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How much fps do you think i will have? :)
Norway v1talityy 
- Intel® Core i7-3770 Processor, Socket-LGA1155, Quad Core, 3.4Ghz, 8MB, Boxed w/fan - ASUS P8Z77-V DELUXE, Socket-1155, ATX, Z77, DDR3, 2xG3+1xG2-PCIe-x16,SLI/CFX,HDMI,DP, Dual band-WiFi, BT,DLNA,UEFI - Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Elite 1600Mhz 8GB, 8GB kit(4GBx2), with temp sensor,1.5V, CL8-8-8-24 - Gainward GeForce GTX 670 2GB PhysX CUDA, PCI-Express 3.0, GDDR5, DVI-D+DVI-I, native-HDMI, DisplayPort, 915MHz How much fps do you think i will have on 5on5? on deathmatch? :) And everything on low, and everything on high. :D
2013-03-07 13:33
400+ on 5v5 250+ a full DM server
2013-03-07 13:38
Why are you even asking for these kind of settings. 5on5 @ low ~550fps DM ~ 300fps
2013-03-07 13:41
i would say +200 on DM and 5v5 300-400
2013-03-07 13:42
Portugal picc 
I'm afraid you'll have to upgrade in order to play decently..
2013-03-07 13:45
hehe rly
2013-03-13 13:17
Don't understand why ppl really answer these questions. It's like "wow look at my pc hihihihi what do u guys think??? It's a beast right? " and no it's a puppy.
2013-03-07 13:49
well i made this kind of thread because i wasnt sure should i buy pc like that.
2013-03-07 14:34
Well there is 20 topics on this site telling you how much fps you will get. There is even one with like 100 pc's with all the information available. And you know it. Google that shit. Same for all those bastards who want to know IRC channels and shit. Get lost.
2013-03-07 14:59
:D no need to rage
2013-03-07 16:39
2013-03-13 13:18
Actually, i'm considering buying it.. SO.. Jelly?
2013-03-08 11:42
I have allmost the same setup, only a different videocard. So no, not jelly and gl hf.
2013-03-13 14:38
Ukraine velm 
Maybe 30-40 with lowest settings
2013-03-07 13:57
I have almost same PC so i know answers: 5on5 @ low: 950-999fps Full DM server (64 players): 800-900fps with high settings results are pretty much same. + I can run many others CS:GO servers on my computer same times when i play on other servers thanks to my 1000mbit/1000mbit Internet
2013-03-07 13:58
Was there a question about internet connections?
2013-03-07 15:00
No where. Thats why I added + mark before saying it. With this fast computer and Internet you can run multiple servers all the time and still able to play CS:GO with best environment. No need to pay to server renters anymore nowadays. Im hosting three 64 players DM servers and eight 16 players CS:GO servers all the time with my own computer. It would took a lot of money to rent all those servers from so one else
2013-03-07 15:11
My god
2013-03-07 16:01
Germany VxO4 
I would like to play on your servers? IP's?
2013-03-09 13:08
sure, send me PM and i give IPs to you
2013-03-09 17:54
Sweden qemistinator 
Oh Johnny, "thanks to my 1000mbit/1000mbit internet" get the hell out of here, bragger.
2013-03-07 15:05
Did i say yet that this Internet cost for me only 10€ per month ? :D
2013-03-07 15:12
Poland qtas 
lol that much? I have the same speed and they're paying me 20€ per week :O
2013-03-07 15:33
Hahahaha scoreee
2013-03-07 15:59
I pay 20EUR for 20/20 and I ain't even give a shit.
2013-03-09 02:57
he's a retarded hater etc. just ignore him
2013-03-08 11:57
Your specs are nice man, very good : ) What is ur mouse et config???
2013-03-07 15:14
Feed this guy.. he's hungryyyyy
2013-03-07 16:00
he is azbestos eater, hes fat and radioactive. i don't kare about him.
2013-03-07 16:02
Was talking about you
2013-03-07 16:20
so stop licking his ass
2013-03-07 16:35
i mean his fps are good, no offence to you man
2013-03-07 16:46
go fish
2013-03-08 11:44
... 300+on dm, 500+ on 5on5
2013-03-07 13:58
Hungary lemusz 
5on5: 1200-1500 fps Full DM: 9999-10001 fps depends on áwklebdcájwbcáwkjcbwkcbwbscéáwscvwcéwvj
2013-03-07 15:04
''depends on áwklebdcájwbcáwkjcbwkcbwbscéáwscvwcéwvj'' haha :D
2013-03-08 12:52
U need more ram. This is not enough for playing csgo. Also u MB is ATX. U should search rather for a CPK.
2013-03-07 15:18
u need at least 3 pcs like this one to play csgo sry my friend :s u just got trolled by the seller of this junk
2013-03-08 11:38
Thanks everyone :)
2013-03-08 11:43
Your pc sucks
2013-03-08 11:47
Too bad i haven't bought it yet.. :(
2013-03-08 11:48
the next one will suck too
2013-03-08 14:49
2013-03-08 11:51
How much will I get. ASUS MOTHERBOARD MAXIMUS V GENE i5 3570k Ripjaws 1600 4GBx2=8GB HD 7950 1TB HDD Corsair 650W HX series Corsair Carbide 400R Cooler Master 212 evo Asus Dvd Writer
2013-03-08 12:41
Enough for playing well 200+
2013-03-08 13:05
asus Dvd writer. boost your fps up to ~25
2013-03-09 03:01
that was lame actually.
2013-03-09 07:14
if you are knowledgeable enough you won't post that up here. LOL
2013-03-09 07:24
2013-03-14 14:13
1- Why don't u buy a 2600k+ or 2500k? to overclock it. It's more than enough. Lots of ppl buys i7's without knowing about some of their overheating problem because they are not made for gaming (SOME of them, not all). 2- MBoard is fine. 3- "Crucial DDR3" stopped reading. Get DDR5 1600MHZ (or 2033MHZ-2600MHZ) 4- Good enough Graphic Card Those 2 changes are based into a better PC comp, just saying. Anyways don't care about fps with that PC u posted, you will be so fine at 300+ fps.
2013-03-08 13:09
Sweet! I'll check that out. Thanks :)
2013-03-08 13:57
DDR5 RAMs? :|
2013-03-09 20:37
Yes, ddr5, higher freq and adapts with GDDR5 :| Why should you buy a DDR3 memory when you can buy a DDR5 for similar prices and it won't be obsoleted in a year as DDR3 will be. RAM will be ultra-consumed in next gen games.
2013-03-09 21:08
Serbia rKj 
System memory is available in DDR/DDR2/DDR3 formats(
2013-03-09 21:30
Jesus, FUCK, you're so stupid :|
2013-03-13 12:21
Finland teco 
2013-03-14 11:15
2013-03-14 12:36
why overclock?it fucks ur pc so no
2013-03-09 20:44
It doesn't.
2013-03-09 21:05
yes it does
2013-03-13 13:25
It doesn't. LEARN A BIT.
2013-03-13 16:54
Attention seeking whore
2013-03-08 13:28
2013-03-08 13:57
Georgia JJs 
More and more people show off their computers ...
2013-03-08 14:00
2013-03-08 14:47
well, with that PC i have 999 FPS at: CS:GO CS:Souce CS:1.6 -------- And that PC cost only 50e ^^
2013-03-08 23:07
If it's not yours, you stole it or u plays somewhere else than at home?
2013-03-09 00:27
OR, maybe i'm just consedering buying it..? Jeez, why is everyone taking so quick decisions.. So failure.
2013-03-09 02:27
This PC is pretty good, so are you that stupid or just have no knowledge about computers? It seems you wanna show your shit to us
2013-03-09 10:59
Oh god, give me mercy...I was simply asking some questions.. Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. Comprende?
2013-03-09 11:14
Si José.
2013-03-14 14:15
This thread is funny.
2013-03-09 02:46
attentionwhoring with PC hardware, amazing shit here you guys are retarded
2013-03-09 02:56
Yeah, i feel like a baws Copy pasting those specs into a thread. I'm being hailed!
2013-03-09 11:16
No, some people including me just dont get why you ask such questions with this kind of PC specs. I have totally NO idea why you need to know how many fps u'll get since the game is more than FINE with 100fps. And one more thing, most people here have no idea what fps will your pc get anyway, most of them just guess, so its useless in general to ask here
2013-03-13 12:25
10 fps low settings 1 fps max settings
2013-03-09 03:41
2013-03-09 05:20
Tunisia edgg 
some people are fighting to get 80fps, others to reach 500 :thisworld:
2013-03-09 12:37
Iknow.. The world has became so sick.
2013-03-09 12:46
How can fps with this: Intel® Core™ i3-2120 : NVIDIA® G505 (1G/D3) 4GB DDR3/3M
2013-03-09 17:58
Tunisia edgg 
with that gfx card, not much (max of 60)
2013-03-09 20:13
probably 100 on low settings
2013-03-09 20:43
Global Offensive isn't that much hardware demanding. An Ivy Bridge/Sandy Bridge Dual/Quad core or a low-end Quad AMD FX should do just fine. Regarding the GPU (graphics card) you can even play the game with a Radeon 4850 or a GTX260. And even lower end cards. No need to spend 1200$ to play Counterstrike.
2013-03-13 13:42
It's not the matter of what i am gonna play actually. Because we both know that Games are getting better and better graphics, and in 2 years the computer wont be so good anymore.
2013-03-13 13:44
Yep, that's what i actually meant. It's such a pity not to fully use or experience the true power of a GTX 670, thinking that you just spent 300$ or more to get it.
2013-03-13 13:50
I see. But is it good enough for streaming etc ? Because i might be doing some streaming :) And i heard you need very powerful specs & Good internet to be streaming smoothly
2013-03-13 13:53
Regarding hardware your setup is more than capable to stream anything you like. On the other hand, upload speed might slow you down if it's under 2Mbps.
2013-03-13 13:57
China s0lo 
2013-03-13 13:52
How much fps i will have on deathmatch and 5on5? with high how much and with low how much? Intel Quad-Core i5 3470 3.2Ghz 6MB Tray ZALMAN 7000V Al SI EDITION MSI B75MA-E33 for 1155 Sata3/Usb 3.0 Gigabyte Luxo X10 + Seasonic 500W ECO Hynix Original 4GB DDR3 1600 Seagate 1TB, 3.5", SATA3, Barracuda 7200.14 MSI GTX660 TI 2GB HDMI OC EDITION LG DVD-RW x22 Dual Layer Sata Black
2013-03-13 14:33
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
too much.
2013-03-13 14:33
number please? :)
2013-03-13 14:34
You'll have enough, lol.
2013-03-13 14:38
number? i can got 999fps?
2013-03-13 14:39
On CS:GO youll have a minimum of 250. On 1.6 itll be a stable 1000.
2013-03-13 18:09
i mean to CS:GO i play 1024x768 all Low what minimum fps and what max fps? in deatmatch and 5on5?
2013-03-13 18:18
No idea about playing on that res with everything on minimal. Probably a minimum of 350 on DM's
2013-03-14 10:57
LG DVD-RW x22 Dual Layer Sata Black I would go for Samsung for more fps...
2013-03-14 14:17
I got pretty much the same setup, except I got a 660ti and 16gb of RAM. 250 fps is the minimum I've seen. Also 1.6 plays with a fixed 1000fps.
2013-03-13 14:37
Finland teco 
Is this a joke?
2013-03-14 11:13
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