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100 fps constant
Indonesia ibtj-v2 
Guys, recently I bought ati radeon 5570 1gb 128bit to replace my old broken vga card. So I get 100 fps ingame but still I can't get 100 fps CONSTANT ingame. Here is my spec : Proc : amd athlon x2 445 3cpus 3.1 ghz Vga : ati radeon 5570 1gb 128bit Psu : 450 watt no pure psu Ram : 2gb So what's wrong with my pc
2013-03-11 16:18
Portugal picc 
seems fine
2013-03-11 16:22
have you got all the "fixes" for the newest updates? if not get them
2013-03-11 16:26
I don't like it at all also I can't play servers in here because people in here are too lazy to update their cs
2013-03-12 01:13
nothing, its playable..
2013-03-11 16:26
i know but this problem makes me so curious
2013-03-12 10:21
try to set hugh priority to hl.exe and turn off all programs also try hud_saytext 0
2013-03-11 18:17
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
+1 for high priority and hud_saytext(I even have it bound on my MOUSE4 :D)
2013-03-11 18:29
Vsync off ?
2013-03-11 18:41
Always off :)
2013-03-12 01:14
manage d3d settings,not off. gl_vsync 0 gl_ansio 0 fps_max 99.5
2013-03-12 11:00
I play old 1.6
2013-03-13 08:25
wtf is no pure psu?
2013-03-11 18:43
Yes. Does it affects to my performance?
2013-03-12 01:16
If it is some random cheap psu, yes, it may affect your performance as without a quality power supply your PC parts will struggle if they do not get what they ask for.
2013-03-12 01:25
so what psu should i buy? at least i can play cod in medium setting without no lag
2013-03-12 01:49
the last thing you should worry about is the PSU. there is NO way there is a 450W rated PSU on the market that would be of a quality so bad that it would affect fps on this computer. A high end PSU is probably the most overrated part of a computer build since they are all high quality today and most systems require no way near the amount of power that their PSUs can deliver. Your computer should run 1.6 on 100 fps with no problem so its probably not a harware problem
2013-03-12 10:32
Wow thx for the answer. So should I format my computer? As u said that this is not hardware problem
2013-03-12 14:03
Honestly speaking you are wrong. The PSU is one of the most important parts to be taken into account as it malfunctioning will take with it, in the worst case, the rest of the setup. Quite something to worry about if you ask me. There are PSU so bad that it is a joke to try to sell them as equivalents of better ones. And note that I am not even referring to high end ones (gold ones) but standard PSU vs less bad ones. As you can see not *all* are high quality today, we all would wish it would be that way, and, yes, systems of the owners that actually know what they are buying do need the quality power (% of efficiency that is) their systems demand. And if they do not need it now at least they have made a good investment when it comes to future upgrades.
2013-03-12 22:33
The PSU is not related, in a strict sense, to being able to play COD in medium setting without lag. The PSU you should buy is an efficient one which will offer you the powerage that you need, especially in high demand situations. And even if you think you spend too much money on it you should see it as an investment as it will most likely serve you well with regard to future updates if these do not come with higher power demands.
2013-03-12 22:26
Spain b1sS 
the ram!! 4gb will take all more constantly
2013-03-11 19:31
Romania robyk 
i have constant 100fps on my old pentium 3 that has 512mb ram
2013-03-11 19:35
my wrong, sorry!
2013-03-12 23:06
you seriously mean you need 4gb of ram to run a 14 year old game on 100 fps ?? 1.6 runs fine on 1gb ram
2013-03-12 10:35
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
it runs fine with 256 ram :D i remember i had 100 fps (only in smoke drops to 70~) with my second pc amd xp 2200+,gf 5200fx,256ram
2013-03-12 23:02
gl_vsync 0
2013-03-11 19:36
2013-03-12 01:17
United Kingdom an0^_^ 
fps_max 99.5
2013-03-12 01:19
It's happening to me too after the update
2013-03-12 05:09
please help me :)
2013-03-12 10:20
its not about your pc being bad, its about cs 1.6 use old programming technique which new computers dont support well anymore. for example i have usually almost 999 fps in CS:GO, but my laptop graphics card dont like 1.6 and in 1.6 i got fps like 30-99. Funny part is that all cs 1.6 fps configs lowers my fps even more. Remember that cs 1.6 is 10 years old game, it uses technique which become unpopular among graphics cards makers long time ago
2013-03-12 11:30
Not really. Just look at iem or dreamhack pc. Their pc is great, everything great specs and u can see 1.6 get 100 fps constant in their pc So your point is invalid
2013-03-12 14:11
how is my point invalid if i have most of time 999 fps in CS:GO and really low fps in cs 1.6? What invalid is in that? CS 1.6 have been optimized for ATI and nVidia technology (just like Valve had informed), thats the problem. Most laptops dont have ATI or nVidia video cards. technical explanation: Algorithms that Valve uses to create 3D OpenGL game in CS 1.6 are extremely badly designed, they work well with some cards (ATI+nVidia) but with most current laptop cards NOT
2013-03-12 16:49
Have you tried playing on non-steam ? If you don't have 100 there, get some new thermal paste on your CPU, or just clean CPU's cooling system/replace it.
2013-03-12 22:42
i am nonsteam player what's thermalpaste? i dont know it
2013-03-13 04:37
Google it. You can buy it in a local computer shop, it's a small tube with a silver(maybe other colors) paste, costs cca. 3€. You put it on your CPU, it reduces CPU's temperature.
2013-03-13 14:33
Sweden X-rAy 
if u dont have ati or nvidia how come ur getting 999 fps on cs.go... wich i doubt anyway. what u playing at ? 100x300? :D
2013-03-12 23:11
your cpu is not good enough. try to hard oc your cpu or just get an amd phenom ii x4 955 black edition - 3.2 ghz per core. cost about 90$. cs go is a cpu based game, and your current sucks so hard
2013-03-12 23:18
CPU and RAM too low. The CPU is the bigger issue though
2013-03-13 05:40
2013-03-17 05:24
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