:35
2013-03-06 00:08
None talks about the Red card when Evra was last man in the previous leg now shut the fuck up
2013-03-06 02:20
That was shoulder to shoulder, while the penalty at Di Maria was a hand kick from Jones. ;) Now you can shut the fuck up. ;)
2013-03-06 14:44
Shoulder to shoulder? Go wash your dirty eyes, there was not a single millisecond where there shoulders were aligned. Penalty claim, no real madrid players claimed it but too bad shit happens, just like Nani gets a mother fucking red card for trying to control the ball. Burcharest vs Chelsea i will shut the fuck up when this amazing Romanian team wins SILENCED
2013-03-06 20:06
What does STEAUA Bucharest, not Bucharest, have to do with what I said? Are you mad? No, you have serious mental issues. It's you who should wash the dirty eyes, or instead go outside and stand in your rubbish weather till you cleaned them to see it was a shoulder to shoulder conflict there. And yes, Steaua was amazing how they eliminated Ajax ;) :
2013-03-06 20:27
If i go outside i see many romanian gypsy's and caravans that is worst then the weather here. Tell me the millisecond the shoulder touch, or rather tell me the second where varane grabs hold of his arm
2013-03-06 23:51
Hahaha, there are gypsies from all over the world in your rubbish country, not only from Romania. You have serious mental issues as I said. You are just another brainwashed person by the mass-media. ;) About the video. Hahahahaha mate, he didn't pull nor kick Evra, I don't see his shirt being pinched, was only a hand on his back. Evra fell to the ground like a rock when he felt Varane's hand on his back, while Jones kicked Di Maria with his hand. Open your eyes for crying sake. ;) ;)
2013-03-07 00:07
Sorry mate, what happened to your shoulder to shoulder argument? Hand on his back? Seriously romania dosen't have specsavers? That was called Strength by Jones, normal day in the English Premier League, the Toughest League in the World, and Football is a contact sport. Referee had 100% View, so why was it not given? Oh Yeah because not only did he out muscle him, Di Maria would not reach the ball anyway because of his bad touch already taken care of by Johnny Evans. Rubbish Country? Seriously do you know what kind of Country your living in. It's only rubbish because smelly idiots like you come and live here, begging to join the EU and needing ass saving by every other big European country. Romania contributes nothing to the EU, no economy, no jobs, no development nothing. NOTHING. Not even providing showers to wash your eyes.
2013-03-07 02:27
Fully stretched hand to kick off Di Maria from the ball and assuming it was a fair "contact". Fuck logic bro. Yes, it was a hand on Evra's back, did he learn how to dive from barcelona's players? You little stupid ginger assume so many lies from your retarded mass-media, this shows how rubbish is your country and people like you living in there. That's why Prince Charles loves our country, and he's coming every year here, because we smell. Don't worry mate, we're much cleaner than you guys are. ;) And I know so many British people who said the same like you and when they came in Romania, they changed their opinion by 180 degrees. I'm not blaming you for thinking like that, it's about your stupid mass-media who brainwashed your entire nation. I don't know why do you care about our economy since it doesn't influence you at all nor with what we contribute to the EU nor our development. W/e this is your rubbish country and your rubbish mentality. Thought UK had better people than that.
2013-03-07 02:45
Still not a Penalty so that is your point your trying to make. Hand on was on his arm and pulled him back. I am not ginger It matters about Romania economy because up all the Rich European countries having to pay for your lives I am sure Romania has beautiful places, but the standard of living is terrible Yes the Media is extremely biased, but there is always truth in it, just over exaggerated I have read most of your comments on this page, and many times you said REF was overall even, yet you not state any defence for Manchester United, you are total bollocks, and i laughed even harder you believe it was red card, and you compared it with De Jong kick. LOL!!!!!!!! You got the wrong sterotype of English people, we are not so nice when you people take over our land and don't treat it with any sort of respect. Very rare to find an English person , who tolerated immigrants over here and sit on there ass and do nothing and take our government's money
2013-03-07 03:04
just shut your mouth retard.
2013-03-07 11:21
how can you afford internet time during your crisis gtfo EU
2013-03-07 12:24
Nice comeback hater,yy crisis,keep believing that:)
2013-03-07 17:40
We aren't Greece, the rich Eu countries don't pay for our lives yet. ;) Yes, the referee was even overall. And maybe you are blind enough not to see that Nigel De Joong's foul was the same as Nani's foul, with a bit more violence from De Joong as I stated. Laugh more, this shows your football knowledge. It's not only about beautiful places, every foreigner who comes in Romania, is treated like a king by people here, and we go to some other country, we're treated like trash. I know many many Romanian people who got successful in the UK. Have a good day.
2013-03-07 11:26
Nani = Cannot see Player, did not go 90 degrees forcefully for the ball DE Jong = Opponent player in sight, nevertheless went for, while jumping in and launched himself to "ATTACK" the spanish player. From his jump, positioning, vision, not EVEN CLOSE to the ball, how was DE Jong even going to get the ball with that kind of kick? One is a questionable red card, One is definitely a Red Card. Big difference, and too bad ref didn't use any sort of common sense. Yes you are right, you have the best football knowledge, and everyone in here disagrees with you about the comparison of De Jong and Nani red card, we are all stupid, you clever. clap clap. Maybe you can manage STEAU Bucharest and lead them glory like in 1986 champions league, they are missing smart guys like you or Romania to world cup glory.
2013-03-07 12:34
Keep stating your "smart" point while you're still blind as a mole. Don't know what I have to do with Steaua's glory like in 1986, but whatever, you really have serious mental issues like I said, and it's been confirmed again. End of story. I'm not going to argue with a brainless guy anymore.
2013-03-07 13:49
Say to me where the referee was wrong?
2013-03-06 00:08
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
unintentional foul, aka yellow card
2013-03-06 19:41
stop crying guys
2013-03-06 00:09
I'm a FCB fan but I think that referees just make mistakes. Stop complaining when they fuck your favourite team. Ty
2013-03-06 00:16
Where it wrong?
2013-03-06 01:06
Where's your English?
2013-03-06 09:48
2013-03-06 14:34
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
not my favourite team, but this card ruined my favourite match, so I understand and agree with the complaining
2013-03-06 19:42
The ref would have ruined it anyway with a red at Rafael when he saved the goal with his hand, but I think he didn't want to give the 2nd red.
2013-03-07 00:23
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Perhaps, but still I was really dissapointed with this decision and the way it affected the game :(
2013-03-07 00:44
Proper football. SAF -> god. Domination. Bad ref(s). Shame for that red card, harsh decision - yellow was the most appropriate IMO. Two uncalled penalties (one for both sides). CR7 & RVP outstanding as usual. Pepe 0 frags. Giggs (still) strong. Modric/Lopez MOTM. Mou to win his 3rd CL title, respect for the comments after the match, gg.
2013-03-06 00:23
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
a spot on for you aswell btw, im still a fan of ozil, though he had less big impact here ultimate team player
2013-03-06 19:43
2013-03-06 01:19
200.. they are Barca fans, and they are mad coz Real won 2 times in 4 days vs Barca.. and they cant stop crying..
2013-03-06 20:56
always blame the referee
2013-03-06 01:47
bitch please, dont cry
2013-03-06 02:17
Hey guys, being a Manchester United supporter, i feel so sad. I feel very proud of the Manchester united players, they really surprised me. When i saw the draw of Manchester United vs Real Madrid back in January i thought we have to be Lucky like Chelsea to qualify to the next round. Over the two legs i watched, i was so surprised on how Manchester United played. We played like a real team and how we manage to stop them getting anywhere near our goals. I am very disappointed to see the Red Card, which ruined the game. I lost the mood to continue watching and how my heart dropped when i knew we had to play with 10 men for over 30 minutes. It was going to always be too difficult. I truly believe we were the better team in both legs before the Red Card. The Red Card. If we play by the BOOK, then yes it probably was a red card. Too bad the referee doesn't use any common sense to only give a yellow. Nani only wanted to reach for the ball, not aware of Arbeloa charging in. This is very sad, and i feel sad for Nani, he played so well and starting to make the first eleven for man united again, and now he gets the news of a red card, and that will ruin his confidence again. There is still the Premier League and FA Cup for us, cmon Boys we couldn't do the treble, lets go for the Double! Good Luck to Real Madrid for the rest of the tournament, and Jose Mourinho for the kind words to our Team. My Money is on Borrusia Dortmund, they are a breath of fresh air with their young talented players and playing beautiful football. Not forgetting they are a team who have spent hardly anything on their squad!
2013-03-06 02:29
Finally a fanboy who isn't completely blinded by fanatism. Respect! A yellow card is a fair punishment for this situation. Nani was staring at the ball turning his head to the left, while Arbeola challenged him from the right. Nani did not see him until the very last moment when he tried to pull his leg back but it was obviously too late. It was unintentional dangerous play, and by the book it's a yellow card. It's not like Nani wanted to kick him like De Jong kicked Xabi Alonso. :( By the book, every situation where the player intentionally goes for hitting legs or challenges the ball holder with stiff legs from front or behind is a red card no matter how the situation develops. This was clearly not the case. The decision was completely utterly ridiculous. I'm not a fan of MU since I always cheer for smaller teams but MU deserved it more to play in the next stage.
2013-03-06 04:23
deserved it more? coolest story ever
2013-03-06 14:06
we think differently. it's my opinion. :)
2013-03-06 15:59
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
Dude, I stopped reading after you said: we were better in 2 games (not directly, but yes, that's what you said). As a big Real Madrid fan, I'll say just one thing: Yes, Man.Utd was better team. We didn't deserve to win, and the better team lost. That's football. However, we demolished you in first game, and you are lucky to say it finished 1:1. Gratz to Man.Utd, they are a good team! Best regards!
2013-03-06 19:23
Okay what i meant was in the first leg we had the better chances to score. Van Persie missed a volley and for some reason Giggs did not shoot in the 1v1 and could of ended badly at 1-3. Also from what i remember, Real Madrid only had one good chance to score, and that was the Fabio Coentrao effort, which was matched by an amazing save by De Gea. De Gea had a good game, but realistically as a goalkeeper all the shots he saved, he should of saved. The one where he kicked the ball off the line. He could of just dived for the catch, but decided to go for the spectacular clearance kick. All the shots Real Madrid had was outside the Box, and it will take something special to score like what Luka Modric did. Possession domination dosen't count for shit, it's what you do with it when you have it! Barcelona should learn this lesson after what Chelsea did to them.
2013-03-06 19:43
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
Can't be argued, seriously.
2013-03-06 20:48
Lack of Arguments maybe But its over now, we are out and there is no more reason to talk about it, Good Luck Madrid
2013-03-07 00:03
Watch the first match again please, we had tons of opportunities to score.
2013-03-07 02:20
Whose we? De Gea saved them all, that is called Denied opportunity, while the ones we missed were ones that were not taken, and lopez would have no chance. The amoune of missed volleys van persie did in both legs is unbelievable, seeing that he was doing it for fun in the Premier League. But its over now, we lost, end of
2013-03-07 02:40
Even though the shots were saved, they are considered opportunities. Now you know if you didn't. You might have seen some other match in the 1st leg. ;)
2013-03-07 02:50
Denied Opportunities = Good Keeper Not taking a Shooting Opportunity = Man United Players Idiots (Van Persie miss + Giggs taking it down the line, instead of shooting in a 1v1) We lost end of story, but even thou Real Madrid control the game, they could not get a REAL GOOD chance to score, and United chances should of been taken. We had the BETTER chances to nick the Win. I will not talk to you further, you are extremely biased and not looking at Man United view
2013-03-07 03:09
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
2013-03-06 19:45
well look from the side of ref maybe he really didnt see that nani wasnt looking at arbeloa but was looking at the ball only we dont know from what angle and at wich time he saw the foul
2013-03-07 11:46
Anybody think that Dortmund gonna win it all this year ?
2013-03-06 04:25
no way
2013-03-06 09:55
I don't see it. They are a great team but in a competition like CL experience and being in the right place in the right moment is key. But I would like to see Klopp in Real Madrid some day in the future.
2013-03-06 13:14
never bro.
2013-03-06 14:12
never say never
2013-03-06 14:27
So says the lord almighty, Justin Bieber.
2013-03-06 14:46
2013-03-06 15:36
Nope, there is still Juventus, Bayern etc. it will be ahrd to guess who's gonna win it this year.
2013-03-06 13:57
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
hell maybe even PSG, if Ibra doesnt grab too long a suspension
2013-03-06 19:48
Honestly that suspension was ridiculous lol, but yeah hope they'll do some damage if they win tonight versus Valencia, doable imo.
2013-03-06 19:49
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
more than doable, 2 goals away so Valencia has to score 2 and not give anything away, or even score 3 gainst PSG. Valencia is a lovely team, but dont see that happening in my dutch TV guide it said they are showing celtic yuve btw. it already annoyed me 2 weeks ago they picked that game, which was obv. too lopsided in my mind (which it indeed appeared to be) I hope theywake the fk up and show PSG valencia, otherwise its 2 dissapointing nights in a row (well allright, only a dissapointing halve yesterday) :(
2013-03-06 20:24
Looks good for PSG for the moment :)
2013-03-06 21:35
Pff, I don't see PSG either. They had a tight playoff against Valencia, and the last ones are ages away from Real Madrid and Barcelona...
2013-03-07 00:28
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Well lets be honest they missed their star player and alsi had no intention of playing their offensive game the 2 away goals
2013-03-07 00:37
God I hope so. Little chance tho. :D
2013-03-06 15:59
if barca gets knocked out i will cheer for BVB for sure!
2013-03-06 21:35
No way that was a red card, obviously nani didn't intend to hit him it was just reckless. It is definitely a yellow card but no way it could be a red card and if you consider the impact of a red card on the game then you could say that giving the victory to real because of this one situation is unfair.
2013-03-06 07:04
its red card.. no doubt
2013-03-06 14:02
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
did you ever read a referee rulebook? or do you think nani has eyes in the back of his head?
2013-03-06 19:48
lol u must be dumb..
2013-03-06 22:43
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
It appears you are, I've got a referees diploma... Do you? And go find a rule book
2013-03-07 00:41
referees diploma.. dumbest referee ive ever seen..
2013-03-07 00:52
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
The rulebook states something about wether it was intention to play the ball or hit the opponent, look it up
2013-03-08 00:38
If you have a referee diploma you would know that if Nani missed him with a tackle he would still got a yellow. Since he hit him it is red. Then Nani lied down and simulate injury, so it's another yellow for simulating. So in the game rulebook it's red + Yellow! But then again, the referee really destroyed a match with that red card. I don't think we should blame the referee, but the rulebook.
2013-03-07 18:07
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
The rulebook states something about wether it was intention to play the ball or hit the opponent, look it up
2013-03-08 00:37
your rulebook just too old probably..
2013-03-08 02:18
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
It isnt this years edition but I doubt this rule was changed.xD
2013-03-08 15:11
imo final BVB vs ??? :)
2013-03-06 07:26
why BVB ?Are they really stronger than any other team here ?RM, Bayern, Juventus, Milan, Barca etc.
2013-03-06 13:58
Groupstage BVB-RM 2-1 RM-BVB 2-2 They are strong man !
2013-03-06 15:52
That proves nothing, I know they are good, but saying they already won versus RM and made draw doesn't mean RM has no chance to win against them.
2013-03-06 19:47
Bayern is stronger than BVB, not sure about the others.
2013-03-08 00:46
going to be amazing year for real
2013-03-06 14:02
dont cry...
2013-03-06 14:02
You've must been madrid's plastic fan lol, otherwise you wouldn't be so biased. Madrid are a good team probably top 3 atm but the way United plays against them surely they deserved more to win. They kept ronaldo shut, keeping the ball away from alonso, and rarely do any dangerous attack. Madrid got better players, but yesterday night United/SAF tactics were controlling the game. And don't even talk about ball possession, would be a MORON to think you could win against the best counter-attacking team with possession. It's just like you open your doorhouse to a robber. Like Mourinho said, the best team lost but football is like that.
2013-03-06 18:31
2013-03-06 19:41
top3 :D say to us something about ur top1 top 2 team please :)
2013-03-06 19:47
Barca and Munich. United is my heart, but I honestly believe they dont meet the expectation to be the current top 3 on the paper.
2013-03-09 17:34
Truth is RM live on their own defensively style with amazing counter-attack, the best in the world, but when they meet a good defensively playing team they are weak.
2013-03-06 21:41
they aren't weak actually their schedule was just too hard
2013-03-06 22:42
no they are pretty weak against defensive teams, they dont know how to play against them.
2013-03-06 22:45
Lack of creative players. With Xabi Alonso blocked and Ozil missing 80% of total matches, Khedira is a cone ( ) when he has the ball. Marcelo was the only one who could run with the ball ahead and create some danger, but he is fat now, so its passing the ball with no damage done or kick out away and pray for Ronaldo to catch it.
2013-03-07 00:34
exactly. I like Ozil though, fantastic player
2013-03-07 01:17
Barcelona fanboy?
2013-03-07 01:32
Real Madrid fan.
2013-03-07 14:10
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
All he said made sense, as opposed to every troll attempt you made. You posted over 30 comments, yet gave not a single argument.... Just childish flames. Stay on school Saka Saka boy
2013-03-08 00:41
they know how to play against everybody...
2013-03-07 00:55
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
So they are 3rd in Spanish league because....? 16 points difference before last sunday, they just learned to play last week?
2013-03-08 00:43
lol and MU is 1st in EPL and still lost.. its just cause spanish primera is stronger than any league in the world atm..
2013-03-08 02:20
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
I will not deny Spanish league is best in the world, that is a fact, even though PL is not far behind
2013-03-08 15:09
So when Celtic beat Barca or Dortmund beat RM, each of their league are better than La Liga? funny argument you got there.
2013-03-09 17:44
That's what I'm saying. RM is deadly on counter-attack, why would you play their game? SAF was playing the right tactics by playing deep, let them keep the possession, and make a quick counter themself. Countering counter-attacks with a counter-attack lol.
2013-03-09 17:39
shitty referee
2013-03-06 18:38
Real Madrid Win Chempions League !
2013-03-06 18:43
2013-03-06 21:47
2013-03-07 02:51
No, Borussia Dortmund gonna win it.
2013-03-07 00:23
ima find this refferee and hunt him down and make some kebab of hisr everything. then i go and rape nani the nipple
2013-03-06 21:48
Portugal luK,ws 
u guys are talking, but no one saw the hand in ball of rafael in penalty area? And Nani kick arbeloa, intentionally or not that was some karate kick
2013-03-06 22:11
Sad for MU, it was all about referees mistake. Nani should get yellow card and match will be better. About some penalties, only in one situation shoud be penalty for MU, Ramos vs. Evra, nothing more because all hands in penalty were accordance with the rules (mean: hand was close to the body). I like both teams but more RM.
2013-03-07 00:03
No, it wasn't all about referees mistake. 1. Nani deserve yellow or red card <- this is not mistake, just referee decision. 2. Wellbeck scores for ManU on Santiago Bernabeu after the corner - There was not a corner, because last person who touch the ball is United player. 3. Penalty for Real, because of Rafael's hand. (it isnt close to the body imo o.O) 4. After ManU action, Ramos scores Own Goal, but this action should be canceled, because of offside. And Real advance after referees mistake? Im not sure. Sorry for bad english, Good Night.
2013-03-07 00:53
2013-03-07 02:53
"The best team lose"
2013-03-07 01:47
We cant see that which side that referee has seen that position. I know red was too harsh but it's all about seen position in which direction.
2013-03-07 09:39
real easy win KING MOU !
2013-03-08 17:01
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